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Jackson United - Shes giving in lyrics

break? Make me fix you again Driven deeper than anything ... the valley fo the diamond ring What is the secret to a ... sure thing? So happy to be back in

Samael - In gold we trust lyrics

money rules the game it diminishes life It narrows perspective ... to a single line If it is too much it is not ... you still yearn We’re looking for satisfaction Our world

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - Gold feat.eighty4 fly lyrics

is gold, everything is equal Posted on the ... porch just chillin', me and my people Eyelids ... closed, gold sun shines on The world’s coated in ... the gold Krylon Yea, and these days

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Covered in gold lyrics

the way I talk You were making me high I didn't know it ... of love, out of love and nothing's gonna heal it Out of love ... us, remember me Falling in and out of love is a part of

Kids In Glass Houses - Gold blood lyrics

more sense We've been digging our graves by night and by ... boy and girl (And we've nothing at all to show it) When ... gates crashed down When the golden gods and clowns Came out

Let Loose - Paint it in gold lyrics

And if it all comes crashing down You know you've got to ... Take this sorrow and paint it in gold Paint it in gold ... again And when your heart is heavy

Gallant - Weight in gold lyrics

Verse 1] Black dust in orbit, cascades down like a ... truth [Chorus] I’m pulling my weight in gold Call me ... lift this on my own Pulling my weight in gold Call me

Blues Pills - Lady in gold lyrics

dressed in gold She is young, she is old ... s called death Takes you in her arms Like a child to a ... She is death She's knocking at your door Don't have to

Pantokrator - From the north clothed in gold lyrics

from its place The lightning is his servant Sent to the ... from him The beasts remains in the dens of the earth By the ... of God frost is given Touching the almighty We can not find him out Out of the south

Jethro Tull - Rhythm in gold lyrics

have to call you up. Think I've seen a vision of rhythm ... in gold. No cat could ever move ... of means, I can see. Rhythm in gold is getting to me. What ... s your name, and where can I find you? Are you just a rich

Neurosis - We all rage in gold lyrics

ll walk into the water, To wash the ... my feet. My path is ever holding, My shadows claimed release ... Of the lessons burned in oak. My always wanting

Alina Baraz - Roses dipped in gold lyrics

closed our eyes and got lost in a timeless universe dreamy ... feed the soul, his love was going counter clockwise, audible ... control, we saw ourselves in the roses, that's that kind

Secrets - "in loving memory" lyrics

near Called your name forgetting you'd never hear My words ... your place It's the little things that grow Into the demons ... haunt my days This vacancy in my chest Is burning through

Kid Ink - Drippin' lyrics

Double bitches Double chains You could see 'em drippin' ... Drippin gold I'm drippin' bitch Wet as f*** Spill ... shit Drip, drip, drip I'm drippin' Drip, drip, drip She drippin' Drip, drip, drip Gettin' drippin' Get drippin' bitch Drip,

Keri Hilson - Drippin' lyrics

Chorus] I'm getting money, I pop tags Fit-fresh ... death with no snag Baby I'm drippin', I'm drippin' ... Drip Drip ... ... I'm drippin', I'm drippin' ... Drip Drip ... My

Melanie Martinez - Gold diggin' love lyrics

diamonds? if not you're gettin' shoved She'll hold you real ... all from you Uhh oh, you think I'm being funny Well, boy, ... love just to receive her Gold diggin' love Gold diggin'

Future lyricsFuture - Drippin lyrics

coolest DJ on the motherf***in' planet Aye, aye, aye Got ... now, how you love that? I'm drippin' on 'em, baby, how you love ... that? I'm drippin' on 'em, baby, how you love

Hyper Crush - Shes a freak lyrics

she drops it (Freak) When shes movin` it (Freak) On the ... (Freak) On the down low Shes a freak When she drops it ... (freak) When shes movin it (Freak) On the dance

Bones lyricsBones - Skeletons lyrics

She said she feel like dying I said I feel real throwed ... Neck drippin' in gold Bitch knows that I'm Bones ... Ride around with that lean Since I ride around with my Ice,

