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Sipho Over And Over Like The Mighty Sea Comes The Love Of Jesus lyrics

Browse for Sipho Over And Over Like The Mighty Sea Comes The Love Of Jesus song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Sipho Over And Over Like The Mighty Sea Comes The Love Of Jesus lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Sipho Over And Over Like The Mighty Sea Comes The Love Of Jesus.

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Elevation Worship - The love of jesus lyrics

His wounds we are healed By His stripes we're made whole Body broken for us For our sin to atone Holy is the Lord Almighty Perfect Lamb that was slain Once for all to redeem Perfect love took our place Now forever we'll sing Holy is the Lord A

Wilson Phillips - Over and over lyrics

one, lonely one, lonely one, lonely one...oh baby. Hey, we're falling like the rain From the sky (Don't know why) I thought that things would change. But, in the real world, you make it so hard I've lost my faith in the stars And my heart keeps on breaking Over, an

Cryonic Temple - Over and over lyrics

more I look to the hourglass Realizing there is an ocean between u s An ocean filled with promises Of subtle words with no substance Well sometimes promises are hard to keep It's easier to die than to live full filled My final mission has finally ended Enoug

Morcheeba - Over and over lyrics

to these sounds again I wonder how I´ll sleep Passing out is taking off Into the stubborn deep I´d like to meet a human Who makes it all seem clear To work out all these cycles And why I´m standing here I´m falling Over and over and over and ov

Asia - Over and over lyrics

our only chance was in today Let it lift us up above someway As the evening shadows fall I’ll confide in you once more Over, over and over again We will resolve our true destiny Only through love our passage guaranteed Let it lift me up above We are on a journey

Chicago - Over and over lyrics

Fireflys, On the roof watching summer night skies. All the boys, All the girls, All the time making love with our eyes. Life just went on for us Day after day We could fly!- oh! Cocky, so confident There was no way we could die. Chorus: Over, over and over again. Life is

Goo Goo Dolls - Over and over lyrics

up the pieces out they left you in again Love is all you want but you’re never gonna feel the same It’s hard to be yourself when everyone around is changing Open up your eyes and you’ll never lose yourself again And we go over and over and over again Are ya lost in the past th

Angel (us) - Over and over lyrics

it's plain, to see, what you're doing to me. You can have, anything, if you think that that's the way it should be. When you move up close to me, and call out my name, I get a feeling deep inside, that's driving me insane. When you're near, or far, I see you deep in need

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - The world we knew (over and over) lyrics

and over I keep going over the world we knew Once when you walked beside me That inconceivable, that unbelievable world we knew When we two were in love And every bright neon sign turned into stars And the sun and the moon seemed to be ours Each road that w

Deepside Deejays - Over and over again ( & dj project) lyrics

I see the morning sun I feel life is all around So I open up the door And I see my one way road ... A moment of love You come and You give You’ve always all you want But You came back to me I take you back over and over again And over again A moment of lov

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - Over and over lyrics

know something I don't It's not like you to be cold Every night replayed over and over You say things that I don't You make me feel alone Every night replayed over and over You say it's no concern And everything's alright Sometimes we all get bur

Midnight Sun - Over and over lyrics

is only broken pieces on the ground Don't want it to be like this Can't we turn back time You're sailing on the river I'm lying on the ocean shore Were we just young fools Breaking all the rules Over and over shattered dreams Over and over I'm lost and alone Hold on

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Over and over again (lost and found) lyrics

heard it from a friend The Revolution never happened Sigh A little die No more a child Goodbye Now where's the woolen sweater You mentioned in the letter? Imply The other guy And scandalize the lion A clean shave in the morning And a full beard with no warning Time

Jamie Lynn Noon - (over and over) and over again lyrics

of you ingrained in my mind Distance has grown faster than I Intoxicated, laced with love I couldn’t help coming undone So you do what you do And you run If nothing works out in the end I will still be here Over and over and over again And if you are

Tim Mcgraw - Over and over feat nelly lyrics

it's all in my head I think about it Over and over again And I can't keep Picturing you with him And it hurts so bad Yeah, cause it's all in my head I think about it Over and over again I replay it Over and over again And I can't take it I can't shake

Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - Over and over again ft. nathan sykes lyrics

Nathan Sykes:] From the way you smile To the way you look You capture me Unlike no other From the first hello Yeah, that’s all it took And certainly We had each other And I won’t leave you Always be true One plus one, two for life Over a

Joe Walsh - Over and over lyrics

and over just as plain as can be Taken for granted, out in the open, easy to see Taking my chances, I'm counting my shoes I'm playing a game, making it easy, counting in two's By the time you get started, you're already through Just a matter of time till it shows

Mario - Over and over lyrics

and over i see your face Over and over along for your embrace can't stop thinkin' about you thinkin' about you over and over lookin' at you,lookin' at me the way i feel set's me free don't let this feeling pass you by loving intestacation makes me high it'll nev

Mindy Mccready - Over and over lyrics

is a shadow Life is a dream The only thing that seems real baby Is you and me I'd think someday I'd feel this way Now it's hard to believe You touch my soul and I lost control What's happened to me I'm falling over and over and over and over and over again Just kiss

