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The Secret Circle - Sleeper agent - get burned lyrics

gonna let go I’ma gonna waste some time Oh my my my, oh You’a gonna say so You’a try and say you’re mine Oh my my my, oh (On and on and on, the light goes off and on) I’m not cold, I’m just a’shakin’ And a little of your love Keeps me’a baking I’ma get burned (get burned

Pyrrhon - Sleeper agent lyrics

wilting around me Words turn to liquid And run from of the pages of books My dreams are all stock footage Skipping and twitching, stuck on repeat And the official channels are all going silent No more vapid assurances No alarms, no surprises Just colorless light

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - Burned lyrics

What´s wrong with me? I get lonely in a crowd, Everyone is smiling, But I made myself left out. I got an imaginary shield around me, But nobody´s ever really getting through. I keep thinking that they´re gonna break me free, But they never do! (no)

Alyssa Reid - Burned lyrics

pray the day you will never end You said you'd call me If you change your mind And wanted to go home And I felt this coming like a storm And then the rain began to pour I knew I'd fall a sleep alone And as much as I wish I could be by your side I know I

Mike Mareen - Agent of liberty lyrics

s a world of fantasy I'll tell you how: See the world of TV and you will know The man's amazing he'll set you free come get this feeling turn on your TV! Lonely streets at midnight don't be afraid Standing at the corner smoking cigarettes The quiet

Sarah Blasko - Sleeper awake lyrics

of us don't know why We were born into this world Sometimes can't sleep at night Worrying about the world fearing it as it turns Use your hands you know that they are worthy Use your hands you know you love to get them dirty You've been lying on a

Cassandra Complex - Sleeper lyrics

ve been in this place for too long Lying in wait A man without a life Of my own A bomb without a fuse A sentence without a stop A start without an end I'm a sleeper Someday the phone will ring I'll get my orders I'll come awake And I'll go

Necro - Agent orange (feat. cage) lyrics

Intro] There was me, Alex.. and three of my mans All supposed to meet at Korova Milk Bar The Korova Milk Bar couldn't afford it's liquor license So it sold milkplus Drencrom, or Synthmesc It would sharpen you up for a bit of the ol' ultraviolence Which plagued our minds for the eve

Jungle Rot - Agent orange lyrics

Ranch Hand Spray down the death Down on their farms Assault against the population Suppress by military arms Only you prevent the forest Legalize the war They are deprived of their power Eradication without law Agent Orange Agent Orange

Sodom - Agent orange lyrics

>>Ranch Hand<< Spray down the death Down on their farms Assault against the population Suppress by military arms Only you prevent the forest Legalize the war They are deprived of their power Eradication without law Agent Orange Agent Orange Agen

Astrovamps - Sleeper lyrics

young ones Wander in dark Look for the signs Unto the road Burning fire Burning down See what they've done To the earth Wipe the sleep from your eyes Awake oh sleeper Tear the nightmares away Awake oh sleeper See the boys Play with their pain L

The Defiled - Sleeper lyrics

in seclusion The eye of the storm The art of deception Influence inform It’s empty, consuming Wish I could forestall the morning I become betrayer of them all Deceive and infiltrate Confuse control their fate A pattern developed I’ve learned to perform A

Everyday Sunday - Sleeper lyrics

seas overtaken with fire, men giving into their own desires. The world wrapped up in itself, not even noticing truly what is wealth. And I don´t know what to do. And I´m waiting for you. Wake up O sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you. Lay there no longer

Disfiguring The Goddess - Sleeper lyrics

in the ocean that was once reserved for the vast number of serpents that now walk among us. My body engulfs with fear, my mind controls the ribbons of color. Trapped int a shear, my lungs pump fluently. Path finding the stars to separate reality from the i

America - Sleeper train lyrics

was on a sleeper train Bound for anywhere And I was gazin' out the window In a long stare Watchin' the sage brush go by And a pink and yellow sky Thinkin' 'bout your eyes Feelin' good to be alive I was dreamin' of you Feelin' lucky I was dreamin

Katatonia - Sleeper lyrics

my your fever's high I lay my hands upon you O my haven't you heard The truth is untrue Now I'm breathing I could not breathe until you did I'm one second after you Just a second after you Someone inside your room Who is it ther

Die Toten Hosen lyricsDie Toten Hosen - Agent x lyrics

never say what you feel, you're like a cog in a wheel. You better be quiet, never rebel or riot. Could it be that you are free? When their eyes can see what you're doing all day long, whistle hum or sing a song. Don't start to run, they've got a gun.

