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Silent Weapons (the Architects Of Manipulation .. lyrics

Browse for Silent Weapons (the Architects Of Manipulation .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Silent Weapons (the Architects Of Manipulation .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Silent Weapons (the Architects Of Manipulation ...

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Red Shore, The - The architects of repulsion lyrics

he is free. This is the end of the world Their protectors ... Getting up from the lake of fire to bring oppression And ... Erase. This is the end of the world Soon they'll fall

It Dies Today - The architects lyrics

ones void of any signs of life Retribution of words to ... at our throats Now... Affording disregard of ... vigorous intent We are the architects of suffering Everything in a

Meredith - Architects of dreams lyrics

light that shines on my way..YEAH!!! We’re forced to ... tamed ignorance is our shame.. our shame!!! On and on we ... carry on) cause we are the architects of our dreams Just try to

Nevermore - The fault of the flesh lyrics

quot; To see the fault of unrequited love There is no ... the fault We are embodiment of all the world's wrongs No ... precious flaw We are the architects of fate We are impure for

Luna Obscura - The burden of solitude lyrics

lying on the ground Tears of the secrets are stained on ... we ever feel again the warmth of sun At the end of night we ... that making us to bleed Silent are the moments of our own

Graveworm - Architects of hate lyrics

Build as a sign with feelings of hate Tried to change the ... life of fate Talked about just being ... god Miserable life of the dying mop I don't care ... days Open your scars Architects of hate When sorrow breeds

Bal-sagoth - The fallen kingdoms of the abyssal plain lyrics

Calendar:] Hearken, children of the Ersatz gods, sons and ... daughters of the New Earth, for here is ... Long ago, before the third of Earth's moons fell fiery from

Heaven Shall Burn - Architects of the apocalypse lyrics

Washed away their thoughts of compassion and regret A ... descendants Cathedrals of justice in a kingdom of ... hypocrisy Castles of self-righteousness built on

Job For A Cowboy - The manipulation stream lyrics

punctures an open wound of incomprehension within the ... swigging on the bottle of manipulation This empire carries on an ... lie in the bottomless eyes of corporation greed For them,

Savage Messiah - Architects of fear lyrics

the zenith of ambition unobstructed Lays a ... the guide Architecture of fear intertwines Reason the ... you gone Without a flickers of remorse In their elitist

Phish - Silent in the morning lyrics

you, and always go astray Silent in the morning Suspended in ... to me, just last year Silent in the morning You found ... your voice that brings me to Silent in the morning You found

The Joy Formidable - Silent treatment lyrics

take the silent treatment Off your hands uneaven I’ll ... left for me I’ll take the silent treatment off your hands ... away And long for the rest of this curse I Over you I

Orchid - Silent one lyrics

darkness through the circles of time Folding dimensions ... Lurking in shadows as he silently waits Searching in ... darkness through the circles of time Folding dimensions part

Architects - The shadow of doubt [australian deluxe editio.. lyrics

live day by day in a shadow of doubt While the motion slows ... collide While I see my life... Flash before my eyes You

The Kelly Family - Silent night lyrics

Sleep in heavenly peace. Silent night, holy night! Shepherds ... Saviour is born." Silent night, holy night! Son of ... thy holy face With the dawn of redeeming grace, Jesus, Lord

Absu - The coming of war (morbid scream cover) lyrics

for power Gathering armies of deathEvil Summoned to war ... for power Gathering armies of death To fight and kill at ... will Sinister weapons of war Piercing metal and man

Gehenna - The conquering of hirsir lyrics

the break of dawn The gods above and ... hordes In declaration of war We partake in massive ... ground Human parts and weapons lie scattered As blood ... be witness To the conquering of Hirsir So warriors

Amon Amarth - The way of vikings lyrics

the ring With the strength of two great bears They make ... their weapons sing Sparks fly high when ... bones are sore But none of them will yield They fight a

Enforcer - Silent hour / the conjugation lyrics

sands Breath in the sadness of our souls The specters ... The ground is growing out of shape Silent hour Mystic ... silence growing louder upon Silent hour Voices so faint The

