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She Was Walking Around With A Loaded Shotgun And She Went Bang Bang Bang Straight lyrics

Browse for She Was Walking Around With A Loaded Shotgun And She Went Bang Bang Bang Straight song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed She Was Walking Around With A Loaded Shotgun And She Went Bang Bang Bang Straight lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to She Was Walking Around With A Loaded Shotgun And She Went Bang Bang Bang Straight.

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K'naan - Bang bang ft. adam levine lyrics

shot me, she shot me, Bang, bangshe shot me. She shot me ... she shot me, Bang, bang. (Get out the way, yo) Ahh… there she goes again, The ... girl is Ethiopian. In other words, she came

Adam Levine - Bang bang ft. k'naan lyrics

shot me, she shot me, Bang, bangshe shot me. She shot me ... she shot me, Bang, bang. (Get out the way, yo) Ahh… there she goes again, The ... girl is Ethiopian. In other words, she came

Suzi Quatro - She's in love with you lyrics

s in love with you, that's all she wants to do She'll ... never let you down, she'll never fool around 'Cos she's in love with you So if ... you see her all alone one night walk up to her

Sean Paul - She wanna be down lyrics

grind? Yeah, yeah You're charged with possess in other ... of trudge But you know what? Let me tell you a story, alright, yo, yo, yo She wanna be down with me everyday And

Kevin Rudolf - She can get it lyrics

she don't stop She working' it all about She ... moves it around the clock And she can get it, sh-sh-she can get it Don't quit, the way ... that she moves it She's making me lose my grip And she

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - She was hot lyrics

York was cold and damp TV is just a blank Looks ... like another dead end Sunday What about an early night ... Monday never feels so bright Ooh ... the sheets feel cold and lonely Who wants to brave

Gaelic Storm - She was the prize lyrics

ve Lived A Long Life And Now I'm Looking Back It's ... The End Of The Road The Last Stop On The Track And I ... Smile As Think Of My True Love Once ... Light Of My Life The One I Adore Chorus: She...She Was

Talking Heads lyricsTalking Heads - And she was lyrics

And she was lying in the grass And she ... could hear the highway breathing And she could see a nearby factory She's making sure ... she is not dreaming See the lights of a

Schultz Mark - She was watching lyrics

always called her daddy's little girl She was ... four years old Waiting by the door to run into ... his arms Each time that he came home And every night he

First Aid Kit - I met up with the king lyrics

met up with the king He confessed his ... body was burning I met up with the king His body had begun ... to rot And he said don't think less of me I'm ... still the same man I used to be But no one

Tracy Lawrence - Hillbilly with a heartache lyrics

he's a hard workin' easy goin' country boy he wouldn ... t harm a fly Nadine down at the hair salon promised she ... be his bride He took it hard when she ran off with the

James - Walking the ghost lyrics

s a knocking at my window Not one for yes ... two for no Some spirit is unsatisfied From watching her ... world spin out of control At night she goes walking around her old home Objecting to

Short Stack - Bang bang sexy lyrics

Bang Bang Sexy) (Bang Bang Sexy) Oh, It's twelve o ... clock on a Saturday night, And he's watching her dance, ... Under the city lights, She said loves a bitch, He said

Bloc Party - She's hearing voices lyrics

s hearing voices call her She's hearing voices warn her She just can't sleep in her bed She just can't sleep She's falling down the stairs She's ... tearing out her hair She's screaming my name, in the

Kottonmouth Kings - She's dangerous lyrics

a wise man once said, Don’t fall in love in love with a ... pretty girl, Cause the pretty girls are the ... ones that can be so dangerous. Yeah she’s dangerous, Lethal weapon,

Dark Lotus - She was lyrics

Shaggy 2 Dope] Woo hoo You ... shoulda seen her Man, her fid in my hand heavy ... sweatin' like a fever The way she cut through flesh, she was beautiful Her grace and

Big Bang - Bang bang bang lyrics

kkaeeona kkaman bamgwa hamkke Da deureowa damen nugu ... charye Han chi apdo bol su eopsneun makjang ... gerilla Gyeongbaehara mokcheongi teojige Jjijilhan bunwigireul jeonhwanhae Gwanggireul gamchuji moshage hae

Damian Marley lyricsDamian Marley - She needs my love lyrics

Jr.Gong long side Yami Bolo Come to tell you a ... little story about the girl next door Certain tings can happen but she ... will never know Unless she come ah di rasta man stage

