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Rock, Michael Learns To - Take me to your heart lyrics

from the rain and snow Trying to ... So many people all around the world Tell me where do I ... find someone like you girl Take me to your heart, take me to your soul Give me your hand

Bananarama - Take me to your heart lyrics

me to your heart now, baby Take me to your heart, come on, come on I can't stop thinking ... about you Take me to your heart Take me to your heart ... come on I must be dreaming

Cathy Burton - Take me with you (& tenishia) lyrics

Sweeping everything along within In the dead of night ... Shades emptiness I hear your talk But I don't understand ... Where are you going Please take me with you You're the only

Revive - Take me with you lyrics

Yeah, chasing my plans. Take me with you, Take me with ... you. When the lights go down, When they go ... fearing, no, True colours showing, Got to go to the one who

Willie Nelson - Take me in your arms lyrics

me in your arms and hold me Like I've been holding you in ... my heart Take me in your arms and tell me That you've ... missed me since we've been apart. You ... know how heartsick And lonesome I've been Or how much I've

Samantha Fox - Suzie, don't leave me with your boyfriend lyrics

you're the best friend that a girl ever ... had But something I tell you's gonna make ... you mad You introduced me to the boy of your dreams But I get ... of you Don't leave me with your boyfriend Suzie, can't you

I See Stars - Your love (acoustic cover by. the outfield) lyrics

s on a vacation far away Come around and talk it over So ... older And I just wanna use your love tonight Oh, and I don't ... wanna lose your love tonight I ain't got

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Take me in your lifeboat lyrics

me in your lifeboat, take me in your lifeboat It will ... stand the ragin' storm Take me in your lifeboat, take me in your lifeboat It will bear the ... spirit home. Come on, brothers and sisters, and don't fall

Delain - Hit me with your best shot lyrics

me with your best shot Give me all that you've got Hit me ... I'm black and blue Now for the love of God Hit me with your ... best shot It was the last thing on my mind Well

Ryan Cabrera - Hit me with your light lyrics

me with your light I'm lost without your help me find the ... right way out I miss the way it was Can anybody hear me Crying out for love me like ... a newborn baby I can only dream Hit me with your light Will you catch me

Candice Accola - Hit me with your best shot lyrics

you're the real tough cookie With the long history Of breaking ... little hearts Like the one in me That's OK, Lets ... see how you do it Put up your dukes, Lets get down to it

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Seal me with a kiss feat. de la soul lyrics

If I just got one chance With you tonight Then baby we ... it's light Romance is in the plans GO! Ladies and ... understand this is not just your average girl From around the way, It's... JJ J J J J

Brother Ali - Take me home lyrics

Chorus:] And I promise if I take you home, I'll sing you a ... song Never leave me alone Said c'mon baby throw me a bone, I'll sing you a song ... Never leave me alone, and I promise if you take me home, I'll sing you a song

Delirion - Take me away lyrics

for my relief. Two minds merged forever always walking ... to nowhere with nothing to achieve. Your ... inviolated, guideless where your hands enticing to sin,

Da Blitz - Take me back lyrics

me the way you can fight for me babe No matter how you do it ... Show me the way you feel Teach me how to ... believe in something, yeah. Show me the way we can now be together in this world of fools Show

Brainstorm - Take me to the never lyrics

in the darkness when your mind begins to fall there ... only is silence in your memory, your destiny revealed the line of life, pushed away, ... you're not heaven sent your body freezes, your lips are

Nifra - Take me back (loomer) lyrics

- Take Me Back by Nifra. Released by Flashover

Itchy Poopzkid - Take me back lyrics

on the edge I used to dive into the ... dark Knowing someone's there who understands Nothing ... of everything ahead Come on just take me back My memories fading out Show me

Fefe Dobson - Take me away lyrics

you) And now..I'm staring in your eyes ocean blue (I'm all ... And in our minds, it comes so easily But theres a ... feeling comin over me I want to show you, But theres nowhere we can really be

