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Pink Martini lyricsPink Martini - She was too good to me lyrics

was too good to me How can I get along now So close she stood to me She was too good to me How can I get along ... now So close she stood to me Everything seems

Elvis Costello - She was no good lyrics

could be no good, I'm telling you Gather ... round boys for a tale that is tragic and true On the ... Mississippi riverboat, "Magnolia" No one onboard was smelling too sweet That

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - A week ago (feat. too $hort) lyrics

huh That's right Uh-huh-uh, it was all good just a week ago Uh, uh ... huh-uh, had this all good just a week ago I had the money.. ... had the cars, the bitches Uh-huh, yeah,

Big Sean - She gon have ft. common lyrics

Hook: Big Sean] Oh God She gon' have it She gon' keep ... it She said she gon' have it She gon' keep it She ... gon' have it Aww shit there go our little

Deep Purple - She was lyrics

was, she was She was all that she said she was She was all that she said she was I ... couldn't want for more but all I want is more I just want ... her more and more and more and more and more But she's

The Click Five - Good day lyrics

woke up early in my hotel room Wait ... for my alarm to go I think about the things I've gotta do Damn, my mind is gonna blow ... I'm freaking out, about what's ahead Maybe I'll just stay in bed Cause it's no fun

Oar - About and hour ago (the gas was low) lyrics

was a man on the road bout an hour ago and he was looking ... for a ride to New Mexico Well we was driving by Way too fast to ... Well then we got to the place on a high speed chase There

N.w.a. - Just don't bite it lyrics

Homeboy:] Godamn, now lick my balls, oh shit ... [Bitch:] You like that? [Homeboy:] Put 'em off ... [Bitch:] It's good? [Homeboy:] Ouch, shit, godamn bitch you bit' my damn,

Anna Tsuchiya - She hates me lyrics

misunderstanding early She was looking at me a little while ... ago. hora mata fukigen na furi shite anata ni kidzukare ... you to Have you no balls? Have you eyeballs? You're

Grohl Dave - Just another story about skeeter thompson lyrics

we were in Amsterdam And we were staying at this guy ... Toss´s house Good friend of ours Uhh.. ... It´s kinda in the middle of the city ... We were just finished with our Second European

Dark Lotus - She was lyrics

Shaggy 2 Dope] Woo hoo You ... shoulda seen her Man, her fid in my hand heavy ... sweatin' like a fever The way she cut through flesh, she was beautiful Her grace and

Konshens - Good girl gone bad ft. tarrus riley lyrics

Intro:] Black side Russian Head concussion (yo Tarrus) ... Well, who cyan hear dem a go feel mi seh When you finga mash no badda cry mi seh Alright den... [Verse 1: Tarrus Riley] Dem big inna body

Tarrus Riley - Good girl gone bad ft. konshens lyrics

Intro:] Black side Russian Head concussion (yo Tarrus) ... Well, who cyan hear dem a go feel mi seh When you finga mash no badda cry mi seh Alright den... [Verse 1: Tarrus Riley] Dem big inna body

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - She was hot lyrics

York was cold and damp TV is just a blank Looks like another ... dead end Sunday What about an early night Monday never ... feels so bright Ooh the sheets feel cold and lonely Who

Tony Carey - Just about a mile away lyrics

let me down so easy That I hardly felt the blow Saginaw was freezing I headed down to ... Mexico Found a job on a fishin' boat Found a woman ... found a shack I raise my glass and I drink a toast Hey I

Reba Mcentire - She wasn't good enough for him lyrics

was good at late night listening When he'd ... call her on the phone She was good to come and get him ... When he couldn't make it home She was good to make love to And they did now and then She was good to never

Montgomery Gentry - All i know about mexico lyrics

t supposed to drink the water I never knew it was so hard to get through south of that border If I had any idea it ... took that many pesos to make a dollar I'd have moved down

Interpol - Stella was a diver and she was always down lyrics

she walks down the street, She knows there's people watching ... The building fronts are just fronts To hide the people watching her But she once ... fell through the street Down a manhole in that bad way The

Pretty Boy Floyd - Good girl gone bad lyrics

left her home for California, Signed, sealed and ... delivered, Never coming back again, Never said you were ... going, Now she wants to be a star, A model or an actress,

