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Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Can't we just sit down (and talk it over) lyrics

and lonely night, you don't have to leave at all A car ... rolls up outside on time, a moment from your call And handshake seems more fitting than a kiss Such a shame that you and I should have to end like

Gordon Lightfoot - Sit down young stranger lyrics

m standin' in the doorway My head bowed in my hands ... Not knowin' where to sit Not knowin' where to stand ... My father looms above me For him there is no rest My mother's arms enfold me And hold me to her breast They say you been out wandrin' They

Radiohead - Sit down, stand up lyrics

down, stand up Sit down, stand up Walk into the jaws of ... hell (sit down, stand up) Walk into the jaws of hell (sit down, stand up) Anytime (sit down

Flunk - Sit down lyrics

m still at the front But I don't, I ... don't fight I'm gonna sit down tonight I'm not buying in ... But I can't - pull out I'm just gonna ... sit down tonight Listen to the

James - Sit down lyrics

I'm relieved to hear That you've been to some far out ... places It's hard to carry on When you feel all alone The wisdom that I seek ... Has been found in the strangest spaces Feels a lot like

Carpenters - Little girl blue lyrics

there, and count your fingers What can ... do? Old girl you're through Sit there, and count your little ... fingers Unlucky little girl blue Sit there and

Sam Cooke - Little girl blue lyrics

use old girl You might as well surrender Your hope ... Why won't somebody send a tender blue boy to cheer up ... little girl blue sit there and count your fingers

Diana Krall - Little girl blue lyrics

there and count your fingers What can ... Old girl you're through Just sit there and count your little ... fingers Unlucky little girl blue. Just sit there and count the raindrops Falling

Elf - Sit down honey (everything will be alright) lyrics

home to you Tell you what I'm gonna do You gotta sit down honey Everything will be alright Eyes is like a ... shining pearl She was a high school girl Well, sit down honey Everything will be alright Whooooa-oh!

Skepta - Sit down (feat. lil b) lyrics

Intro: Lil B] Hey man, you already know who it is man It's ... your boy Lil B Skepta in the building, man Man I´m ... telling you man, we gettin´ so much money

Ella Fitzgerald - Little girl blue lyrics

i was very young The world was younger than i As merry as a carousel The circus tent was strung With every star in ... the sky Above the ring i loved so well

Radakka - Sit up and sweat lyrics

took you for granted Treated you with no respect I ... guess I never knew the face that smiled at me I fought so hard to believe in you So ... bitter pill I'm forced to swallow I'm sorry so sorry for

Kenny Loggins - Wait a little while lyrics

s a sweet September morning, ... there's the sense of Autumn on the rise He steps ... into the wind and sadly sighs "Why does it always seem to be, there's a

Buffalo Springfield - Sit down i think i love you lyrics

down I think I love you Anyway I'd like to try I can't ... you go I'll know I cry Can't you see that I'm a desperate man I can hide, just ... being around You want to know What they say about the bird in my hand And

The Academy Is... - Down and out lyrics

of the world she's grown so fearful of. So fearful of. I ... don't ever wanna see you again. I don't ever wanna see ... you again. I don't ever wanna see you again. I don't ever

Gun Barrel - Down and dirty lyrics

m on my way downtown to a place called "house of dreams" that's were we meet ... up every friday night at the 42nd street ya ... room with your rock bitch attitude I love the way you make all dicks around you so

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Down and out lyrics

How've you been? Check my bags, boy! Where's my room? I sit on the phone, that's my game, ... Keep up the pressure all the way! I don't want to ... beat about the bush but none of us are getting any younger. There

Anouk - Down and dirty lyrics

boy Every single word you say It’s the way your lips shake When you’re… Getting down and dirty baby Don’t you ask me how I know And why

The Moody Blues - And the tide rushes in lyrics

ve been searching for my dream A hunderd times today I ... build them up, you knock them down, Like they were made of clay ... Then the tide rushes in And washes my castles away. Then

Kid Cudi - Down and out lyrics

my song If you feel it, muthaf***a, you can't go wrong To ... the screw-face niggaz, whatchu on? Get off that, get a ... goal and focus dawg See, I'm what you need,

