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Skusta Clee Zebbiana lyrics

Browse for Skusta Clee Zebbiana song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Skusta Clee Zebbiana lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 6 lyrics related to Skusta Clee Zebbiana.

Digital Underground - Holla holiday lyrics

you got to do is follow the music And listen for the rhythm..listen for the rhythm [Humpty-Hump (Crowd) x4] Now here we go (HERE WE GO!) Come on (COME ON!) BOTTLES UP! It's a holla holiday PUT 'EM DOWN! Break me off some love [Humpty-Hump] Now bottles up, fall in line

Digital Underground - Digital lover lyrics

Digital Underground] You need a digital lover [x7] [Humpty-Hump] You need a biblical brother [Digital Underground] You need a digital lover [x6] [Clee] You need a lover that's digital [Humpty-Hump] You need a tuna fish sandwich [Digital Underground] You need a digital lover [x4

Digital Underground - Blind mice lyrics

that's cool but, yo, what's up with me and you? See the blind mice? We the blind mice Trying to get in where we fit in Doing anything to be down Two hundred million blind mice Running through this town [Shock-G] Patty Cake, Patty Cake I heard your man Wears a gold

Digital Underground - Want it all lyrics

Shock G] I wanna go up downtown get around town Out of town for about a month overnight While the sun's shining bright in the middle Of the warm cold freezing hot night, that's all [Money B] I wanna put it in out through over and under Shake and bake, first take heed the boots

Digital Underground - Wheee! lyrics

Shock G] Ridin in a drop top 'Vette doing ninety Front seat fresh ho, no five-oh behind me I know it is a fat house party, so yo bust the def left Rich baby's parents went away for the weekend Oooh, there's plenty of freaks left And there's gonna be freakin, the house p

Digital Underground - Mans girl lyrics

Digital Underground x2] If you can't take me home with you Then a lap dance will have to do If you can't take me home with you.. [Shock G] Anybody got change for twenty? Mmm, shake it up, shake it up Yeah, I know it's rough out here, love But we got your back Give i

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