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Sitting In Your Red Pickup Truck lyrics

Browse for Sitting In Your Red Pickup Truck song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Sitting In Your Red Pickup Truck lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Sitting In Your Red Pickup Truck.

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Kings Of Leon - Pickup truck lyrics

you home to see, where your livin' around, and I know ... this place Pour yourself on me, And you know I'm ... that you won't forget And in your dear old mind, I see

Liz Phair - Red light fever lyrics

wide awake in the dark Tryin' to figure out where you are ... Always goin' nowhere 'Fraid of goin' ... Somewhere's a place in your heart Sometimes when I think about you Why you're always

Jimmy Cliff - Sitting in limbo lyrics

here in limbo But I know it won't be ... long Sitting here in limbo Like a bird without a ... song Well, they're putting up a resistance But I know ... my faith will lead me on Sitting here in limbo Waiting for

The Kinks - Sitting in the midday sun lyrics

by The Tramp) I'm sitting by the side of a river ... ve got no need to worry, I'm in no hurry I'm looking at the ... world go by. Just sitting in the midday sun, Just soaking up that currant bun, With

Willie Nelson - Sitting in limbo lyrics

here in limbo, but I know it won't be ... long Sitting here in limbo, like a bird without a ... song Well, they're putting up resistance But I know ... my faith will lead me on Sitting here in limbo, waiting for

Abba lyricsAbba - Sitting in the palmtree lyrics

me sitting in the palmtree Looking down at ... people passing by Sitting here no-one can harm me ... tell me, Jeanie Jeanie on my mind, won't you please You

The Kinks - Sitting in my hotel lyrics

friends could see me now, driving round just like a film star, ... In a chauffeur driven jam jar, ... laugh. They would all be saying that it's not really me,

Ramones lyricsRamones - Sitting in my room lyrics

in my room Record player on Sitting in my room Humming a sickening tune Sitting in my room ... Something to do soon We know what ... we think of them The problems just

Anima - Sitting in the wardrobe lyrics

t understand Why people Like your believe They're like Rambo ... look like the people Who live in trees With teeth eroded by ... still You believe To be the king Of this village Go home to

Maddi Jane - In your arms lyrics

were in college working part time waitin' tables ... risk with a fear of fallin' Wondering why we bother ... you believe it? As we're lying on the couch?" The

Don Mclean - Sitting in the balcony lyrics

a-sittin' in the balcony Just a-watchin' ... and tympanies Just a-sittin' in the balcony On the very last ... row I hold your hand and I kiss you, too The

Nat & Alex Wolff - Sitting in my sorrow lyrics

everyone, They all start singing And I'm the one, I'm the ... the bells, They won't stop ringing They're begging me to go ... me this look Like I'm some kind of crook That won't go away

Chris Norman - Red hot screaming love lyrics

can't even begin to tell you How I've been ... feelin' lately But I have stumbled ... across something rare And you use it to ... bait me Something tells me go Everyone says

Alison Krauss - Sitting in the window of my room lyrics

sat in the window of my room Watched you go ... all I could do You’re going away To leave me alone In ... all of this sorrow In this misery So look now,

Cemetery Of Scream - In your blood lyrics

many centuries of pilgrimage in the ghastly oceans His were ... the night And from His domain first tribes roamed into ... was Enoch, The Name was Cain In your blood I

Evans Blue - In a red dress and alone lyrics

start it over From the beginning Let's play for keeps so I ... Who ever saves you And brings you to your knees My love.. ... Beauty fades when she dies In a red dress and alone But it

Crucified Barbara - In the red lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Collie Mark - In your mind lyrics

I'm gonna soak my head under your hose.) (Ahh, this is the ... nearest thing to a bath I've had in a week ... ) Yeah, I FUCKIN' noticed! What the FUCK are ... you hauling, assbreath? How's your

Darren Hayes - In your mother's eyes lyrics

meet your mother in the doorway And you both ... blue eyes There's a fire in her soul But the flame is ... low and it's burning her out And now we're walking down the hallway And we

