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10 Years - Silhouette of a life lyrics

myself to sleep last night Woke up to all white ... Saw all the tears and cries Screamed out with no ... reply Nirvana dreams were never right When ... to the other side It's too late to take this back This accidental exit Now what's

Delain - Silhouette of a dancer lyrics

skin still burns At all the places you've touched ... So aware You leave no place for hiding Not last night ... close my eyes, so the world can't see me And draw the silhouette of a dancer in my head I can

Echo & The Bunnymen - Of a life lyrics

this how the end begins? Infra-reds and ultra-violets No ... me I'm not seein' things Say it's love I've sighted I wanna song to learn and sing of ... ends No more Trevi fountains No more kneelin', no more

Delain - Amenity (silhouette of a dancer demo) lyrics

of Amenity? More like rules the ... world But tonight she may fall Demon of insanity Will ... her strength last until The end of days The ... end of days? I shed wine Staring

Athena - End of a life lyrics

of days, shadow of a shade I feel the rain falling ... down on my face. Tears that I've cried Now're lost in ... time... This is the end of my life denied. No more days to come My life has gone

Alas - Loss of a life lyrics

this pain ever subside, will this ... grief ever disappear Can I ever survive, with this ... loss of a soul Will this misery ever fade, can I obtain life without

Lene Marlin - Story of a life lyrics

who she comes home to if anyone I wonder if she's in ... someone By the look on her face I can't figure it out If ... there's people at all she cannot live without I wonder what's in their future If they

Avalanch - Echoes of a life lyrics

of a life Resounding from in his soul ... Sacrificed freedom cries Echoes ... from a light Reflections of his hard work He was ... building his own life For a soul meant to fly He

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Hell of a life lyrics

I just fell in love with a porn star turn the camera ... on, she a born star turn the corners in a ... foreign car call the coroners do the CPR ... she gave that old nigger an ulser bitter sweet taste

Protest The Hero - A life embossed lyrics

breed? No, a series of breeds. It’s not a single ... type or a single gloss, but they’re ... singled out at half the cost. Cast off and cast ... out and almost lost is the innocent cry

Aereogramme - A life worth living lyrics

sweet emptiness fill my cup Watch it overflow Let it flood ... my soul This silence that I know so well My only ... The loneliest isle But I came here so I could let you go

Crom - A life unbearable lyrics

ve never had to walk the path of life - alone But I must learn now since you're far away ... I never had to feel what life really is But I have to feel

Simple Minds - A life shot in black and white lyrics

life shot in black and white lays me down, takes ... me there where words still fail me, yeah. A life shot in ... black and white shames me now since it takes us

Dewey Cox - A life without you (is no life at all) lyrics

my darlin' Oh, my darlin' Yeah, yeah, yeah I have a perfect life You are the ... wife I don't know why I sit and cry And now I miss you ... so Please don't let me go I'll make

Dark Moor - A life for revenge lyrics

for revenge! I have survived for my iron will ... And for a reason I just can see Although I feel myself ... sad and ill Dark thoughts encourage me to

Eikostate - A life less painful lyrics

was drownin´ so deep but now i ... feel alive again You broke my angel wings ... now i´ve found i can fly again I used to be a clear ... minded man till life took away the only things that mattered Then i became someone

Kublai Khan - Life for a life lyrics

told this home that hosts a ghost Coast to coast the balance broke while My life slips ... just to keep this Sound alive, alive for now Forfeit ... my name Given a second chance I’d stay away This road

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - A sheltered life lyrics

been to England, never been to France ... never really learned how to dance I've never taken dope and ... I've never taken drugs ah, I've never danced on a bear

F.o.b. - Of a martyr lyrics


Nocturnal Depression - A life to suffer lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Axxis - A life for a life lyrics

your eyes In the news Saw your tired face All your fear Blood and tears Couldn't ... buy your grace What I feel down deep inside is ... just my darker side of life You can hide from yourself

