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Daze - Sky is blue lyrics

is blue I know that it's true I'm dreaming of ... you And I allways will do Sky is blue I know that it's ... true I'm dreaming of you Dreaming of you... I met you in

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Doncha know (sky is blue) lyrics

you think the sky is falling Coming undone All the ... crumble You're on the run All of the room you've taken All the rules you're breaking ... t you know the silent truth is It comes back to you

Dispatched - Blue fire lyrics

Fire... Dark rotten oaks in sight from behind Just another sign of decay and loss ... Dark f***ing sky is hiding the sun Many men died ... to Asgard they went Castle after castle they all fall The

Nightfall - Dark red sky lyrics

the sphere of darkness I send my self to spread my race seeds Enter into ... nothing Inside a body made of evil deeds Blame it all ... on you The one who knew That each day that passed Gave

Anti-flag - Sky is falling lyrics

see my future straight in front of me A super ... to smithereens It's getting hard to hold to hope these days ... I know it's much too late Blasted lives lay in the debris

Beth Hart - Sky is falling lyrics

is a light That shimmers like a diamond in ... the night a fire that is powerful & strong & ... I call it home Here in the dark where I dream myself to

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - Sky is over lyrics

knows, everybody knows, that you cradle the sun, suffer ... life again, living in remorse, sky is over. Don't you want to ... hold me baby? Disappointed, going crazy. Even

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - Sky is over [fawk yeah remix] (ep version) lyrics

sky is over, The sky is over, The sky is over, lalalalala Everybody knows, ... Everybody knows, That you cradle the sun, Living in ... remorse, Sky is over, Dont you want to

Dj Antoine - Sky is the limit lyrics

coming up over the hill I can hardly sits there I got the ... will and I'll find a way I'm not afraid Waited ... for the chance all over my Life I can't watch

Natalie Duncan - Sky is falling lyrics

crutch that I hold, As brittle as old bone. Gonna ... hail their omery stones, 'Cause hell I don't, hell I don't ... Hell I don't feel anything. Ooh the words you

Snak The Ripper - Sky is falling lyrics

Is Falling Sky Is Falling Sky Is Falling Sky Is Falling Sky Is Falling Sky Is Falling Sky Is

Hypocrisy - Sky is falling down lyrics

is falling down Sophistic energy A crack in the ... core A burning sodomy for liberty ... Feel the neon dots that's tattooed in your flesh Cause ... they don't want you to think in any

Lifehouse - Sky is falling lyrics

watch as the daylight crawls past the shadows hanging ... on the walls It's been a long time since I felt the stain of yesterday getting in ... my way (Chorus) I'm alive but tell me am I free?

Neurotech - Sky is always open lyrics


Metalium - Sky is falling lyrics

1: In deepest night, there is no chance to escape Don't ... ever dare The power of the earth First out of sight it'll ... does belong Chorus: So watch the Sky falling, down to

Amorphis - Sky is mine lyrics

my world the sun faded And the moon from my sky was ... gone with stars I came home to a bleak room of ... sorrow Forsaken house, place of grief, in solitude I

Artvox - Sky is falling lyrics

sky is falling, take me out You should know, ... before it comes That the sky grey, no matter what they say ... They just dont care, no matter who is there

Sia lyricsSia - Cloud lyrics

away the hour Into something new ... Throw away the flower They make you feel blue Throwing ... stones at stranger Waiting for the fight Throwing ... stones at birds who Struggle to take

Prince - Dark lyrics

wanna top the rose petals that whisper sweet Come on So dark, dark, so dark So dark, dark, so dark Inside lookin' ... I don't see nothin' but rain Sun up in the sky just a

Gene Clark - Dark of my moon lyrics

on the run, you're on the run again And I'm missing you You ... re on the run, you're having fun again At the cost of ... me and you Midnight hour and the eyes of passion go flashing out of your ivory tower

Moby lyricsMoby - A dark cloud is coming lyrics

river To see if I could be saved 'Cause a dark cloud is ... coming A dark cloud is coming I said a dark cloud is coming Come for me now ... Hmm, hmm... [2x] Called out to you, Lord Called

