She Say Come Lay Me Down And Take Advantage Of Me lyrics

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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Do it (party lights) lyrics

saw your face across the room Caught me like a favorite tune Talking about my girl on the radio (Ooh ooh) I knew I had to say hello. A special moment Wonderin' what lies ahead Was about to make my move When she took my arm and said ... We oughta take good advantage of the

Graham Katerina - Put your graffiti on me lyrics

jeans, jacket pink chucks and I'm in a skirt, be your bad habit, throw me up against the wall, first I take advantage of you, you take advantage of me Drink up this bottle again, then put your body on me! Chorus: Put your graffiti on me Put your graffiti on me Pu

Devildriver - Grinf***ed lyrics

on but no-ones home I should've left you on your own You can't stand the heat you're all alone YEEAAAA!! Horseshoes and hand-grenades Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Your bed is made Another man down and gone Take advantage, manipulate Take advantage, y

Echo & The Bunnymen - The back of love lyrics

m on the chopping block Chopping off my stopping thought Self doubt and selfism Were the cheapest things I ever bought When you say it's love D'you mean the back of love When you say it's love D'you mean the back of love? We're taking advantage of Breaking the back

Kat Graham - Put your graffiti on me lyrics

Kat Graham] Denim jean jacket, pink chucks And a mini skirt Be your bad habit Throw me up against the wall first I take advantage of you You take advantage of me Drink up this bottle of yeah And paint your body on me [Hook] Put Your Graffiti On Me Put Your

July Talk - Someone lyrics

m a stolen car Your favorite deadbeat bar Your Friday dirty drug, I keep you stuck Go on and run me down Turn your face around Better left unsaid inside your head Favorite drug, someone Take advantage of Cold water, you need cold water You need someone, someone Well yo

My Ticket Home - Foul stench of youth lyrics

your phone Break your mirrors Throw your TV away Turn the amps up to 10 Start a fire on stage Piss on it Sell your house Sell your car They're no good anymore Burn you bills Throw your coins at the pigs in the mall Start wishing F*** yeah Plan your life See your deat

Neil Sedaka - You took advantage of me lyrics

the spring when the feeling was chronic And my caution was leaving you flat, I should have made use of the tonic Before you gave me that! A mental deficient you'll grade me. I've given you plenty of data. You came, you saw and you slayed me, And that-a i

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - About a girl lyrics

need an easy friend I do... with an ear to lend I do... think you fit this shoe I do... won't you have a clue ? I'll take advantage while You hang me out to dry But I can't see you every night Free I do I'm standing in your line I do... hope you have the time I do... pic

Rufio - This i swear lyrics

all those years back Oh, what a change With the mind of a child learning Not one disgrace And I know that the world eyes Would leave it alone And I want it to be so different This I swear My honesty's holding me back I can be the one That I've been running from Take advan

Purist - Tomorrow's life lyrics

feel tomorrow You're just like To feel tomorrow Tonight To feel tomorrow Just like To feel Keep it all Well, gonna take advantage of life we're living This time we're feeling the height Give it all Gonna take advantage of life we're living we're living

The Monkees - You just may be the one lyrics

men must have someone, have someone Who would never take advantage Of a love bright as the sun Someone to understand them And you just may be the one All men must have someone, have someone Who would never take for granted All the pleasures and the fun Someone to sta

Yolanda Adams - Thank you lyrics

I think about how you saved my soul I'm compelled to praise you Like a woman out of control So I lift up holy hands I take advantage of this chance to say thank you When I think about what you brought me through I'm reminded to praise you for all t

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - This moment is all there is lyrics

there be tomorrow Tell me, how can you be sure There ain't always next season There ain't always an open door Life is dear, don't you waste it The future no one can see So step aside and let it be Tomorrow may wash away Don't put off what you do today Take advantage while you ar

Conditions - Descent of man lyrics

the worst of them, ignoring what you knew Didn't it cross your mind I didn't have to hear it You were looking, you were thinking "Why not, she's worth it" Couldn't wait to find her drinking My god, you're worthless I thought I knew you and I tho

Plumb - Nice naive and beautiful lyrics

s only known heartache and pain But she's never known pain like this She stands alone defending her name When all that she's done is be who she is Well is it so wrong to be who we are When all she's done is fail Cause shes so nice, naive and beautiful Why does she get take

