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Shelea The Easy Way lyrics

Browse for Shelea The Easy Way song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Shelea The Easy Way lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Shelea The Easy Way.

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Charlotte Church - Easy way out lyrics

my point of view I only want the best for you Understand I'm ... like a fool You've heard the truth You've heard it all ... See nothing's changed... The situation's just the same

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Easy way out lyrics

call it a friend I’ll take the easy way out I’d like to ... find a way to take command I guess I’ll ... take the easy way out And try to find a way to

Plain White T's - Easy way out lyrics

people look at themselves, With such doubt, ... Some people Just take the easy way out.. But I don't want ... people just try to follow the crowd.. But I don't want

Leo Sayer - Takin' the easy way out lyrics

her never, never againand as the room about you starts to ... pretend that you've taken the easy way outthough you know ehn ... her last nightyou were fakin' the easy way outwith one hand

Eddy Arnold - Easy way lyrics

ve always been a lover the easy going kind I've known a ... pretty girls but I left them all behind Don't want no ... love 'em and leave 'em that's the easy way The easy way is the system I use Spread

The Adicts - Easy way out lyrics

day to day We live our lives the same way No money to hold in ... to spend it. So I chose the easy way out To do my body ... Slashed my wrist (I) It was the easy way out. We've all

Elliott Smith - Easy way out lyrics

But it's all about taking the easy way out for you, I ... suppose There's no escape for you, except ... disappeared within yourself The invisible man, who's always

Blitzkrieg - Easy way out lyrics

s a bitch and then you die, Defeat is hard, ... but then you must try, To keep your ... is cheap, that's what you always said, I know it's hard to ... I'm sure you'll find... The easy way out. Don't get

Roy Orbison - Easy way out lyrics

all you do is decieve. Always a heartache up your sleeve ... good does it do to be hidin’ the truth (Hidin’ Hidin’) The ... CHORUS: Baby i’m teaking the easy way out And i know that

My Morning Jacket - Death is the easy way lyrics

say death is the easy way and I think they're right ... gets you high, you're poor the day you die And alcohol, it ... you feels good and it's always understood That anything

Saga - Easy way out lyrics

me can you see A reason for these questions We've come so ... We feel much more for each other Than we care to say We're ... us feel so afraid You ran away from me But you were hiding

Benediction - Easy way to die lyrics

ll get a taste of the forbidden fruit Of what I ... s like to truly live All the depravity All the crime and ... you'll be begging me To push the needle in Drift away,

Emmure - When everything goes wrong, take the easy way.. lyrics

My broken soul can't take another day. I beg for you to leave ... for me, won't you please open the gates? Open the gates. ... God, if you can hear me, open the gates.&quot

The Knack - The hard way lyrics

'Cos you're gonna find out the hard wa (You can take the ... hard way) You can take the hard way (You can take the ... hard way) No matter what I do or

The Kinks - The hard way lyrics

'Cos you're gonna find out the hard way, You gonna find out ... the hard way. No matter what I do or ... turn around and slap you in the face, Then you're gonna find

Peter Heppner - Easy lyrics

walk along your way One fine day A way you'd ... s just passing by It's the easy way Promising to ease your ... where Temptation will be there It's so easy Easy to be

Dj Wich - The long way home ft sixin lyrics

Spent a few minutes in the mirror trying to find myself ... But it's just me I see and the eyes of a champion So ... f***ing frustrated wary of the details All the different

Nironic - The long way home feat sixin lyrics

Spent a few minutes in the mirror trying to find myself ... But it's just me I see and the eyes of a champion So ... f***ing frustrated wary of the details All the different

Gotye - Easy way out lyrics

and I'm over it Ready for the disconnect Putting on a ... Trying not to listen To the voices in the back of my head ... Til I'm just) Looking for an easy way out Brain-dead from

David Gray - Easy way to cry lyrics

curls through my hands These one night stands Are ... Morning I'll go Crowds in the rain all passing by Faith ... word it flies Taking you further away And come that day There ain't no easy way to cry

Mcfly - Easy way out lyrics

With him tonight. She felt the fire, Burn out long ago, ... he'll never know She turns away as he calls her name She ... her) You're a little slow (There's no easy way out) It's

Mary Has A Gun - Easy way lyrics

We need to switch to Another option Adapt the script and ... attraction To get the main role in Your movie till ... end But you don't care about the price to pay You wanna

Chesney Hawkes - The family way lyrics

ain't so easy when you're Doing things the family way You can change ... your mind but you'll always find That the chance is there for the taking Don't you

Clawfinger - Easy way out lyrics

resurrection You won't find the lost connection Life is only ... decide if you can take it There is no easy way out Do ... you like the situation Can you take the

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - The hard way lyrics

ve got your own way of looking at it baby I ... are set on automatic We say the first thing that comes to ... you're thinkin' ; I'm not always easy to be around (Chorus

Joe Bonamassa - The hard way lyrics

was gonna come, Will I be the one, will I be around? I can ... Say that’s not you - holdin’ the world up. Every time you ... stop. Think you’re going the wrong way. You were never

Joplin Scott - The easy winners lyrics

This is also an instrumental composition without lyrics....

