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Eurovision - Slavko kalezić - space (montenegro) lyrics

is covered with feathers Wet dreams, wild nightmares, I surrender Come in to me from within We can be as one in the sin The spaceship is ready to blow Drunk in love I'm gonna explode Be my Bonnie, we'll mix and match with Clyde Let's explore this galaxy of stars Let's ex

Andre Rieu - Slavko, spiel uns eins! lyrics

Wir sitzen hier am Tisch und wollen fröhlich sein, wir singen ja so gern, doch heut' fällt uns nichts ein. Das Lied, das grad' erklingt, das kann kein Mensch versteh'n, weil jeder anders singt, das ist nicht schön. - Hey! Slavko! Spiel uns eins! - (Instrumental) D G D

Prince - Space lyrics

minus 60 seconds and counting Arm light on Switching command 2 internal Switching command 2 internal [Missile..Internal..] Affirmative Ready Check Affirmative Affirmative Space I never been 1 2 hide my feelings Baby, u blow my mind I painted your face

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Space boots lyrics

Verse 1] Sitting here with nothing to say Looking out the window it just rained But the sun's up for the day And there's probably a rainbow But I don't care Cause all the colors left with you Thinking about driving around in your car I never thought that we would take it very far

Ace Frehley - Space invader lyrics

know, this planet has been in trouble For a thousand years we've all been blind There's no trime to waste, give up the struggle We must embrace our host, give it up for Space... invader He comes from distant galaxies Space... invader H

Joe Walsh - Space age whiz kids lyrics

used to play that pinball, I used to go outside I had to spend my money, get on your bus and ride I used to go out dancing, put on my high-heeled shoes Get in my short black chevy, go on a downtown cruise I feel a little bit mixed up, maybe I'm obsolete All us pinball

Passion Fruit - Space attack lyrics

Attack I will use the beam to enter the arena planet fruit, cosmic neighborhood (?) From another system, galaxy beneath them (?) planet fruit, cosmic neighborhood We come from outer space, create a brand-new race In your galaxy We come from

Protector - Space cake lyrics

the Space Cake and feel better Fly into the Fourth Dimension Eat the Space Cake and feel better Fly into the Fourth Dimension Space cake Space cake Space cake! Eat it Eat it Eat it! Space cake Space cake Space cake! Eat it Eat it Eat it! Spac

Melody Thornton - Space lyrics

The plan Was to let me down gently I know The game Was to call it temperary Oh Boy be carefull what you wish for Cause you might get that and so much more I won't shed a tear If you don't want me here Boy I'll give you Space In the closet where my cloth

Sarah Buxton - Space lyrics

say you want space A little time on your own To clear out your mind Really unwind, and just be alone Things are moving too fast, going too far Getting too close, too close to the heart And now you want space Well I'll give you space Plenty of space, all the sp

Edguy - Space police lyrics

ocean of stars gleaming like diamonds How many times have we wondered what lies behind And how do you wish to make explorations And travel through space and time To the crest of forever Shoot up to life out there what will it be like? And if we're much

Sabrina Carpenter - Space lyrics

pressure (pressure) Questions all around, but there's no answers (answers) Try to keep my pace, they want it faster Records all around, they give me shelter (shelter) No need to hurry, no need to rush I tell them my story, it's never enough It's never enough I'm

Tobias Sammet - Space police lyrics

ocean of stars gleaming like diamonds How many times have we wondered what lies behind And how do you wish to make explorations And travel through space and time To the crest of forever Shoot up to life out there what will it be like? And if we're much faster than light maybe

Mc Lars - Space game lyrics

can take away my space ship You can take away my space suit You can even take away my space lasers But you can never, ever take away my space game I broke through the carbonite that's how I got free Jabba, back up, because there's no stopping me Post-modern player, sample-tastic.

