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Koven - Silence lyrics

As my life is nothing more but pieces in your head Don't ... hear a single thing over your silence Your silence I could tell ... words and hear your heart but your silence... Your silence says it all Your silence

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Silence when you speak to me lyrics

s ever what it seems Remember, remember me Remember, and ... disagree Silence, silence Truth all a children's ... game Reality a bitter pill We do not come to

Lara Fabian - Silence lyrics

nothing inside Not a sound But to be amazed What ... stillnesss can do It will bring you back to you Silence (Silence) Is the moment between everyone Is the best

Kurt Nilsen - Silence lyrics

crimson dust don't have to be this way, a hallowed trust ... we would And then the silence came there was not a word to ... felt like a day When the silence came We felt it on her body no way to turn it around

Sick Of It All - Silence lyrics

you thought Some things are better left unsaid You chose ... your inhibitions Over what I should ... comprehend What could have been done To keep me from

Aimee Allen - Silence is violence lyrics

do Enough to fill spaces between thoughts of you I jump ... Set fires with flags that burn for you But you don't ... notice do you? Silence is violence You don't notice

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Silence is the enemy lyrics

me to keep my mouth shut Because you hate it when I ... my mind I suffer through it but it feels so messed up Like ... time We never wanted it to be this way They never listen

Lucia - Silence lyrics

Say you wanna stop me now But I’m leaving Yes I'm gonna ... wanna play for love? Your silence Your silence Your silence. ... ..aaaah Silence Your silence Your silence Wake me…

Azrael's Bane - Silence lyrics

for the right words to say, but somehow they just slipped ... one more time, maybe once but never again, this cold silence your giving me, it's the ... words in me ? may not maybe all you see if free, it's

Krayzie Bone - Silence lyrics

Sin of Graveyard Shift] Silence is necessary, don't tell them ... categorizing, rising above all make shift realities ... was trying Walking too close by my side Stay still, please

Imperia - Silence is my friend lyrics

eyes Can you read them? Silence my friend The only one who ... falling down like rain The silence were my only friend (Silence) I don't believe in god

Metalium - Silence of the night lyrics

really another way out ? Bridge: If we could turn back time It wouldn't be the ... Let her rest in the deepest silence of the night Forever ... feel her pain inside Silence of the night Vers 2:

Orphan Gypsy - Silence lyrics

As I walk on the line of the blade I feel so alive Strange ... how things can be To die and to become ... Than you said that I could be To be the one you'll see

Pharao - Silence is golden lyrics

it had been love indeed Tell me how ... much Silence is golden, is golden right ... now Hold me now, just believe in me Such a simple ... thing to do If you thrill be babe, just don't come in me

Communic - Silence surrounds lyrics

hope is denied Waged down by sorrow, marked by grief ... hope is denied Waged down by sorrow, marked by grief A ... of the world, last stand has been taken Feeding on the

Misconduct - Silence? lyrics

holds us back (Woo-ooohh) Gotta break those shackles now Get ... They can't take it away Silence? No we will never shut our ... mouths Silence? No we will never shut our

Raised Fist - Silence is the key lyrics

I couldn't walk anymore But what did I accomplish by ... I have the need to scream Silence is the key, the sound of my breath Silence is the key I'm

Jarren Benton - Silence feat. sareena dominguez lyrics

words That's a first for me Silence is golden Go through the ... motions Silence is golden The same colour ... that my throne is JARREN BENTON: Yeah Damn can't believe that my homeboy dead I

Liv Kristine - Silence lyrics

my eyes to hear my heart beat I need to get a little ... To myself to know why I’m breathing I am near now I ... am here I feel it gather rainbows in the deep Silence in

Lääz Rockit - Silence is a lie lyrics

your mind What we leave behind Never fades away You ... Looking for deliverance But you can't escape Never ... any guilt On the one to blame I can see the pain

Sevendust - Silence lyrics

I feel so overwhelmed (somebody took it away) Deafening silence breaks the walls I built ... that the man who holds me back again Will go down again ... and then (i know I'll get it back) (Somebody took it away)

First Blood - Silence lyrics

midst of madness, of men hellbent on war SILENTLY we endure ... so others can have more SILENCE... Time has come to break ... this... SILENCE... Time i snow to break my...