Hide - Blue sky complex lyrics

haabu no nioi Aoi shinigami no shita de Oh blue sky. ... nouten ki na ada hana kurui saki Feel like a ... suicide. iroke mo tokete nagarerya mina onaji Subete pasuteru ni irodoru Shikisai

Orange Goblin - Blue snow lyrics

snow may fall in your dreams, baby But let me tell you ... those dreams come true Hard to believe as it seems, baby This wonderland was just ... built for me and you A crimson ocean for you, baby

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Dark clouds lyrics

Chorus): It's too dark to see tomorrow Dark clouds are hanging all around me ... It's too dark to see tomorrow These dark ... clouds are hanging all around me It's too dark to see

Natewantstobattle - Blue exorcist - in my world (opening 2) lyrics

side of my heart is It's something that can ... never ever be wiped away I don't care No I don't ... give a damn I gave it my all with my own two hands ... The path I avoided deep within Is looking

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Dark clouds (feat. evidence) lyrics

Chorus:] Dark clouds are hanging all around me It's too dark to see tomorrow... Dark clouds are hanging all around me ... It's too dark to see tomorrow Dark clouds are hanging all around [Madchild:] Dark clouds are hangin' all around I try to

Deine Lakaien - Blue heart lyrics

you felt Like a wooden doll went through his ... hell But I found you ran away with you Talked to you Saved you too Day by day More ... veils disappeared And turned to grey Fell to ashes Took away your fears Smiles

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Blue eyed lady lyrics

Blue eyed lady How come you're all alone ... I've been asking No one seems to know ... whom do you belong Little Blue eyed lady The band are really moving Everyone is

Packy (the Specktators Collective) - Blue eyes lyrics

see, see I was never looking for someone to ... call my lady But you came into my life and all i can ... think about is you lately That free spirit i like You just

Brocas Helm - Dark rider lyrics

a twilight blue and shadowed As the faintest stars were born ... In a month of summers ending Earth's peace was shattered by a ... storm Came a rider helmed with lightning

Andrew Belle - Sky's still blue lyrics

heart is a city Your eyes are a fixture The mind tells a ... story With ten thousand pictures We stumble upon ... ceiling tiles We drew up a landscape We climbed down a

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Blue skies lyrics

these are the figurines Acting out all the scenes ... eyes I thought I knew them all by name But they started ... looking much the same And it’s no surprise But I

Ryan Adams - Blue sky blues lyrics

Sky, when you gonna learn to rain? and let yourself ... go blue for once and let go of that weigth you ... ve been carrying. In this house, no one goes sleep for

Persephone - Blue lyrics

was the moon Two hearts went astray Blue feels the doom ... When love hurries away Blue were your eyes Love at first ... sight Blue feels love`s demise When reality brings light

Dark Quarterer - The etruscan prophecy lyrics

in the night across the silent oak forest ... we are crying for your life man I feel their presence all around me in the odour of earth we are living and we will

Last Empire - Dark queen lyrics

tower true power Lone master gate keeper Invasion ... dimensions breeched Space spins turns in time folds ... implodes Through the portal of the abyss To wage war

Biffy Clyro - Cloud of stink lyrics

if you wanna dance, if you wanna sweat Sweat if you wanna ... smell, go do it alone F*** if you wanna f***, ... if you wanna cum Sleep if you wanna sleep ... talk more in the morn' Look

Jim Reeves - Dark moon lyrics

moon, way up high up in the sky Oh, tell me why, oh tell me ... You've lost your splendor Dark moon, what is the cause ... your life withdraws Is it because, is it because I've lost

Monogram - Blue like jeans lyrics

blue it seems, like a brand brand new pair of jeans Lost my ... dreams since she's gone only blue blue it seems I am down 'cause yesterday she told me She

Hypnogaja - Blue lyrics

I lay awake in my bed, I'm dreaming of you Sadness overcomes ... me Darkness consumes me And I'm longing for you This ... longing for you leaves me so blue It's so hard loving you