Greg Laswell - Come clean lyrics

in a day, all in a day, I am without you Just yesterday, I was on top of my game with you Then I should say, when you were away, I think I knew But I refused, I refused to see Why did you never come clean with me? Why did you never come clean with me? In a moment you’ve er

Neuraxis - To pacify lyrics

. it seema you didn't get enough of my generosity Denial.. refuse to admit the moment of abuse you took upon me Resign... the facts about your actions that defy... the limit of diplomacy Gain the attention to derive everything from the truth, to advantage Hy

Willa Ford - Tender lyrics

Can I talk to you for a minute? You see, its not you Its just ..well, I've been in love before And I've had my heart broken I can't go through that again, ya know? If I let you in my world, completely Would you let me..down, And break my heart? Cause sometimes love, can c

Chris Crocker - Fell for the enemy lyrics

you look away You can never come back It started as a game The bet was on my hear But when I looked away You caught me off guard The tricks were hard to catch But now I see right through No more hurting me No more loving You just wasted all my time Empty promises and l

Ace Frehley - What every girl wants lyrics

I feel good I'm gonna make ya feel like ya should Ya make me a shakin' sharp shooter but you know I never miss, oh yeah Now time waits for no one, so take advantage of what you've got And since time waits for no-one, I think its time that you gimme a

Paper City Thief - Something whispers lyrics

dirt is getting old You said keep your distance I don't need this Doors begin to close Attention seeking fascist prick he is Now all of your friends and all of your fans are leaving, they're leaving Now all of your friends and all of your fans are leaving

Rise Against - The art of losing lyrics

m not f***ing blind to the way that you talk around the truth not just what you say but what you do played this tug of war way too f***ing long like every time again I've lost you've won you took advantage of the trust that I gave took my forgiveness rubbed it back in my face

Headhunter - Disco / scares lyrics

------------ Scares Since he was young he had this passion Over the year as it turned into toal obsession A little chance to escape the daily routine Live for your music, only a dream? Gullibility - in experience That's what they take ad

Kelly Rowland - Work (put it in) lyrics

ain't go be easy Uh You got it, you got it Put it in [Verse 1] Tables turned into a situation Now you standing in my face and you been patiently waiting Fumbling over words, forget the conversation Thinking maybe we could make the combination Wanna see me lose my breath

Kelly Rowland - Work lyrics

ain't gon' be easy You got it? You got it? Put it in Tables turnin' to a situation Now you standin' in my face and you been patiently waitin' I'm rollin' over words, forget the conversation Thinkin' maybe we can make a combination Wanna see me lose my breath and wanna hear me mo

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Go hard or go home [ bonus track] lyrics

I feel my heart stuck to beat like a drum every, everytime you're looking my way, I see them other guys, trying but I only wanna wanna hear what you have to say [Bridge] Don't keep me waiting, got one chance before I'm off to saint elsewhere, that window is clos

D.r.i. - Wages of sin lyrics

force feed you love, then serve you hate What are they teaching? I just can't relate Altar boys are the victims he defiled He took advantage of the virgin child Got them drunk and told them what to do He won't say it, but you know it's true There's a reason why he remains f

Los Lobos - High places lyrics

advantage of being in high places Is that you never have to look up The advantage of being in high places Is that you never have to look up And you feel like a big shot It makes you feel like a big shot It makes you feel like a big shot Makes you feel like a real big shot Th

Goldfinger - You think it's a joke lyrics

thinks it's a joke, I find no reason, Why I should laugh at you. You think its a joke to take advantage Of the life that supports you. Push and push. suppress the weaker ones You find two words, with emotions you are numb. You think the world revolves around the things you buy. I

Silverstein - Buried at sea lyrics

together we’re taking pictures. These eyes, this smile, A look put on a thousand times. This town of lies, It only makes sense we’re both here. A perfect match (a perfect match), A symbiotic relationship. No lines in this sand, I want t

Adestria - Propheteering lyrics

fed them your lies and you stole all their earnings away. You made a market for those that want to be saved. What you're doing isn't something new. Religion is an ancient form of revenue. Your pockets fill as you betray their trust. Your gaudy cross encased

Sick Of It All - Friends like you lyrics

me a friend but you stab me in the back you pretend we get along, it's all just an act you always use people to get what you need you take advantage of others to satisfy your greed all you do is take and you never once give don't you have any shame, the life that you live

