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She Was Standing By The Jukebox Dropping Quarters lyrics

Browse for She Was Standing By The Jukebox Dropping Quarters song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed She Was Standing By The Jukebox Dropping Quarters lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to She Was Standing By The Jukebox Dropping Quarters.

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Hüsker Dü - Standing by the sea lyrics

was no one all around There was no one there but me I was ... staring out a window I was standing by the sea The waves kept ... Each one crashing to the shore And my footprints

Manfred Mann - Blinded by the light lyrics

by the light Revved up like a deuce ... Another runner in the night Blinded by the light ... drummer bummers Indians in the summer With a teenage ... diplomat In the dumps with the mumps As the adolescent

Jordan Knight - I could never take the place of your man lyrics

when her old man ran away She couldn't stop crying cause she knew he was gone to stay 10 ... 35 on a lonely Friday night She was standing by the fire and

June Carter Cash - The shadow of a lady lyrics

She was standing on the corner With a suitcase in ... her hand She held her head up high As she turned from a man Tears ... fell from her eyes But she couldn’t hide the shame Sir,

Dokken - Standing in the shadows lyrics

was a desperate man They couldn't understand He ... wanted more from life It was his one device Yeah, he ... fell tried and hung When the lights were low Yeah it was

Opeth - In the mist she was standing lyrics

trees are spreading forth The message of the wind With ... frozen hands I rode with the stars With anger the wind ... to my stallion Clouds gathered across the moon Blazing the white light Passing the

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The ballad of robert moore and betty coltrane lyrics

set man with frog eyes who was standing by the door and a ... bald man with wing-nut ears was waiting in the car Well ... Robert Moore passed the frog-eyed man as he walked

Edguy - Standing in the rain lyrics

by the doorway Staring into space ... Is it right Staring at the leafs As i'm walking through ... And i feel it rushing in The freezing cold inside my soul

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - The nile song lyrics

was standing by the Nile When I saw the lady ... a child How her golden hair was blowing wild Then she ... to fly Soaring high above the breezes Going always where she pleases She will make it to

Ancient - The truth unveiled lyrics

Hungry for wisdom, But she searches in places so unsafe, ... rainy, sunday afternoon At the misty field, over the hill, She's walking alone, on her own

Stevie Nicks - The nightmare lyrics

down through the arms of sleep She fell ... through the ivory morning Deep into the ... waters Of the one she called love She paled in the ... a dream Till you've known the nightmare When I stood with

Los Lobos - The lady and the rose lyrics

All my life I've worked the earth For what it's worth ... way so many times To make the climb In the way I always do ... As I looked around And there she was standing on the

Murderdolls - She was a teenage zombie lyrics

say On how my life changed The day I stumbled on her grave ... a necrophilliac, I guess I was bored I just love to spend ... corpse Of course [chorus] She was a teenage zombie She was

New Order lyricsNew Order - Touched by the hand of god lyrics

was standing by the ocean when I saw your face I ... with every breath we take and the illusions we create will come ... to you someday And I was touched by the hand of God I

Nomy - By the edge of god lyrics

held inside If i could be there with you If only i ... I gave you all Heavenly father What can you take from me ... are making it hard I'm standing by the edge of god I want my

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - She was hot lyrics

York was cold and damp TV is just a ... blank Looks like another dead end Sunday What about ... never feels so bright Ooh the sheets feel cold and lonely ... Who wants to brave the pouring rain For a glass of

The Knack - She's so selfish lyrics

gonna shut you down she got a funny little face but ... t quit an-an-and every time she come around she give a ... wiggle and a wink but she don't give a shit about

Lee Rocker - Lost on the highway lyrics

was standing in the shadow By a flood green light Like a ... From a long lost night She said it was easy But she’s ... seen a lot of things The years been passed Like Santa

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - The call lyrics

"Hi it's me what's up baby? I'm sorry listen I'm gonna ... AJ: "You're really dropping out I think my battery must ... me we're goin' to a place nearby, alright? Gotta go"