Russ - Blue hope lyrics

Intro] Yeah, this that shit for your two seater ... when you got that bad bitch right beside you Kna' ... I'm sayin' It's DIEMON kna' I'm sayin' My nigga Russ kna' I'm sayin' He killin' the

Biggie Smalls - Sky's limit lyrics

B.I.G.] Good evenin ladies and gentlemen How's everybody ... I'd like to welcome to the stage, the lyrically acclaimed, ha I like this young man, because, when he came out he came

Notorious B.i.g. - Sky's the limit lyrics

feat. 112) [Notorious B.I.G.] ... Good evenin ladies and gentlemen How's everybody ... I'd like to welcome to the stage, the lyrically acclaimed, ha I like this young man, because, when he came out he came

Patti Smith - Blue poles lyrics

as I write the sun dissolves Blood life streaming ... cross my hand And these words, these words ... Hope dashed immortal hope Hope streaking the canvas sky Blue poles

Alice Nine lyricsAlice Nine - Blue planet lyrics

ga, yukisaki wo yubisashite egakareta WONDER PLANET ... Suddenly, necessarily, I began to find yourself. Feel me, ... come with us, The night sky is shinning in the blue planet.

Primal Fear - The sky is burning lyrics

On the wrong side of heaven Hell is not to blame For ... s forgotten son Ten thousand miles away from home On ... the dark side of hell Turning cold ... for the final time No surrender I am alive Through the fields of

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Girl blue lyrics

to the one I love, Crystal Ringlets paint a picture of a gold sunrise above. Little ... girl you're sad, Though all you have, is visible to ... you. Within your heart there stays a part That

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - Blue angel lyrics

It's the memory of your warmth That keeps me alive ... When I'm burning And my world's closing in Oh ... I'm on fire I hold on to a wheel of burning fear Oh I

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - The sky is the limit lyrics

Jason Derulo Yeahh Like a shot, to my heart. When i saw, you tonight. Like a dream, ... come alive for the very first time. ... When we touch, in the dark. Baby you, glow in my mind

Factory Of Dreams - Dark utopia lyrics

Utopia’ ‘Dark Utopia’ Safe walls are crumbling down ... I’m alone and lost in the dark The world around me keeps ... pulling me back Destroying the faint light

Hall & Oates - The sky is falling lyrics

D. Hall; Lyrics, D. Hall/S. Allen/A. Gorrie Time will tell ... Give some new meaning now What it really takes to survive ... Time will prove That my fears, all were coming true Now

E/wire - Dark subcultures lyrics

is blind, vain is grow, i was love and i was grow too. ... i was love i was love to you, love you. ... this love is blind this vain is grow, i was vain and i

Kristina Train - Dark black lyrics

remember colors you painted it in my eyes green was ... for the spring time blue the summers skys but now the ... skys have darken the white clouds turned to gray what a way

Bloc Party - Blue light lyrics

ll find it hiding in shadows You'll find it hiding in ... cupboards It will walk you home safe every night ... help you remember If that's way it is Then that's the

Hall And Oates - The sky is falling lyrics

will tell Give some new meaning now What it really takes to survive Time will ... prove That my fears, all were coming true Now that you’re leaving my life Clouding up, think l see rain,and

Marduk - Dark endless lyrics

complete Oh so it burns Dark endless forests Has poisoned my blood Overshadowed ... by ancient evil My bones are black from sadness My ... soul is cold as ice I will dwell in hell

Mystic Prophecy - Sky's burning lyrics

last breath I hear they are coming The ghosts on my ... curse Surround myself and drill Into my lifeless ... body And we are flying In the dark black sky They are whispering to me

Agharti - The sky is falling lyrics

clouds all around me, the sky is falling I never thought I ... would see how nature controls me I love it ... when I see it, chaos around, I'm screaming The

Atari Terror - Sky burning lyrics

s crying in the small house sunset colours are disappearing sky is burning, dream´s dissolving little man's arm shows a new future... ... blind, deaf and dumb help me! ...screaming

Bananarama - Is your love strong enough lyrics

me take you on a trip with me Through stormy ... waters to tranquillity Where the winds of ... change are bittersweet Only the ... will succeed Destiny has her eye on you She's watching you Surely the hand

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