Befour - Space race lyrics

re on our space race to the sky I follow you On our space race up so high It feels so true Dab Dadab Dab Dab Da It's just you and I Dab Dadab Dab Dab Da We're on our space race to the sky I follow you On our space race up

Future lyricsFuture - Space cadets lyrics

: space cadet's nigagga's astronaunt , we sum space cadets keep ah stupid azz check in desingner specks on my face show respect umma rock star yeah nigga outta space umma rock star hell yeah um outta space verse #1 rock star outta space penthouse hideaway fountainblu ghett

Patti Smith - Space monkey lyrics

on the T.V., ten o'clock news. Souls are invaded, heart in a groove. Beatin' and beatin' so outta time. What's the mad matter with the church chimes? Here comes a stranger up on Ninth Avenue. Leanin' green tower, indiscreet view. Over the cloud, ov

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Space cowboy lyrics

is good and brown I'm here again With a sunshine smile upon my face My friends are close at hand And all my inhibitions have disappeared without a trace I'm glad, oh, that I found Somebody who I can rely on This is the return of the space cowboy, interplanetary, good vibe zo

Art Of Dying - Space lyrics

tight, so close, suffocating Tonight, you know, I'm barely breathing Why could you let it go? It's a fine line And I'm running out of time I've got a straight jacket on I've got to get… Space between us Space between us It's those spaces between us It rips us ap

Rozzi Crane - Space & time lyrics

me get you on the phone, let me get you on the phone Let me hear your voice, let me hear you talk While I'm out on the road Let me hear you in my ear, [?] you're so near Let me hear that, let me feel that Just when the bass goes I see roads, I see highways I'm trying t

Jarle Bernhof - Space in my heart lyrics

right by me in a velvet dress She seems so totally out of the place in outer space I must be delusional, a real head case because the lunar surface is the wrong address in such a dress But i saw her eyes, she was real, was she wearing that dress just for me and i'm all insid

Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Space invaders lyrics

evil out, let madness swing Our psychotic minds with lust to kill We are no slaves or masters - of none We are the worst case cenario and we have come The world belongs to the undead So they keep coming back In blood thirsty lust for human flesh Pits the dead against the living Fr

Alice Cooper - Space pirates lyrics

of the blue came a kill-crazy crew Whose motto was stomp on the weak With bones in their hair They was hungry as bears And their leader was King of the freaks They was... Space Pirates The lowest scum of the yellow sun They was... Space Pirates

Devo - Space junk lyrics

was walking, all alone Down the street, in the alley Her name was Sally, I never touched her She never saw it When she was hit by, space junk She was smashed by, space junk She was killed by, space junk In New York, Miami Beach Heavy metal fell, in Cuba Angola, Saudi Arabi

Kim Mitchell - Space lyrics

alone Shave in my car Driving it back to the zeroes I don't know about me in your eyes Don't wanna be your hero So if you talk in your sleep tonight Don't mention my name 'cause it makes me uptight But you never give me any Space I've got to get back into my own face Lo

Mr. President - Space gate lyrics

gate] x2 Let the future take control Move your spirit and feel your soul This is the age when ?? is king And information control means everything ??? the secret that would change our lives ??? the power to ????? We must decide ??? fate As we p

Maren Morris - Space lyrics

you really did it this time Everyone watched as you took the stars right out of my sky The light out of my eyes I don’t need a drink or a good conversation Or the talk of this town all around me I’m broken, embarrassed, I know there’s nowhere I can go All I kn

Freedom Call - Space legends lyrics

contest of our lost illusions, troopers side by side recruited for the cyber war craft A game you're playing all the night Never surrender don't cry, try to survive You've always been a gambler in life Charge your power, never hide Imagin

Golden Earring - Space ship lyrics

remember it happened Late one night No moon - no stars No sound - no light I was young and scared And afraid of the dark When I saw that space ship Shaped like a heart The years went by Just like a shot I was way too busy Growing up - I was dat

Hit 'n' Hide - Space invaders lyrics

few minutes ago scientists picked up a signal from outer space It appears to be an alien song! (Chorus:) Space invaders in the air In a flying saucer you can take me there Space invaders in the air In a flying saucer you can take me there You will follow, come let's go You

