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Simin Tander Silent Storm lyrics

Browse for Simin Tander Silent Storm song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Simin Tander Silent Storm lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Simin Tander Silent Storm.

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Eurovision Song Contest - Carl espen - silent storm (norway) lyrics

to toes Flesh and bones​ Should feel whole But the void A silent storm​ I’m here to use my heart and my hands Somehow the bruises changed my plans​ And there’s a silent storm inside me Looking for a home I hope that someone’s gonna find me And say that I belong

Eurovision - Carl espen - silent storm (norway) lyrics

to toes Flesh and bones​ Should feel whole But the void A silent storm​ I’m here to use my heart and my hands Somehow the bruises changed my plans​ And there’s a silent storm inside me Looking for a home I hope that someone’s gonna find

Fogalord - At the gates of the silent storm lyrics

"...a child... a blood-red night that turned his magic world into pieces... he'd lost everything but the hope in an ancient prophecy that his grandfather once told him. He spent his life searching for the only war-god who can end this hell on ear

Rhapsody Of Fire - Silent dream lyrics

silent storm in my heartbeat is raging at the questions of soul no way back, rising darkness blind angel in a night without stars Lost in the silent dream of a lonely broken love The fall of hope, of illusion is hidden there behind the wild rocks to reach the sun, w

Anna Blue - Silent scream lyrics

m caught up in your expectations. You try to make me live your dream. But I'm causing you so much frustration. And you only want the best for me. You wanted me to show more interest. To always keep a big bright smile. Be that pinky little perfect princes

Damien Dawn - Silent scream lyrics

m caught up in your expectations. You're trying to make me live your dream. But I'm causing you so much frustration. And you only want the best for me. You wanted me to show more interests. To always keep a big bright smile. But every day I fail to

Destinity - Silent warfare lyrics

have a vision brighter than a thousand suns Preparing the final assault, your final assault You have to live beneath... The final hours are coming beneath a silent warfare! You have a vision brighter than a thousand suns Preparing the final as

Royal Hunt - Silent scream lyrics

dress, torture in disguise, pointin' flashlight right into my eyes. Sharp pain every single night - every day I fight a hopeless fight... Look, over thirty years I've wished that I was dead, Somebody, help me out, 'cos I'm tied down to my bed...

Nightmare (fra) - Silent room lyrics

seal the night I enter in the twilight zone a scene of a crime mother tell me what's going on! is your life gone? keep on searching for the truth I feel a storm in my head blowing my will I'm lost I'll leave my spirit soon I face a power i

Ride The Sky - Silent war lyrics

1: I'm crawling out, out from my shell, into this lonely house, how can I go on? To watch this charade in front of my eyes I can taste the smell of fear, hope isn't in the air I want to know and learn how to cope Emotions are trapped inside Pre-Chorus 1: Wha

Christ Agony - Silent gods of darkness lyrics

the name of the king, the shadow I invoke In the name of the king, I call for the wind In the name of the king, I summon the fog Come to us, the Priest of Now Silent Gods The Priest of Forgotten Rituals Let your fire light up the darkness Helping us to uncover

Rob Halford - Silent screams lyrics

at me I'm chasing After dreams left in the storm What I am is all That really matters now The lies are gone - the lies are gone All the lies are gone - the lies are gone Tempting fate and losing Friends along the way I've lost No regrets I'm standing

Shaman's Harvest - Silent voice lyrics

you know you better run, to the hills and the convents. With a hairraisin goosebumps you can feel the man comin. Oh with the watchers and the scapegoats, you were hidin' in the rain. With your back curled in the music, you were bleedin' out your pain. Oh where you

Silent Season - Silent season - chance lyrics

can feel the storm Awaiting at my door It's time to let go or give in Cause every choice I made Is the same mistake I know (I know) It's all (It's all) For something Every chance I get Fades away I'll keep moving on Tomorrows a new da