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Down and out lyrics

ll tell you a little story A man roaming the streets The ... one with raggedy clothes The one you ... to see I'll tell you a little story A man i used to know

Quiet Riot - Down and dirty lyrics

s a dancing girl who brings up the ... heat Hits on all the men She knows how to ... move and make you feel Like you want to ... get into sin A chocolate bar was going really far Really

John Cougar Mellencamp - Down and out in paradise lyrics

I live in the suburbs It's a long way from Washington , D ... C. Had me a job Workin' for wages Till ... the company moved out And they forgot about me Can't

Accept lyricsAccept - Down and out lyrics

here I am, I'm feelin' good Takin' a ... ride on hot summer night 'cause on a long, hot, hot summer ... Just don't know why I know what I am So let 'em keep on

Adept - Down and out lyrics

words can't hurt me now. I ... reminisce all the nights growing up that ... I spent all alone except the presence of a ... stomach ache. Feeling sick to the bone

Bonfire - Down and out lyrics

come home and I find you gone Walk up the ... stairs and you're lying in another man's arms, oh yeah ... woke me up in the middle of a dream I always thought that

Cutty Sark - Down and out lyrics

I met you in 'the darkest night I fell in love at ... once You looked at me & I wanted you so I really ... got the chance Then I really got to realize that your

Georgia Satellites - Down and down lyrics

started talking crazy Crazy like from a dream I'm ... pointing a finger right at you And I said baby &quot ... what in the hell is that supposed to mean" I said honey do not come any

Parish - Down and dirty lyrics

wise, silent cries in the heart of the city Gangs riot all ... the night, don't expect any pity Gun shots in the dead ... if the night - Alright! Angels ride and they're ready

Sixpence None The Richer - Down and out of time lyrics

dreamt of something last night in my sleep; I saw ... you sitting in a room without me; You were ... smiling and you had a tattoo; Of me, in a room ... without you. I aim my cannon at you ready or not; You

George Strait - Down and out lyrics

I'm out on a tear 'cause she's tearing me apart ... you ought to see my heart. And this look in my eyes shows ... beyond a doubt, Since my woman left, I'm down and out.

Bachman-turner Overdrive - Down and out man lyrics

a widow down in Boston You know she really trusted me Then I ran away to Cleveland >From a brand new bride-to-be Held a ... preacher's plate in Memphis On a dark cold

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Down and dirty lyrics

wind was howling outside my door The ... rain was pouring, can't take no more Came out of ... out of the night So cold and nasty, it was so right It ... had to be so easy Been down that road before, yeah Down and dirty, baby, she's down and

Booze & Glory - Down and out lyrics

comes easy, that's a lesson learnt Don't expect nothing and ... never get hurt But there's a price to pay for the best you ... made And take it on a chin or you'll never gonna

Bullet - Down and out lyrics

m on my way to a paradise hell I wanna go, cause I ... know I know the crooks and I know what they sell I want ... it all, I wanna crawl I wanna go where the moon shines all night Where the wolf's

Keyshia Cole - Down and dirty lyrics

Chorus] I want to get you, want to get Let's go and get down and dirty Baby play the game ... play my way But either way it's all the same baby I ... want to get you, want to get Let's go and get down and dirty Baby play the game

Discharge - Down and dirty lyrics

To My Eyes In Bad Shit Down With The Whores Junkies And ... Thieves Head Of Bad Dreams Getting Down And Dirty Down Down And Dirty If There's ... Hell Below Sure Gonna Go Flirting With The Darkside Soaking Up The Sin Basking In The Sleaze Dark Ride

Kina Grannis - Down and gone lyrics

like my hands Blue like my heart I drown inside So it came ... that i settled for This raft in mind Drift away, away, away down You never fell i ... picked you up I'm waking up early No one ever feels like

Griswolds - Down and out lyrics

hit the poison I'm not proud about Some of my choices now ... Eva, I could never wear your crown I feel that I ... would only let you down Please, I pray, you get better

The Guess Who - Down and out woman lyrics

say that misery loves company Maybe that's why I'm lovin ... you But I've sure been hangin' around you a lot Since ... your old man said you were through Down and