Holy Moses - Space clearing lyrics

myself I slowly die When I try to burn my pain Slowly tearing me apart Nothing creeps down the path My fire slowly dies When the eternal echoes cry Wisdom of the mortal soul Behind the open wall All the space - lost in days All the space - lost in r

Julian Lennon - Space lyrics

m walking in the air And it feels just like I'm sleeping You know I can't touch the ground now Because you'd hear the creaking Space is like the heavens A place of peace and stillness Space is my heaven, woah I can see the planets turning It's like something that's not true

James - Space lyrics

my shape - in light I trust None exist - save space and dust None exist - just lights in time Space divides the borderline Don't exist just lights in time Space divides the changing line Space between and space inside My four walls my shape defines Space defines Y

Sia lyricsSia - Space between lyrics

ending symptoms in my head We lay hollow in the emptiness I'm too tired to push you from the bed No more fighting, no more fighting No more fighting for us Feel the void in our bed The space between is deafening Oh, we don't bend or break it The space between is deafe

Kitty In A Casket - Space invaders lyrics

outer space Across the universe We crashed into the earth Here we stand Shaking hands With the world´s presidents But that´s not where we want to be We wanna be at the cemetery All we need are your dead ones cos We are, We are Space invaders, space invaders Space invad

M.i.a. - Space lyrics

is my enemy, It grabs at me like harmony. The stars are bangin' close to me, As I'm floatin' in a life odyssey. My lines are down, you can't call me, As I fly around in space odyssey. My lines are down, you can't call me, As I fly around in space odyssey. Like Puzzle

Renegade Soundwave - Space gladiator lyrics

your money in the slot Wait for it to drop See the credits role And we are ready to go... Trading places with chimpanzees Get yourself snug and get strapped in Introducing you to higher G-forces Feeling weightless and my balance adrift Countdown that's

Ash - Space shot lyrics

venom, you feeling alright? You fast forward into the light Back to the future, we don't have much time Flip the switches, let's go for a ride Pure psychotic, I'm leaving the ground I love this city, I live for this town Going crazy, reading your mind Out of orbit, we'll do it ton

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Space-age couple lyrics

age couple Why don't you flex your magic muscle? Space-age couple Why do you hex your magic muscle? Space-age couple Why do you hustle 'n bustle? Why don't you drop your cool tom-foolery 'n shed your nasty jewelry? Cultivate the grounds They're the only ones around. Spac

Quad City Dj's - Space jam lyrics

get up it's time to slam now We got a real jam goin' down Welcome to the Space Jam Here's your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam Alright.... Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam Come on and slam, if you wanna jam Hey you, watchagonna do Hey you, watcha gonna do Hey

Deep Purple - Space truckin' lyrics

had a lot of luck on Venus We always had a ball on Mars Meeting all the groovey people We've rocked the Milky Way so far We danced around with Borealice We're space truckin' round the the stars Come on let's go Space Truckin' Remember when we did the mo

Bruce Dickinson - Space race lyrics

yes, I’d launch into the rising sun My living breath is measured, every step is done Fare ye well my friends, see you down the line, Yeah, yeah I don’t belong to nation state or dying race I leave my prejudice with you My religion’s in spac

Monster Magnet - Space lord lyrics

ve been stuffed in your pocket for the last hundred days When I don't get my bath I take it out on the slaves So grease up your baby for the ball on the hill Polish them rockets now, and swallow those pills and sing... Space Lord Mother Huh! Uh huh There

N-sync - Space cowboy lyrics

AG Come in, over Yo, turn me up I wanna be heard See I'm talkin' about the future ya'll And the future looks bright 'specially when we rip it in half Here it comes (Millennium) And everybody's talkin 'bout Jerusalem Is this the beginning or beginning of

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Space monkey lyrics

monkey in the place to be, Riding in a rocket to a planet of sound, Shooting the moon, playing Dominoes in drag An increase in population of a hundred percent Space monkey in the place to be, With a chemical peel and a picture of Mary Out on a li

