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Angela Ammons - Wish on me lyrics

its time to say goodbye But I'll always be ... there in your mind We've had our time, so lets not cry ... whenever you wonder, never wonder why and I hope that

Lena Katina - Wish on a star lyrics

out on the street to get some air ... All this seems so unfair But I could get used to ... could fight It but I no I Cannot let it go Got these

George Jones - The real mccoy lyrics

on a bar stool sippin' on a glass of tea Well, when this ... lady walked by and she tried to put the make on me She had fake eye lashes and her home? hair, it nearly

Joydrop - Dream today lyrics

future brides Stopping for a light in a child's line of ... sight On the hubcap TV set overhead a Pan Am jet ... Engine level heat waves Caught up in this summer daze

The Moody Blues - Sitting at the wheel lyrics

can hear the music playing I can hear the word that ... you're saying I can see the lovelife in your ... eyes What's the use in looking for an answer? I might find out It

Britny Fox - Dream on lyrics

girl I used to know The way I feel heaven knows I look ... up high and dream at night Memories, I can't let ... go Don't you know how it feels? (Don't you know how it feels?)

Okkervil River - On tour with zykos lyrics

gets close, but I choke Take your shit, take your ... clothes And get out of my home I want ... you to love me Or I want you long gone You say your ... real name is John Hey, thanks John Go sing songs, go

Dio - Dream evil lyrics

s well at the midnight hour You're ready to fly Don't think about ... the darkness Or the rumbling in the ... sky Somewhere on the morning road Just waiting for you Somethings that

Ra - On my side lyrics

sounds like a whisper It seems like a dream It breaks and it falls It ... tears at the seam Suppose that it happens ... Suppose that it's real Supposing you're right

Agrega - Bar lyrics

Let's go on the bar I want whiskey in the jar and ... my mind is falling down I saw you in this town ref ... I will go with you and your dreams are coming true

Jamie Foxx - Wish u were here lyrics

might be doin betterIt's kinda hard trying to ... surviveIn all this crazy weatherEverybody wants my ... numberEverybody's callin my nameBut in the midst

Blackmore's Night - Wish you were here lyrics

here Me, oh, my country man Wish you were here I ... wish you were here Don't you know, the snow is ... getting colder And I miss you like hell And ... here Me, oh, my country man I wish you were here Don

Hey Monday - Wish you were here lyrics

s my heart in a postcard, darling Just one step from the ... edge Sleep alone and it's so hard, darling You ... re next to me in my head But it's too late, too late to call Are you out there?

Like A Storm - Wish you hell lyrics

that knife out of my spine And you'll know you got the ... best of me For the last time Save your precious ... little lies I won't waste another moment in the wake of

Rednex lyricsRednex - Wish you were here lyrics

here... Me oh my countryman, Wish you were here. ... Wish you were here... Don't you know the snow Is ... getting colder, And I miss you like hell. And

Rednex lyricsRednex - Wish you were here rednex lyrics

were here Me oh my countryman Wish you were here Wish ... you were here. Don´t you know the snow is ... getting colder And I miss you like hell. And ... were here Me oh my countryman Wish you were here Wish

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Wish you were on it lyrics

cup holder with some loose change He got your cellphone on ... vibrate I wish you were on it There's a road you got to ... take to get to my place Faded double yellow lines on two

Craig Mack - On da run lyrics

Craig Mack:] Eh yo, god bless the dead ... ya know? And all my cats I know with the football ... jerseys on: dont have no regrets Hold them ... up to the feds who tried to catch me in 88, nigga Ha! Funk

Olivia Lufkin - Wish lyrics

ga kaze wo yobu Hohoemi ga zawameki wo keshisaru Anata no ... me ni sumu tenshi ga sasayaku Subete ga ima hajimaru to ... Can you feel it now Can you feel it now Nami ni

Colbie Caillat - Dream life life lyrics

someone Have you ever wanted out Of all the ... stressfulness All the busyness You could do ... without Take all of your worries Throw them ... away Everyday should be a fun day That's what I say

