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Alabama - She's got that look in her eyes lyrics

s still got those pretty eyes Like she did in school The ... first time that she looked at me My heart went ka ... boom Today I saw that look again On sale in summer

Orange Blue - She's got that light lyrics

when she looks up it seems as If she's by herself Devil whispers in my ear ... I tried in vain to reach her world There are many ... silent words raising heads while the tide still

Josh Abbott Band - Her eyes turn green lyrics

Verse 1] She sits alone in the dark. She hides her pain ... in her heart. You couldn’t tell by her smile. She only holds it for ... loves. [Chorus] A woman inside with the pain that she

Ali Campbell - That look in your eyes (feat. pamela starks) lyrics

me a girl peace and harmony in her heart When things go ... wrong there will be no falling apart One who understands ... that things aren't always gonna go

Pain Of Salvation - She likes to hide lyrics

don't know why. I'd ask but she's too hard to find. She likes ... Tuesday I almost tried to ask her why But she got that look in ... her eyes. She likes to hide. She

The Hollies - You gave me life (with that look in your eyes.. lyrics

up the phone called there's no one at home You said ... you'd be there for my call Did I do ... right by staying home tonight All I know is ... said you wouldn't be late That's when my hopes started to

Part Six - She´s got lyrics

s gotta be i got her in sight it's gotta be good it ... s gotta be clearly understood. She's got that look she's got that ... touch now i don't know that much but i make her mine mine mine she's gotta vibe a kinder outer glow from inside

Massari - Eyes like diamonds lyrics

diamonds Like diamonds She's lighting up the floor like ... the sun rising up And every where she goes her light is shining And just one look at her

Semisonic - She's got my number lyrics

s got my number she always did She ... can always see where my secret's hid Everything ... about me is hers to tell She's got my number she always will ... She's got my number I must confess One

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - In her eyes lyrics

seems to say alot But I know she's got alot to say She keeps her feelings to herself But I ... know she's feeling more that way She don't have to talk

Chris Young lyricsChris Young - She's got this thing about her lyrics

it can change my day Blue eyes that chase my blues away It ... might be your touch That keeps me coming back for more ... Loving words that keep me going strong That heart of hers I

Pitbull - Messin' around (ft. enrique iglesias) lyrics

s got me like na, na na, na na Na ... na, na na (Mr. Worldwide) (She's got that look in her eyes) ... who Heard it from another you've been messin' around I

Josh Groban - In her eyes lyrics

my shadow She sees something more Believes there's a ... light in me She is sure And her truth makes me stronger Does ... realize I awake every morning With her strength by my

Basshunter - In her eyes lyrics

s A Saturday Night Nothing Will Go Wrong But If It ... You Believe My Heart Is Calling Your Name So Hear Me Out ... When I Say I Can See It In Her Eyes When She Turns To Me

Savoy Brown - She's got a ring in his nose and a ring on he.. lyrics

it aint somethin that i like to see And i hope it ... to me When ya see a smiling woman and a frowning man ... She got a ring in his nose and a ring on her ... he was real funky ya know That was of course until he got

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - Eyes of a stranger (payola$ cover) lyrics

see if you're real? 'Cause in nothing there's something I ... Can my heart take the strain? Or will it break down again ... In your lips, I sense a danger

Maze - The look in your eyes lyrics

real I wanna tell you something I know just how you feel ... awhile sweet baby but I think I understand I can tell ... by the look in your eyes That your falling in love with me

Crystal Ball - Look in my eyes lyrics

stand there at the door last night You looked at me, I knew You kept our ... secret inside Every time you’re ... close to me It was like in my dreams I thought our love

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - She's got that vibe lyrics

What's up man You been spending a lot of time with this girl ... I don't know man She just got that vibe you know what I'm ... saying Aiight tell em the script

Rains - Look in my eyes lyrics

know you're waiting and you? re so damn nervous. ... I know you're hoping that I could explain this look in ... my eyes. I will try and show you I ... know you think I am the devil in this I know you're thinking that you don? t deserve this, Look in my eyes, I will try to