Beneath Dead Waves - A life worth taking lyrics

face to face with my worst regret, ... Stuck in endless thoughts that I can’t forget, The rules ... have been stated, stage has been set, There ain't no way you're getting out of this

Brainstorm - A life on hold lyrics

me As I become a living dream Don't fade on me Don't let ... down These memories still haunting me But there's nowhere ... to run A tragedy my head spins around All I try to

Dream Theater - A life left behind lyrics

never knew someone was out there A long way from ... Who could open my eyes All this time while I'm ... sleeping The world changed around me Now I've never felt

Nadia - Life of a stranger lyrics

saved my heart you dont even know me you ... saved my dream you heard me scream (woah) my ... lost soul was saved by a stranger who saved my life you saved my life why did you do it

Daylight Dies - A life less lived lyrics

stained red Of vacant eyes The hallow dreams Of ... a barren life Saline solutions Yield no ... resolutions Sleepwalk through This pain induced ... Coma of wakefulness My lungs draw air

The Gathering - A life all mine lyrics

sharp I cut The bull from my life Too blunt your knife To slay this dreamer We might be ... dogs astray No running line will hold ... us So rather kick and kill me I'll be butchered all the same No words are

While She Sleeps - Life in tension lyrics

me in the eyes, I am no one's fool Victim of ... one, cut the noose There's an escape route but I'm not ... gonna take it I won't let it win Our ... saviours in our heads It's in our hands but we

Cynic - A life astray lyrics

cult or crew that know not of what to do Indecisive life, ... but who's to say? A life that's left them nowhere but to ... decay In a never ending search for affairs to waste a day

Departures - A life in pieces lyrics

short of everything you ever thought ... Losing hope, losing hope in happy memories [x2] Trapped ... in a life You never thought could be ... yours Left to exist in denial Weeks come and go Wishing

Fight Or Flight - A void lyrics

life by design? Avoiding what's certain Has made me ... forget myself Life isn't working And piece by ... burning Fire in my chest As well as closing the curtain

Daniel Lindström - A life without you lyrics

make adjustments, I do what I'll have to do. There's no ... formula, no perfect way of getting over you. One day at ... a time is what people say, but who are they, To know

Lo-pro - A life that's just begun lyrics

re a shadow of what you used to be, and I don't ... know who's staring back at me. But it's too late for ... There's nothing else left that I can say to you. It's

Nashville Cast - A life that's good ft. lennon stella and mais.. lyrics

fire light. It reminds me, I already have more than I should ... I don't need fame, no one to know my name. ... At the end of the day, Lord I pray, I have a life that's good. Two arms around me, heaven to ground me,

Ash - A life less ordinary lyrics

smoke myself into a haze in the afternoon Enveloped ... heart And the air is cool Put on your dress ... White Goddess And settle in as the weather folds In the

Echo & The Bunnymen - Life of a thousand crimes lyrics

I changed along the way Is there a price that I can ... pay? Just tell me all I have to say is save me Just ... tell me it'll be okay That tomorrow won't be like today

Idiot Pilot - A day in the life of a poolshark lyrics

could see past the skin They make you ... believe Beauty's from within Don't know ... why 'Cause it's just not true I ... could never be apart Of something I did not help to

Bootsy Collins - A life for da sweet ting lyrics

one go out to me posse inna Berlin City! Seeed, ya ! ... to help me to do this, so I a call Bootzilla! Oh yeah, ... Bootzilla here, along with Eased (ya mon!) Yo E? (Bootsy?)

Jen Foster - A day in the life of a rock star lyrics

said, "Run your fingers ... through your bed-head Naked on the stairs, well, could ... you grab a few beers All you wannna-bes in your Abercrombie T-s Hanging off

Joe Walsh - A life of illusion lyrics

I can't help the feeling that I'm Living a life of ... illusion And oh, why can't we let it be And see ... through the hole in this wall of confusion I just can't help

George Jones - A day in the life of a fool lyrics

to work with no kiss of goodbye Wear a smile on my face but I lied Cup of coffee at the corner cafe Catch the ... bus, read the news on my way Those emotions the whole

