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Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - In so many ways lyrics

the shadows on the wall Drifting as the leaves start to fall ... gravity And depict the destiny of us all No one really ... we die No one gets a break so we try Ignoring mortality,

New Found Glory - So many ways lyrics

must be so many ways to say goodbye I'm breaking ... up again But just when I thought I ... hear her voice It echoes in my head I'm sorry if I say ... the wrong things I'm sorry if you feel that I don't

James - So many ways lyrics

are so many traps been laid How can you ... avoid one Put your foot down in a moonlit glade Snap, your ... when the wave will break So, so many ways So, so many ways There are so many

Dokken - So many tears lyrics

yeah, I'm leaving today Sorry is not enough Like so many things We were lost forever ... was I can only go on To find a better road I can't ... stop you now My back's against the wall There's only so many tears you can cry

Ferry Bryan - When she walks in the room lyrics

she walks in the room Then you know Why ... laughter has drifted away So you talk to the walls Always ... Fail to speak They´re so afraid still waters run deep

Dusty Springfield - So much love lyrics

on you for anyone I got so much love to give you Baby, ... I got so such love to give you Oh, ... you My world was cold and so empty And my life so ... unfulfilling When I needed someone to pick me up You were

Eric Burdon - So much love lyrics

for anyone 'Couse I got so much love to give you Baby, ... I got so much love to give you That's ... and empty And my life was so unfulfilled When I needed someone to pick me up Baby, you

Jason Chen - So sweet lyrics

you just don’t know You always pick me up when I feel low ... keep away You got the kind of taste that screams so ... addicted to you now Your so sweet like honey after

Hole lyricsHole - She walks on me lyrics

resumes Or anorexic magazines It smells like girl, it ... smells like girl She walks on me She walks on me ... My stupid f***, my blushing bride Oh tear my heart out,

Pop Evil - Ways to get high lyrics

to pick you up Free your mind Take you somewhere I want ... out there Hey You're looking my way Just come on and ... on and C-c-c-come on and So many ways to get high To

Mark Medlock - She walks like an angel lyrics

around Im the best lovemashine in town Oh if you really ... miles around I swear, yes So keep me baby, keep me hangin ... on She walks like an angel walks She talks lika an angel

Bombay Bicycle Club - Many ways lyrics

spur in the fire, burning now we're clearing the ... embers away there are many ways this way so I tell you like ... my choice was it my trembling hand or my voice? she

Alex Day - She walks right through me lyrics

from the other side All kind of pale, dressed in black ... and white. She's not the same, Quite ... It's like, her touch, it's invisible Can't get enough, she

3 Doors Down - She is love lyrics

one ever mentions her name She's carried the broken But ... their scars have no name in her heart 'Cause she walks in forgiveness She'll shine ... like a light in the dark She is love She is love She is

Jenny Wahlstrom - Many ways lyrics

Corsten ft. Jenny Wahlstrom - Many Ways Think about the ... just you and I And all the fingertips that touch our hearts ... Where we found the things we have in life But now

Michael W. Smith - She walks with me lyrics

the first breath of her life She flew straight into my arms I ... used to catch her from the swing When she was five... And ... now she dances on the wind in a world as hard as stone She

Adele lyricsAdele - Many shades of black (feat. the raconteurs) lyrics

.. See if I cry, see if I shed a single sorry tear I can't ... it's been that great No, in fact it's been a wasted-free ... when it's done There's so many ways to act and there's many

The Raconteurs - Many shades of black lyrics

.. See if I cry, See if I shed a single sorry tear I can't ... it's been that great No, in fact it's been a wasted-free ... when it's done There's so many ways to act And there's many

Pulp - In many ways lyrics

You're treading on my life You're leaving ... marks, but that's alright In a year or so, I'll look back ... and I'll smile These things last only for a while In many ways This is a waste of time

Lit - She comes lyrics

sense Goes out the window like a cigarette I take a ... hit again When all her friends They ... talk about me in a past tense I take the hit ... again She walks in in the middle of the night Like