Black - Sleeper lyrics

sun’s in your eyes The cloud’s in your head Always alone with the bugs in your bed You’d better wake up soon You’d better wake up soon Sleeper, you could be more than you are ‘cause nothing is wrong Everything’s fine, around for ever on A circle l

F.k.Ü. - Agent amy steel lyrics

in the days we first sighted Her shields gleaming bright up in the sky Now the day is getting so much closer She will return for the masses to see You can't stop her, she's already coming Too late, no hiding She's an unstoppable force You can't stop her, she's already

Grinder - Agent orange lyrics

into the chopper Crossing the green Camouflage confusing his eyes His company down under Shots from nowhere Loyalty'll be denied in time Followed the call of pride Patriotic to fight for stars and stripes Heroic left his home To invade a land Where he doe

Chevelle - Got burned lyrics

us a sign That part of you lives That nobody knows Now watch your back in defense dirty fallen egos Its Halloween never seen Jedi walls that crawl Hold up your hand to the blade say you'll never denounce Don't get me started on this You pick

Jolin Tsai - Agent j lyrics

jiao hua po man chang hei ye xiang shui tou lu ni de fang wei xiang wei xiao shi sai na he bian shen ye liu xing gou yin yue yuan meng zhao mian wo tiao guo sheng mu yuan zhuan shen wo lai dao mei li de jie jie mou xian kai yan Da xie J xiang yi zhi xie x

Better Than Ezra - Burned lyrics

a Tuesday in December, When you walked out I remember. You were smiling as you turned around, In the hallway, you lingered in the doorway. And still the words you said to me, make me think of how we used to be. Hand to my heart, I want to be th

James - Burned lyrics

you don’t look cool They won’t look at you But if you image is strong Any song will do They’ll think that the wrapping’s the gift Is a throw away stone All we want Is an empty throne I feel I’ve been burned I feel I’ve been burned I feel I’ve been burned I

Agnetha Fältskog - Once burned, twice shy lyrics

burned, twice shy I've learned, I've cried And I'm never gonna hurt that way again. Once burned, twice shy My heart, I'll hide If it's ever gonna have a chance to mend. Here he comes again, he wants to talk to me And as he walks to me, I feel so empty inside.

Shakin' Stevens - I got burned lyrics

feel the heartbreak I feel the pain. I got burned now I'm wreckin' my brain. Wondering how you could do this. Leave me missin' your sweet kiss. So I I-I I got burned by you. Don't play with fire cause you'll get burned. My mama told me and now I've learned. That sometimes love

After The Burial - Sleeper lyrics

could never find a way to rest on your shoulders, Misunderstood please help but I meant so well. I keep pushing through, these bitter memories, I try to escape the nightmares, but they are becoming of me I am the sleeping dream inside the dream, My o

10 Years - Sleeper lyrics

for me, don’t you cave in Or lose sight, otherwise they win Please, believe your creation Will breathe life in due time Otherwise they win Confusing a ghost For a brand new cure You're losing control End a martyr's cause You're wondering, once be

Cage 9 - Sleeper lyrics

had a dream. I could not scream. I was in shock. I could not talk. I was not broken. and to my surprise I was the sky. I turned to CNN, saw all of the killin' I fell right back to sleep. When I woke, I was not broken, and to my surprise

D - Sleeper lyrics

ni tsukisasaru toge ga aegu karada no naka kizu wo fukamete hada wo tsutau aoi myuaku yobiokosu no ka mada nemuru watashi wo Wakatteita n'da saisho kara nanimokamo subete damasareta you ni enjita mou waraenai Boku wa hiza wo kakae tsumeato karada nokoshi nemutta furi wo t