Nathan Sykes - Over and over again lyrics

the way you smile To the way you look You capture me Unlike no other From the first hello Yeah, that's all it took And suddenly We had each other And I won't leave you Always be true One plus one, two for life Over and over again So don't ever think I need more

Nathan Sykes - Over and over again (feat. ariana grande) lyrics

the way you smile To the way you look You capture me Unlike no other From the first hello Yeah, that's all it took And suddenly We had each other And I won't leave you Always be true One plus one, two for life Over and over again So don't ever think I need more I'v

Nelly lyricsNelly - Over and over lyrics

its all in my head I think about it over and over again And I can´t keep picturing you with him And it hurts so bad, yeah Cause it?s on in my head I think about it over and over again I replay it over and over again And I can´t take it yeah I can´t shake i

Miike Snow - Over and over lyrics

are the days when the hills have eyes And the parking meter can tell you something deep In your sleep They said that it’s all coming and everything will get cleaner and brighter And take my breath away But that won't make me change the way i see the wo

Hot Chip - Over and over lyrics

back Laid back Laid back, we'll give you laid back Laid back Laid back Laid back, I'll give you laid back Over and over and over and over and over Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal The joy of repetition really is in you Under and under and under and

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Over and over lyrics

up I just can't wait I gotta do it now I can't be late I know I'm not afraid I gotta get out the door If I don't do it now I won't get anymore You try to criticize my drive If I lose I don't feel paralyzed It's not the game, it's how you play And if I fall I get up again now

Moloko - Over and over lyrics

I won’t interfere I’m the only sound you’ll ever need to hear Listen to my breath so near Allow me to be every noise in your ear Since that day I wake up early Every morning which is good But my stomach’s churning, call me, It would be nice if you could

Oar - Over and over lyrics

here waiting on a new situation On my way back to an old destination I tried all night but I couldn’t find the answers, no I gotta make it work cause I’m running out of chances Yeah, I must be out of my mind And all the melodies coming back to me

Georgia Satellites - Over and over lyrics

what is the pain when the pain don't show Poor Richard shoutin' out go man go Hi ho silver-o take me away On the arms of a dream I'll never find my way Well over and over the tear that never mends Over and over, over and over again Well hell yes baby, hell no

Rage - Over and over lyrics

our eyes stare hollow in to nothing our fingers clutching helpless in the void Then our skulls won't tell about our past lifes rich or poor, we're gonna be destroyed Nothing gonna save us from death, leave it all behind and our gathering, it was all invain Over and over aga

Morgana Lefay - Over and over again lyrics

waking up again Holding onto dreams that fade away Painted windows hide the light I can't tell if it's day or night Tired body - restless head Getting up or stay in bed - I guess that time will tell I think there is no show today Oh, this timeless time

Neck Deep - Over and over lyrics

you noticed me lately? I know I’ve been vaguely twisting my words, To protect myself from failure, It’s just part of my nature to hide in my shell. I’m so sick of rain in July, And the fact that I’ll never get there on time. If I could show you a sig

Runrig - The mighty atlantic / mara lyrics

roll of the wind as we sail across the water the roll of the sea as we're taken through the night the dimming lamp of day leaves the crimson foam and spray across the face of the mighty Atlantic in this cradle we found love in our lifetimes we were broken by the spirit we wer

Jim Reeves - The mighty everglades lyrics

South from Okeechobee and reachin' to the keys) (Lays the mighty wonder nature made) (A hundred miles of jade) (The mighty everglades.) It's beautiful at sunset but oh, There's something else that makes bravest heart afraid A word of things a-crawling and a-thumping And

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - The mighty fall (feat. big sean) lyrics

god! Sean Don Fall Out... Boy Did you trip down 12 steps into Malibu (Malibu) So why the hell is there a light that’s keeping us forever Bel Air baby did you get dressed up? Pretty pout pout (While you bottomed out out) I can’t stop it when there’s chemicals keeping

The Dubliners - The three sea captains lyrics

:::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Over nad over lyrics

gonna do with your life Now that I'm leaving Are you believing You'll make it on your own Didn't you believe what I said Or was it just madness Living in sadness You'll be all alone I said it over and over At least a hundred times I have what you been missing

She And Him - Over it over again lyrics

do I always want to sock it to you hard? Let you know what love is like when I'm keeping all my cards up on the shelf Where you can't see them Why do I always want to keep it to myself? Taking advantage only works when you're leaving someone else out in the dark I d

Jarrod Alonge - The swimmer by amidst the grave’s demons lyrics

the surface I have found true despair As my lungs fill with water and I gasp out for air The life in my eyes begins to fade While my inner transgressions remain unpaid I can’t feel my own skin Drowning in the undertow I’ll never make it out alive I need you to revive me I can’t

Fiha - Over 'n' over lyrics

mind stop And stared on his face Your heart speeding up – it’s race Though he has a girl You want him bad Just turn around I will be there It’s chance that you get Him in a while It won’t take long you get Him with your smile But love like this can’t sta

