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The Clash lyricsThe Clash - Version city lyrics

is a train at Version City Waiting for the rhythm mail If you can jump then jump right now She can pull you through to better days Is that the train that the speak off The one I heard in my younger days All great bluesmen have rode her I'm jumping up gonna ride that trai

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Version girl lyrics

Chorus:] Version Girl, what's your name? Oh you come and you go, Version Girl, what's your name? Just like the morning sun. It's so hard to find a personality with charms like yours for me. oo-ee oo-ee oo-ee Version girl, what's your name? Don't you k

Incubus - Version lyrics

could live in a house outside of town, we could build our own version of society, well...there'd be no one to answer to and complicate our lives, we could be the epitome of self sufficience. Time to pay! To pay! Time to pay; you've got to pay me! Why should I? Why

Fugazi - Version lyrics


The Clash lyricsThe Clash - Version pardner lyrics

the road came a Junco Partner For he was loaded as can be He was knocked out, knocked out loaded He was a'wobblin' all over the street Singing six Six Well I wish I would have me a great deal of money Yeah and a-mighty Give me Down Junco Partner Well I'm

Shinedown - Better version lyrics

the mess I didn't see you from behind I caught a glimpse But the reflection's only mine It's almost like I'm paralyzed and locked outside myself What I don't need is to concede because I won't be someone else I am not perfect and I don't claim to be

Reel Big Fish - The new version of you lyrics

did you quit pulling all of the stops for me And when did your one hundred and ten per-cent Become under fifty There you are phoning it in Going through the motions with an artificial grin You say that you're getting better You say that you're getting be

Kc Concepcion - An updated version of me lyrics

know I can be so awkward at times I can be insecure You can call me naive, you can say I'm a child You can say I'm so immature For me to say that I love you now But you'll see I will prove somehow I can be so much more Someday there's gonna be An u

Groove Armada - Whats your version lyrics

seems like the same song, well it don't shine for everyone. It seems like that same raindrop never falls on each rooftop. Seems like the same leaf, they never fall twice, never fall from the same tree Seems like that same old wind First come cool then warm again

Conor Maynard - This is my version lyrics

in the morning, staring at the ceiling, On my own like I was last weekend, You left and I guess you had your reasons, guess you had your reasons, yeah I said things and I didn't really mean them, Kept going 'till I saw your heart bleeding, Ruined the only

Adler - Another version of the truth lyrics

you hear me I'm not backing down I tried to speak your name But I never made a sound And now it's been so long But I can't let you go I'm still waiting here But you never seem to know this Don't hide your eyes We don't cover your goodbyes Make up your mind Take back

Apple Fiona - Better version of me lyrics

nickel dropped When I was on My way beyond The Rubicon What did I do And of the games that I can handle None are ones worth the candle What can I do I'm a frightened, fickle person Fighting, cryin', kickin', cursin' What should I do Oooh, after

Neil Diamond - A modern day version of love lyrics

the night was filled with laughter Echoing through painted smiles And I knew each morning after I never loved , was never touched Gave not at all, got back as much In the comfort of A modern day version of love Julie, how I've curse the sweet taste Of li

Fiona - A better version of me lyrics

nickel dropped When I was on My way beyond The rubicon What did I do? And of the games that I can handle None are ones worth the candle What should I do? I'm a frightened, fickle person Fighting, cryin', kickin', cursin' What can I do? Oooh, after all the folderol

Fiona Apple - Better version of me lyrics

nickel dropped when I was on My way beyond the rubicon What did I do? And of the games that I can handle None are ones worth the candle What should I do? I'm a frightened, fickle person Fighting, cryin', kickin', cursin' What can I do? Oooh, after all th

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Letzte version lyrics

sind im Raum, der Leben heißt Zweiwegetraum, getrennt verreist Vergiß meinen Namen, verschenk dein Gefühl Erfinde und erfahre mich Nimm mich und bewahre mich Lös mich auf, der Weg ist das Ziel Keine Tränen, keine Gewalt Nichts ist richtig, nicht