Gregg Allman - Silence ain't golden anymore lyrics

while a chance for love slips by And when it gets to late you ... damn word The sound of your silence was all she heard She flew ... away like a speckled bird You can kiss that train

Rachel Taylor - Silence looks good on you lyrics

head down and you say "Silence looks so good on you. Darling ... t you think so too?" Silence looks good on you. Silence ... head down and you say "Silence looks so good on you. Darling

Against All Authority - Silence is golden but duct tape is silver lyrics

and Billy like to sleep all day, ... cutleridge to motherf***ing Biscayne Bay. The gangs tried ... to kill us but we wouldn't take flight, brass knuckles and rusty

Alan Parsons Project - Silence and i lyrics

Someone sharing the load But i won't breathe a word ... We're two of a kind Silence and i We need a chance to ... things over Two of a kind Silence and i We'll find a way to

Elvenking - Silence de mort lyrics

walk in silence Silence de mort Every night the ... old dream La fleur du cœur being slaughtered from within ... I can hear The taste of my blood the beat of my heart And

Kamelot (usa) - Silence of the darkness lyrics

Cause time may pass me by. Restless like a newborn ... you take me away? In the silence of the darkness, I can't ... I could go under. In the silence of the darkness, I scramble

Pop Evil - Silence & scars lyrics

In time we learn our lessons But this time I know I am ... helpless I know I've been wrong I don't have all ... in this hell Somewhere in between What I want and what I

Sandra lyricsSandra - Silence beside me lyrics

From an empty space There´s silence beside me Unbearable - because of you You´re so close ... - but where are you? My heart ... will be dying My dreams will be dead There´s silence beside me I´m feeling so

Chris Cornell lyricsChris Cornell - Silence lyrics

of a man, Endless suicide. By the night light, Infrared ... sky. Is the holstered bridled child spinning around ... is loved now, And all remembered. For the mask they wore

Karolina S. - Silence lyrics

me for sure Guess that'll be the best Not real enough ... To break her with my thoughts The ... memory I'll become Was worth the loss ... deep I'd stay here forever Silence makes me bleed For I heard

Murray Head - Silence is a strong reply lyrics

I'm shouting out loud Maybe you've mistaken me for one ... of the crowd My back's against the wall, my ... feeling's on show Silence is the only reply that I know

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Silence is deafening lyrics

and loud Repeat 'til you're blue in the face Ever get the ... on a losing streak? Their silence is deafening From the ... a reversal of time Their silence is deafening From the

Platitude - Silence speaks lyrics

do we go from here? When silence speaks louder than words? ... Where do we go now? When silence speaks louder than... ... Mankind can't break the nature's law, said a

A Dark Halo - Silence lyrics

resounding I hate what I become when all I have is this ... collapses me as the numbness hits I fail again to break the fall I'm here all ... I'll never see Desperate for silence once again Asphyxiating

A Canorous Quintet - Silence of the world beyond lyrics


Aeon Spoke - Silence lyrics

it in my room I can make believe Im getting warm Find ... the mirror speaks out Silence, Silence So tell me beauty ... we cry we found a new ark Silence Silence Im still wishing

As It Is - Silence (pretending’s so comfortable) lyrics

home The rest of our lives but not enough time till we're both alone I try to steady my ... and just trip over sounds But my eyes speak goodbye ... The silence tells us all we need to know

Cryptopsy - Silence the tyrants lyrics

Ourselves within these brainwashed lies We've broken, ... this severed wound, which has been. Burnt, burnt, and ... restructured. Silence, the tyrants, before they

Dash Berlin - Silence in your heart lyrics

never again wake up With silence in your heart You will ... world torn apart And I will be your shelter and There ... tears will be your last You will never

Dry Cell - Silence lyrics

believe that I'm hanging by a string And I'm feeling ... so small in a world full of big things Undone and I'm ... open Don't suffocate what's broken Are you ever done?