Kmfdm - Down and out lyrics

aboard the crazy trip Circle of fools say ... 'hi' Watch your step or you might ... trip We're glad you came on by The guys and I have prepared a brew You really

Picture - Down and out lyrics

someone tell me what, I'm heading to Got no place to go, ... nothing happens new Nothing new, no ... something's coming my way Level is descending, live ... from day to day Because I really don't know, no no

Sahara Hotnights - Down and out lyrics

at a corner You only make it worse 'cos you never try ... nothing done Hey, I wanna see some action Or is it me ... you're waiting for When you're down

Anybody Killa (abk) - While you were sleeping lyrics

I lay me down to sleep I pray my dreams don't slowly creep ... Caught up in a web with no escape ... Something the mind can't break unless you wide awake Have

Bare Bobby - Giving tree lyrics

there was a giving tree who loved a little boy And every day the boy ... would come to play Swinging from her branches ... sleeping in her shade Laughing all the summer hours away And so they'd love and oh

Baltimora - Global love (feat. linda wesley) lyrics

disappear, the need for you is here. ... Don’t run away to where you’ve never been. ... Sit down and rest, I know you’ve tried your ... best. Why don’t you take my offer as a friend? Oh

Van Morrison - And the healing has begun lyrics

we'll walk down the avenue again And we'll sing all the ... songs from way back when And we'll walk down the avenue again and the healing has begun ... And we'll walk down the avenue in style And we'll walk

Gaelic Storm - Beggarman lyrics

I'm a little beggarman, I am a beggarman, I'm a little beggar-beggarman, I am a beggar man ... Well I'm a little beggarman and begging I have been for

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Little 15 lyrics

world outside You're not part of it yet And if you could ... drive You could drive her away To a happier place To a happier day That exists in your ... mind And in your smile She could escape there Just for a while Little 15 Little 15 Why take the

Eternal Deformity - Little 15 lyrics

Depeche Mode cover] Little fifteen You help her forget ... world outside You're not part of it yet And if you could ... drive You could drive her away To a happier place To a happier day That exists in your

Sinead O'connor - The emperor's new clothes lyrics

seems like years since you held the baby While I wrecked the bedroom You said it was dangerous after Sunday And I knew you loved me He ... thinks I just became famous And that's what messed me up But

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Little boy blue lyrics

blow your horn the dish ran away with the spoon home again Saturday morn he never ... she used to render you legal and tender when you used to send ... her your promises boy a diller a dollar unbutton

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - The emperor's new clothes lyrics

seems like years since you held the baby While I wrecked the bedroom You said it was dangerous after Sunday And I knew you loved me He ... thinks I just became famous And that's what messed me up But

Imogen Heap - Little bird lyrics

bird, little bird, little bird What do you hear? The ... clink of morning cheers Orange juice concentrate ... Crossword puzzles start to grade One across Four letter

George Gershwin - Oh, i can't sit down lyrics

can't sit down Oh I can't sit down I gotta keep a goin' ... like the flowin' of a song Oh I can't sit down I ... guess I'll take my honey an' her sunny smile along

David Coverdale - Coverdale page take me for a little while lyrics

my days are growing cold, All the memories unfold ... to count the cost, Now my days are growing cold I can hardly wait any longer, Now the ... Thinking 'bout the times we had, Good times always turn

Dave Edmunds - Take me for a little while lyrics

ve been trying To make you love me, But ... everything I try Just takes you further from me. ... You don't love me, And so you treat me cruel. But ... no matter you hurt me, I'll always be a fool. If you don

Robert Francis - Little girl lyrics

said you want to be outside and you want to feel alive I said I didn't want to move I ... just wanted to survive So I sit here waiting for the sun to ... come And I watched it rise like we'd never

Orthodox Celts - The beggarman lyrics

am a little beggarman, a begging I have been. For ... fifty years or more in this little isle of green, Up to the ... Liffey and down to Tessague, And I'm known by the name of old

U2 lyricsU2 - In a little while lyrics

a little while Surely you'll be mine In a little while... I'll be there In a little while This hurt will hurt no ... home, love When the night takes a deep breath And the daylight has no air If I crawl,

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