The Boomtown Rats - Straight up lyrics

she'll set the world alight She's looking lost with life But ... no-one's on fire And still she burns She waits her turn Straight up. Sometimes at least it

Boy George - She was never he lyrics

was a stunning vision Painted eyes with such precision ... Longer legs than any girl i know Switching down ... on Old Kent Road With her lips on overload Making

Bang Sugar Bang - She's so up lyrics

steerin' by the stars embedded in the sidewalk up ... she's shiny like the fenders on a ... cocaine car so up I don't want my head on my shoulders she goes higher and higher and oh

Bbm - Around the next dream lyrics

was standing in the dark Waiting in the wings Just around the next dream She was ... holding all the keys To set my heart ... free Behind the shadows of love. From the distance I could see Her standing alone Shine like a jewel in

Amy Grant - Walking away with you lyrics

calls me to the darkness. He tries to put some ... hardness In my heart, Pulling us apart. He ... tells me that he needs me, But lies are all he feeds Into my life, Day and night. When I'm

Fat Joe - She's my mama lyrics

know one man's treasure is another man's trash (speak on ... it) And you know the man who sleeps on the floor can ... t fall the f*** off the bed Nigga ... Pop your collar to this It's grills mania

Emma Bunton - She was a friend of mine lyrics

yeah Oh-oh, yeah-yeah-yeah-eh Oh-oh, yeah-yeah-yeah-eh ... I trusted her with him That's where the story begins We ... talked of boys and men They all came second then I made a sacrifice And trusted all

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Bang boom bang lyrics

boom bang A bullet into the brain ... Singing supersonic speed again Another Bang boom bang What a beautiful blame Got a pain killing drug in my veins

Nofx - She didn't lose her baby lyrics

she cried alone for hours and she did lines off the floor ... as she thought of the unthinkable then she crushed up even ... more she never thought they’d take her

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - She just wants to be lyrics

s not that she walked away, her world got smaller. all the usual places, the same ... destinations, only something's changed. it's not that she wasn't rewarded with pomegranate afternoons and Mingus,

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - ‘tis a pity she was a whore lyrics

she punched me like a dude Hold your mad hands, I ... cried ‘Tis a pity she was a whore ‘Tis my curse, I ... suppose That was patrol That was patrol This is the war

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - She was asking for it lyrics

me back Back to the scene It's coming ... back I remember her screams The fear in her eye The ... night she died It left me empty ... Hollow inside Dead to the world, I see only black, there's blood on my hands

Elliot Minor - She's getting around lyrics

s in and out She's getting around She can't stay away, she can ... t stay away Up and down From city to town She can't stay away, she can't stay away It always started in

Denace - She bad lyrics

Intro] This songs to all the girls that really don't ... give a fff...You know what I'm tryin' to say. The ones ... that don't care about no man. That don't need a man. That

Gotthard - She goes down lyrics

Was The Real Black Sheep Around The County Line Everybody's ... Toy Quite All The Time They Took It For ... Granted, She Could'nt Say No Now She's Foolin' Around

Pleasure P - She's gone lyrics

Whats Up Lil Bro I See U Got U ... Lil Shorty U Love Her.. Oh Man Love Is A Beautiful Thing ... Remember I Used To Have That Feeling U Got A Good Girl ... Though Don't Mess It Up That's What I Did Man & It's

The Prostitutes - She's dead lyrics

was a lovely girl just out on a friday night Out with her ... friends to have a good time One of them gave ... her a pill. Just to help her on ... her way Now shes alone She's dead She's dead She's dead She's dead Out with her

Usher lyricsUsher - She came to give it to you feat. nicki minaj lyrics

it ain’t what you do cause… So if you knew what I ... knew She'd be yours tonight Yeah, baby Imagine she came here to ... getaway Well she don’t want nobody crowding the space

Beatsteaks - She was great lyrics

lot of tears a lot of hate there it goes all the magic ... but that's alright And it's her on the phone ... everything is just tragic i've been counting the ... years trying to fake my way all around it and get along

Toby Keith - She ran away with a rodeo clown lyrics

s a top barrel racer Cowboy chaser She drinks ... tecate like it's goin' out of ... style She's real good lookin' And pretty good ... at hookin' Any man she wants with just a little smile I drawed a strong one A big full

Jackson Browne - She's a flying thing lyrics

s a flying thing that sings With her eyes like smoky rings ... The sun can feel her presence in the sky ... And I think I'm gonna stay 'Cause there's nothing in