Olympic - Shes a woman lyrics

tell me that she's only Foolin', I know she isn't. She ... all her time as well as Lovin', don't ask me why. She's ... tell me that she's only Foolin', I know she isn't. Shes a

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Shes like a star lyrics

s my everything Like a morning girl She's my angel up ... like a star Well you inspired me, to chase my wildest ... hes like a star Ooh baby, shes like a star Oh baby, hes

Claude Kelly - Shes the one lyrics

think shes the one Yeah, the one I ... hope shes the one Never believed in ... girl Never been the same since you came girl And I ain't ... tryna lose The joy I found in you So I ain't gonna do nothing to mess this up... Cause

Ben Harper - Shes only happy in the sun lyrics

you now She's only happy in the sun She's only happy in ... the sun Did you find what you were after? The pain and the laughter brought you ... sets you free You'll be free indeed, Indeed She's only

A Rocket To The Moon - Shes killing me lyrics

my friends are coming over And I hope nobody told ... her She has a way of turning sunshine into rain I've got ... it hurts She's my favorite pain She never drives her car

Alex Goot - Shes so high lyrics

i can´t believe tat anything should happen i know where ... i belong and nothing´s gonna happen (chorus) ... she´s got the best of everything what could a guy like me

The Beautiful Girls - Shes evil lyrics

you good And when she's walking away she just won't look ... back Don't give your loving to her 'Cos she'll steal it ... the same as she stole mine when She told me it was

The Black Keys - Shes long gone lyrics

your mouth shut Or it's ruination day Well now she's ... other girls Well her lashes flare, and they smack me back ... Like springs bouncing of her curls Oh now she

Blue October - Shes my ride home lyrics

talked Together sharpening the knife Like killing ... Now here we are We're licking skin to wipe us clean ... Strike a match, pour gasoline Ditch the scene and watch

Cory Monteith - Shes not there lyrics

Please, don't bother tryin' to find her, she's not ... Please, don't bother tryin' to find her, she's not ... Please, don't bother tryin' to find her, she's not

Foghat - Shes gone lyrics

by the window, starin' through the rain, I built ... her, now I'm on my way again. 'Cos she's gone, well she ... leave a dime, Only one thing to do, stay loaded all the

Four Year Strong - Shes so high lyrics

I can't believe That anything should happen I know where ... I belong And nothings gonna happen Yeah, yeah ... She's got the best of everything What could a guy like me

Jordan Knight - Shes got a way lyrics

She's got a way of pleasin' MMMM I don't know what it ... me She's got a way of talkin' Ohhh I don't know why it is ... lifts me up when we are walkin'-anywhere She comes to me

Bob Marley - Shes gone lyrics

She had left me a note hanging on my door: She say she ... , she's gone, ye-ah! Oh, mocking bird, have you ever heard, ... that I never heard? Oh, mocking bird, have you ever heard,

Billy Ray Cyrus - Shes not cryin anymore lyrics

m sorry 'Cause she's not cryin' anymore She's not cryin' ... anymore She ain't lonely any longer There's ... takes my place She's not cryin' anymore I hear she's

Chumbawamba - Shes got all the friends that money can buy lyrics

eye And everyone worth knowing is kissing her behind She's ... eye And everyone worth knowing is kissing her behind She's ... . Versace and Prada mean nothing to me, to me... Well, you

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Shes too tough lyrics

stockings and a high-heeled dress ... Good-looking but her face is a mess She ... the best Lay back let her mind do the rest She's no angel,

Foxboro Hot Tubs - Shes a saint not a celebrity lyrics

You could be my valentine. Marie, you're center stage ... you make a bid, On a broken invalid ? Marie, would you drink my wine? We could live on ... Marie, full of grace and sin. Throw precaution to the wind Marie, I'm crucified Drink

Jj72 - Shes gone lyrics

she's gone she's gone so long gone she burned she burned she burned so long i don't know where they go i don't wanna know i'm better off alone so long so long so lon...