Foghat - Silent treatment lyrics

woke up last night about half past four, two police cars at my door. Said you'd been drunk and out of control, you ran my car into a telephone pole, Tell me baby, is it true what I heard? You never said a word. Don't give me that silent treatment, don't give me that silent trea

Allen-lande - Silent rage lyrics

to see the misery Don't you hear the crying souls Refused to give a helping hand You give me no choice But to show you the world around you Show you a life in pain There is a war going on here Right before your eyes I wonder why You can't deny

The Blackout - Silent (when we speak) lyrics

don't say, it's over today I never wanted to walk away I never asked to anyway Please don't make, don't make this mistake I'm too afraid to walk away Do I have what it takes to stay? We're silent (we're silent) We're silent when we speak. We're silent (we're silent) We're sile

Jazmine Sullivan - Silent tears lyrics

t know If you feel the same So I keep My thoughts hidden We both agreed To be friends But emotions have risen Wish you Would give a sign That you know How I'm feeling But until then I'll cry silent tears (I'll cry silent tears) Oh, but until Then I'

Everly Brothers - Silent treatment lyrics

I called you once I must have called you a thousand times You're never home, never, never, never home Every time I call your mother gives me the same old line It's plain to see, You're ducking me Am I getting' the Silent treatment Silent treatment Silent treatment From

Ian Hunter - Silent movie lyrics

the school bell rings I carried your things Getting on the yellow bus With the whole world watching us And our love was like a silent movie Ain't got nothing to say Our love was like a silent movie I wish we could have kept it that way Now the door bell rings I'm gonna get my

Grave Digger - Silent revolution lyrics

t kneel in the sand, defend your land The kiss of racism is touching your head I'm not god, I'm a political man A leader, a lawyer against tyranny We're raising our hands against execution We're heading out for silent revolution We're trying to resist bloo

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Silent killer lyrics

walked in the room I saw visions unfold What your future holds Is yet untold He takes all the best of me Only the best Just to turn around and Choose a nest So right now in among my mind It will only be a matter of time You better keep him in check Cause he's a sile

Corey Hart - Silent talking lyrics

re lookin' away Lookin' away I don't understand What you're after You keep me at bay Your subtle delay Now I'm losin' ground 'Cos I'm victim to your Silent talkin' oh no I can't stand it no more [I tell you] silent silent silent silent talking Don't run me dow

George Jones - Silent partners lyrics

stands in the doorway, his hands upon his hips She stands by the punch bowl, a sweet smile on her lips He slowly walks up to her, she reaches out for him It's almost like some magnet is pulling both of them And he says... and she says... Silen

Orchid - Silent one lyrics

in darkness through the circles of time Folding dimensions part his way Lurking in shadows as he silently waits Searching in darkness through the circles of time Folding dimensions part his way Lurking in shadows as he silently waits To open the door

Shanice - Silent prayer lyrics

send to you, my silent prayer before I sleep at night I send to you, my silent prayer baby, so you'll be all right Every moment a think of you I just can shake up my dreams I read the paper and watch the news I don't know what it means Wh

Silent Scream ( Ger ) - Silent scream lyrics

does it take to bear the tears in your eyes Is it the sorrow for a new born child Tell me how they calmed the voice in your scream How many times have you died in your dreams Can you solve the riddles of traditions Did they curse you to follow a

Blackfoot - Silent type lyrics

impression shy so insecure, wonder what's on her mind, Second glance my way, I'm not sure is she flashing me that, Come on sign, The silent type will steal your soul, Love you hot, leave you cold, take a young man and, make him old, but I love the silent t

Krayzie Bone - Silent warrior lyrics

Intro x2] Pump your fist if you're with me Pump your fist up if you're with me Artillery , yeah Pump your fist up if you're with me Let us be victorious , be victorious [Skit x2] Hut 1 , Hut 2 , Hut 3 , Hut,Hut,Hut,Hut [Chorus] Silent warrior here