Pulp - Space lyrics

said you wanted some space Well, is this enough for you? This is what you've waited for No dust collecting in the corners No cups of tea that got cold before you drank them Tonight traveling at the speed of thought We're going to escape into the stars It doesn't m

Pulp - Space (extended version) lyrics

said you wanted some space Well, is this enough for you? This is what you've waited for No dust collecting in the corners No cups of tea that got cold before you drank them Tonight traveling at the speed of thought We're going to escape into the stars It doesn't matter if the lif

Imperfect Brats - Space lyrics

space space Imperfect space BraTS---- We frantic fast for you maybe boring nobody knows that we're here for you you may be one as we dress dress how we feel Speaking of friendship together it's as easy dreams into reality will take the opportunity in his

Parry Gripp - Space unicorn lyrics

quot;Space Unicorn" Space unicorn Soaring through the stars Delivering the rainbows all around the world Space unicorn Shining in the night Smiles and hugs forever All around the world So pure of heart And strong of mind So true of aim with

Frank Black - Space is gonna do me good lyrics

islands of phoenix In 2016 Are making it up with hardihood Im done with adult matters Im doing the catapult Ive been meaning to get out of hollywood Space is gonna do me good Space is gonna do me good Its not you I dont like No, the boy is the same Im taking t

James Bourne - Space travellers lyrics

didn't want to say the words But I'm afraid I fear the worst There's something in the atmosphere I fear we know it We didn't know We were the last ones left We are here to save the world After all that we've done All this thought of being Be

Feeder - Space age hero lyrics

exasperate Watch the world with swivel hand We´re hanging on a wire Cigaretes, nicorettes Life´s addications father stress But who can make it better Oh-ho-ho! Watch me rise Oh-ho-ho! Synchronized Take me high Space age hero Pain Take the

Hootie & The Blowfish - Space lyrics

see it inside your eyes, feel it in your soul. A part of you is moving on, the other half is gone. I don't know what you want from me, no, you lock it all inside. I try to give you everything, but there's nothing else that I can hide. We've been trying so long. You've been

Gamma Ray - Space eater lyrics

You know who I am, I show you a land Where you can be free, can get your relief. Space is all yours, desires come true, Love of your life waitin' for you...

Pixies lyricsPixies - Space (i believe in) lyrics

needed something to move and fill up the space We needed something this always is just the case Jefrey with one F, Jefrey took up his place Sat on a carpet and with tablas in hand took up the chase Jefrey with one F, Jefrey Now it occurred to

Suzi Quatro - Space cadets lyrics

down the Avenue Float on eight miles high Space cadets gonna fly on down that Red ribboned sky Singing oh, singing oh Where do we belong Where did we go wrong Golden dreams in Silver spoons Give us anything our hearts desire Plastic suns I see p

Eminem lyricsEminem - Space bound lyrics

touch, I feel a rush, we clutch, it isn't much But it's enough to make me wonder what's in store for us It's lust, it's torturous, you must be a sorceress Because you just did the impossible, gained my trust Don't play games it'll be dangerous if

Gojira - Space time lyrics

fix my attention on this ball spinning round inside of me, deep inside Revolving conscious planet on an axis around this star By the light And the black holes in the vault of heaven make me wonder, wonder why How matter can disappear Are there doors in thi

Luscious Jackson - Space diva lyrics

got unlimited missions supernatural visions superlunar ambitions extreme expeditions I got all my own reasons and I've only just begun I can't live inside of fear not in my space age All the divas are doin' it Somebody said something they said never be too

Seo In Guk - Space de tour lyrics

... Uerukamu to my world Yōkoso mujūryoku no sekai e Uchū-fuku mo rikutsu mo nugisutete Omouga mama ni sora o tobimawari Jibun dake no riariti Konomama doko ka tōku e Namae no nai hoshi made Mada minu mukō-gawa e kakenuketai Omoi o hashira sete Shine l

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