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Rwake - The cat and the snake lyrics

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Mamas And The Papas, The - The right somebody to love lyrics

makes life the sweetest, Bestest, and ... a big doll house or a Mickey Mouse, But the right somebody to ... love. Ice cream, cake, and candy May be fine and dandy -

Slaves - The king and the army that stand behind him (.. lyrics

Jonny Craig:) They love you when the lines get ... blurred, our hearts become the source as we push through ... all of these feelings, failure always ... Oh it's nights like these where it's all in my dreams

Modest Mouse - The tortoise and the tourist lyrics

get dressed as ghosts With sheets taken from the bed Inside ... travelers' checks We are tourists of the dead So let's ... up Let's go Let's go There was this tortoise, its

The Dubliners - The call and the answer lyrics

called and I ran As wild as the wind which rows across the ... moor All we needed was each other Like the eagle we will soar ... You are the call and I'm the answer You are the wish and

Brenda Lee - The cowgirl and the dandy lyrics

lounge he sat, with his cane and derby hat The grandest man ... I've have ever seen, Outside the heavy rains had grounded all the planes, So I asked him if he

Bing Crosby - The waiter and the porter and the upstairs ma.. lyrics

genial host may I offer a toast To the wine buying guest ... on my right (Hooray for the wine buyer) (Spoken) Yes ... drag out the cooking sherry for the old

Adam Sandler - The buffoon and the dean of admissions lyrics

now a Bafoon's meeting with The Dean of Admissions at a ... Well Micheal i'd like to extend my warmest ... you're up comming graduation and I understand you're

Primus - The family and the fishing net lyrics

dreams Her honey belly pulls the seams Curves are still upon the hinge Pale zeros tinge the ... skin Moist as grass, ripe and heavy as the night The

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - The family and the fishing net lyrics

dreams Her honey belly pulls the seams Curves are still upon the hinge Pale zeros tinge the ... skin Moist as grass, ripe and heavy as the night The

Irish Rovers - The orange and the green lyrics

------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------...

Birdpen - The birds and the antennas lyrics

the birds interfere with the antennas. Keep checking ... messages will be shown. Into your home

Dezperadoz - The legend and the truth lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrum...

Matt Pond Pa - The sound and the words lyrics

head words cannot be heard the sound is in your head words ... be heard i can't waste another minute i can't wait another

Against All Authority - The mayhem and the pain lyrics

with a fire in his blood and it burns like a mother f***er ... I've picked him up off the ground when his cells were ... down and now its getting tougher to stay motivated when the ends in sight and the world

Los Lobos - The lady and the rose lyrics

the barren slopes of a thousand hopes Where a warm wind ... blows To a place where I could rest my ... All my life I've worked the earth For what it's worth

Carnifex - The diseased and the poisoned lyrics

a mass grave for thought and reason. This hellish maze ... inside my mind, a vortex for the diseased and the poisoned. ... myself staring at two empty hands and I'll give everything I

Go Fish - The cow and the peanut lyrics

got a cow down on the farm Moo, moo, moo, moo She ... stream Moo, moo, moo, moo And ever since then she’s been ... was all aflutter Around the bend came the number 10

Merrigan - The troll and the flower lyrics

snow had fallen on the land, And little troll's tears they froze upon his cheeks, For ... had killed his only friend, The flower pale now dead beneath the white. So he sought,

Dimmu Borgir - The insight and the catharsis lyrics

Dimensions".] [Music: Dimmu Borgir.] [Lyrics: ... ] [7:09] [Shagrath:] (The Insight and the Catharsis!) ... course Unlock with the key you behold within

Isis - The beginning and the end lyrics

you both laid in the sun's yellow stare On the ... edge with eyes rolled back the waves we calling him As he ... teetered on the edge The waves were calling him He

Karliene Reynolds - The bear and the maiden fair lyrics

bear there was, a bear, a bear! All ... black and brown and covered in hair! Three boys, ... a goat, and a dancing bear! They danced and spun, right to the fair! Oh, sweet she was, and pure, and fair! The maid

Nightwish - The poet and the pendulum lyrics

Poet And The Pendulum "WHITE LANDS ... OF EMPATHICA" The end. The songwriter's dead ... The blade fell upon him Taking ... him to the white lands Of Empathica Of Innocence

Matt Maher - The spirit and the bride lyrics

all the thirsty in need of the river For all the sleeping ... hearts waking from their slumber For everyone still ... standing at the shoreline, come For all the hurting souls running from their healer For all the

Queen Adreena - The butcher and the butterfly lyrics

a finger missing on my right hand a butchers hand in a ... butterfly wing span the sky hangs on a thread as I ... paint the white picket fence red said ... tear in her sunset smile I told the broken bird of my

Battlelore - The cloak and the dagger lyrics

Second Land, the Eastern ride, into the cave ... where the serpents hide Treasures of ... lies in disguise, unseen is the truth, fragile dreams Only ... lies and fragile dreams Refer the

Ed Harcourt - The cusp and the wane lyrics

for good old-fashioned brawl There are many voices that are ... solace in his knowledge of the cusp and the wane Hard ... living may steal the best of me I've burned the candle as bright as it can be

Meat Puppets - The wind and the rain lyrics

t it blow so cold and lonely Oh, and it's blowin ... your way Thunder roars, the clouds are reeling A thousand shades of gray And it falls ... explained No one can buy The wind and the rain Whistling