Laura Branigan - Silent partners lyrics

have to take our chances, we have to keep it down We have to steal our kisses when nobody's around We have to hide the tenderness inside To make love on the sly, you say it's for the better We have to speak in riddles to cloak the things we say We have to watch our w

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Silent rain lyrics

Gerstner/Deris) He is God and he is light He means everything in life To her awaking mind He's the one of two she loves He's the one of two she snogs and hugs In blind faith But in the recent dead of nights There was wonder, there was fright Daddy's comi

Silent Hill (hra) - Silent hill song lyrics

Silent Hill no uta minna de utaou Minna de minna de utaimasyou Claudia, Claudia, Honto ha yashashii i obasan da Okashi toka kattekurereshi otoshidama kurerushi Dak...

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Silent angel lyrics

days, cold nights to remember Who will I find to stay forever A life without you,no dreams will come true Won't be fooled just like a pretender A whisper in the garden of eden Like a sound of love an peace on Earth. SILENT ANGEL I wanna hold you SILENT ANGEL In my f

Pat Benatar - Silent partner lyrics

voices calling from a distance See no evil, hear no evil Static on the line of least resistance Don't say nothing at all Don't say nothing at all Don't say nothing at all I'm hanging on a wire, waitin' on the word I'm never seen, you're never heard The object of desire is seldom

Eldritch - Silent flame lyrics

up my mind I still haven’t found a way to crawl away from Hell There’s no one that smiles in this house of pain, better to move somewhere else There’s no one that tames all these burning flames, I’d really like to disappear… OH THE SILENT PAIN AND SILENT FLAME THAT B

Galneryus - Silent revelation lyrics

There's something dangerous in the night You'll beware Follow the sign that comes in deep from your heart Now I just feel the fire of steel My soul is...

Gwar - Storm is coming lyrics

storm is coming Storm-storm is coming The death camps are growing like mushrooms through dew But this time the murdered are not only Jews We kill every species, not just one or two You'll go in the pit and then you'll be reborn You won't feel

Nina Hagen - Silent love lyrics

you for your love, Silent Love (2x) There is no greater love, Silent Love Thank you for your silent loving(?), baby, really Oh, I'm so happy here Tomorrow we will be free when we love our enemy And pray for those who persecute us And then love comes never to an end (

Serebro - Storm lyrics

Bring back the storm While I perform - love me better I wanna get in the swarm Bring back the storm My blood's so warm - for the better I wanna get in the storm Oh All along The way back home Here my song And keep me on Oh We both know

Asia - Silent nation lyrics

the hand of time With the builders of stone Are you recognized? You're not going home Have to find a hideaway So turn up the neighbors The eagle is listening today It's not up to me To change what has been done It's not up to me A speec

Boney M - Silent lover lyrics

lover, secret lover, run for cover When my man's in town You never been a shy one You really are a sly one yes sire, yes sire, oh Coming right out of hiding Slipping right in and sliding, down to me, oh baby oh And when it's time for worryin' You're

Chinchilla - Silent moments lyrics

for an eye, that's the way my dad told me To fight, to live, or to die After many wars, our hatred Our suffering and our pain remain with us forever Now is the time for me to accept That my rules are no longer correct anymore Death has no face, has no name and n

Milk Inc. - Storm lyrics

was struck by your lightning It happened so fast like a flash so exciting But the moment passed It didn't last, oh no Am I the only one who feels the rain falling down on me ? Please don't tell me this is real Now my heart is torn I'm lost in the storm Fire in

Decadence - Silent weapon (for a quiet war) lyrics

through one too many battles And now it looks like nobody cares Everything is covered by broken walls A piece of myself smothered in despair The sight of it pushes me to the point To stretch the limits with blinds on As a horse pulling the chariot Galloping into war

Dragonheart - Silent sentinel lyrics

this mission With the valour of your soul Save yourself There's no way out Silent Sentinel The strike of iron Won't be heard down the earth Nothing here its look like Kordhen wait for the sacred Knight Silent Sentinel Follow the light Follow the bright

