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Jedward - Go getter lyrics

king of the castle. has got you under lock and key, yeah ... I'm armed and ready for battle It's time to face the ... enemy, yeah I'll put up a fight not giving up Now the

Ludo - Go-getter greg lyrics

You must be new, I least I guess you're new to me. ... Saw you unpacking your car so I said to myself, &quot ... Maybe I should help her out, ... since we're neighbors now and all the other people here are elderly and probably a

George Jones - Real deal lyrics

up to the nines, you got the eyes locked on tall and ... dark Well, he's mighty pretty ... but I'll bet he ain't worried a bit about your heart He's a real Casanova but I think I know

The Black Keys - The go getter lyrics

Go Getter I'll be the Go Getter Yes I am I'll be the Go Getter That's my plan The Go Getter Hi-fi boom box Pretty ... girl in bobby socks Afterparty in a hotel room Pretty

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - He's a go getter lyrics

s a go getter, go getter When his wife gets off from ... work, he'll go get her Now I've got a ... neighbor that lives down the road a ways ... His wife holds down a steady job, he don't turn his hand

Blur - Go out lyrics

m gettin' sad alone Dancing with myself Greedy go-getter goal The luxury of stealth ... I'm seedy and the whole Dancing with myself I get into ... do it to myself To the local, To the lo-o-o, I go out

Baby Bash - Go girl ( e-40 ) lyrics

me miss, what's your name I don't wanna tell you the ... same ol' thing Drop, drop it ... low, make, make it pop, I can do this all night shorty I ... don't wanna stop I need a go girl I need a go girl, uh

Firehouse - Prime time lyrics

my life and I'm a gonna live it Take it to the limit ... it's Prime Time Never too late better late than never ... Nothing last forever it's Prime time Can't hesitate, procrastinate

Joe - Go hard lyrics

feat. Johnta Austin) Theres A Girl Around Town For Real Shes Amazing Hottest Thing Around ... No Doubt She Keeps It Right And The Word That Came Down Shes Looking For A Date And She

Hyper Crush - Shes a freak lyrics

a freak When she drops it (Freak) ... When shes movin` it (Freak) On the dance floor (Freak ... On the down low Shes a freak When she drops it (freak)

David Lee Roth - Hot dog and a shake lyrics

see ya shake and shimmy 'cross the burger ... shop floor I never seen a woman move so slow I'm dyin', ... french-fryin' By the seat of my pants Take a bite of

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - Cowboy cadillac lyrics

never know one better She's a real go getter If you met ... her you'd be good as gone She's a real red liner ... Likes it all behind her She's the kind ... that keeps you hangin' on She's a cowboy's

Paul Wall - "trill" lyrics

Chorus: Paul Wall] Trill is when you're ... Trill is when you punch in that clock overtimin Trill is ... when you keep it real one hundred percent And ... hold it down for your team run your game full sprint

Lordi - Down with the devil lyrics

m going down with the devil That ... s what I've been told forever For ... all the things that I love lead to hell Here I go down ... with the devil So far it's the best journey ever

Lee Harding - Anything for you lyrics

I can't deny it Don't wanna let go Just wanna ride High ... on ya love so I got all the vibes that I need ... Fills me up from my head to my feet Well I can't

Claude Kelly - Shes the one lyrics

think shes the one Yeah, the one I hope shes the ... stories Never thought there was one chick... for me So I ... the club Bout 3, 4 chicks at once, thought that was all

Dj Wich - Keep it quite lyrics

want to go with me like only for tonight ... We can make it happen, we can do the things you like/ I ... won't say a word my lips I keep 'em tight ... Just follow my advice and everything will be all

Atozzio - Shes gone lyrics

Sore eyes, No sleep The pain is too strong The events ... keep playin' in my head Trying to forget but they ... wont turn off 'Cause i know she comin back (I can feel it) Clothes there to

Nironic - Keep it quite lyrics

want to go with me like only for tonight ... We can make it happen, we can do the things you like/ I ... won't say a word my lips I keep 'em tight ... Just follow my advice and everything will be all

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - Dance with the one that brought you lyrics

he shines like a penny in a little kid's hand When he's ... out on a Saturday night He's a real go-getter and the best ... ll see But when I'm sittin' alone at a table for two 'Cause he's already out on the