Entwine - Silence is killing me lyrics

truth's made of lies This silence is killing me I believe I'm ... eyes for the new dawn I'll be gone and you now know how to ... truth's made of lies This silence is killing me I believe I'm

Gil Ofarim - Silence lyrics

pain is still here, but the silence heals. Wish me luck, that's ... this There was someone, but now she's gone. ... hurting, still hurting…. Silence heals, all the pain Silence

Patrik Nuo - Silence broke the ice lyrics

was down so full of love, but I was never round No one ... cryed I couldn't heare the silence in her eyes Bridge: I was ... Forever Refrain: As the silence broke the ice The moments

Absolut Deafers - Silence lyrics

indeed, With them I want to be. Locked in box can´t see ... what world is about. When I´m standing ... curious to see. Enjoy your silence Enjoy your faith. Enjoy

Delerium - Silence lyrics

of wonder and i wanted to believe that i'd get caught up ... when the rage in me subsides passion choke the ... no more possessing all the beauty hungry still for more

Eso - Silence lyrics

of wonder And I wanted to believe that I'd get caught up ... when the rage in me subsides In this white wave I ... am sinking in this silence In this white wave in this silence I believe I can't help

Grave Digger - Silence lyrics

seems to die Please come back into my life I need you ... your spirit lies Feel the silence Feel the silence Why ... have you left me - my beautiful one I can't accept

Kiske-somerville - Silence lyrics

hurt Here and now When silence speaks louder than words ... Another place No looking back - Just turned myself away ... There is innocence and silence That started long ago A

Pj Harvey - Silence lyrics

You'll find me there That by some miracle You'd be aware ... this morning Determined to break The spell of my longing ... never wanted me Anyway Silence Silence Silence

Sodom - Silence is consent lyrics

They want to see him die, blood and despoliation ... operation A drop in the bucket Armed and seasoned But we'll never give up ... the end Stick at nothing Because silence is consent

Animal Kingdom - Silence summons lyrics

There's nothing I can do But sing this lonely tune ... Somehow silence summons you There's nothing ... I can do But sing this lonely tune, ... tune It seems that somehow silence summons you And what if

Damn Yankees - Silence is broken lyrics

safe inside To sing you lullaby Now I lay me down You broke the chains And you won't ... no! Now you're gonna shout about it No! No more! Yeah yeah

Elegy - Silence in the wind lyrics

lie awake in bed Wondering why, I can't ... unusually quiet I listen, but I can't hear I noise Oh, ... it's not possible A world full of people all ... feel it all around A kind of silence in the wind A peaceful

Enigma - Silence must be heard lyrics

eyes, many frustrations Read between the lines, no words, ... just vibrations Don't ignore hidden ... you're playing with fire Silence must be heard, noise should be observed The time has come

La Nina - Silence (abyss and judge remix) lyrics

wave I am sinking In this silence In this white wave In this silence I believe In this white ... wave I am sinking In this silence In this white wave In this silence I believe I have seen you

Level 42 - Silence lyrics

girl lies awake at night Silence ringing in her ears There's ... a boy who is on her mind So much ... slowly walked away Lonely boy watching from the bridge

Sarah Mclachlan - Silence (delirium) lyrics

of wonder and I wanted to believe that I'd get caught up ... when the rage in me subsides In this white wave I ... am sinking in this silence in this white wave in this silence I believe Passion chokes

Neuroticfish - Silence (frozen plasma remix) lyrics

A million thoughts need to be said and understood. I ... know I would. Silence, Silence is my enemy My enemy. If ... my voice there’s nothing to be said. I’d rather kill

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