Fates Warning - Silent cries lyrics

to an air of apathy Indifference shapes a fragile mind. Questions formed at an early age beg answers unasked Silent cries Behind curious eyes resides a child who cannot speak. Silent cries Years find a mind alone whose questions flow too deep for

Intemperia - Silent lyrics

I can only see what You’re showing of yourself In my eyes you’re reflecting your shapes, All your dreams and shades Hear this and I’ll begin to breathe again Come back to me So I can hear you, feel you I can reach for you With nothing left t

Ali Lohan - Silent night lyrics

night holy night all is calm all is bright Round yon virgin mother and child holy infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace (sleep in heavenly peace) Silent night holy night shepherds quake at the sight Glories stream from heaven afar Heavenly hosts sing a

Lykke Li - Silent my song lyrics

wide shut and I still feel the needle in my back Cutting through my veins and spirit making me relax I can't tell if i am living or just holding on 'Cause wicked games heeds wicked in us (?) Kick me 'til I drop (?) You silent my song No fist is needed when you call

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Silent night lyrics

night, holy night All is calm all is bright 'Round yon virgin Mother and Child Holy infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace Silent night, holy night Shepherds quake at the sight Glories stream from heaven afar Heav'nly hosts sing Allelu

Silent Hill (hra) - Silent scream lyrics

me all the things you see Lately, I have come to dream Of birdless skies, their silent cries In this empty box, my heart is lost Once blind by the fears we hide Fragile like a wounded child The maze of life, we fall behind In this empty box, where your heart i

Blackmore's Night - Storm lyrics

timeless and forgotten place, The moon and sun in endless chase Each in quiet surrender as the other reigns the sky... The midnight hour begins to laugh A summer evening's epitaph The winds are getting crazy As the storm begins to rise...

Derdian - Silent hope lyrics

a look at the fulcrum of this crisis Billions of lives sold at the lowest prices We're facing times without a soul Morality and law How can our life relies on the brokers' greedy claws? Look at the fake wealth made by Wall Street We're hanging on at the noose of

G-dragon - Storm (perry ft. g-dragon, sean and masta wu).. lyrics

in the storm Here I come, here I come, here I come baby Iriwa uriwa eodi hanbeon norabolkka Here I come with the storm number 1 baby Eochapi da hanbeon salji Sikkeulsikkeul bokjaphan geudae sarmi Misikgeoril subakke Jigeutjigeut hangye Jigeum dallyeobollae Ja ijebute

Grant Nicholas - Silent in space lyrics

instability A new universe may come Will all this be forgotten? Balance and new symmetry Generating life for everyone They're selling tickets to see the moon Now aeroplanes fly higher Spirits free and lifted There's something in the atmosphere We w

Kamelot (usa) - Silent goddess lyrics

rest my eyes on the open field a silver line to heavens gate my mind is blank it's a state I know a sacred place where all I see is hate I raise my head to retain my wrath the savage force that lives inside of me foe to foe one will die and one will be and I pra

Kt Tunstall - Silent sea lyrics

was happy in the harbour when you cut me loose, Floating on an ocean and confused, Winds are whipping waves up like skyscapers, And the harder they hit me, the less I seem to bruise. And then I, find the controls, I go where I like, I know where I want to be... But maybe f

Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - Silent night lyrics

night, Holy night All is calm, all is bright Round yon Virgin Mother and Child Holy Infant so tender and mild Sleep in Heavenly peace Sleep in Heavenly peace Silent night, Holy night All is calm, all is bright Round yon Virgin Mother and Child Holy

Rotersand - Storm lyrics

storm... (repeat) The storm... (repeat) The storm... (repeat) The storm... (repeat) The storm... (repeat) The storm... (repeat) The storm... (repeat) The storm... (repeat) The storm... (repeat) The storm... (

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Silent majority lyrics

could this affect my life? How could I affect the outcome? So why even try For what, for what, for what, for what? A cowards can save the day When the bravest of men just stand by So easy to say So what, so what, so what So what if we all

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