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - Take me away lyrics

a way to describe it It's there inside All I do is hide I ... What would you do? All the pain I thought I knew All the thoughts lead back to you

Anna Graceman - Take me where i want to go lyrics

my hand and show me the way Im holding on, so I ... cant break away, hold me back Take me where I want ... to go, take me where it always snows Take me where its sweet and sour and

Erik Grönwall - Take me on lyrics

of walking alone dealing with things on my own. There's ... always something and I'm tired of ... I'm young. Love,yes love take me on. I'm tired of ... walking these streets everyday stuck on

Ra - Take me away lyrics

can hear a flower growing in the wind But does it reach you ... when there's darkness all around How ... can I obsess Why do we come apart And watch it all go

Alexander Klaws - Take me tonight (new version) lyrics

baby... When I look into your eyes feels good to me And it ... angel, my guardian angel Oh memories I feel it in my heart ... i feel it in the soul we'll never ever fall

Chase & Status - Take me away lyrics

.. Oh... Let me tell you Let me tell you ... what you do, what you do to me Take me away Take me ... I found you What you do to me, yeah Come on and take me

Diana Ross - Take me higher lyrics

Higher Go, hold on Go (Take me higher) (Take me higher) ... In my mind I see the possibilities When it comes ... to love there are no boundaries Do you

Dan Balan - Take me higher lyrics

take me higher Just take me higher Just take me high ... Just take me high Just make me fly Just take me ha-ha-ha-ha ... ha-high Just take me higher Just take me higher

Dj Class - Take me away lyrics

- Take Me Away CLASS - Take Me Away CLASS - Take Me Away ... CLASS - Take Me Away CLASS - Take Me

Willie Nelson - Take it to the limit lyrics

alone at the end of the evening and the bright lights ... a woman who might have loved me and I never knew You know I ... ve always been a dreamer spent my life running round

Opeth - By the pain i see in others lyrics

me taste Let me feel I need to know what ... be Carry out this wish for me let nothing interfere Rise ... I'm still beneath in the soil Discard your clothes

Plain White T's - Take me away lyrics

got here but i think it's time to go I didn't want to ... walked in and she didn't come alone I can't stand to see ... this get me home Take me away I'm gonna hurt somebody take me away right now

Twenty 4 Seven lyricsTwenty 4 Seven - Take me away lyrics

try to, try to let you know baby when you say you will, I'll ... try to try to let you go Take me away baby Take me away, ... ooh Take me away baby Take me away Show me the way to

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - Take me home lyrics

for them streetcaféslooking for that ... be nomore freedom's kissed by lonelinesssomebody take away ... layed on myself and... take me home tonighttake me on my

Mirah - Take me out riding lyrics

me out riding Take me out riding Over the long ... road Cuts through the barley Glint of the barrel The spin has it handle You ... gonna show me You gonna brag You gonna

Diana Ross - Take me higher (bt's unreleased club mix) lyrics

and higher and higher Take me higher Take higher ... (repeated several times along with the drums) Oh, Take me ... higher When it comes to love there are no

Morrissey - The world is full of crashing bores lyrics

must be wondering how the boy next door turned out ... t stare because he's still there Lamenting policewomen, ... policemen Silly women, tax men, uniformed whores They who

Alex Band - Take me back lyrics

you ever wished for something like A second chance to ... make things right To stop the clock, return to where you've ... our souls For answers to the questions lost back then

Blessthefall - Take me now: part 2 lyrics

conversation didn't mean anything to you. This ... conversation don't mean a thing This conversation ... .. Did I mean anything to you? Did you ... This conversation didn't mean anything to you. Did you

Mindy Mccready - Take me apart lyrics

my life Took a sweeter smell in those soulful eyes You ... lost in you, it gets lonely sometimes You really messed me up ... You play with my mind You keep me guessing