Mazzy Star - Shes my baby lyrics

over to me But baby's feelin' bad today She said she's thinking of goin' away Oh baby I ... m cryin', And my body's flyin' But I remember you She's ... my baby, Ain't that something But I know she belongs to

Omd - Shes leaving lyrics

our hearts We’ll never find What we deserve She’s ... leaving She waited for so long ... pretend Thant she cared Invent some tale Just to gain ... whole affair She’s leaving She waited for so long

Outkast - Shes alive lyrics

Baby crying:] Wanh wanh wanh [Andre ... But all Alone Must be A pain But she's alive [Andre ... cried They knew what was going down Three girls travel a

Rancid - Shes automatic lyrics

we need a place to hide go into the club to thaw out for ... the night my head was spinnin' a million miles an hour ... the chance I was takin' I get anxious around her

S Club 7 - Shes out of my life lyrics

It's out of my hands To think for two years that she was ... She's out of my life Damned indecision and cursed pride I ... my love for her locked deep inside And it cuts like a knife

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Gold lyrics

comes the blessing of all that you dreamed But ... the curses of diamonds and rings Only at first did it have ... can you trust? When everything, everything, everything you

Prince - Gold lyrics

s a mountain and it's mighty high U ... of proven ground There ain't no where 2 go if U hang ... What's the use of money if U ain't gonna break the mold' Even

Alex Goot - Shes got dementia lyrics

make it seem like you’re dying somehow i believe you and ... you don’t wanna get sick again when its hard to breathe ... you feel your body tingling do your best to just stay

The Cramps - Shes got balls lyrics

mascara monster Waitin' at the end of the road ... Murder in make-up Inbred outlaw code Ass whippin' ... Taj Majal They call her skinny benzine When pushin' pills

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - Shes no good lyrics

good All my friends keep telling me, she's no good Oh, so ... for you? Hooked on adrenaline, it's found, known to make ... I do All my friends keep telling me, she's no good She's no

Blood For Blood - Shes still a bitch called hope lyrics

my life I relied on one thing and that one thing f***ed me ... up even more She is tempting and promises things that'll ... m sure Years I've wasted waiting for her to come through for

Jet - Shes a genius lyrics

control, She just blows my mind, She only listens to the ... what do you do, She said nothing but i am damn sure its more ... genius whoa ohohohohoh, I think she is serious whoa

Journey - Shes a mystery lyrics

gentle touch, Her passion blinding my eyes I find I lose ... myself drowning from he colorful sky I'm ... she's a mystery (she's mine) Wondering if she loves me;

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Shes a ryder lyrics

She's a Ryda & she ridin for me. She's a ryda. Riding for me. Yea she'll ride ... it like a lady in a wheel chair. Louie V. ... it real and she owns two twin pumps like a pair of heels.

Planet Funk - Shes late lyrics

well I believe the state I'm in is close to hell I'm learning to pray, thinking deception ... she's late, is there something inside her tummy? I wish

Ryan Adams - Shes lost total control lyrics

s stupid and cold Somewhere in the waves of doubt It's not

Sailor - Shes my kind of girl lyrics

s not the kind that sleeps around, she's ... the kind that settles down. She's ... and full of dreams the kind of girl I need so much. She ... s got those tender looking eyes, the kind that never

Bondax - Gold lyrics

dive diving, diving oh Gold dive diving, yeah eh eah Gold dive diving, dive oh Gold ... dive diving Stop the clocks can we ... they go to a higher ground Invite the guy you like inside

Double You - Shes beautiful lyrics

I Tell me baby what are we going to do tell me baby what are ... we going to say and everytime I try ... t sleep without you I trust in your love I never wanted us

Frankie - Gold lyrics

round round round Shifting eyes i fell all tight with ... your crooked smile Haunting me I can't deny that we're ... going down down down down Hit ... to pour Give me all your gold Now it's mine to own Lets

Jimi Hendrix - Shes so fine lyrics

her neck So the hippies think she's in with time Time... ... Her hair glistens like robins on a deck Branches attack ... me from her neck She's so fine She's so very very fine

Lovedrug - Shes disaster lyrics

the floor A fever you're shaking And boozing on the shores ... She's a caution a warning sign She's disaster I'm ... begging four thirty Please put your

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