A Lot Like Birds - Hand over mouth, over and over lyrics

wish I could, but I can't rest as easy as you. I never really could anyway. And thoughts of the future make me worry. Heart, settle down! This isn't your last day. You'll wake up tomorrow. This bedroom never gets to see the light of day. The shades are always drawn completel

Alkaline Trio - Over and out lyrics

quot;Over and out", she said From a hospital bed "For what it's worth It doesn't hurt don't cry" "Over and out", he said With a .45 to his head "The war has taken everything from me It's all I see"

Newton Faulkner - Over and out lyrics

have been friends for so long now It’s not that I’ve been lying Just time I told you the truth Strangers constantly between us Wish that they would leave us Only you and I Just you and I Come in can you hear me? Am I even talking? There is so much that I want

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Over and done lyrics

really didn't wanna break it You know I'm sorry it's over and done I really thought we would have made it But now it's gone Can you look into my eyes and tell me That there's nothing wrong I know you know it's not the same It's not the same old song It's over and ov

Erykah Badu - Love of my life lyrics

it over here and lets go back Way back Ooh... Way back, yeah I met him when I was a Little girl, he gave me He gave me poetry And he was my first But in my heart I knew I Wasnt the only one Cause when the tables turned He had to break up

Britny Fox - Over and out lyrics

an open road I've come to see you again Was time to leave it all behind us Travelin' across the sky Chasin' one more endless night To another place in time where we all meet Oh, it's time to say good-bye When I see your smile And your laughter fills my heart I know the mil

Diary Of Dreams - The return (dcii dark edit) lyrics

tried to forget you Is it wrong to feel regret? But how naive How immature I hold nothing against you You're free of any doubt My secret alibi You're free of any guilt Sometimes it feels like The air in this world Is not enough to keep me breathing And sometimes it feels

Haste The Day - The last goodbye lyrics

is the last of all the last times [x2] My dear, no more [x3] Where's the comfort?, where's the end? This is the last time This is the last goodbye You say that you're not sure But I think you feel the same Over and over we try to work this out All this

Bal-sagoth - The obsidian crown unbound lyrics

Episode IX: The Legions of the Imperium Storm the Cloud-Capped Palisades of Gul-Kothoth] [Chapter 11: The Siege Begins] And so the mighty and resplendent armies of the Imperium assembled before the towering cyclopean walls of ancient Gul-Kothoth. It was some ti

Jefferson Airplane - The son of jesus lyrics

had a son by Mary Magdalene and he rode the land like the man who Went before Young Jesus raised him loud, mother Mary raised him proud and he tracked The men who laid his father down One day the Pilate died with the fire in his side Herod did die too not the Way H

Insane Clown Posse - The mighty death pop lyrics

It's what you choose. Wild and wicked, you abuse Well f*** it No need to heed The hell with caution increase the speed Push it Impress the west Run up and tell you ain't bought the dress You crazy Don't care about nuttin We'll see when tha

Skiltron - The bonfire alliance lyrics

the dark corners of the night, by the shadows of the trees Where the fire comes alive fed by wood, straw and wind In the middle of the night, when the wolves are howling loud Follow us right to the gathering while making your torch shine Like hymn

Audrey Horne - The open sea lyrics

your head under water As you reach across the sky Tell your friends not to worry No one's gonna die But it's all I have to give Yeah, it's all Down below underneath us The endless and the cold Wrap your arms round your loved ones And pray that morning come

Damh The Bard - The two magicians lyrics

lady sits at her own front door As straight as a willow wand And by there come a lusty smith With his hammer in his hand Crying bide lady bide For there's a nowhere you can hide For the lusty smith will be your love And he will lay your pride. Why do you s

No Connection - The last revolution lyrics

Got my blues Got my army shoes No way I can lose Like it’s always been Got my chains Got my bloody stains Got my ticket to fame Like it’s always been Got my schools Got my holy rules Got my sucker fools Like it’s always been Got my dreams Got my prima

Prince - The holy river lyrics

s go down 2 the holy river If we drown then we'll be delivered U can still see the picture upon the wall One eye staring at nothing at all The other one trying 2 focus through all your tears U can try and try but there's nothin' 2 hide U can't run from yourself and what's insi

Rhapsody Of Fire - The wizard's last rhymes lyrics

aim of the serpent, the serpent's creation reveals itself now trough crystal spheres He's riding the waves as a real conqueror colliding with ships, the ships of the kings He owns... your sword! The emerald weapon, the steel of the heroes Flow the black

Audiotopsy - The calling lyrics

is the calling, up from the cracks, we leave Growing teeth you'll see No one, nothing, go on We want hands up out front Lesser than what feels free Handshake this destiny Driving nails you'll see Pull you in faithfully Slow burning flame It's mesmerizing Ooooooh Love

Disciple - The name lyrics

Jesus how I trust Him (Psalm 9:10) How I have proven Him over and over (Psalm 18:30) I will not bow my knee to any other God but You (Exodus 20:3 & 23:24; Daniel 3:17-18) The One I live and I die for (Romans 14:8) Immanuel, God with us (Matthew 1:23; Isaiah 7:14) Prince

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