Non-fiction - A version lyrics

I walk away from here It will be for good If fate bids I stay, I fear Being misunderstood Chorus: Why do your eyes seek escape and diversion ? When it comes to reality, there’s only one version There’s only one version Strength is one prized luxur

Boyinaband - Gentleman parody (metal version) lyrics

ma Gonna RAWR We're back in here yeah and I'm drop G I'ma Gonna RAWR we're packin' heat yeah and I'm drop G I'ma Gonna RAWR I carry a guitar here, hey I'ma Gonna RAWR Wooden Wo Wo Wooden body, hey I'm playing Meshuggah! It's on, through my Mesa boogie jam

F.cuz - Jiggy (ft. yao yao) (taiwanese version) lyrics

boo (jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy) E boo mam mam ma TTI ya a ki a aki no DDO ya a la a la ~~~~ Let’s go Dang wo di yi ci jian dao ni Xin zang fa le feng tiao ge bu ting Gen ni BON BON BON xiang ni BON BON BON BON BON BON xiang ni Kuang call xiong di dao chu da ting Guan y

2pm - Promise (i'll be) (japanese version) lyrics

mi tsuzuketeru Tada no ichibyou sae mo Machikirenai hodo ni I need you right now Kimi ga inai yoru wa Tohou ni kure sousa Aitai yo ima sugu I need you right now Bokura dake no Moon light Kioku ni nokoru Last night Kimi to Oh... Baby Oh...

Proleter - Downton irony (ep version) lyrics

Curses from Past Time EP 2012 © 2012 Downton Irony EP Version Pisen neobsahuje text

Alex R - Dear you feat. louise ( rock version) lyrics

"Dear You" music video by Alex R. from the single "Dear You (Rock Version)" available December 4. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bertrand and Eric Poncet at Alias Studio Paris (France

Avicii lyricsAvicii - Levels (instrumetal version) lyrics

(Instrumental Version) by Avicii. Released on Universal. 2011

Famous Last Words - Brothers in arms - (piano version) lyrics

fire falls down from the sky The order’s in And we’ll be bringing them the fight God bless my brother back home with my father Give me the strength to beat this night Sweat, ache, blistering heat Pain in each step I take with my bleeding feet This air it’s so hard to breat

Lawson - Brokenhearted (acoustic version) lyrics

re not the girl I used to know How the hell did you get so cold I bet you kick yourself to know Where I been since you let me go (yeah) Now you wanna be with me (yeah) But you let your colours show It's a long way home (home) Hey girl look at wha

Lawson - Juliet (acoustic version) lyrics

yeah People stop to turn and stare Everywhere she goes Dollar signs and crimson hair She will steal your soul Set aside some billionaires All she wants is gold She is straight up rock and roll I’m telling you she knows She know oh oh oh ee oh oh Sh

Lawson - Learn to love again (acoustic version) lyrics

s a place we know What's cold enough won't grow We have seen the dark And the darkness took it's toll And the journey waits for no one If no one breaks the mould And our hearts are stronger than we know O-o-o-o-oh O-o-o-o-oh That you and I could l

Lawson - Standing in the dark (acoustic version) lyrics

here wide awake Thinking about when I last saw you I know you’re not far away I close my eyes and I still see you Lying here next to me Wearing nothing but a smile Gotta leave right away Counting cracks along the pavement To see you face to face Thinking about the c

Lawson - Stolen (acoustic version) lyrics

out and it's cold now And there's nothing but an empty room in front of me I wiped out and the line's down And there's no sound like there used to be if you were with me Can't sleep tonight keep on wondering why I didn't see the signs I didn't realize Now I'm frozen I had

Lawson - Taking over me (acoustic version) lyrics

Oo, oo, oo, oo, oo) My heart is racing, She puts her hands on mine, I feel them shaking, I look into her eyes, And I tell her that it's gonna be alright, And I'm never ever gonna make you cry, I'll fix your broken heart, I'll make it beat ag

Lawson - When she was mine (acoustic version) lyrics

I go Everything I do Reminds me of you Just a picture on the wall I'm surrounded by it all Gotta walk before I fall, yeah Fall out, out on the street Streetlight, light up for me So far from where I used to be When she was mine Everything

