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Hot Chip - You ride, we ride, in my ride lyrics

on the nighthall road again I'm leaving and turning upon ... a friend Please close the door, let us talk ... no more It's out here I may find my reasons for Hanging and burning upon a tree

Outkast - She lives in my lap lyrics

Intro: Rosario Dawson] [laughter] What's wrong? What are you afraid of? The Love ... Below [Verse 1: Andre 3000] She stays alone, ... never sheds a single tear She stays in the coolest moods,

Krokus - In my blood lyrics

kisses like the devil Talkin' like a nun She holds me ... like an angel Hits me like a gun I feel the rollin' ... Down on me But the love she gives Just sets me free

Albert Hammond Jr. - In my room lyrics

s the use of all this talkin? I can hear you as you walk away Here in my room that's ... where I'll be In my room After all you're so excited By ... all the dick you get invited to But now I know you

Dark Funeral - In my dreams lyrics

the moon is high in the heavens, "And the sharp winds howl like wolves." ... I lay in the darkness twisting and turning, "My mind

Snap - The world in my hands (we are one) lyrics

we step out there into this beautiful land We can fly away ... Through the thrill as time evolves Love, keep moving on On a place, in a time ... In a space, in my mind In a dream, far away In a land

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - In my heaven lyrics

my heaven there ain't no lawyers Don't need names on ... dotted lines Folks do business like they oughtta A good ... firm handshake works just fine We feed lawyers to the

Juvenile - Livin in the projects lyrics

m a nigga from the third with a helluva nerve, And if you ... cross my line then you will get served, I ... win, lose, or die this happens everyday, Muthaf***as

Shola Ama - We got a vibe lyrics

Ad lib) Baby, you know, you know You got ... me going on Just listen to what I've got to say Check it ... out Everything is flowing smooth. yeah Feels so good

Black Label Society - She deserves a free (ride val's song) lyrics

run away Close your mouth Don't you ... say Scared, and all alone The door is closed Ain ... t no one's home You speak But no one hears Brace ... yourself Your darkest fears The sick and twisted mind

Mike Jones - "we ballin'" lyrics

out on the block, I'm like a new set of J's My sticky ... green European, with DVD on play My bumper kit recline, ... when I press rewind Blue face with baguettes, on my Rolex

So Solid Crew - In my life lyrics

no that's the word Oh no that's the word Never seen never ... heard Never happen never occurred I be ... there givin out my lyrical word Oh no that's the word

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - She's not me (ride or die) lyrics

s go When you got her in the back seat Driving down ... the back streets Trying to block me out (Do you ... remember my name?) Cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard

Punk Goes... - Caught up in you by we the kings (38 special .. lyrics

never knew there'd come a day When I'd be sayin to you ... Don't let this good love slip away Now that we know that its ... Don't, Don't you know the kind of man I am No, said I'd

Bow Wow - She's in love with my money lyrics

the beginning things was cool Been together since ... school I got played in the end Had me looking like a fool Thought she would be ... the one Different from all the others Well that shit

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - In my bag lyrics

ain't neva seen it [Bridge:] She ain't neva seen a nigga so ... fly like me With a swagga so mean in a ride like me I'm ... fresh yea I'm a cool dude I be getting that

Avantasia - In my defense lyrics

my defence what is there to say All the mistakes we made ... must be faced today It's not easy now knowing ... where to start While the world we love ... tears itself apart I'm just a singer with a song How can

Jeremih - My ride lyrics

don't like me, I bet you fall in love with my ride (my ride), my ride, Got girls wanna ... be wifey, Cause they fell in love with my ride (my ride), my ride... ehh. [Verse 1:]

Nipsey Hussle - We gangbangin lyrics

I don't know, Wut u done heard, But were I'm from, U might ... get served, U might shoot back, U might get cracked, U ... might do life but, That's just that cause, We gang bangin [x8] [Coby Supreme:] It

Nappy Roots - My ride lyrics

SKINNY DEVILLE] feelin easy like its sunday morning steak and eggs hey livin off some ... big rims lookin like some blades play her like a pimp type ... a nigga aint me with the tint the 35 percent so ya cant

Germs - Caught in my eye lyrics

your dark eyes You can feel my Every sin When I walk right Into a straight line This world ... of yours I got you caught in my eye, again You're the fall ... guy In the corner Of my gloom It feels like Everything I see Is nothing new I got