Erra - Sleeper lyrics

around the idea of stepping off the edge, hoping my fall lands into a familiar place. A familiar face: can we leave this space? It reminds me of all my mistakes. Bite my tongue, vision spins, living life from the cutter’s skin. Sent to be an ungrateful son, can’t you see my

Nightmare - Sleeper lyrics

sore wa tooi natsu no maboroshi Osanai bokura ga mita yoake yo Toki wa nagare ima, onaji hi no hikari abite mo Kokoro wa nemutteru Mekurumeku hibi wa yagate Taisetsu na kotoba sae Omoidasenai you ni Toki no soko ni tojikometa Otogi no kuni no y

Manchester Orchestra - Sleeper 1972 lyrics

my dad died the worms ate out both his eyes. His soul flew right up in the sky and I cried myself to sleep. My mother lies alone on her back at night, Adding up hours till her demise, she counts herself to sleep. When my sister finds my body closed up like

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Get dis money lyrics

Drama: Ya'll ready? When I wake up First thing on my mind is get this cake up Stayin on my grind and stackin straight up We gon we gon we gon get dis money We gon we gon we gon get dis money When I wake up First thing on my mind is get this cake up Ain

Escape The Fate - Get up, get out lyrics

on I'm sick, sick of it All of this All the shit that clouds my judgment Again, I'm on a bench Makes me cringe Everyone's a f***ing cynic Burn, burn, burn Everything to the ground Burn, burn, burn Everything that's around You better get up, get out now

Atomship - Agent orange lyrics

is how you hold your American flag. This is how you hold your American flag. So this is how you hold your patri-f***ing-otic flag. We’re all a bunch of f***ing disgraces! There sits and old man he’s writing and typing And paying his tax to the law. I see him through the win

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Agent orange lyrics

text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text

Jim O'rourke - Get a room lyrics

s always me in the only seat That has a canopy There to screw up the best laid plans Of those with company I'd like nothing more to do Than to watch the desperation on your face I might send you straght to hell Like it's worse to end up in this place

Metal Church - Agent green lyrics

hold the key to the world's security Any price they'll pay to me, pay to me I see the signs, and I heed the call, no one will know me, no one at all Freedom is calling, the money's green, and to no country will I pledge my loyalty I pass for someone who no one knows, I

Living Colour - Burned bridges lyrics

my keys in the river Now I can't go home again Burned up my phone book Now I have to make a real friend Threw away my watch and wallet Now I have no time to spend Gave up my vices To stop the voices And now they're back again Gonna strip it all away Gonna strip it all

Burning Point - Burned down the enemy lyrics

grip of reality Revolution in this brave new world Glimpse of evil in the childs eye Percecution begins to emerge Salvation came in a form of fire Torches lit across the lands Feeding the hungry we kept the flames alive, but our hourglass ran out of sand Face the truth

Eminem lyricsEminem - Get you mad (feat. king tech) lyrics

. yo! [Eminem hachs up spit] Mic check...(My dick!), two [Eminem hach up spit on mic] Ffff-f***...(My dick!) my nuts.. My attitude is worse than N.W.A.'s was I'll battle you over stupid shit and diss people Who ain't have shit to do with it, like Cool

Evile - Burned alive lyrics

and bound To the post of execution Condemned to this fate I face incineration Watched upon with torment Expectant of demise Touched upon by evil To disorder I gave rise Held up high To expose my incrimination Innocence I proclaim With frantic desperation Seeker of ruination

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - Get a bag lyrics

up in the morning I gotta go and get a bag Momma need it real bad I gotta go and get a bag (bag, bag) Shit I gotta go and get a bag Twenties, fifties, hundreds Gotta go and get a bag Dior, Gucci, 'Rari, two seat She's a movie, but means nothing to me

Degradead - Burned lyrics

has broken lose, it's gone out of control Worst pain that exists, my body and soul will die FIRE BURN FIRE DIE My self-control is gone, living in fear Darkness is falling, I am being burned Because I can't stand this pain I'm being burned