Saviour Machine - The plague and the darkness lyrics

angel poured his bowl Upon the sun and the flames came And ... with fire, in blasphemy... The cursed the God of plagues... ... Then the fifth angel poured his bowl

Barbarian - The hammer and the anvil lyrics

Rip, destroy & burn Breathe the smell of death Spreading ... Spitting out some venom The hammer's rising hell Virgin ... flow Countess spell Scorch the earth Dig more graves Take

Blue Öyster Cult - The red and the black lyrics

police force that works Red and black, that's their color ... scheme Get their man, in the end It's all right [repeat ... Chateau baby I'll cross the frontier at ten Got a whip

The Chase - The glamour and the shame lyrics

this is my recital, we lie the way that lovers do. Well I ... am the ghost of tragedy and I hate every second of it. ... Poetic hands that choke my screams. As I

Delain - The glory and the scum lyrics

it leads Is all we seem to hear today Thorns remain ... It is all enrolled in you and me Either wasteland or ... wonderland Look at what we've done ... at what we have become We're the glory and the scum Monster

Freygolo - The gain and the profit lyrics

profit win the game So many words I can't ... stand to hear again Be the first competition There's ... something wrong in our education All the things we learn

Mechanical Poet - The dead the living and the city lyrics

fog blots out the city Cold shine of setting ... sun The hive is intermitting Its ... run Steel bugs along the highways Skylines of towers ... Square glassy eyes AND CITY MAKES A SLEEPY SIGH

Shooter Jennings - The deed and the dollar lyrics

me happy everyday What do the old folks say She's finer ... low She reminds me that there's always tomorrow I kinda ... knows My sun comes up just to hear her crowe She don't

Amy Grant - The now and the not yet lyrics

But not all that we will be. Tomorrow, when we lock the door, ... He'll draw us near, And we'll be changed by His glory ... not all that we will see. Tomorrow, when we lock the door,

Enigma - The voice and the snake lyrics

first bowl on the earth the second bowl on the sea the ... third bowl on the rivers the fourth bowl on the sun the ... fifth bowl on the beast the sixth bowl on the stars the

Galadriel - The flower and the dark butterfly lyrics

m flying through the dark meadow Among ancient ... I feel its odour near the wood The moon's hovering ... over level of the lake Silver light caressing

Hasselhoff David - The young and the restless lyrics

dreams of the past, Gone, with a love ... that moved too fast. Gone, bright shiny ... days, Gone, in a young and restless haze. Why did we ... love, then run away ? So little time,

David Hasselhoff - The young and the restless lyrics

dreams of the past, Gone, with a love that ... moved too fast. Gone, bright shiny ... days, Gone, in a young and restless haze. Why did we ... love, then run away ? So little time,

Mar De Grises - The bell and the solar gust lyrics

..And so the bell-maker flew high ... Modeling wind and light Tolling, he kept every soul ... Once inside a time. Toll, toll, resound, echoes too far ... of time It carries the truth in form of sound

Meat Puppets - The monkey and the snake lyrics

tweet tweet) This is the story of the history of night ... From the beginning it has never seen the light It takes a while to ... never understand It holds the gift of darkness in it's hand

Moving Mountains - The earth and the sun lyrics

your hands away from your face So I ... can see everything you are And everything you've been to me ... wanna be You, you're like the sun And I am earth Together

My Dying Bride - The whore, the cook and the mother lyrics

lust must be fed Lay your hands on me Lay your perfect hands on me You know exactly ... heat rips through me Your hands rip my skin Deep inside ... me again My seed is passed to you We are now one To you

Omd - The beginning and the end lyrics

hearts Away Thus we reach the end The beginning and the ... You see I could not try And here you and i Parting due to me only And

Simple Minds - The needle and the damage done lyrics

I have some more?" Oh, the damage done I hit the city and I lost my band, I watched the needle take another man. ... Gone, gone, the damage done I sing the

Baby Dee - The moon and the morning star lyrics

That evening would be first To ride love's back and say I ... got here first Before the dawn And long before the day ... float Her rosy little boat And the moon and the morning star

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The maiden and the minst lyrics

faithful crowd Is gathered here Soon they’ll appear ... The high and mighty show up The king is in doubts “Apart ... form this beggar here There’s no one like you my dear

Ceremonial Castings - The crucible and the cross lyrics

salve) All rise ye who stand accused For practice of the ... witches craft Silent tongues that speak no truth ... Continuing down the devil's path Are ye guilty

John Denver - The cowboy and the lady lyrics

lounge she sat in a fancy feathered hat The grandest lady I ... had ever seen Outside the heavy rains had grounded all the planes So I asked her if

Donovan - The tinker and the crab lyrics

the windy beach the sun is shining through with ... weather fair White horses riding on ... the seas pasture onto the sand Over the Dunes came a ... on back Wild flowers in his hand Old rusty cans, pebbles

Empyrium - The shepherd and the maiden ghost lyrics

still a warm sun did colour the sky The meadows did shine in ... a strange golden light and vales did forth the soft haze ... of night When through the air a voice did resound

Dan Fogelberg - The sand and the foam lyrics

like an angel, lights on the step Muting the morning she ... heralds Dew on the grass like the tears the ... night wept Gone long before the day wears old [Chorus:]

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - The badger and the rabbit lyrics

squirrel gather nuts in May And he shuts his nuts away There ... s a quick brown fox In the hollyhocks A vixen in the ... mood to play Well The badger don't care Rabbit got

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