Carson Lueders - Wish she was my girlfriend lyrics

Wish she was my girlfriend G... G... ... Girlfriend. Wish she was my girl... I think I'm in ... trouble yeah because I ended up in the friend ... zone I can't believe it yeah Messed up with the

Brett Dennen - She's mine lyrics

the witches stare with their limbs akimbo ... silhouettes of statues up in the window call me ... to come here with a crooked crescendo but i don ... t devotees dance among the pantomime on the

Joe Mcelderry - She was beautiful lyrics

was beautiful Beautiful to my eyes From the ... moment I saw her The sun filled the sky ... She was so, so beautiful Beautiful just to hold ... In my dreams she was spring time Winter was cold

Pink Martini lyricsPink Martini - She was too good to me lyrics

was too good to me How can I get along now So close she stood to me She was too ... good to me How can I get along now So close she stood ... to me Everything seems all wrong now She would have

Curren$y - She don't want a man lyrics

was a little red Corvette, fast as hell, turned heads on ... set Pretty skin, soft voice, asking for rough sex Whatever ... Lola wants, Lola gets, This particular evening she wanted to

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - She likes it lyrics

Aye! Aye! And She Likes It And She Likes It And She Likes ... it And She Likes it [Hook] You know ... Imma ball When we in the mall 20 racks up in my pocket, baby Imma spend it all She tell

Beck - She was a beautiful woman lyrics

of a beautiful woman My nose started to bleed ... My hair was shedding like a dog My wife put my name on ... the bowl She put my body in the grave ... Nightmares always keep me alive I was treated like a dog

Bow Wow - She's in love with my money lyrics

the beginning things was cool Been together since ... school I got played in the end Had me looking ... like a fool Thought she would be the one Different ... from all the others Well that shit was more than the pun(?

Elvis Costello - She was no good lyrics

be no good, I'm telling you Gather round boys for a tale that is tragic and true On the ... Mississippi riverboat, "Magnolia" No one onboard was smelling too sweet That

Jc Chasez - She got me lyrics

in on a rocket ship The middle of ... the night Coloring the stratospheres A beauty by her ... side She was so hypnotic Staring inner beams of light It was so mysterious But something

Jerry Lee Lewis - She still comes around lyrics

know, I am not a model husband Although, I'd like to be ... But payday nights and painted women They do strange ... things to me But when the party's over And the good is all she sees Though I let her

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - She don't really care_1 luv lyrics

Chorus] She grew up in Brooklyn She grew ... up in Harlem She grew up in Bronx She know she was a queen She lived in ... Queens Oh yeah, oh yeah But she don't really care She don't

Maria - You, me and she lyrics

like lately, you're far away Even when you're sitting near Drives me crazy, that you ... don't seem to care Feels so lonely, I know that something's wrong I can

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - She's too much for my mirror lyrics

s too much for my mirror She almost make me lose it The way ... she abuse it make me never wanna use it Well mend yer heart 'n mind yer soul Ole ... Chicago she's uh woman thata Make uh young man uh bum She howl like the wind Make m'

Four Tops - When she was my girl lyrics

Gottlieb, Larry; Blatte , Marc; She used to be everything ... to me When she was my girl When she was my girl ... I held her near Told her how much I cared ... When she was my girl When she was my girl When she was my girl

Harmony - She lyrics

tried to reach up higher And she always loved to play with the ... fire Tried to be what others admire And nothing ... would keep her away from what she desires Pulls the sheets above her head To forget all

Barlow Girl - She walked away lyrics

couldn't take one more day Home was more her prison ... now Independence called out She had to get it A fight was all she needed To give her reason She slammed the door with

Citizens! - She said lyrics

said, she said take me with you She said, she said take ... me with you You’ll taste heaven, you’ll taste hell And ... doubt you doubt themselves And those who lose will one day

Clay Walker - Fore she was mama lyrics

ten years old, hide and seek I found me in the ... closet Ready or not I stumbled on And ... opened up that box of Yearbooks, letters, black and ... whites A hundred, maybe more Next thing I know

Deep Purple - She was lyrics

was, she was She was all that she said she was She was all that she said she was I ... couldn't want for more but all I want is more I just want her more and more and more and more and more But she's

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - She was loving me lyrics

was my life and my greatest star She was my life when I lost ... my faith I never knew how much she ... loved me Perhaps it could be, cause she ... never felt like I've She had my hand and she gave me a

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