La Bouche - In your life lyrics

your life x8 In your life Like sitting on a ... ferris wheel Watching the world go around and ... How much you'll take In your life In your life In your ... life In your life In your life In your life In your

Bat For Lashes - In your bed lyrics

bore I don't even want to paint the town red I don't want ... to waste my time Putting on dresses and drinking wine ... I just wanna be in your arms instead Let's lay in your bed and dream together In a

Sadus - In your face lyrics

you want to die Confusion in your mind Terror solidified ... Violence indisplaced Fear in its place Tempest, yet blind ... in haste All right, I'm in your face Hostilities come to

Distorted - In your light lyrics

t feel you no more Dark pain within me To be in your ... light again I would give the world ... of despair Silent I will remain forever My joy will be kept

Elegant Machinery - In your mind lyrics

t believe in what you hear no one can ... stay with you until the morning dew Reject those images ... upon a time there was something good and something strong

Groza - In your dramatic mourning lyrics

day is closing Remember what you promised ... t do The ones you left behind and the glittering lights ... Will sympathize with your mourning In the place

Icon ( Usa ) - In your eyes lyrics

you've been gone And ever since you went away It's hard to ... go on And it's getting harder every day I think ... of all the things that I've done wrong I'll

Kansas - In your eyes lyrics

well spend some time remembering Know by now that times have ... deeper It might be raining now But don't be scared you ... won't drown I'll hold you in my arms when the rivers rise

Mr.kitty - In your blood lyrics

hatred filled our hearts As we ... I will leave Maybe you'll finally see In your blood I ... will lay Saving you from this place (Please, ... till I'm complete In your blood I will lay Saving you

Shinee - In your eyes (onew: to the beautiful you ost) lyrics

nan geunare i simjangi ttwineungeol neukkyeosseo ... nan al su isseosseo Hwaksinhal sun eobseotjiman imi urin ... jeonghaejin unmyeong gatasseo ... nan al su isseosseo Hwaksinhal sun eobseotjiman imi urin

Shinhwa - In your love lyrics

eh Story deul ee peol eo jin keo ji eon jeh ga ji na oo ri ... eh the true love gotta going on baby so our love got it ... going on yeong weon hi neo wa nae

Silver Dust - In your face lyrics

Fear is always lurking to tempt you Before, can ... you see the real him again Oha… Please don't cry ... Ah…. Promise me something, no discriminology Don't be

Abandon All Ships - In your deams brah! lyrics

But you have no clue what's in store for you. Sleepless ... nights and dreaming of you when dreams become ... for you. Three. For everything you've done for me. Four.

Clan Of Xymox - In your mercy lyrics

stronger She's got something on her mind She tempts me ... charme Desire reveals itself in calm I stare at her and I ... But I am weak like a nursling child Truth and love shall

My Dying Bride - In your dark pavilion lyrics

have no love To give you In the fire that rages between ... thought I saw you amid the ruins. And I can witness you have ... nothing left. I'll give you my

Obituary lyricsObituary - In your head lyrics

say! I will see you there! Inside my head! I will see you inside you! I will get to your ... soul, I will get inside your head! Inside my head, I ... will see you inside my head! I will get to your soul, I will get inside your

Agent Orange - In your dreams tonight lyrics

your whole life feels incomplete learn this song and ... sing yourself to sleep anger turns ... to hatred - as the nights turn into ... days people disappoint me in so many different ways close

Thomas Anders - In your eyes lyrics

alone with my heard all in my hands I know I was so ... wrong not beliving that you will understand ... Here we are standing face to face Here I am losing time and space I am falling in your eyes makes me wanna

April Wine - In your world lyrics

laughing People hating Violence brewing Stillness ... waiting Will you be able to read ... the signs People laughing People cheating Streets ... are full of homeless sleeping Will you be able to stop

Tasmin Archer - In your care lyrics

light is fading from my room As night time ... Swollen eyes portray my pain As tears fall like the ... summer rain I'm so alone Son of a ... my heart I need a little loving To take away the pain How