Michael Calfan - Resurrection [axwell's recut club version] lyrics

Michael Calfan Date of Release: 2011 Title: "Resurrection (Axwell's Recut Club Version) " Genre:

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Long live love (german version) lyrics

live love (German Version) Long long live love, fuer alle Zeit, lebe die Liebe, long long live love. Alle Menschen auf der schoenen weiten Welt leben nicht allein, von den Dingen, die sie kaufen koennen, ob sie gross sind oder klein. Lass die Liebe

Pulp - Bad cover version lyrics

word's on the streets we've found someone new If he looks nothin' like me I'm so happy for you I heard an old girlfriend has turned to the Church She's tryin' to replace me but it'll never work 'Cause every touch reminds you Of just how sweet it could

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Humanoid (english version) lyrics

love Against the fight Against the sun Against the night Against the rules Against the force Against the wall Against it all Oh no I'm Humanoid (Oh Whoa oh) I'm Humanoid (Oh Whoa oh) Gimme life Gimme air My heart beats on But I don't care I hunt my sh

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Humanoid (german version) lyrics

Liebe Gegen Hass Gegen die Sonne Gegen Nacht Gegen die Regeln Gegen Macht Gegen Alles Gegen Alles Ich bin Humanoid Oh Humanoid Gib mir Leben Gib mir Luft Mein Herz schlägt weiter Weil es muss Ich lauf meinem Schatten Hinterher Gib mir mehr Gib mir mehr Immer me

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Alien (german version) lyrics

Herz kämpft Gegen mich Wie en Alien im mir Ich steh auf Dreh mich um Alles Blutverschmiert Ich schau in den Spiegel Und da steht Geschrieben Hauch mir deine Liebe ein Ich will endlich bei dir sein (Alien) Ich bin krank Ohne dich Hab schon jedes Gift Versucht Und

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Alien (english version) lyrics

feel lost In myself There's an Alien in me Who are you? Who am I? Blood is all I see The words in the mirror Are makin' me shiver Save me with your love tonight Come and bring me back to life I lay down On the edge Feel my whole life on rewind See

A Dream Of Poe - Lady of shalott (short version) lyrics

the tread of our fall Blind of all flesh from your beloved Camelot. It´s the curse of the Lady of Shalott. “God in his mercy lend her grace” Outcast from the world I have become Looking into a mirror to see Camelot It´s the burden of the Lady of Sh

A Very Potter Musical - Cho song - ginny version lyrics

Youre tall and fun and pretty Youre really, really skinny Ginny Im the Mickey to your Minnie Youre the Tigger to my Winnie Ginny Wanna take you to the city Gonna take you out to dinney Ginny Youre cuter than a guinnie pig Wanna take you up to Winnipeg That

Aesthetic Perfection - Inhuman (album version) lyrics

got a crush on a pretty picture She's got style when she wears a frown She's got m Well I'm going nowhere Oh please Proceed We're going down No hope No pain No loss No gain No heart No will No life No thrill One day I pray I'll be A human being Sta

Afi - Now the world (alternate version) lyrics

I painted, a scene, that lit the stars for me, said, "I can erase it for you dear." That summer created, those words, that came to life in three, they were denied by you. Summer I laid down, below, the glitter adorned night, and silently sparkle

After The Burial - A steady decline (ep version) lyrics

secret's out this is the last time. Cast overboard, dragged out to sea. All premonitions drowned today in the murky waters flowing from wounds. But we emerged soaked in grace, dripping with the truth. You've fired upon a target so clear, but we..