Samain - The fire of doom lyrics

m coming back out of the spellbound city you'd ... m filling the prediction out of you 'Holy Book Of Lore' Try ... sailed so far on sparkling soften seas and really nothing

Jedi Mind Tricks - The winds of war lyrics

lands, I stand on sands of chemical vibration The math, ... kings of light departed in wrath So ... Descending into big balls of mass, in the form of rain ... the seven deadly warships of Nibiru [Chorus x3: sample of Masta Killa from &quot

Black Funeral - The land of phantoms lyrics

predator of humans, who haunts the roads ... Tirgoviste, holds the soil of its decrepit grave... to ... give rebirth unto the blood of Nachttoter... Ghastly images

Dark Angel - The death of innocence lyrics

factions remain blind, To my manipulation of a puerile kind. Their ... blight. Upon the attitudes of ''Unliberated'' souls, I'm ... I know! As a lower form of life with a psychotic rage,

Bush lyricsBush - The sound of winter lyrics

the storm evaporate I think of you in starry skies I keep ... break It's like the sound of winter The bleeding love, ... the silent escape You've got to hang on

Julie Laughs Nomore - Silent waters lyrics

travel through the night A silent warning, the dawn of no sun ... Through the shades of gray I crave the light ... eternal dies On the throne of life In the temple of the

Against All Authority - The production of self destruction lyrics

all A different view, a new offender Monitor the world and ... watch us crawl Now we're silent and in submission Steal our ... all A different view, a new offender Monitor the world and

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

Hyperborea, gleaming jewel of the north; an eon-veiled ... legendry and the renown of its martial splendour... but of late, an ill wind whispers ... its opulent labyrinth of marbled citadels... [WHAT

Sierra Boggess - The point of no return lyrics

have come here in pursuit of your deepest urge, in ... pursuit of that wish, which till now ... has been silent, silent . . . I have brought you, ... . . . Past the point of no return - no backward

Horse The Band - The house of boo lyrics

Crawling from the hereafter Silent things scream and silent ... Because I hear a breath ....and I know This is the end of ... me. ...........I'm going to hell. A silent

Oasis lyricsOasis - The nature of reality lyrics

nature of reality Is pure subjective ... only in your mind Machine of god and devil too With no weapons just the truth Belief does ... in your mind The nature of reality Is only in your

Loreena Mckennitt - The lady of shalott lyrics

either side of the river lie Long fields of ... barley and of rye, That clothe the world ... there below, The island of Shalott. Willows whiten, ... towers, Overlook a space of flowers, And the silent isle

Salamandra - The last of all lyrics


Adultery - Silent breath lyrics

view of the eternal sunset behind the ... Mountains of Sealathia So eternal that ... - the ruler and angel of the darkness is eternal.

Besatt - The leader of fallens (azazel) lyrics

a cherub and the leader of angels in the seventh circle ... fire in the beyond As son of fire he refused to kneel ... before son of the earth, Adam For doing

Deathstars - The temple of insects lyrics

sweet Torn from the rays of dawn The spectrum's black

Donovan - The voyage of the moon lyrics

moon is like a boat, my love Of lemon peel afloat, my love ... And with a sail of gauze, my love She seems to ... slightly pause Upon her silent way, all on her silent way.

Emperor - The tongue of fire lyrics

me the tongue of fire so that I may set the ... shelter teach me the tongue of fire so that I may cry out ... decay the soul is never silent but wordless held

Game Over - The eyes (of the mad gardner) lyrics

00 a.m. of a coursed black night ... town crystallized No trace of voices, no trace of life So ... something await Two eyes of fire, the eyes of the insane

Donald Lawrence - The law of confession lyrics

by every word out the mouth of God. There's a formula for ... on a predictable consequence of an act. Confession in Greek ... speak the word, speak the word... Speak the word, speak the

Leaves' Eyes - The battle of maldon lyrics

their shields Warriors of the North Of the North I ... I know where I go Battle of Maldon Hear you seafarer ... have build From the warriors of the north Of the North I