Jls - So many girls lyrics

s so many girls in here tonight Looking for mrs ... right I gotta make her mine And I know that I gotta ... my time Don't wanna rush her so hard but I can't decide So

Dope Stars Inc. - Many thanks lyrics

took a reason to blame to make my honor a ... i was like a monster of pain there is no way i could tell ... the rage i feel in my self why don't you take a ... shot inside of yourself so many thanks for your ego many

Cattle Decapitation - Clandestine ways (krokodil rot) lyrics

human animal so similar in so many ways to our mammalian ... counterparts experimented on in torturous ways We've freed ... torturers Time to teach them some humility AH... syringes

Mental Discipline - So many times (feat. endanger) lyrics

person has a shield That covers ... around When there’s nothing to believe When there’s no ... your heart to keep this feeling inside us Every morning

Josh Groban - So she dances lyrics

waltz when she walks in the room She blows back the ... hair from her face She turns to the window to sway in the moonlight Even her ... for the girl out of reach She lifts her hands up to the sky

Jarle Bernhof - So many faces lyrics

this city, there are so many faces you can go insane I'm ... still so lonely, I'm about about to faint And I don't faint easily ... give my head the freeze So crowded, still I'm on my own

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - She's not afraid lyrics

two, three, four! [Harry] She sneaks out in the middle of ... dress with the top cut low She’s addicted to feeling never ... letting go Let it go [Louis] She walks in and the room just

Hot Water Music - So many days lyrics

there something wrong Do ya hate this song ... Cuz I'm singin about it again Did ya know the words ... you read them Did ya notice She had it and she wants it again

Lionel Richie - She's amazing lyrics

on scene I felt like I was in a movie, She parted the room ... the room I felt her body talking to me (yeah) Cause thing ... about her, thing about her Is she was amazing, So amazing CHORUS: She's

Emilie Autumn - So many fools lyrics

there no such thing as friendship? Is it ... to not slip Past the point of genial with a Quip implying something more? This is ... races, thunders, Trying to drown out the grotesque

Cowboy Junkies - In the long run lyrics

a letter to see how he's doing She's stopped up for words ... on a pen she keeps chewing The light from the window ... flows through her graying hair The pen on the page is

2pac lyrics2pac - So many tears lyrics

the valley of death I shed so many tears (if I should die ... take me to Heaven) Back in elementary, I thrived on ... alone I grew up amongst a dyin breed Inside my mind

Tupac Shakur lyricsTupac Shakur - So many tears lyrics

the valley of death I shed so many tears If I should die ... to Heaven [Verse 1] Back in elementary, I thrived on ... alone, I grew up amongst a dyin' breed Inside my mind couldn

Jeremy Camp - So in love lyrics

many times I've fallen So many ways I've failed you So many times I've stepped out on my ... own I know I'm undeserving But I feel You are preserving The only good that I have

Mortimorband - Walks in the clouds lyrics

know where to go You were always next to me and now you are ... Your presence was everything for me Your words always inspired me While you were here

Sizzla - She's loving lyrics

s in love and that's no secret no ... Givin me love and I've got to keep ... it yah She write so many love letters I read them yea ... She said her arms is as soft as petal and I'm gonna

Rick Astley - She wants to dance with me lyrics

wants to dance She wants to dance with me Oh ... There's a girl I've been waiting to see And I really get the ... feeling that she likes me 'Cos she said so,

Lulu - She will break your heart lyrics

you like I love you If she did, she wouldn't break your ... heart She don't love you like I love ... you She's try-in' to tear us apart Fare ... thee well, I know you're leavin' (I know you're leavin')

Joe Bonamassa - So many roads lyrics

many roads So many trains to ride So many roads So ... many trains to ride I'm gonna find my ... ll be satisfied I was standing at my window When I heard