Asgard ( Ita ) - With your shield or on it lyrics

the hill I’ve the fire burning in the town ... of black smoke rose to the sky We were out for hunting, ... far from our helpless home Faster than wind we rode and

Kyler England - Take me with you lyrics

for the light to change from red ... Thinking over all the things you said to me, you ... said to me All your dreams are dying in the sun ... Pretty soon there'll be nowhere left to run

Gentle Giant - Take me lyrics

walkin' tell no lie Cool is the fool with the eagle eye ... Spending my time Drunk and living fast ... What was I all about? OH, take me Save me from my misery

Johnny Gill - Take me (i'm yours) lyrics

can remember all the things that you once said My ... love was so satisfying Now your love is slowly, slowly dying ... it up to you Please forgive me baby Don't let it end this

Faith Hill - Take me as i am lyrics

don't turn out the light I wanna see you look ... at me Whisper only truth tonight ... a bed of roses 'Cause roses wither away All I really need is ... honesty From someone with a strong heart A gentle hand

Inna lyricsInna - Take me down to mexico lyrics

yo kero bailar Turning, turn me up Buy me a pina colada ... Gotta keep me up like the sun Baby, it’s you and me, ... you and me Take me down to Mexico, yea You and me, you and

Van Morrison - Take me back lyrics

ve been walking by the river I've been walking down ... by the water I've been walking down ... by the river I've been feeling so ... I've been thinking, Ah there's so much suffering, and it

New Heights - Take me on (feat. clara c) lyrics

Finding things just reminding me that you were Always close ... when I needed someone badly Anywhere, anytime ... you were there for me Oh, oh, oh You never left

Firehouse - Take me away lyrics

time what I want is you there is no one else who can take your place this time you ... burn me with your eyes you see past all the ... lies you take it all away I've seen it all

Lifehouse - Take me away lyrics

time all I want is you There is no one else Who can take your place This time you ... burned me with your eyes You see past all the ... lies You take it all away I've seen it all

Riot ( Usa ) - Take me back lyrics

the city lights With friends by our side Running streets ... fighting We felt so alive The air electric There was no ... stopping Young hearts filled with drive One more time Let's

Boris Carloff - Take me higher lyrics

want to i can give it back Take my soul; if you want to i can ... You have broken my picture frame You are afraid ob being ... happy Those memories still remain I feel so

Fm Static - Take me as i am lyrics

time I finally see the Reason why, I can't do this ... Alone, it took some time and concentration, To ... I need to build my faith sometimes, But I am so

Levi - Take me home lyrics

my hand run from the Time Close your eyes it won't be ... re belong to this place, no time to waste Are we almost there ... , are we almost there! Take me HOME Just take me

Cher - Take me home lyrics

me home, take me home Want to feel you close to me ... Take me home, take me home With you is where I wanna be ... Wrapped in your arms tonight Just making

28 Days - Take me away lyrics

know but I won't admit it Someone take me away I'm not ok ... So take me away See I just can't ... for endeavour Keep fighting the battle of whatever So take

Lecrae - Take me as i am lyrics

faith I talked to a cat the other day And he was like; &quot ... Man I really wanna come to Christ But I gotta clean ... up first, get my sins together" I told em, I used to

Au Revoir Simone - Take me as i am lyrics

born Did you know this is the way it would be Did you know ... already you and I already me So, take me as I am Take me as I am I know It's ... easier said then done But we've talked a

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - Take me back to your house lyrics

tired, so tired, so tired So take me home. It's getting late ... for me I'll come if you wait for me Let's get ... Never changes it just stays the same Just take me home C

Laura Branigan - Take me lyrics

fancied you for a very long time You finally got around to ... makin' your move But when you picked me ... I wish we could dispense with the preliminaries Oh, so

The Dubliners - Take me home lyrics

sit here drinking as the sun is sinkin' Over the ... mountain and the dry, dusty ground As the ... is falling I start recalling The nights in my own home town

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