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Xxxtentacion lyricsXxxtentacion - Rip roach (feat. $ki mask the slump god) lyrics

Intro] Misc. female moaning [Verse 1: XXXTENTACION ... Cocaine for my breakfast Hold that pistol, ambidextrous P**** boy talk reckless ... He might end up on a stretcher F*** with my set

Every Avenue - Take a step back lyrics

Take a step back, take a step back) It's all big talk until ... something happens The words mean nothing til they ... re followed by actions Keep your mouth moving

Simple Minds - Take a step back lyrics

tell it on the mountain Like it burst forth like a ... fountain Try to shake the deep foundations of this land ... High up on lover's land They got hotel rooms so grand And no one here knows what goes

The Rabble - Step back lyrics

up - hang on sneak a glance in your pocket You drank ... it all up - or so say's that docket But it's all gone and now you've got none You ... spin the blackjack kid and then your night's done A sky

Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey - The middle lyrics

a seat right over there, sat on the stairs Stay or leave ... the cabinets are bare and I'm unaware Of just how we ... got into this mess, got so aggressive I know we meant all

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Ski mask way lyrics

Yeah I'm Tryin to catch me sumthin I'ma catch you ... sumthin [Chorus] nigga that watch is nice that's what you bought from me that chain is nice that's what you

The Fugees - The mask lyrics

CHORUS) Have you ever worn the mask one-two one-two, M to the A to the S to the K Put the mask upon the face just to make the next day, Feds be hawkin me

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - Step back lyrics

yo! This is Dee Bullit from Da P-Pack Posse Yo, Some motherf***ers tryin' to sweat my ... homies from the H-Blockx But we ain't going out like ... that, yo, ya listen up real good H-Blockx rollin with

Leader - Step down lyrics

many times I lay awake With sleepless nights and ... endless days I try to find a quick escape So look at ... who you have become Why have you become so numb? Can’t

Rage Against The Machine - Take the power back lyrics

that shit in! Uggh! Yeah, the movement's in motion with mass militant poetry Now check ... this out...uggh! In the right light, study becomes ... insight But the system that dissed us Teaches us to read and right So called facts

Rakim - Step back lyrics

if you can step to this {*Eric B. cuts up the phrase ''Back to the lab''*} ... Now try to do this step (''Back to the lab'') and make sure the pace is kept and this ain't as smooth as I'ma get Nice and

55 Escape - Step back lyrics

cry To feel alive I Just wanna reach for you And make ... you remember Cause I cry To hold hold you back I Feel like I'm loosing ... you I'm loosing my mind [x2] I make you step back!

Gotthard - Take it all back lyrics

there goes, what you give, what you give God knows they ... don’t make what it is that you give Maybe, what it is ... what it is, what it is I think that that maybe I don’t deserve what it is

Mya - Step back lyrics

1] Have you ever had a girl to call up your man ... (better tell her step back step back) She claiming that your ... man is her man, yeah (gonna get knick knock way back)

Tina Arena - God only knows lyrics

took a ride that took me out of nowhere Life ... is an open door I took a chance on you when it was unclear ... What we were hoping for This ... world can be oh so cruel But I've paid

Candlebox - Step back lyrics

can you say were not together? How can you say its all the same in someone elses eyes? ... How can you say it gives you pleasure? That ... someones pulling you aside But now I want to find

Milo Greene - Take a step lyrics

the throne Is a garden's leaf Is this the sigh? Of sweet ... relief Don't dim the lights No early gray I'm all too soon To forget this place Take a step A step A step into the sea Take a step A step A step into the sea Wash

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Step back in time lyrics

wanna funk I wanna f-f-u f-u-n-k I wanna funk ... I wanna funk I wanna f-f-u f-u-n-k I wanna funk ... I wanna f-f-u f-u-n-k I wanna funk, I wanna funk I wanna f-f-u f-u-n-k Non stop dancing the bus stop To the

Defiance ( Usa ) - Step back lyrics

back and listen to what I say Don't worry, put your trust ... in me What to believe when your head's ... overfilled with these lies The naked truth separates the

Letters To Cleo - Step back lyrics

and fade away, so far so good and I'll tell you the story ... this time. Plan too far ahead, it's the same old thing. ... Finally kicking it out this time. ... where were you? When it really mattered, like this time?