Lumidee - She´s like a wind lyrics

amp;quot;She's Like The Wind" (feat. Tony Sunshine) Yea Yo Tony Sunshine ... baby I’ve been around I know that you like how I wear my crown

Lumidee - She's like the wind lyrics

Yo Tony Sunshine [Lumidee] Listen baby ... I’ve been around I know that you like how I wear my crown ... And I know that im something that is so profound So far what

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - When she says baby lyrics

days it's tough just gettin' up Throwin' on these boots ... and makin' that climb Some days I'd rather ... low Before I go outta my mind. But when she says baby,

One Chance - Look at her lyrics

One Chance what's happenin' Oh Fabo What's happenin' ... US US US US US What's happenin' (Oh) Look at her (Oh) Look ... at her (Oh Oh) What's happenin' Look at her (Oh Oh) Look at

Kiss - She's so european lyrics

walked in like a lady, with a glass of ... pink champagne I wouldn't look if you paid me, 'cause to me she's still the same Well you ... oughtta see her, wearin' her heart on her sleeves You'd

Kenny Loggins - She's dangerous lyrics

life, You blow with the wind, In a hungry night. You ... But the music is crazy, In a mystery. She knows what ... without hesitation, You jump into the fire You dont stop to

One Chance - Private lyrics

feat. Akon) [Intro:] Oc Ha It's About To Get ... It Don't Stop We Keep Rockin We Keep Rockin It. [Verse1 ... ] Everybodys Watchin Her, The Way She Sways To The

Alabama Capital - Look at her lyrics

She doesn't know a thing about the real world but ... She knows all of it sins So she closes her eyes ... make it stop and let the healing begin Still she doesn't

Jim Johnston - She looks good (eve torres theme v2) lyrics

looks good to me She's got everything I want Everything ... I need She looks good to me and everytime I ... see her I can barely breathe She looks good to me She's got

Fady Maalouf - She's like the wind lyrics

s like the wind through my tree She rides ... Only to burn me with the sun She's taken my heart But she doesn ... t know what she's done Chorus: Feel her

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - She had the world lyrics

held the world upon a string But she didn't ever hold me ... Spun the stars on her fingernails But it never made her happy Cause she couldn't ... But she could never win me Cause she couldn't ever

Patrick Swayze lyricsPatrick Swayze - She's like the wind lyrics

s like the wind through my tree She rides ... Only to burn me with the sun She's taken my heart But she doesn ... t know what she's done Feel her breath on my

Jackson 5 - Got to be there lyrics

to be there (got to be there) Got to be there in the ... morning When she says hello to the ... world Got to be there (got to be there) Got to be there ... in her down time And show her that she's my girl Oooh,

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Got to be there lyrics

to be there, got to be there In the morning When she says ... hello to the world Got to be there, got to be there ... Bring her good times And show her that

Bowling For Soup - She's got a boyfriend now lyrics

girl I knew I remember seeing her laugh I remember the ... she cried When tears filled her eyes As we sang 'Love Song' ... by Tesla Her smile is turning upside down She's got a

Ricky Martin lyricsRicky Martin - If you ever saw her lyrics

s got the look in her eye That says she knows why Just to ... taste her is never enough She gets a ... thrill outta lovin' And watching you suffering She says you

Asp - She wore shadows lyrics

is swaying like the morning haze Don't make a mistake ... And her skin glows like the summer moon ... She moves like a snake Her eyes get lost in the green

The Byrds - Have you seen her face lyrics

you seen her face her eyes reflect the colors in the sky ... familiar place to be swept into Whenever she's close by ... t turn back Can't hide from that look in her eye Must be

Kaledon - In the eyes of the queen lyrics

the obscurity And she raised her energy You know…Daeniel, ... A woman in bride…with her destiny She has lighted the ... of your heart By the love inside Nobody as her Knew to

Lady Antebellum lyricsLady Antebellum - She is lyrics

She can't stand the winter She can't stand anything that she can't change Oh, that ... be She is a little of everything Mixed up, so tough in a ... beautiful way She's got the world in her fingertips