After The Burial - Redeeming the wretched (ep version) lyrics

the bite of the steel catches your face, give it all your flesh to strip away. Revealing all the scars you hide inside. Your inner quarrels, your struggle to survive. A crimson hand to choke your throat. I..ll stop your breath as long as it takes. To

After The Burial - Fingers like daggers (ep version) lyrics

feminine fingers are like daggers. Tearing me apart, with each caressing stroke. My scars unravel cruel history. Our love was stab wounds and lusty kisses. In your eyes I see wasted tears for wasted years, and heartache, heartfelt for granted. You left me with nothing but th

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - Let's ride (australian version) lyrics

out in the city On the wrong dark side of town Man she's lookin' pretty And the sun is goin' down I said who's that knockin' at my door Wearing soft silk lingerie You got your look from a book at a weekend sale And now you wanna play I said what's up baby? W

Aldious - Eversince (metal version) lyrics

no futari no yakusoku Tooku no namioto to Hikishio ni kakikesareteiku Shizuka ni ato o nokosazu Mune no naka o yogiru ano omoide wa Itsushika sunadokei no you ni Sarasara to ochiru suna no hitotsubu no Toki ga mune o shimetsukeru Anata ni fureta watashi

Alexander Klaws - Free like the wind (new version) lyrics

fights hard, will he reach his aim? He'll survive for his friends He is like a crying wolf tonight He's the winner in the end He is proud and he'll take his chance He is fighting for his last friends But his freedom Oh, it's not for free But he f

Alexander Klaws - Take me tonight (new version) lyrics

baby... When I look into your eyes feels good to me And it feels like paradise, like fantasy Babe you're my angel, my guardian angel Oh memories I feel it in my heart i feel it in the soul we'll never ever fall apart, don't let me go Baby you're my angel And you

Amiina - Hilli (lighthouse version) lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Amiina - Kola (lighthouse version) lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Angela - Separation (piano version) lyrics

sugiru asa wa ''akirame'' izanaunda ne Subete sarake dashite kono mi wo yuda neru Nigirishimeta tsumetai yubi kimi wa kanshiku warai Boku wa kakeru kotoba mo naku keshiki wa nijimu Hajimareba izure owaru kirei goto nado iranai Semete kimi wo atatametai Hhonno sukos

Anna Kendrick - Can't stop the feeling! (film version) lyrics

got this feeling inside my bones It goes electric, wavey when I turn it on And if you wanted, inside your soul Just stomp in your heart, music take control I got that sunshine in my pocket Got that good soul in my feet I feel that hot blood in my b

Anna Kendrick - Cups (campfire version) lyrics

got my ticket for the long way round Two bottles of whiskey for the way And I sure would like some sweet company And I'm leaving tomorrow, what do you say When I'm gone, when I'm gone, When I'm gone You're gonna miss me when I'm gone You're gonna miss me by my hair You'r

Anna Kendrick - True colors (film version) lyrics

with the sad eyes Don't be discouraged, oh I realize It's hard to take courage In a world full of people You can lose sight of it all The darkness inside you Can make you feel so small Show me a smile then Don't be unhappy Can't remember when I

Annisokay - Sky (acoustic version) lyrics

can't say your name again Cause it will never feel the same like it did before As we stood at your last resting spot With broken eyes, empty, sad and lost Hopelessly in human tragedy All the people who cared and pray Like I did every single day, everyday This all happened

Annisokay - Snowblind (acoustic version) lyrics

look up to the sky tonight Its beautiful remember to breathe Remember to see it all Before I will forget (I ask) Am I home yet (come back) When I get lost in myself Oh memories where did you go I've lost all I've ever known Forgotten the on

Arachnes - First of all (acoustic version) lyrics

with me, this night I'm afraid of death. Stay with me, I need to feel your hands. I only want to be, I only want to be, and to run over my thought with your love, your love. Stay with me, on my quiet way. Stay with me, without saying a word. This is my bet: I want to change

Arachnes - Parallel worlds (orchestral version) lyrics

really remember. A strange sensation in my mind: over the rainbow, without God and without false religion. And to look at the world, to break the bonds in a sad, long night, and unexpectedly to see the white and the black of my life. FUTURE,

Tina Arena - Burn (acoustic version) lyrics

you wanna be a poet and write Do you wanna be an actor up in lights Do you wanna be a soldier and fight for love Do you wanna travel the world Do you wanna be a diver for pearls Or climb a mountain and touch the clouds above Be anyone you want to be Bring to life your fant

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