I See Stars - The common hours ii lyrics

walk upon the floor Did I deserve this? I ... not quite sure You need to take a step back, step back now I ... feel it's time to start running One day to look back, look back now And say hi

Saxon - The eagle has landed lyrics

a giant step for mankind On a distant lunar sea As you travel across the universe Will ... you take a step, take a step for me Will you take a step ... for me Voyage of an eagle Blasting to the stars You take the hopes and dreams of men To

New Kids On The Block - Back to life lyrics

season come and passed, Yet another role not taken. Every ... dream I have and fulfilled, I wanna scream, ... but I lost the will. I take another step somehow The

Bleeding Through - Step back in line lyrics

your belief In what you claim to be committed And all the while a bond you'll lose So ... just admit it I was here before you Now I will ... watch you fall to your knees Begging for

Onward - The kindness of strangers lyrics

! - as you take a step back out of fear, it's just a ... primal reaction. Wait!! - through the eyes of ... suspicious is clear, why is it you don't trust ... me? Gaze on a smile that is sweet and so haunting, fixed on a feeling so wrong and attracting. Temptation rising,

Attack Attack! - The motivation lyrics

ve given all that i have to give taking all of the ... lives that i have. will this be my last? (theres no end in sight) when ... will all of my brothers know, i'll fight this war alone if that's what it takes to get home to you. i'll

Clinton Cave - The goes on- mother day remix lyrics

right, yo mama It's time to Ce-le-brate We ... want to thank you for Being so great So ... do you ever wonder? Bout' the day your son would grow up ... remember when we come up The parties on From lying in

Delain - The glory and the scum lyrics

all live in unforgiving Precarious ways If it bleeds, it ... leads Is all we seem to hear today Thorns remain while ... flowers fade Monster Such a noble novelty Monster Such a proper property Monster It

Four Year Strong - The security of the familiar, the tranquility.. lyrics

walks alone, the streets deserted He steps on ... every crack He makes it home and no ones waiting to welcome ... him back Who is the man in the mirror? He wonders as he stares in the eyes of a stranger

Kataklysm - The promise lyrics

s a world of confusion, ... everything you see is an illusion There's no way to ... s judgement is useless Your days are numbered, your faith ... destruction I don't want your poison to linger in my

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Swimming with the kids lyrics

can't deny the fact that you know me better than I do ... It doesn't matter 'cause I know that you that I'm a ... fool better than best But if you only tell ... me that you love me I don't give a

Boondox - Lady in the jaguar lyrics

Verse 1:] [Boondox] It was late one night in the 4-0-4 I ... was gone off that water chillen on the front porch ... I was lean back laxin in puffin on some swag

Hevein - The last drop of innocence lyrics

seems, things won't be the same. Depleted, tolerance for pain. We see, an eviler day. The greed, the greed's here to stay. The greed... tis here to

Koethe - Take it all back ft. eduard frolov lyrics

what else is left? I know what comes next I know just what happens and when Your ... words and your voice This isn't my ... choice To watch this all play out again Take it all back Take it all back Take it all back here Take it all back Take it

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Swimming with the kids lyrics

can't deny the fact that you know me better than I do ... It doesn't matter 'cause I know that you that I'm a ... fool better than best But if you only tell ... me that you love me I don't give a

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - The final act lyrics

eyed sleepers death in motion daylight creepers ... wearing all night pain bleeding moments spilling ... over non-existing as they crawl out into a world that calls them real sign the contract it's the final act matter

Nevermore - The politics of ecstasy lyrics

hate you, the pigs who turn the screws, I hate everything ... you stand for I hate the world we've bred, Political ... pigs we've fed, Our fathers left us nothing but a dead

Abigor - The elder god (my dragon magic) lyrics

am thine inmost self I gaze out upon thy world of ... coloured lights from the darkness The darkness behind ... thine eyes I am the most ancient one, the creator of the

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - The power of rock lyrics

was a lonely boy In a broken land Where people ... were living and dying In the name of a higher man And then one day Into his hand The ... power of rock and roll She was a hungry

Funker Vogt - The last lyrics

it emerge from the ocean depths its dull black eyes ... staring into yours without fear it confronts you as it did ... before the dawn of man overpopulation is a threat to mankind they always

Miss Fortune - Take that shit back to baxter lyrics

take me back to the time where everything made ... sense, where nothing mattered to me, let's run it back again. I know you miss ... those days, when everything was okay, a time when you and