Dev - In my trunk lyrics

s in my trunk It's in my trunk I got that thump it's ... in my trunk It's in my tru- I got that thump it's in my trunk It's in my trunk ... I got that thump it's in my tru-tru-tru- [x2] It was a late night No scrabble,

Echo & The Bunnymen - In my time lyrics

your wings you carry me down Highway to the ... shore At your wheel you steer me ... me no more Me no more All my leaves are turning with The ... changing of the seasons All my dreams are burning up And

Freddie Mercury - In my defence lyrics

my defence, what is there to say? All the mistakes we've made must be faced today It's ... not easy now, knowing where to start While the ... world we love tears itself apart I'm just a singer with a

Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - In my head lyrics

Middlebrook] Here's the thing: you’re in love with a ... version of a person that you've created in your head, ... that you are trying to but cannot fix. Uh, the only thing

Balckrain - She´s in love lyrics

is living in a dream She'd like to be a star on the radio She's got a heart full of ... spring And something kinda psycho! Rosie talks about ... dreams She'd like to be a star on a TV show But life ain't

Kai Wachi - In my blood (ft. uffy lane snyder) lyrics

.. ho Make that ass talk to me while i, ugh All ... these f***in pills up in my system never coming down ... Uffy captain gon be on his grind the f*** you thinking hah hah hah... Hundred clips i

Pierce The Veil - She sings in the morning lyrics

up A voice hits the air on a lonely coast And I'll sing along like a prayer for you I ... can dream up the words I'll never ... see your face again If we wake at If we wake at all She sings to me If we wake at

Priyanka Chopra - In my city ft. lyrics

I Know you got your own ways I Know you got your own ... life I´m just sayin´g C´mon down to my place ... C´mon make some new friends And ... tell me what you drinkin´ I Know there a place like

Peter Cetera - She doesn't need me anymore lyrics

t know when she started changing Don't know how it's come to ... this Seems like yesterday she was in my arms Begging for a ... kiss Now the winds of change are blowing And they've taken

Exilia - In a coma lyrics

see the world with a new perception She knows the ... future and she is my obsession She told me that we met before somehow, somewhere ... Feeling hypnotic when I hear her voice again She can see

The Game - She wanna have my baby lyrics

Trey Songz] Le’gggo Yeah Le’gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh ... Yeah Le’gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh ... [Game - Verse 1] Everybody f***ing Amber Rose Is the p****

Ian Gillan - She tears me down lyrics

ain't afraid Of no man here I don't go looking for ... trouble I speak my mind I've got no fear Tell me ... you understand Say that you understand Well if it's

Lil' Flip - In my backyard lyrics

Yung Redd] Yeah, take a look into my backyard Where there ain ... t no way out, and niggas wanna act hard Watch your friends, ... some turn to fakers That's why I smoke green acres

Suzi Quatro - She's in love with you lyrics

s in love with you, that's all she wants to do She'll ... never let you down, she'll never fool around 'Cos she's in love with you So if ... you see her all alone one night walk up to her

Ron Pope - In my bones lyrics

thought I saw an angel Calling me across the yard She said ... ‘baby, it’s been real Now I’m gone’ I should’ve ... known much better You can’t tame something that wild When I

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - She came in through the bathroom window lyrics

Gonna come out now, ha ha ha, wow look out.] She came in through the bathroom window ... Protected by a silver spoon But now she ... sucks her thumb and wanders By the banks of her own

Aaron Carter - My internet girl lyrics

t no doubt about it I can't wait to get home to you (I gotta get home, yeah, uh, uh, come ... on.) Connected with my baby Just jammin online with ... you (online, online, online) Here in my room we are as one (together you and me,

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - She came in through the bathroom window lyrics

came in through the bathroom window Protected by a silver ... spoon But now she sucks her thumb and wanders ... By the banks of her own lagoon Didn't anybody tell

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - She believes in me lyrics

m tossing and turning and I can't get to sleep Got something on my mind I just can't release Then she whispers so ... softly that she believes in me If I let her down and

Alex Day - She walks right through me lyrics

girl from the other side All kind of pale, dressed in black and white. She's not the same, Quite different from any ... other girlfriend I've had. It's like, her touch, it