Dolores O'riordan lyricsDolores O'riordan - You set me on fire lyrics

don't understand the touch of your hand To where we should go I really don't know I'm broken inside and I've got nowhere to hide You've taken my eyes and I can't disguise You set me on fire You set me on fire You set me on fire You did, you did, you did Unspoken desire Unsp

Brandy - Love is on my side lyrics

whoa... Love, love, love, love... Love, yeah, yeah, yeah... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... Hmmm, oh, hmmm... Love... Whoa... Oh... Memories of yesterday Lonliness my way to say I needed you and all you do To come and rescue me The day I saw your face Everything fe

Kris Kristofferson - The taker lyrics

s a giver, he'll give her The kind of attention that she's never known He's a helper, he'll help her To open the doors that she can't on her own He's a lover, he'll love her In ways that she never has been loved before And he's a getter, he'll get her By gettin her

Ciara - I bet lyrics

bet you start loving me As soon as I start loving someone else Somebody better than you I bet you start needing me As soon as you see me with someone else Somebody other than you And I know that it hurts You know that it hurts your pride But you thought the grass was gre

Beecake - Drunk lyrics

I told you I was drunk Drunk on your smile Wasted on your eyes And most of your wine Would you be kind To someone so shy And take advantage Of me tonight ‘ cause I, I swear I wouldn’t mind no I, I swear I wouldn’t mind if I told you I was done acting so cool would you t

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Daytime girl lyrics

she goes my daytime girl. Spreading her wings like a high flying eagle. All the people will stare as she falls to the ground. Heaven knows my daytime girl. Never been kissed she don't know what she's missing. All the kisses there are to be found. All the wisdom of people she used

The Hollies - Oriental sadness lyrics

soon tears begin to tumble From her laughing eyes She's been talking to somebody Who told her lies She'll never trust in anybody no more Who told her lies She'll never trust in anybody no more How can I begin to reach her Let her know the truth What that someone has been s

Sebastian Bach - Stabbing daggers lyrics

beyond my control Take advantage of my very soul Time forgotten by all but one Misbegotten son of broken love Take what you're givin' for the last time Nothin' I'll never know Stabbin' Daggers through my back Through the heart they go Turnin' circles, spiral down in spite

Antidote - Fed up lyrics

is no more respect for other people these days Greed is all that matters take as much as you can I'm fed up with your f***ing shit I've had enough people talk in their own advantage Everyone is getting selfish, gossip behind my

Liz Phair - Girls! girls! girls! lyrics

ve been around enough to know That if I want to leave, you better let me go Because I take full advantage of every man I meet I get away almost every day With what the girls call, what the girls call What the girls call, the girls call murder You've been around enough to see Th

New Found Glory - No reason why (gorilla biscuits cover) lyrics

reason why! You're always on my back about what I mean to do and all your talk is bothering me just wait until I'm through I walk down to the corner store to catch up with my friends They're puffin smoke high on dope, will this shit ever end? I go down to the

7 Year Bitch - Derailed lyrics

memories are back again My horrible memories They haven't a friend Sayin' it before Now do it again Memories of tragedies Memories you scare me I'm gonna inebriate them I'm gonna inebriate them I will get it And I will use it To my advantage Right up

Protest The Hero - Just defy lyrics

don't we see? we're enslaving ourselves while drowning in our luxury. Is it just me? Or do we take advantage or our privilaged society? why? it isn't f***ing right. it's our choice, the wrong one leads us to regression and despondancy. Take what you need and leave the

Body Count - Out in the parking lot lyrics

next record is dedicated to some personal friends of mine: The L.A.P.D. For every cop that has ever taken advantage of somebody, beat 'em down or hurt 'em, because they have long hair, listen to the wrong kind of music, wrong color, whatever they thought was the reason to do it

Gary Clark Jr. - The life lyrics

can’t go on like this Knowing that I’m just getting by Yeah, go on like this Knowing that I’m just getting by Yea, go on like this Knowing that I’m just getting by Yea, go on like this Knowing that I’m just getting by But I wake up around 10

Sammy Kershaw - Matches lyrics

met at The Broken Spoke Restaurant and Lounge I lit your cigarette, then you wrote your number down On the inside of a matchbook that was layin' on the bar And a fire started burning somewhere in my heart I didn't see it comin', guess I didn't read the signs I just nev