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Standing in the doorway lyrics

m a-walkin' through the summer nights The jukebox ... low Yesterday everything was goin' too fast Today it's ... You left me standin' in the doorway cryin' I got nothing

Cheap Trick - Standing on the edge lyrics

the middle of the night I had a vision It was ... bigger than life Standing on the edge of my bed She said ... Killer body, killer thighs She drew me a fine line What's

John Prine - Down by the side of the road lyrics

Father was a failure Her Mother was a comfort To a doctor ... and lawyer and Indian Chief. The shirt ran out of buttons He ... at a baseball game And they went on Relief. The bank

Loreena Mckennitt - Standing stones lyrics

one of these lonely Orkney Isles There ... were red, her eyes were blue She had yellow, curling hair ... Which caught the eye and then the heart Of one who could

Bonnie Raitt - Standing in the doorway lyrics

m walkin' through the summer nights Jukebox ... low Yesterday everything was goin' too fast Today it's ... You left me standin' in the doorway cryin' I got nothing

Schultz Mark - The time of my life lyrics

packed his bags when he was just 18 To see a world he ... he knew when he met her That she was the girl He'd been ... waiting for And each night they spent talking on the front

Eddie Money - Passing by the graveyard lyrics

boy was genius When he played the ... night He never came home She waited in the front yard Standing all alone, all alone Standing all alone He was a fool

Ian Hunter - Resurrection mary lyrics

1935 I was living in paradise, I had a ... Cicero. We used to go out to the track, we'd knock a few ... back. I'd lose my shirt and then I would lose my way home

Benjamin Alec - The water fountain lyrics

told me that she loved me by the water fountain She told me ... that she loved me and she didn't loved him and that was really lovely 'cause it was ... innocent But now she's got a cup with something

Barry Manilow - Some bar by the harbor lyrics

I drown evermore But I'm on the waves With you on the shore ... One find day In some bar By the harbor I'll find you There you'll be As you where

Dave Edmunds - Standing at the crossroads lyrics

standing at the crossroads again with an ... Johnson or Elmore James Standing at the cross roads again ... like I usually do My baby was nowhere around I looked in the kitchen, I looked in the hall

Meat Loaf - She waits by the window lyrics

waits by the window To see if love is ... near Her head on the pillow She yields to tears Standing ... is turning out right Ooh She waits at the window To see

Jane's Addiction - Standing in the shower thinking lyrics

in the shower thinking About what ... I'm thinking about power... The ways a man could use it Or ... be destroyed by it The water hits my neck And I'm ... pissing on myself... Standing In the shower Thinking...

Little Richard - She's got it lyrics

little girl that lives down the street Some people think she ... s square but I think she's sweet You can see her ... day, strolling up and down the way Looking so pretty and

Clay Walker - The chain of love lyrics

a flat He could see that she was frightened, Standing ... out there in the snow 'Til he said I'm here ... to help you ma'am, By the way my name is Joe She

Angel (us) - Big boy (let's do it again) lyrics

loose lady Lucy, was leanin' with her hips on the ... Laughin' with a drink, cause she knows that she's the cause of ... through Vogue, Or maybe was it McCall? So let her come

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - By the way lyrics

in line to See the show tonight And there's a ... light on Heavy glow By the way I tried to say I'd be there waiting for Dani the girl ... Singing songs to me Beneath the marquee Overload Steak

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - She's leaving home lyrics

morning at five o'clock as the day begins silently closing ... her bedroom door leaving the note that she hoped would say ... more she goes downstairs to the kitchen clutching her hand

Lawson - Standing in the dark lyrics

away Counting cracks along the pavement To see you face to ... face Thinking about the conversation I know I’m not ... I walk up to your door I'm standing in the dark She’s dancing on

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The girl with x-ray eyes lyrics

like a leaf as I fall into the street. But the girl with X ... Ray eyes she's gonna see through my ... is hard to swallow like the pill. That was twisted on

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Swingin' lyrics

she was standing by the highway In her boots and ... spurs Gonna hitchhike to the yellow moon When a Cadillac ... stopped for her And she said, "Hey, nice to meet