Four Year Strong - Go long dad lyrics

to me to mix business with pleasure But were not getting any ... younger And it leads me to wonder shouldn't I be ... of this Something I could have missed when I'm without her

Schoolboy Q - Fantasy (feat. jhené aiko) lyrics

can have a rendezvous Butter on your ... I know you're used to niggas running game But I ain't playing games Trying to ... introduce you to my last name Let's get acquainted Let

Edguy - F***ing with fire lyrics

saw her coming in high-heels ... Moving like a queen A little sweet angel but deep ... underneath A mean machine You're lying in wait ... to make me a fool You want me to bite I'm gonna take

Tobias Sammet - F***ing with fire lyrics

saw her coming in high-heels ... Moving like a queen A little sweet angel but deep ... underneath A mean machine You're lying in wait ... to make me a fool You want me to bite I'm gonna take

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Loretta lyrics

THIS IS A TRUE STORY) [CHORUS] ... Loretta, wrote a love letter to a stranger ... thought that he would change her life Thought she ... would be his wife OH Loretta Never ever meant him no danger, her love for his sustained her Thought that he

Frank Black - Fu manchu lyrics

heard about A criminal man of virtue Is there any ... doubt His minimal strands would suit you? Is a hard ... earned way Is a hard earned way Ill never lose My fu manchu My fu manchu Let them

Alice Cooper - Raped and freezin lyrics

got a ride, some old broad down from Santa Fe She was a real go-getter She drawled ... so sweetly, "I think, child, that ... things'll get better" We pulled off the

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Make love like a man lyrics

love like a man I'm a man That's what I am, uh! C'mon All you girls 'round the world ... Lookin' for a guy who's a real go getter Every guy grab a

Shaman's Harvest - Devil's gift lyrics

t feel so bad, cause I'm going to make it alright. It's really sad that we've got to turn ... out the lights. And if you sign your name on ... the dotted line, I'm gonna to take you back home. If

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - Shes country lyrics

boys ever met a real country girl? Talkin, true ... home, country girl She's a hot little number in her pick ... up truck Daddy's sweet money done jacked ... it up She's a party-all-nighter from South Carolina

Lil' B - Shes ready lyrics

I know you wanna f*** Bitch I know you wanna ... f*** Undercover bitch freak look like a stripper Make ... that p**** snap bitch you know I'll flip her ... Bitch what's your name, I'm thinking bout grip her

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Shes a ryder lyrics

feat. Gudda Gudda) She's a Ryda For Me I don't know ... If you've been told All I know Is that you've ... been warned About My Girl She's a killa

Ginuwine - Shes out of my life lyrics

Ginuwine (Talking:Whispering):] After all ... we've done and after all we've been through, How ... could you leave me? She's out of my life ... life, She's out of my life And I don't know whether to laugh or cry I don't know

Lil Rob - Go head lyrics

Mr. Shadow] Quivole Mr. Shadow, Lil' Rob Viscious Man ... Funk on the boards Coming at you for the 98 And it won't ... stop Check It [Mr. Shadow] It is I the unfadable

Ben Harper - Shes only happy in the sun lyrics

know you may not want to see me On your way down ... from the clouds Would you hear me if I told you That my heart is with you now She's ... only happy in the sun She's only happy in the sun Did you find

Olympic - Shes a woman lyrics

t give me presents. I know that she's no peasant, Only ever ... has to give me love forever and forever, My love don't ... get lonely, People tell me that she's only Foolin', I know

Juicy J - Real hustler's don't sleep lyrics

Hook x2: Juicy J] Real hustlers don't sleep, we taking naps Cigarillo full of hairy shit, balled up like naps ... Got my eyes on you snakes, like craps On a paper chase, and you haters getting lapped [Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]

The Verve lyricsThe Verve - Shes a superstar lyrics

she comes Seven suns A burning flame She got my ... love Got my head But it's all the same She climbed so ... know why High On her own And I know She's in the air And I don't want it to go I can feel her love But I don't want it to go She got my woe

Jj72 - Shes gone lyrics

s gone she's gone so long gone she burned she burned ... i don't know where they go i don't wanna know i'm ... better off alone so long so long so