Death By Stereo - Getting it off my chest lyrics

a fool of me And put me in my place. Make me feel alone Inside a crowded place. You think my life is just A piece of f***ing waste. You can't break my stride! Whatcha gonna do When the tables turn? Make a break for it You better f***ing run! You can tell your friends

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Relentless lyrics

s been so many days, don't know what to do I've been on the ground, keep me away from you don't know why I care, don't know what the hell it means don't know what the f*** is going on inside of me I've had a long time to call your bluff so I can thank you for this misery

My Vitriol - Vapour trails lyrics

re taking over, They're taking root inside your head, yeah... Them up above you, They'll take advantage till the end, yeah... And It's all the same, In Every Way... Just for a moment, You thought that everything would end, yeah... And you're

Jon Oliva's Pain - Global warning lyrics

up your eyes And see what we are doing to each other We filled the world with hate We take advantage of our brothers So listen to me now So many paths for us to follow Just want to shed some light On all that we are forced to swallow I can

Petra - Without him we can do nothing lyrics

can, how can we who are dead to sin Live any longer therein? We've been, we have been called and loved and forgiven Our old life is forgotten (Chorus) Do you remember what he's called you out of? Do you remember where you were? Let us not take advantage of his

I Declare War - Human waste lyrics

live my life in fear I am human waste Serving a purpose is far-fetched We have taken advantage of it We deserve what we get Torch the skies black Iced f***ing earth Torch the skies black Iced f***ing earth Death is here to meet you at your gates I welc

A Life Once Lost - Prepare yourself for what is about to come lyrics

me rip the throat of your still warm body Cover my eyes with the blood of lying fool A person you sought after innocence in my arms A person you took advantage of For I am the fool I am the fool you walked past threw these lies I am the man that shall be punished L

Halsey lyricsHalsey - Without me lyrics

Intro] Without me, without me, yeah Without me, without me, yeah [Verse 1] Found you when your heart was broke I filled your cup until it overflowed Took it so far to keep you close (keep you close) I was afraid to leave you on your own [Pre-Chorus]

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - The road home to panther creek lyrics

we go again. I believe you, but I've always been one to take advantage of. If the blinders where just gone would you then feel Jesus. You've seen miracles I know you. Faith comes like the waves. Not much for leaders to little control. And the joy is all material real as you

Mercury Rising - Moment of truth lyrics

s odd how we see things so perfectly clear when the hour of death is near No time for untangling the web that's weaved no time for claiming you don't believe no time for now it's the moment of truth . It's strange how we talk of the things that we'll do but can't s

Maribelle Añes - One of a kind lyrics

1: hey boy where do you come from what is your name your ethnicity [i know i said it wrong :(] finally someone original somebody their own, no signs of copies I don't want to scare you away but how do tell you that i am the one and i don't want to push you to stay i

Arkan - Beyond sacred rules lyrics

gold War, a good omen Follow the servants Delightful thrill Taking advantage from sorrow War is our goodwill Greed spreading fear Wealth that we can't find here Delightful thrill Now share the crumbs Beyond belief and faith Sometimes The love of wealth prevails [Arabic singing

Outline In Color - From the bottom of my black heart lyrics

do I begin? I have a side of me that's darker than you can imagine I never thought I could feel this way You were the one I thought I'd never betray The distance is growing I hope you know you're only lying to yourself The resistance you've been showing I hop

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Hotline bling lyrics

Intro] What do you mean it's not like that? Oh you're sorry? But where are you now that I need you? Girl let me tell you something [Chorus] I know you called him on his cell phone When you couldn't reach my love Called him on his cell phone When you couldn't reach my love

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Hotline bling (drake cover) lyrics

Intro] What do you mean it's not like that? Oh you're sorry? But where are you now that I need you? Girl let me tell you something [Chorus] I know you called him on his cell phone When you couldn't reach my love Called him on his cell phone When you couldn't reach my love

Cazzette - Weapon lyrics

ll do anything I'll do anything for you Compromise myself in a victim's solitude Being flexible was supposed to prove that I love you You take advantage of every chance you get You break my heart at every chance you get You let me know that every c

Cracker - You got yourself into this lyrics

got yourself into this Now get yourself out You got yourself into this Now get yourself out You shine like a diamond deep in a coma We can't keep away from you You took your advantage, you made it perfectly Baby don't you try to act so innocent You got yourself into this,