Necronomicon - The living god (pharaoh of gods part ii) lyrics

now by the sun Living god now I'm the one Destiny in ... my end Of the entire land Worship me when I die Sailing down on the Nile ... Crossing the underground Reaching the other side Among the gods now I am They come to

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - Take my heart back lyrics

ll be alright You said Tommorrow Don't you cry ... Don't you shed a tear When you wake up I will ... still be here When you wake up We'll battle all your

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - Take my heart back lyrics

ll be alright You said Tommorrow Don't you cry ... Don't you shed a tear When you wake up I will ... still be here When you wake up We'll battle all your

Alltheniko - The arenas god lyrics

holding the gladiator's flame Turning from soldier to a ... slave I'm going too higher ... Led by the hate Straight to the edge Stand in line Blazing for glory, the sound of the fight The spirit of battle

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - The reflecting god lyrics

world is an ashtray We burn and coil like cigarettes The ... more you cry your ashes turn to mud It's the nature of the leeches, The ... virgin's Feeling cheated, You've only spent a

More Than A Thousand - The burden lyrics

on the floor and my eyes are bleeding. Beaten up and ... torn by these demons that won't let me see you face ... but if you still hate me know that everything that i do is for you. Distant and reserved and i'm barely

Sinister - The macabre god lyrics

of opposites See the bleeding Gods Death needs no ... Skewers in His scrotch Eaten to the tail Only remainders are left The spreading ... wings of fear killed for theft Theft of dark influence,

Decapitated - The blasphemous psalm to the dummy god creati.. lyrics

void inside. City flash melts the wax soul. Sewed ... mouth. Could it be the promised land? Elysium, ... Eden - the abandoned search. Non-essential deific

Manilla Road - The grey god passes lyrics

the field of Clontarf Warlords scream in Both pagan and christian of heart An age ... comes to end The ground shall bare the mark Of glory's ... crimson stain Battle is night Raise up your

I The Breather - The common god lyrics

were Born Dead Brought down, Beaten to the ... ground Oh, What a cunning thing we saw this day ... You were born dead brought down beaten to the ... I will force this bone unto the chest and Wrip the hearts

Scar Symmetry - The kaleidoscopic god lyrics

lifeless worlds come alive Gathered here both low and high ... Show me sights I dreamt at night I shall return with the dreaming tide As above, so ... below Microcosm is macrocosm Anything I visualize

The Decemberists - The day i knew you'd not come back lyrics

day I knew you’d not come back I built this castle out of ... glass But I could never understand Where the windows and walls began and end No, I could

Alvin Lee - The world is changing (i got a woman back in .. lyrics

world is changing far to fast I wonder just how long we ... ll last The smoke is filling up the sky ... Oh my Don't want to die, here's the reason ... why I got a woman back in Georgia A mother and

Nick Lachey - The chance you didn't take lyrics

the weight of the world on top of me Just ... throw it away, throw it away Cause it doesn't really matter anymore All the things ... you said I didn't see At the end of the day, end of the day Does it really count if

Eminem lyricsEminem - Eminem - ski mask way ft. 50 cent lyrics

This, is.. an exclusive, remix) [Eminem] Remix! [50 Cent ... Yeah, I'm tryin to catch me somethin A little jux ... [Chorus: 50 Cent] Nigga that watch is nice, that's what

Los - Mask lyrics

DJ J.D on the beat. Los This is strictly for ... grimy shit right here. For all my boys grinding. So what I need everybody to do is, ... go to Target, go to Wal-Mart, the Thrift Store, Shit

The Game - The town lyrics

Verse 1] Back on the block, nigga, chains on the ... rocks, nigga Used to move yay, I should throw up the Roc, ... nigga Back with the Doc, so I just throw up the Mag Up 2 fingers: they don’t

Guru - Back 2 back lyrics

Mendoughza {*scratching*} ''Collaborate with ... live niggaz'' ''Ill Kid ready to wreck like..'' ''Back ... to.. back.. back to.. back'' [Hook: Both] Y'all cats don't want war with us That's why y'all won't be on tour

Skylark - The triumph lyrics

Warrior: Another sunny fighting, another holy ... lighting, another way I'm seaching for the God eyes. I ... discover something, I'm glad to find the old king that

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