Leaves' Eyes - The battle of maldon (remastered version) lyrics

their shields Warriors of the North Of the North I ... I know where I go Battle of Maldon Hear you seafarer ... have build From the warriors of the north Of the North I

Desaster - The art of destruction lyrics

exist again This is the art of destruction my friend ... this world again The Art of Destruction Purest fire, ... reaping flame Fear the blade of the insane The Art of

Inepsy - The fury of destruction lyrics

enemy is there! Teh tower of fire! Destruction is ... inflicts war To get control of the poor The poor work for ... they will die for A fear of war Nightmare & scars

Of Mice & Men - The hunger lyrics

Occupied… Blind… Sheep... Save us, save us, save us, ... SACRIFICE! But the leaders of man convolute it all, ... sticking fingers of their virus into all that is

Arrayan Path - The fall of mardonius lyrics

B.C. They formed alliances of mighty strength Of Sparta, ... Megara, Athens The future of their descendants Lies upon ... March, march with shields of steel Break the enemy in the

Dagorlad - The bulls of itaros lyrics

the signs. First the howling of the wolves Far away, who ... could smell the presence Of the distant danger coming. ... by the metal glittering Of of his huge double ax Then he

Dagorlad - The warriors of the ancient battle of zuljin lyrics

from the wood At the border of the plain of Vorneas, In ... over a distance, the Hill of Agony, With around, the ... legions of death, The sons of Zul'Dahr and the monsters

The Dubliners - The rising of the moon lyrics

be together by the rising of the moon By the rising of ... the moon, by the rising of the moon For the pikes must ... be together by the rising of the moon And come tell me

Eloy - The midnight fight / the victory of mental fo.. lyrics

becomes more hot than dry My weapons behind my eye The ceiling ... and light Appearing out of night I cry "Now start ... and light Appearing out of night I cry "Now start

Gutter Sirens - The death of the day lyrics

look Warm touch, the joy of the moment, the spark in your ... something, even million of faults You are the candle’s ... the core remains in the light of stars Though sometimes you

Immortal - The call of the wintermoon lyrics

Buried beneath the mountains of frost Years of silent ... and dark My winterwings of evil sleep in eternal nights ... In deaths cold crypts of snow The moon chaimed my

Immortal Choir - The battle of moonstone lyrics

empire fixed in the middle of the forest. Carbines against ... battlefield Tenebrae sounds of war Night can draw the ... passing by We know the smell of fear We're blessed into

Onslaught - The sound of violence lyrics

world and welcome To a land of devastating brutality Where ... conflict is a part of every day life It's a ... my war Long live the scream of machine gun fire Adrenalin

Peter, Paul And Mary - The rising of the moon lyrics

then tell me sean ofarrell Tell me why you hurry, ... be together At the rising of the moon. Ah then tell me ... sean ofarrell Where the gatherin is ... more, a signal token Whistle of the marchin tune With your

Senses Fail - The courage of an open heart lyrics

I get so silent I can hear my heartbeat ... Sometimes I get so silent The memories come back to me ... surrounded every part of my being I had no ... no relief, except in thoughts of death Except in thoughts of

Ancient Wisdom - The serpent's blessing lyrics

Garden of Eden is silent The presence of god is not ... Take a deep look into the Eye of the Serpent Your pureness ... your eyes Embrace the powers of Satan Free yourself from

Arryan Path - The fall of mardonius lyrics

B.C. They formed alliances of mighty strength Of Sparta, ... Megara, Athens The future of their descendants Lies upon ... March, march with shields of steel Break the enemy in the

Centinex - The beauty of malice lyrics

glass Inside the soul of a haunted one Spirits of ... raving in grief In silent tears they close their eyes ... Memories of blinded despair Within the ... dreams of slumber loss Memories of

Demonical - The arrival of armageddon lyrics

dark vicious wrath descending... cast into the unlight, ... the final dawn, the end of the earth is near we ride ... the infested path with claws of a bitter loss forged with

Domine - The lady of shalott lyrics

moves through the willows Silent she reaches for the boat She ... lovely face She is the Lady of Shalott Sail on When ... s beginning to a new way of being but All things must go

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