The Cars - Looking for love lyrics

on lover make the switch pull the cover make a wish find out later it's all right keep the faith kill the light you can't stop but you can't go on you can't stop but it won't be long here she comes looking for love come on lover do it fast take advantage while

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Right between the eyes lyrics

head is hanging heavy with the thoughts of him in mind 'Tis sacrilege for us to take advantage of the blind So, tell before you come to me from out of yonder skies A man's a man who looks a man right between the eyes. And the pain that we can brin

Hüsker Dü - You're a soldier lyrics

around like an insane maniac Anywhere that you please Taking advantage of anyone handy To satisfy your disease You're a soldier Going off on a big adventure You never want it to end Saving up a million stories To tell to all your friends You're a sol

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Sign language lyrics

speak to me in sign language, As I'm eating a sandwich in a small cafe At a quarter to three. But I can't respond to your sign language. You're taking advantage, bringing me down. Can't you make any sound? 'Twas there by the bakery, surrounded by fakery. This is my

Icy Steel - The man without end lyrics

on the battleground Both legions fight without truce Nobody represents an advantage For now the balance doesn't hang The swords are tall And the instinct prevails Life has too much value Too much! Advance rider, black rider He avenges the pain that you h

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Too lonely too long lyrics

matter how you're tempted Don't say yes to me Don't make this night as smooth to lead me on It's just that I'm so lonely and I need someone I've been too lonely too long Oh please be strong enough to refuse me Before I let myself do something

The Letter Black - All i want lyrics

you accuse me But I've done nothing wrong You put me down Like I'm the enemy Why is it so hard for you? Why don't you understand? I'm not the one who's killing you And all I want is for you to Breathe me in again Breathe me in again And all I want to tell you I still lo

Joan Armatrading - I can't lie to myself lyrics

here Why now Why so early Why you getting down on me You know you're a Beautiful person But just now You bother me It's so coincidental You reaching out for me Just when I got All this money And you Footloose and fancy free I love you like a broth I'll

The Guess Who - Fair warning lyrics

I've been trying for ages And it looks like it's all in vain And if things don't start looking up pretty soon I'm going home. Well the folks back home, they wonder where I've been And they're looking pretty good to me now So if you're thinking of bright lights and f

Fair To Midland - Beto ii lyrics

don't match, Go and find the bars that make us hunger, Maybe with knots and uniforms, And if i may add, Well i've got a big gun, And i know just who i'm gonna use it on, Maybe it'll make for the better. The beggar always has his strength, His ambition is tapped, Alway

Elastica - 2:1 lyrics

a brave face in circumstances is impossible cannot describe so many decisions it's impossible to know which is the proper order the best position to be in take advantage or so it seems the way it goes Donna: it's tragic laid down on your side too easy you k

Prince - Young and beautiful lyrics

re so young and beautiful U're so full of life- everybody knows That's y they try 2 take advantage of u... but u don't have 2 do what the other ones do U're so cool- the world at ur feet, they only want ur virginity Keep ur clothes on and ur chastity until

Jimmy Eat World - Blister lyrics

advantage of these times, you said. You let me down. It hasn't been the first time. As I'm falling in the pit of fire my mind's made up. I'm never coming back here. How long would it take me to walk across the United States all alone. The West coast has been traumatized. I

Killus - Killus lyrics

train that would derail in front of us With the only idea to die killing Drowned in the fire of our rejected heart And inspired by this 4 souls Like aliens in your world We are the 4 mother f***ers We hurt ourselves years and years nonstop You won't like what we believe This i

Paula Abdul - One or the other lyrics

you think you're gonna have the time To make up your mind You shouldn't even try I'm tired of hearing all of your lines Just tell me that you're mine You know I'm better than she'll ever be It's very clear to me No more I'll let you mess with me But

Glasseater - Rosewater lyrics

ve never felt this way my dying love is surpassing these memories bleed through and remain you took me as a joke like a plastic toy but i won't break i look into your eyes and see the stillness inside i've never realized how cold-blooded you cou

Abandoned - Damned for all time lyrics

take advantage of other's misery Always considering your own good Hassle and corruption A master of your trade Causing inconvenience Planning people's fate No use to hide away You take all what you want But on judgement day You'll know where you'l