Canton Jones - All about the kingdom lyrics

high self esteem Don't have to depend on a man to buy ... her things She got her own job and got her ... own car And she ain't Hollywood but I promise she's a star and She ain't into

Electric Light Orchestra - All she wanted lyrics

was a good girl Been true to herself ... Never swayed by the notions of somebody ... else She'd had it rough, maybe most of the time With ... only one thing on her mind All she wanted was a lovin' man All she wanted was a lovin' man

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - She was loving me lyrics

was my life and my greatest star She was my life when I lost ... my faith I never knew how much she ... loved me Perhaps it could be, cause she ... never felt like I've She had my hand and she gave me a

David Lee Roth - She is looking good lyrics

the kinda lovin' Make a man lose his mind You got that ... somethin' Let me know that you're mine, oh She's ... lookin' good You know she's lookin' so good You lookin

Lady Antebellum lyricsLady Antebellum - She is lyrics

hails from Boston She hates the sound of goodbyes, wait She loves Sundays and champagne She can't stand the ... winter She can't stand anything that she can't change

Gaelic Storm - She was the prize lyrics

ve Lived A Long Life And Now I'm Looking Back It's ... The End Of The Road The Last Stop On The Track And I ... Smile As Think Of My True Love Once ... Light Of My Life The One I Adore Chorus: She...She Was

Chris Young lyricsChris Young - She's got this thing about her lyrics

might be your smile, cause it can change my day Blue ... eyes that chase my blues away It might be your touch That keeps me coming back for ... more Loving words that keep me going strong That

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - All in a day’s work lyrics

Intro: Jimmy Iovine] Fear, fear's a powerful thing. I mean ... it's got a lot of firepower. If you can ... figure out a way to wrestle that fear to push you from behind

Hollywood Ending - She's all that lyrics

in love with the Geek, the freak, the girl that never wins, ... So what, so what I’m in love with the weird, ... the wild, her rip jeans in her pants, so what so what She’s doesn’t listen to the

Marc Anthony - She's been good to me lyrics

i see how you're looking at me and i must say you're ... sexy but the truth is my baby has been good to me girl ... the way that you move's so tempting gotta say that i like what i see

Charlie Straight - She´s a good swimmer lyrics

write short poems on steamy mirrors I look up the ... of love I like to run in place to keep the pace With the ... girl in red with an umbrella She will lay me to bed I send a message or two by the river

Mandy Moore - All good things lyrics

good things All good things All good things Not sure where ... to go Everybody I know Says I´m too forgiving And now ... that I´m wrong I don´t wanna move on I just keep reliving

Colt Ford - She aint too good for that lyrics

her pinstriped suit she's so sophisticated she can't ... help it her diploma got her makin 200k while she's cruising ... in a jet black benz she can sip expensive wine and

Jason Mraz - She is the bomb lyrics

is the bomb And she's blowing up She's sick and ... wicked and ridiculous She's all good in my neighbourhood ... Delicious and savage and I ain't mad at the million ways

A Vain Attempt - She was a princess lyrics

did this again Made by tears, it was so obvious That ... you would fall, all apart I can't see your ribs, did the ... princess take them to Can't you see she's gone, Left

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - All over me lyrics

was a time I really used to care about what ... others thought And the way they talk In a crowd I ... used to pull away when she would kiss my face And

Elvis Costello - Just about glad lyrics

m just about glad that I knew you once And it was ... more than just a passing acquaintance I'm just about glad ... that it was a memory That doesn't need constant maintenance There are a few

Emma Bunton - She was a friend of mine lyrics

yeah Oh-oh, yeah-yeah-yeah-eh Oh-oh, yeah-yeah-yeah-eh ... I trusted her with him That's where the story begins We ... talked of boys and men They all came second then I made a

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Its all good lyrics

about me babe, if you must. Throw out ... on the dust. I'd do the same thing if I could You know ... what they say? They say it's all good. All good. It's all good. Big politician telling

Rascal Flatts - She goes all the way lyrics

limits, no lines are drawn The whole world disappears ... when We're alone That thin white cotton dress is ... Blowin' in the wind She takes my hand and the dance