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - In your eyes lyrics

t she look so well With her long black hair and a look ... She can cast a spell with that look of heaven In her eyes, in her eyes In your eyes, your eyes Now I can't get to sleep

Lily Allen - 22 lyrics

she was 22 the future looked bright But she's nearly 30 ... now and she's out every night I see that look in her face she's got that look in her eye She's thinking

Atmosphere - Summer song lyrics

to visit, she says 'Cause in some ways, Minneapolis is ... we can watch these people in these bars They're all insane, they all know my name ... Who won the game? no one's in pain But either way girl, i

Hanson - Look at you lyrics

at you baby Standing in the shadows wondering what I ... m doing here Wishing something would happen, maybe I could ... disappear She walks in with that look in her eye Somehow she

Alan Jackson - She just started liking cheatin' songs lyrics

just started liking cheatin' songs And what's botherin' ... I don't know if its the cheatin' she likes Or just the ... never had any reason to doubt her As far as I know she's been

Eddie Rabbitt - She's comin' back to say goodbye lyrics

s a plane Comin' in at night I'm gonna leave a ... little early Wanna be there on time 'cause my baby's ... Flyin' in tonight And i really can't ... believe I'm gonna look in her eyes And my heart Is racin' down the loop But there is

Billy Joel - She's got a way lyrics

s got a way about her I don't know what it is But ... I know that I can't live without her She's got a way of pleasin' I don ... t know what it is But there doesn't have to be a reason

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - Everytime that it rains lyrics

in an airport in Austin, all of the flights are ... delayed And as the rain keeps fllin' the mem'ries ... keep callin' me back To another time and place Back to a rainy dy in Oklahoma, she was workin' at this roadside cafe And

Icon ( Usa ) - In your eyes lyrics

you've been gone And ever since you went away It's hard to ... go on And it's getting harder every day I think ... of all the things that I've done wrong I'll never

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Devil in her heart lyrics

s got the devil in her heart but her eyes they ... tantalize she's gonna tear your heart apart ... oh her lips they really thrill me. ... hurt me she won't desert me she's an angel sent to me. She's

Canaan Smith - Prettiest girl in town lyrics

s got a light in her eyes and I swear she must've ... stole from the sun going down, she's got a smile ... like the first day of spring swaying in the break of the

Mamas And The Papas, The - That kind of girl lyrics

kind of girl would let you down; ... That kind of girl will always run ... around. That kind of girl's the kind that ... really a dull bore. Imagine your surprise When you look in her eyes And, baby, she

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - She knows me lyrics

will come and winds will go And the seasons ... always change But the light that shimmers in her eyes Stays ... same Yeah, the sun will shine and the moon will glow And

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - China in her eyes (rap version) lyrics

to Hong Kong And back again It's the No.1 fun maker in ... the nation Making you dance She wanna rub ... my muscles strong Keep it going on, from New York to Hong

Chris De Burgh - The girl with april in her eyes lyrics

once was a King, who called for the spring, ... his world was still covered in snow But the spring had not ... for he was wicked and mean In his winter-fields nothing

The Downhill - She remains lyrics

it's over My hands are turning cold Her face is getting ... more than I've been told There's one thing on my mind ... R1: No more waiting I gave my life to you and

Alan Jackson - Her life's a song lyrics

the music, tells the tales of her heart And she listens ... parts She likes the songs that make her cry And ones that ... pick her up and make her high. She likes the hip

The Boomtown Rats - She's so modern lyrics

la-la-la She's so 20th century She's so ... 1970's She knows the right things to say She's got the right ... clothes to wear Cos she's a modern girl, oh yeah A

Blaque - She ain't got the boom like i do lyrics

love Oh babe Is it true that your girl don't do The things I do Are you missing ... this love That I used to give to you Had ... you coming in the Front door leaving out

Foxes - In her arms lyrics

ve been dreaming over I've been dreaming ... half the lies You've been looking at me You've been looking ... Lift your feet up off the burning ground You don't see it

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