George Strait - Shes playing hell trying to get me to heaven lyrics

let it all hang out last night Come in hung over ... this morning My woman met me at the door Preaching me this warning She said "You're gonna have to

The Adicts - Shes a rocker lyrics

you go down to that basement Where the rhythm ... creeps You may see a girl Bopping to the beat ... Swings her hips And swings her hair Sparkle in ... her eye Somewhere in the darkness She gets high She's

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Shes coming home with me lyrics

R. Kelly] Fellas, a few tips, when you're in the ... club You must watch your girl, because she may ... up with me [R. Kelly + (Jay-Z)] TrackMasters (uhh...

Reel Big Fish - Shes famous now lyrics

ve got the measles and she got the mumps i'm sick of waiting by the door in case she ... t believe it but don't you want to know i let her go but i ... can't let her go i don't wanna hear it i'm singin' too high

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - Shes no good lyrics

re no good, no good You're no good, no good ... You're no good You're no good, no good All my friends ... keep telling me, she's no good Oh, so why do I yearn so

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Shes funny that way lyrics

m not much to look at, nothin' to see Just glad I ... m livin' and happy to be I got a woman, crazy for me She's ... funny that way I can't save a dollar, ain't worth a

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Shes gotta be lyrics

much for never makin' the same mistake I can't believe I ... m here again So much for ever thinkin' ... that I could change My good intentions still remain in

Reo Speedwagon - Shes gonna love me lyrics

s gonna love me like you never could ... She's gonna treat me like you never would She ... s gonna love me live i've never been ... loved before You should have grabbed me when you had

Brad Paisley - Shes everything lyrics

s a yellow pair of running shoes A holey pair of jeans She looks great ... in cheap sunglasses She looks great in anything She's I want a piece ... of chocolate Take me to a movie She's I can't find a

Tracy Chapman - Shes got her ticket lyrics

s got her ticket I think she gonna use it I think she going ... to fly away No one should try and stop ... her Persuade her with their power She says that her mind is made up

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Shes a fast persuader lyrics

now she's stinging in the rain 'Cause she's got so much ... to give And I still don't know her name ... But I really wish I did There's a magic in her moves And bet you

Patrik Nuo - Shes like the wind lyrics

like the wind, through my dream She rides the night, next ... to me She leads me through moonlight Only ... burn me with the sun She’s taking my heart But she doesn’t

Outkast - Shes alive lyrics

Baby crying:] Wanh wanh wanh [Andre 3000 - Bridge] A ... boy To raise At a Young age No help From him But she ... s alive To be Made strong But all Alone

Rancid - Shes automatic lyrics

way that she moves well i was aroused impowered impassioned ... it's cold outside we need a place to hide go into the ... club to thaw out for the night she's automatic so automatic the way

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Shes like a star lyrics

s my everything Like a morning girl She's my angel ... up above my world She's the only ... one who understands me That's why I call her my new fan ... league She's the only one that I want by my side She's

A Rocket To The Moon - Shes killing me lyrics

my friends are coming over And I hope nobody told her She ... has a way of turning sunshine into rain I've got on that shirt she ... hates I just know that face she'll make Even though it

Alex Goot - Shes got dementia lyrics

harder to admit you’re wrong when you’ve ... known it was the truth all along? you make it seem like ... dying somehow i believe you and suddenly I’m scared you

Alex Goot - Shes so high lyrics

blood flesh and bone no tucks or silicone ... she´s touch smell sight taste and sound but somehow i ... can´t believe tat anything should happen i know

The Cramps - Shes got balls lyrics

mascara monster Waitin' at the end of the road Murder ... in make-up Inbred outlaw code Ass whippin' woman ... Understood overload She's got balls She's got balls

Bauhaus - Shes in parties lyrics

lines in the rain Special effects by Loonatik and ... Drinks The graveyard scene The golden years ... She's in parties It's in the can (twice) ... Freeze frame screen kiss Hot heads

The Beautiful Girls - Shes evil lyrics

know that girl is evil You know that ... girl is no damn good Won't you listen to me ... when I tell you that She'll take your heart and leave it ... Under the blade She'll cut you good And

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