Eighteen Visions - Burned us alive lyrics

feel the waves as they begin to crash and wash your life away It strapped you down and made you a slave to the taste You've messed it up made a mistake and now I think it's time to pay For all the promises you start to break [Chorus] Yeah In these flames

Memento Mori ( Swe ) - Burned by light lyrics

fallen and graceless, the twisted and odd like outcasts from heaven, abandoned by god they're wakeless in daylight, evoked by the night when sneaking in shadows, they're well out of sight. Wayward angels burned by light, blessed by night nocturnal seed, unholy

Armin Van Buuren - Burned with desire lyrics

each forgotten kiss For all the memories For all the times a look Said all we had to say You played your part so well A modern Romeo You came on Cupid's wings And then you flew away When you touched my face When you call my name I've burned wi

Obituary lyricsObituary - Burned in lyrics

fool we create. Follow me your life. Set in world forth died, lots to define. Follow the bodies, they're living the past. The sad truth as cold as the wind, cut through life. Blind fool we overkill. Chopped at the throat. Set in, burned, and rot away. Set

Get Up Kids - Burned bridges lyrics

ve met that point in my life. Want came to need. Burn these fields of corn, that surround. My harvest gone at the price of maturity. But these remains I've left to rot will be resurrected again and again by the next generation of children who want to change minds with t

Rain Fell Within - Burned away lyrics

glitters in the mist, and colors fills my eyes. I'm waiting for the sun to rise. It was so long ago when she last showed her face I almost thought she burned away... Burned away,and let me lifeless... Scattered into the horizon I'm waiting for

Demonical - Burned alive lyrics

from a terrible dream Tied to the pole of demise Crowds are cheering, scream my name I bow my head in disbelief I see the flames melt my flesh Burned alive Glowing nails seal my coffin My funeral is black as coal My soul blistered by the

Per Gessle - Burned out heart lyrics

love is like a jet black high speed train going nowhere then comming back again I wish I could I'd love to touch her perfect golden tan Got a burned out heart but I deal with it the best I can And where I come from you use small words In quiet silence everythin

Deadnight - Burned alive lyrics

ritual, satanic mass from hell Cleansed by fire, drenched in blood Can't escape your fate Watch them burning, suffer, torment Smell of melting skin Sadistic torture in the oven Cremation of the Sick Burn! Burned alive! Melting eyes, brian is fried Sk

Motionless In White - Burned at both ends lyrics

There’s nothing left now that doesn’t come from suffering Victims of time, we’re defined by our history Forever lost, and now I don’t know who the f*** I have become Where has my life gone? I’m holding onto a life I’ll never get back It’s to

Michael Kiske - Burned out lyrics

winds and blue waters A universe of sounds Emptiness and sunshine It's all the same She dreams about flowers And opens up her mind When she is near it's oh so clear I'm waiting I'm waiting for the day without a sign I'm waiting to show the love

Skeletonwitch - Burned from bone lyrics

am the demon cloaked within the light of darkness Wretched one of heart so black The bitter cold of death surrounding Fear within your soul A mind enraged with one desire See your flesh burned from your bone Unleash the storm of your destruction End your life in fire, in flame

Buffalo Springfield - Burned lyrics

burned and with both feet on the ground I've learned that it's painful comin' down No use runnin' away, and there's no time left to stay Now I'm finding out that it's so confusin' No time left and I know I'm losin' Flashed and I think I'm fallin' down Crashed, and my ears can't hear

Ignite - Burned up lyrics

up, my throat is ripped open, I can't sing, I can not scream, havin' hard times, fall asleep Remind me, I keep my spirits high, it always could be worse, right destiny, my own life Save me the daylight, bring me home in this bus I call my own, best f

Morbid Saint - Burned at the stake lyrics

burning deep inside Deprives you of your soul Penetrates, manipulates As the fire takes its toll Corpse is black And burning as you gasp For your last breath Make the fire bigger To insure a certain death Satan is calling From the crypts of

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