Roy Orbison - She lyrics

was the wind, the earth and sky She was the one who made me laugh and cry She was ... cake and she was wine She was fun and she was mine She ... d lie lie lie to me And I'd believe her She'd

Panychida - She was the water lyrics

of the rivers bed opens arms, embrace young headwaters ... power :II3x on lone blue planet. Artery of the life, ... speed running down the mountains, from the deep of the

Schultz Mark - She was watching lyrics

always called her daddy's little girl She was ... four years old Waiting by the door to run into ... his arms Each time that he came home And every night he

Jimmy Cozier - She's all i got (remix) lyrics

Fabolous] Yeah, uh, FA-BO-LO-US, uh Desert Storm Uh ... uh, yo, You just don't know all I got is you you wanna pick ... up the phone the only one that call the spot is you only

Lil´kim - All good lyrics

Biggie samples: "It's all good&quot ... "Gangster" "Uh, uhh&amp ... quot; - repeat for 21 seconds] [Lil' Kim

Lil Kim - All good lyrics

Biggie samples: "It's all good" "Gangster ... "Uh, uhh" - repeat for 21 seconds] [Lil' Kim ... I feel strictly gutter That's why I touch more green than Tiger's putter So you mad

Ciara - All good lyrics

this got feel good right here All good ... [Chorus:] Tell me what you wanna do tonight We can [?] ... right and down to [?] Baby we can do whatever you like

Anthony Hamilton - She's gone lyrics

on me no more I find myself waitin' by the door Things just ... ain't the same Since you've been gone ... So I kill time waitin' by the phone Hopin' that you'll call or just come

Murderdolls - She was a teenage zombie lyrics

know what I’m feeling or what I should say On how my life ... changed The day I stumbled on her grave Not ... a necrophilliac, I guess I was bored I just love to spend

Beatsteaks - She was great lyrics

lot of tears a lot of hate there it goes all the magic ... but that's alright And it's her on the phone ... pretending everything is just tragic i've been counting

Boy George - She was never he lyrics

was a stunning vision Painted eyes with such precision ... Longer legs than any girl i know Switching down ... on Old Kent Road With her lips on overload ... Making sure the loneliness don't

Joe Mcelderry - She was beautiful lyrics

was beautiful Beautiful to my eyes From the ... moment I saw her The sun filled the sky ... She was so, so beautiful Beautiful just to hold ... In my dreams she was spring time Winter was cold

Harry Nilsson - All i think about is you lyrics

can I run away from darkness At the close of day ... When all I think about is you? Not knowing where ... I'm going What am I to do When all I think about is you? I'll stand an hour

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - She was asking for it lyrics

me back Back to the scene It's coming ... back I remember her screams The fear in her eye The ... night she died It left me empty ... Hollow inside Dead to the world, I see only black, there's blood on my hands

Jimmy Cozier - She's all i got lyrics

Verse:1] I wanna Tell yall about my old lady sometimes I ... think she's really crazy she blacks out at the drop of a ... dime but she's still my baby she likes to get into

Aj Rafael - She was mine ft. jesse barrera lyrics

Jesse:] So I hopped on a train, Three in the afternoon, ... I don't know when I'm coming back, But I hope that it's soon ... thought, never thought, that I'd have to leave your side,

3 Doors Down - All i think about is you (landing in london) lyrics

woke up today in London As the plane was touching down ... And all I could think about was monday And maybe ill be back around If this keeps me away much longer I dont know

Ministry - She's got a cause lyrics

was all alone she looked round and around ... forever searching incessant drudgery but she had that ... someone wrapped up in a box sticking pins and

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - All good soldiers lyrics

good soldiers crack like boulders The sun ... climbs up to a razon, violins, new boots, and ... numbers on a chain All good soldiers all good soldiers fall in line when they march and

Dream Master - Just a lifetime lyrics

hits us hard, just to see how fast we get up ... never give up, just remind her how ones was it happened so fast, she was took away from my side i´ll have to

Faith Hill - Just about now lyrics

about now I'd be watching you wake up Feeling my ... heart beat with yours Just about now Is when we would make ... love Like all of the mornings before But I

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