Razor - Free lunch lyrics

piss me off, you drive me nuts You drink my beer and you always smoke my butts You owe me money, you owe me big You washed up nothing, you slob, you pig Don't say you know me. don't say we've met You squirmy worm, why don't you pay beck all your

Perfume Genius - Perry lyrics

Twenty days spent together Marks healing on your hands Remember, remember that Perry, Twenty days add together He took advantage Remember, when you used to laugh Perry, Keep a pay cheque in your hands We may never See you again Perry, Whatever gets left

Emmure - It's not just a party, it's a funeral lyrics

will find my corspe on the shower floor. And with my bleeding wrists, will be a note that explains all of this. (Dear friends and family, I hope that you can understand.) I could not handle the fear and regret. Knowing I ruined my only chance. A lesson in carelessness. Let my grav

Harry Nilsson - Something true lyrics

true to show you what I am to you Something real to cause your heart to rush with love And cause your mouth to rush to mine and make your eyes Ignore what isn't real But all my life I've failed to take advantage of my time And time is moving fa

Julian Marley - All i know lyrics

I know if you keep on taking water from the will all dry up and you have up having nothing for yourself. All I know if you keep on taking water from the will all dry up and you have up having nothing for yourself. Your making a fool of yourself...thinking m

Dispatched - Seattle + tranquility lyrics

i helvete håller ni på med?!?! + Dying storm - allowed peace Smokescreen out of sight Is this the tranquility before the storm? Silence amidst the ruins A sign of rest - relaxing shapes I can see the sun Start to rebuild, to take the advantage To teach the lesson,

Huey Lewis - Heart and soul lyrics

o'clock this morning If she should come a calling I couldn't dream of turning her away And if it got hot and hectic I know she'd be electric I'd let her take her chances with me You see, she gets what she wants 'Cause she's heart and soul She's hot and cold She's

Destruction - Survive to die lyrics

and destruction rule on this planet you know life is valid for a limited time You live with the idea to die there's no FUCKIN' chance for mercy Survive to die Survive to die Survive to die You take advantage of every moment ? cause death hits without exception There is

Leann Rimes - One day too long lyrics

been gone You been gone You been gone one day one day to long I'm the kind of woman who understands How the road can be so hard on a traveling man I don't mind giving you a little room to breathe Then you go and take advantage of my generosity I'm home

Akon - What you got (feat. colby o'donis) lyrics

(Konvict) Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh I peeped you on the phone Just showin' off your stone And noticed that, That pinky ring is bright enough baby I know you're not alone But I could just be wrong The way them fellas houndin' And sizing

Planet Funk - Blind lyrics

s something wrong something so very wrong that's all that I know Sitting up all night yeah I'm up all night where did my composure go Everything is racing Try to understand this What have I started? My passion takes advantage On and on and on again, Underrated. H

Beach House - Common girl lyrics

used to live In this part of town Until you hit the ground She makes movies where she cries on cue She still lives downtown But it's ok Cause she's common anyway And the streets are all filled With strangers, who pay the bills She's the one with the lazy eye

A Band Of Bees - - go karts lyrics

the Sunday Times there's an article About me and all and our go-karts Lots of fancy words about two sets of wheels That go fast And only last week the news was read to me By my best friend Full of reports that made all our thoughts Feel really active, yeah yeah yeah I think I

Ramones lyricsRamones - This ain't havana lyrics

had no advantage over you There was troubles and I had'em too Just 'cause you're so strung out Don't mean it can't work out Ba-ba-banana, this ain't Havana Do you like bananas, ba-ba-bananas Say you're a victim of society You ask them for your mercy

Quicksand - Can opener lyrics

trap to fall into easy believe in what you look ike outside a stain you can't remove a stain that keeps you from that place where you'd probably have much less to prove come downdon't fall over you ego don't mind your friends they just want to go where the fun goes dow

The Letter Black - Care too much lyrics

do I keep Goin' back to you You'll never change Verse 1 I trusted you You threw it back at me I fell in love I fell down on my face For years I wondered, what I saw in you I'm seeking forgiveness, from those you made me loose Pre-Chorus

Emarosa - Set it off like napalm lyrics

of place, put him down, hes all strung out don't hold your breath for too long, this moments fading out now our souls have caught on fire well i don't really wanna walk that line i don't really wanna cross that line lets make this now or never fade it ou

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