Motion City Soundtrack - A life less ordinary (need a little help) lyrics

didn't think I would make it, Thought everybody was ... against me All those conquered eyes and ... Christmases alone. I never gave an ... honest answer But I made a lot of angry organs. Are we

Elton John lyricsElton John - A step too far (with heather headley & sherie.. lyrics

s so strange he doesn't show me more affection than he needs Almost ... formal, too respectful, never takes ... romantic leads There are times when I imagine I'm

Issues - Life of a nine lyrics

broken, throat is swollen Street walking, ... loss of hope Fresh wounds, old scars ... you've chosen Thirsty for a taste of youth She's a ... motherf***in' five living the life of a nine And thinking that

Caliban - A piece of my life lyrics

feel breathe, live alone with my love, I gave it ... to you, I should have known, reality will never ... be a dream! in my dreams I walk around, in the darkness of

Hellyeah - Hell of a time lyrics

got the recipe For one hell of a life I got my girl got ... my family Got my booze and that’s all I need For a hell of a time Yeah, come monday ... morning My head is storming, gotta get it

Dead Infection - Life of a surgeon lyrics

graduated from a medical academy three months ago. He passed the exams perfectly. He ... s been working as a cardiosurgeon for a week now. ... He was to face his very first patient at a

Edguy - Life and times of a bonus track lyrics

artist went to label, truckloads of money in mind Rich artist left the buildings Cause all the labels had been standing in line And so they ... signed Artist wrote rock'n roll

Everclear - A shameless use of charm lyrics

was rolling in the rumor that he was the loser king for a ... day She was kinda cross-eyed She was damaged ... in a beautiful way He was addicted to her body When she

Genesis - A trick of the tail lyrics

of the life in the city of gold He'd left and let ... Gone were the towers he had known from a child Alone ... with the dream of a life He travelled the wide open

Nightrage - With a blade of a knife lyrics

tragedy wedged Into an innocent mind Trying to ... find the answer Why they all stood blind With surgical ... precision They abort all hope In lack of

Journey - Of a lifetime lyrics

is slowly lifting The sound of life misplaced your mind You ... thru out time I hope that you remember what you find ... Singin' more of a lifetime You put it down-all that I'm thinking But take a

Desultory - A closing eye lyrics

in frustration, inside soul torn apart ... Feel the loss of paradise, leave an empty heart Closing ... eyes will shut out, the warm light of a life Grip is fading slowly, for each day passing by The soul is bleeding

Angtoria - A child that walks in the path of a man lyrics

face that stuns me Sends my soul into ... shock A voice that numbs me Re-directs my ... I try to run before I could walk? Seems you place the blame ... my judgement? Your world of lies, I knew the truth! So

Adyta - Of a captive mind lyrics

from this hell Devouring whats left of me, why can't it leave me be We will never be ... free From unwritten rules of society Demanding laws ... us down Feelings we will have to drown Boundaries we cannot see Creates what you

Disma - Of a past forlorn lyrics

and Emanate In hideous transformation Into the embrace of the grave The dark suffering ... of obscurity Within obsidian caverns, ten million pits ... rotate in a maze Permeate and embolden the bestial

Seer's Tear - A chronicle of a destiny pt. i: past tense lyrics

hand with the womb Of my own mind A destiny I'll ... seek & find To hold the dream Against my skin Touch the calm ... & move on in Sleeping just

Seer's Tear - A chronicle of a destiny pt. ii: tense past lyrics

for signs, The schedules & the magpies bind, For ... signs sometimes the pleasure Upstaging is hide for a ... while. Abiding hope, the smiling worth

A Lot Like Birds - A satire of a satire of a satire is tiring lyrics

starting to think that maybe I’m wrong. It’s easy to ... forget what you’re fighting for and what ... matters more. But maybe I’m not. What if only time

Alghazanth - Of a stormgrey vision lyrics

Thy sword fall upon the necks of the feeble and the foolish Raise thy fist in glory, smash ... the crosses to thousand little pieces Give your ... commands unto the firestorms may

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