Fink - So many roads lyrics

know it happened so fast These things test us ... baby Distance and time and So many roads to take I know ... bad things happen to Good people like ... protection from bad luck So many roads So many

Septicflesh - So clean so empty lyrics

as the flies to the spider blinded from my intellectual ... darkening Try to move in the holographic image of ... my corridors The cobweb is so carefully woven That even

Sarah Brightman - Love in a u.f.o. lyrics

was ordinary summer night When ... suddenly I saw this blinding light Like an exploding ... I could see his UFO He was so beautiful I had to go It was ... through the night) It felt so good inside This

The Kelly Family - So many things lyrics

say it's hard on you and sometimes to much to bear baby ... believe me I'm afraid of losing it too I wish I was the ... that sits across the room in your class the I would watch

Ian Brown - So many soldiers lyrics

up so fresh this morning Love to wake up to your ... Smiles at traffic lights I'm so selective with the company I ... keep Some never gonna see the evening

Amy Diamond - So many things lyrics

be around Call you pretty things Baby I don't know about ... don't like to be the one hanging on the wall Baby like I ... always do And I'd so like to go crazy I'm so

Jessi Colter - So many things lyrics

many things, so many things So many things stand between us ... Your heart and mine have touched this time Our ... eyes can see us Some bright blue autumn morning

Ablaze In Hatred - Therefore i suffer lyrics

so many ways I tried to see The source ... of kindness Hiding in me In this serenity Who shall come ... lonely Unable to see The things which are In front of me..

Agent Orange - In your dreams tonight lyrics

your whole life feels incomplete learn this song and ... sing yourself to sleep anger ... hatred - as the nights turn into days people disappoint me in so many different ways close

Donots - In too deep lyrics

case Last year (I've) found so many ways To kill myself ... Feeling out of place I guess, it's ... nothing new these days We've all ... weather) Remember I'm in too deep I cannot keep

B. B. King - So many days lyrics

d rather steal away and die So many days I'd rather steal ... to mean to die You've been so mean baby You've been so ... mean to me Baby, you've been so mean You've been so mean to

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Man in the middle lyrics

off the track And when I think of all it cost When the die ... I had to be I've been telling lies And you forgive me but ... I'm just the man in the middle Of a complicated

Boy George - In maya lyrics

me right you are really waisting me When I'm lying here ... full of fear My heart is telling me our love is insincere ... smile like you know everything And I hear oh yes I hear I

Estelle - In the rain lyrics

this remind me of summer I'm talking ... summer You know where it rains (All night long) Yeah, ... but this remind me of you We don't need to ... you had yours and I had mine It still wouldn't find to

Lalaine - Running in circles lyrics

now I find myself Thinking about what we had All this ... good love went bad I fell so empty inside It's like a ... left to hide From this loneliness tonight Running in

Usher lyricsUsher - So many girls lyrics

king is back Hey ladies, you ... it is U ready playboy? Usher baby let's go! U looking ... good, so f***ing good I wanna celebrate And ... I love the way you doing Girl u so fly I am bout to

Astral Doors - So many day so many nights lyrics

wizard in white; as the day turned To ... night in the year of never Observing ... sleep forever See the bleeding faces, fell the winds of ... lost places again So many days so many nights So many

The Kelly Family - So many troubles lyrics

find in the me the seed of love you ... me from high above To rest in you and you in me to find the ... hear your voice and be your song So many troubles, so many troubles Through greedy

Mellow Mood - So many tears lyrics

with tears of water it is so hard now to be yourself again ... how can you tell your soul now you'll find the love ... darling, you'll find the love darling 'cause

2pm - So many girls (junho solo) lyrics

you are lady I don‘t know sono hitomi sū sen no hoshi no ... Girls … Da la la Girls … So many girls Oh I don‘t ... waste my time deae ta One in a million shitsu kushi ta

Cock Sparrer - So many things lyrics

ruined by violence in the sun Dictators ruling ... countries and killing everyone At home it's not ... on the beat Just rages in the road and stabbings in the

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