Tasmin Archer - In your garden lyrics

light is fading from my room As nighttime ... Swollen eyes portray my pain As tears fall like the ... summer rain I'm so alone Son of a bitch ... my heart I need a little loving to take away the pain How

Arven - In your dreams lyrics

in the silent ocean High up in the sky Second to the right ... and Straight on till morning comes There is a place ... where you can find what you seek This path

Editor - In your mind lyrics

A Lucky Man You Start Laughing Hard Life Is Not Innocent ... Everybody Kicked You Down In Your Mind Something's ... Different In Your Mind Something's Wrong In Your

Andrew Belle - In your sleep lyrics

much for medicines and healthy patients We've ... It's just another day in my sick profession I talk ... rather spend all my time talking to you, talking to you Oh

Black Ghosts - In your touch lyrics

s your touch, it's the way you bring ... love And I can't explain why I'm falling for this feeling It's your smile, it's the ... look in your eyes And I can't explain

Rebecca Black - In your words lyrics

It’s not clear The clouds ain’t always bad if when they ... they reveal And I’m moving on Cause you set me free ... And I’m trying to be as much of myself as

Camouflage - In your ivory tower lyrics

swear I saw your face change, a teardrop from ... we've come to know sis changing fast, and you believe the ... crying's over, it ain't over. Now you may run and

Charlie Winston - In your hands lyrics

to end this misery It's causing too much pain I'm gonna ... I'm gonna put my whole world In your hands I have to put my ... whole world In your hands In your hands Mister, Please

Javier Colon - In your hands lyrics

your hands, my life begins and ends All that I am, I ... i belong I was affraid of losing everything Now i'm amazaed, ... wanted Was to lose myself in you In your hands, I'll

Coronatus - In your hands lyrics

m drawing pictures in the air And I breathe like I ... Be careful you caught a falling soul Let the sun shine ... my heart alive It's bleeding in your hands It's bleeding in your hands In your hands, oh In your hands I close my eyes to

Da Buzz - In your dreams lyrics

how much I care When I'm waiting for you to call I wanna lay ... your hand in mine Before I'm falling apart I ... if you turned away I'm standing next to you How can I

Defending The Faith - In your eyes lyrics

to feel my desire my heart ain't made to stare You came into my life You love hurts ... You can't only answer my pain You are like poison in vein ... Hope and glory story's telling lies Remember the place

Destine - In your arms lyrics

you recall What got me climbing up the walls I'm out of ... patience I'm still waiting on A brand new break of ... dawn O o oh Now we're going underground And my hands

Fefe Dobson - In your touch lyrics

it's you, that's when I saw your face It always took me away ... I should have stayed I think about the word, yes, as I ... time I hold you, I'll be waiting for you Try to pull away

Dragonhammer - In your eyes lyrics

every day I hope to live in my way Destiny awaits for me ... You are my choice, inside me I see the moon, I ... I feel my shadow Feel in your mind, in your heart My

Elevation Worship - In your presence lyrics

presence there is freedom In Your presence there is hope In Your presence there is healing ... No matter how far I fall Your love is everlasting Your kindness never ends God You

John Frusciante - In your eyes lyrics

was holding on to what just goes and ... Memories can be the chains that won't let go of endless ... motion Every sign is a window you look through, or see yourself in Who becomes that

Gabrielle Aplin - In your arms lyrics

may say I'm lucky to be traveling And that California makes ... I spend most of my time waiting For them to kill the sound ... you are But to me the only thing that changes Are the faces

Get Up Kids - In your sea lyrics

afternooon A point I hammer home You had no ... Better off alone Waiting patiently Stranded in your ... sea Singing time in tune Where the action is

Ghost Machinery - In your (evil) dreams lyrics

forbidden god Distant echoes in the halls Am I dreaming or ... heal.. I don't want to be In your evil dreams Inside this ... masquerade of lies In your evil dreams Inside this

Gotye - In your light lyrics

up in the morning and I can't keep it in I'm ... falling all over myself and I could ... jump out of my skin Wanna break the door down ... greet the day There is nothing that's more certain To keep

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