James Morrison - Dream on hayley lyrics

people sleep easy, some people don't Seeking ... the light on start to feel so alone Some people make it ... better, some make it worse You thought he ... held you lightly, yeah he got you where it hurts

Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Dream on lyrics

you feel a little love? As your bony fingers close around me Long and spindly ... Death becomes me Heaven can you see what I see Hey ... you pale and sickly child You´re death

Oak Ridge Boys - Dream on lyrics

your head down on my shoulder I won't let the ... you, I'll be keepin' trouble far from where you're sleepin' ... Until you wake in the mornin' you've got ... world to yourself (chorus) Dream on Dream about the world we

Jamie Lynn Spears - Dream girl lyrics

m living in The dream world that you made Every ... Everything light up sweet and bright I'll be so lonely ... Like a blue bird In a cage Dream girl dream girl

Black Majesty - Wish you well lyrics

your ships have sailed They take you where you want to be ... Right there where you belong It's never going to be ... the same Never be the same All that you hold dear will soon be gone Letting go is the only way of you learning how to

Holy Moses - On you lyrics

wish - I had - respect - 'cause I don't like me at all I ... m stripped of all my pride The final process ... now complete I kindly set me aside I wish - I had - respect

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Dream on bushwacka tough guy lyrics

your bony fingers close around me Long and spindly Death becomes me Heaven can you ... see what I see Hey you pale and sickly child You're death and living reconciled Been

Heydy - On and on lyrics

dance dance and I know it. dance dance and I have to be. ... oh oh and I got it. oh oh you're ... still you got to be. dance on. dance on and on. wow on and on you can dance. everyone

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Dream on (feat. jonathan donahue) lyrics

on, dream on Sleep on, dream on Sleep on, dream on Sleep on ... dream on [repeat

Animal Collective - On delay lyrics

hear it doubly clear There’s a doubled ... exposure Just waiting to happen I’m sitting and fading ... Rain tapping together Two licks of ... the dog bone Me slipping through belt

Bosson - On the radio lyrics

found me a letter you wrote me on the radio And they told the world ... just how you felt It must have fallen out of a hole in ... your old brown overcoat They never said your name

Down - On march the saints lyrics

something that amounts to nothing the threat a wrecking ball plowing through ... our karma we have no confident voice in our ears for tonight exist in memory (the) only headline (chorus) We have been through change, by the

Journey - On a saturday nite lyrics

said, she said it's gonna be alright Yes she did, well come ... to bed and turn out the light She's ... sleeping there, she's dreaming through her life Yes she

Dream Street - Dream street - this time lyrics

ooh..... I never thought that I could miss The touch of ... your hand, or just one kiss I never meant to sya ... it's over Girl, I was a fool to hurt you so I had it

Mac Miller - On my shit lyrics

like my seat back, cup full, weed rolled, ... school I’ve been gettin’ money, what the f*** have you ... been up to? Up to, up to, what the f*** have you been up to

Martine Mccutcheon - On the radio lyrics

Ah, yeah Someone found a letter you wrote me On the radio And they told the world ... Just how you felt It must have fallen out Of a hole in ... your old brown overcoat They never said your name

Martin Solveig lyricsMartin Solveig - On my mind lyrics

Martin Solveig) On my mind, hanging around, on ... my mind. On my mind, you know you're way away, on my mind. It's been a long time since we met Like a dream, like a dream I can't

Ross Lynch - On my own lyrics

almost feels like it was just a dream All these memories of ... you and me Blown away in the summer breeze It almost feels like we just never ... were All the time we spent was just a blur Now it's just

Saga - On the other side lyrics

there you are You've travelled so far breaking rules ... never meant to be broken living like ... criss-crossing the line speaking words never meant to be ... [chorus] It's never bin about "you know who"

Fractal Gates - On your own lyrics

pray to appease desires Imploring some ... mercy Others simply cease to hope And drown in false control To feel the ... messiah Shall not make you cross the sign So

Vybz Kartel - On and on lyrics

mi a futuraaa Di ghetto wah love anotha Likkle gal weh a thirtheen Tun baby madda ... Every juvenile seh him badda Dem feel life fi di hot grabba Youths weh a seventeen