Gotye - The only way lyrics

down now baby The end of the journey’s in sight You’ve ... so far love Now all of the stars are aligned Say ... to) Leaving your life’s no easy ride All the grief you

K'naan - The african way (ft. mwafrika) lyrics

Ja-Rule poster, cuz I am off the wall Yo, basically the ... is here K'Naan and Mwafrika, there's no solution and fair ... I'm taking it back like clothes that don't fit That you

Metatrone - The best way lyrics

you a story of a long time The way an old man has changed their life A horde of lost souls ... in search for The right way Easy to think but so hard to make

Jojo - The high road lyrics

that I had But ya left me in the cold But still I have ... my heart It will find it's way to me I could fight Seek ... you bring me down I'll take the high road I'm gonna keep

After All - The avenger lyrics

the light at the end of the room impossible to even ... if it's useful to try 'cause the torture would be too much ... You are the cruel inventor of this play

Mesmerize - The cube lyrics

all the days of my life Walking ... through the memories I can't remember ... and all I see now Just another empty room My blood runs ... realizing I'm a prisoner in the Cube Fear. The creacking

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - The easy road lyrics

for a place You can fly together And you're really afraid ... you're leaving behind Take the easiest road But take care ... my brother For you'll never find

Mirah - The light lyrics

s the use of holding out A work ... Was some rain If heaven is the future Why is it that that ... you refuse to go There now with all you have You ... such a sorry waste To take the easy way out of the pain Of the pain When the end shines

Morrissey - The more you ignore me, the closer i get lyrics

more you ignore me, the closer I get You're wasting ... your time The more you ignore me, the ... your time I will be in the bar with my head on the bar ... of your mind's landscape Whether you care or do not Yeah, I

Nasum - The flames of the truth lyrics

you believe in equality? The flames of the truth... The ... flames of the truth Are licking your face ... Burning your skin Just as they should Your ignorance Will

Beyond The Period - The opposite lyrics

take the easy way to evade the world’s decay. Handle with ... to not misguide, you are the owner of your life. ... Cohabit with their hate, the maltreat and neglect of some

Making Marks - The grass that´s still wet lyrics

take the easy way ´Cause there´s nothing else to take And ... we´re always positive at least when we´re ... awake But all these dissapointments are gonna

Bowling For Soup - The hard way lyrics

TV she says she needs some therapy Chorus: You know it ... me And I had to find it out the hard way She calls me up ... a thing You need some therapy I think you need some

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - The narrow way (part 1 & 2) lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental...

Samurai Champloo - The million way of drum lyrics

instrumental.... instrumental..... instrumental..... instrumental...... instrumental..... instrumental..........

A.k.a.s - The best way to beat a mid-life crisis (is to.. lyrics

won´t you wash those tears away. I´m so red my credit line´s ... don´t you listen to a word they say. Momma, momma don´t you ... dead ends. I paint all the red doors black. Black to

Yolanda Adams - The only way lyrics

I go I must tell everyone of the Savior I know And the things ... He has done He's the Truth and the Life And there ... s no other way to the Father But by him Long ago when

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - The only way i know lyrics

I grew up in one of them old farm towns Where they ... hit it hard 'til the sun goes down Nobody really ... care That we were living in the middle of nowhere We just

Billy Idol - The right way lyrics

of hard times Any old which way Had enough of Saying to my ... up with hard times Sick of the boss 'N tell him Get out my ... way Sick of the boss Just any old pay day

Bush lyricsBush - The only way out lyrics

me down to the water through the tripwires in your head ... through the seven layers of your holy ... bed Where there is no warm guard by the ... I wanna be your seasonals The only way out is through lost

Confession - The long way home lyrics

night sleeping away from home Is this shit real ... I see you again I've seen the world with my friends and no ... new places every night another city gone, another city

The Cribs - The wrong way to be lyrics

returning now to show That the wrong way to be Is rubbing ... returning now to show That the wrong way to be Is rubbing ... know that you will find That the wrong way to be Is rubbing

Eric Church - The hard way lyrics

Road Let alone in angry weather That what I tell everyone I ... lesson I wish I didn't learn the hard way Only a fool would ... a diamond ring In a box on the top of his closet He came so

Dan Fogelberg - The long way lyrics

can win [Chorus:] We went the long way We went the long way We went the long way... Or ... maybe just the wrong way I'll never know Overnight ... we were shown the light Neither of us knew to look away...

Foxy Shazam - The only way to my heart... lyrics

was thinking of sex and all the nasty things we do I was ... I can keep my hat on in the worstest hurricane (make it ... mind Losing my mind Keep the flowers, I'll just give 'em

Guano Apes - The long way home lyrics

m gonna drive us to the ocean side Wait and wait ... for too long yes And when the mountain sing a sobg for us ... here where I belong I hear the song I'm gotta take the long way home Do you hear the song? I

Faith Hill - The hard way lyrics

hear every word they say They tell me to stay away They ... and lovin' and learnin' the hard way You're the hardest ... and lovin' and learnin' the hard way Someday baby, I

Linda Ronstadt - The long way around lyrics

with you And you've taken me the long way around Take a ... we are A month has changed the moon and the stars Changing the things we do You've been ... for something strong When other things don't mean nothin'

Frankie Lymon - The only way to love lyrics

only way to love to love to love to ... love the only way to love the only way to love to love to ... love to love the only way to love You've got to love

Laura Marano - The ally way lyrics

Doin' things the Ally way! Ally: Step 1 Austin: ... Climb the rope Trish: Climb the ... rope Dez: Climb the rope All: Climb. The. ... Rope Ally: Doin' things the Ally way! Step 2 Dez:

Nephew - The danish way to rock lyrics

legestue-ting Yeah, it’s the Danish way to rock Og hvis ... sammen Mod nyt land, it’s the Danish way to rock Vi gror ... sammen Mod nyt land, it’s the Danish way to rock Dam da

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