Ramones lyricsRamones - 7-11 lyrics

met her at the 7-11 Now I'm in 7th heaven ... ever meet a girl like you She was standing by the Space ... for a little spin Down to the Holiday Inn We was young

Chris Rea - She closed her eyes lyrics

closed her eyes And let the walls of her prison fall away ... The walls that ached with a ... timeless wait They had become her walls of this ... modern tv life She closed her eyes And let them

Abiotic - The singe lyrics

are disgusting creatures. By the apex of alien hills, sacred ... reign prematurely assisted the interruption of symbiosis ... cohorts and foreigners.The guillotines were marshaled,

Jonathan Coulton - The future soon lyrics

anonymous friend Turns out she's smarter than I thought she was She knows I wrote it, now the whole class does too And I'm ... during couple skate When she skates by with some guy on

Kate Rusby - The cobbler's daughter lyrics

never seen I've plagued my father's head For my life I wouldn ... t wed And my mother's in the prison cause of me There was a handsome young man Who

Gerry Guthrie - The lucky horseshoe lyrics

walked into the Blacksmiths Forge, A well ... dressed man, his name was George, He said ''Good ... Morning Smithy Just The Man I Want To See''. My ... s pony threw a shoe, I was advised to come to you, If

Dream Theater - Take away my pain lyrics

was sitting on the edge of his bed Staring at the headlines on the paper He ... guess he won't be singing in the rain.' You can take away my ... Take away my pain Leave the cold outside Please don't

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Will the circle be unbroken lyrics

was standing by the window On a cold and cloudy ... day When I saw the hearse come rolling To carry ... my mother away Will the circle be unbroken Bye and bye Lord bye and bye There's a

Bbm - Around the next dream lyrics

was standing in the dark Waiting in the wings ... Just around the next dream She was holding all the keys To ... set my heart free Behind the shadows of love. From the

K'jon - Doin it big lyrics

is doing it big. But they say I’m different. Buck 1-2 ... thighs. Looked into her eyes, she kindly replied, “You talk all ... to get up in your pants baby all I wanna do is make you

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - She was loving me lyrics

my life and my greatest star She was my life when I lost my ... faith I never knew how much she loved me Perhaps it could be ... cause she never felt like I've She

Lawson - Standing in the dark (acoustic version) lyrics

away Counting cracks along the pavement To see you face to ... face Thinking about the conversation I know I’m not ... I walk up to your door I'm standing in the dark She’s dancing on

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The law of the flames lyrics

shalt not let the witch woman live, the queen ... of death and life The mother earth, the mother goddess, the feared devil's wife From the seven circles of fire she's

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Standing in the middle lyrics

standing in the middle of it Middle of it ... y’all driftin’? Sleepin’ on the job and forgettin’ your ... a batch – hot – straight out the kitchen No indecision – I

The Lumineers - Classy girls lyrics

she was standing in the bar I said, "Hello, how ... do you do?" She handed me a beer with a ... candle She spoke of places I had never ... been That she had traveled to And we

Abigor - The spirit of venus lyrics

all mysteries I see through the veil of darkness And the ... it reflects my fate But the way is blocked - By sorrow I ... hell Falling eternal through the pits of time Into an abysmal

Blessthefall - Standing on the ashes lyrics

staring out of her decay She's left trying to turn it ... clarity I watched her from the surface, she's buried ... everything. There is a devil inside trying to

Deep Purple - She was lyrics

was, she was She was all that she said she was She was all that she said she was ... and more and more But she's untouchable And I lay my ... I lay my head down And then she's lovable Who were

John Paul Young - Standing in the rain lyrics

babe, you left me standing in the rain, when you were sitting ... down to dinner, you left me standing in the rain. O babe, you ... When you were looking at the menu, you left me getting

The Pharcyde - Passing me by lyrics

a kiss Always got mad when the class was dismissed But when ... it was in session, I always had a ... help me with my problem, it was never much Just a trick, to

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