Nf lyricsNf - On another level lyrics

call it a hobby, I call it a way of life No way that you can ... stop me You know that I've been trainin', right? ... try to block me, the more that I control the fight And now

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - On tomorrow lyrics

re all brothers of tomorrow (we won't have to talk) we won't need ... to talk We won't need to walk on tomorrow Rush comes the ... love shapes to share shapes Love love love on

Busted - On what you're on lyrics

wanna be on what you're on I wanna be on what you're on ... I wanna be on what you're on I wanna be on what you're on ... She's got a wild heart Born to run, born to come and just save my soul I never

Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - On my way home lyrics

of my life been running, Paying the price for living How ... young survive? We're never satisfied, Only if I could ... I hide? (ohohohohoh) I'm on my way I'm on my way

Duncan Sheik - On a high lyrics

m on a high, I'm on a high There's nothing more to ... it. We are the sea and the sky And the blue that ... runs through it, yeah. And there are some who say

Baby Bash - On tha curb lyrics

standing on teh curb, Puffinon the herb, Tryin get what a ... deserve, Im trying to stay high, Tru to the trilla, ... Tryin to get richer cuz it all about them illaz, Im standing on teh curb, Puffin on

Deny14 - On my way lyrics

eyes will must stay open, though it with me won't okay i can't stand on one ... place, i have to move away I've got start, it's ... good, but way, which I am alone chosen i don't know but because of him I am lonely and

Joey Bada$$ - On & on lyrics

I just booked a first class ticket to my destiny by the ... way Yeah Maybe I'mma fly away Maybe I'mma fly away, some day So gullible ... just like my first love Stay humble, but I knew that I was first up Picked up the pen,

Beyond The Dream - Your spit as a flower on the tomb in me lyrics

place I've never seen before ... Goes by the name of cruelty Thunder cracks among black clouds And the rain reminds me of tears of beauty. You cruel teaser, from

Gun Barrel - On the road again lyrics

around all these unknown places to rock the night and ... living – living our dream with you – the crowd so many faces to bang your heads ... for hearing you scream to say goodbye to all I love and say "hallo" to all our

Justin Sane - On the streets tonight lyrics

the streets tonight, o yeah on the streets tonight on the ... streets tonight, that's where i'll be found 'cause i don't wanna go home i want to hang out with my friends

Kt Tunstall - On my star lyrics

it happened And our feet fell away From familiarity and found their way ... choose how it went down that day We could hand-pick a heaven ... Right here I wouldn't need a suitcase Just palms

Patty Loveless - On down the line lyrics

to make a livin That's the bottom line It ain't ... easy tryin' to stretch A nickle into a dime Sweatin' ... for the dollar Workin' for the man Half ... goes to the Landlord, Lord And half to Uncle Sam I can

Magnum - On a storytellers night lyrics

s a storm lamp on the table Throwing shadows to the gable And you swallow if you're ... able On a storyteller's night From ... seven sisters Every black heart walks the distance On a

Tim Mcmorris - On top of the world lyrics

Oh (x4) I’m on top of the world, and now I’m ... livin’ And the good just gets better, ... keeps on givin’ Not even close to the ... getting lighter While the days are getting brighter, yeah

Oar - On my way lyrics

t fear the morning It's okay, it's okay Hurt weighs heavy It's okay, it's okay When ... your body's cold and shaking I'll steer you Darlin', ... you When your body's old and aging I'll heal you Darlin',

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - On my highway lyrics

my highway the yellow lines Disappear ... from time to time And I wound up on the wrong ... side of the road On my highway I go too fast Afraid that I might finish last I

Almost Kings - On like that lyrics

We dropping beats not bombs to defeat ya'll all Give me the back pack and ... the sneaks and it's on and It's On Like That Yo baby girl and its on like that,

Aly And Aj - On the ride lyrics

don't have to try To think the same ... thoughts We just have a way Of knowing everything's gonna be ok We'll laugh 'til ... we cry Read each others minds Live with a

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