Drake lyricsDrake - In my bussines(feat gucci mane sean garrett) lyrics

Gucci Mane] I'm so f-cking dumb I wear diamonds on my ... thumbs, There's a diamond on my d-ck so theres a diamond on ... her tongue, I can't feel you baby cos I romantically numb, Emotionally drained I came here just so I can

Jake Miller - My couch lyrics

don't wanna go out She'd rather chill in my house All ... her friends are partying while we down in here watching Netflix on my couch She ... don't wanna go out She just wanna come over, yea Her

George Jones - She's mine lyrics

won't say that I'm the only one, who loves ... her And I won't say I make her happy all the time ... There's someone she can't forget I know she never ... will, and yet But as far as my heart's concerned, she's mine

The Kooks - She moves in her own way lyrics

at my show on Monday I was hoping someday You'd be on ... your way to better things It's not about your make ... up Or how you try to shape up To these tiresome paper

Leetstreet Boys - She's so kawaii lyrics

her at Gamestop Hello Kitty tanktop Bunny ears and pink hair fawning over Zack Fair ... Shooting Duck Hunt lolita and steampunk Says she likes ... to RP always rolls a 20 Gravitation The organization

Kim Mitchell - In the stars tonight lyrics

met on a rainy night at the cucumber soap cafe She ... stared in my eyes She just took what I don't give away I said that I'm no lovebeaded Hippy dippy dude and she said yes I know But let's do

Savatage - She's in love lyrics

likes what she sees Starts to drop to her knees Gazing with an appetite Licks her ... lips in sheer delight She's one of a kind Sight for ... sore eyes It's all she needs to be happy And I bet she never knew It would taste so

Boris Carloff - In my lonely room (feat. ghetto priest) lyrics

sit all alone in my lonely room Watching shadows ... on the wall People pass, people go, they don’t ... bother me at all In the silence of my lonely room ... I sit and think about my gloom I see my face I hear my voice in a mirror I don’t

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - She passed by my window lyrics

passed by my window Her eyes were all aglow And bent to pick ... her glove she'd dropped From the bright and brittle snow Nature had ... spoken it in the Spring With apple, plum and brand new pear

Eels - In my dreams lyrics

love is always just as she seems A force of nature all ... own To be reckoned with Whatever's wrong with me Her ... kiss redeems And it's all there In my dreams My

Kerli - She's in parties lyrics

lines in the rain Special effects by Loonatik and Drinks The graveyard scene The ... golden years She's in parties It's in the can (twice) ... Freeze frame screen kiss Hot heads

Prince - She's always in my hair lyrics

I feel like givin' up Whenever my sunshine ... turns to rain Whenever my hopes and dreams Are aimed in the wrong direction She's always there Tellin' me how

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - In my life lyrics

the heat below my feet I have to go, no time to sleep Can't believe the things you say ... I turn my head and walk away You make me sick, you make ... me nervous Times are gone when you would say

Amanda Perez - In my life lyrics

Oh In my life, my life Everytime I see you I ... lose my cool Goin out of my mind cuz i can't stop thinkin' ... bout you looking at your sexy body everynight i

Charlie Straight - She´s a good swimmer lyrics

write short poems on steamy mirrors I look up the ceiling for the feeling of love I ... like to run in place to keep the pace With the ... girl in red with an umbrella She will lay me to bed I send a message or two by the river

Donnie Klang - Stuck in my head lyrics

m driving Im headed out to the show You know ... I got my tickets Center stage sitting in the front row ... The music playing so loud I can barely hear a thing Still hear it when I

Hardline - She sleeps in madness lyrics

with confidence Don't break a sweat To find a reason When ... reason won't make sense In black and white (Inside) Silence ... all the phantoms Banging on the drums I feel the change inside (Inside) You'll

Inspiral Carpets - She comes in the fall lyrics

up, wake up, this must be some kind ... of fear In the short time that I have got to know you I have found here a wrong way to ... go about it It's just this fear, the fear I have to go about

Ronan Keating - She belives (in me) lyrics

she lays sleeping I stay out late at night and play my songs And sometimes all the ... nights can be so long And it's good when I finally make it home All alone While she lays dreaming I touch her face across the silver light I

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