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Shatta Wale They Can’t Face Me ,tell Them They Can’t Face Me lyrics

Browse for Shatta Wale They Can’t Face Me ,tell Them They Can’t Face Me song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Shatta Wale They Can’t Face Me ,tell Them They Can’t Face Me lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Shatta Wale They Can’t Face Me ,tell Them They Can’t Face Me.

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Pink Cream 69 - Face in the mirror lyrics

sees her face in the mirror eyes surrounded in black see the girl but don't fear her she's too high attack and her eyes are blue they fill up with sorrow she looks straight at you she can't tomorrow face in the mirror face in the mirror what have you done

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - Tell all the people lyrics

all the people that you see Follow me Follow me down Tell all the people that you see Set them free Follow me down You tell them they don't have to run We're gonna pick up everyone Come out and take me by my hand Gonna bury all our troubles in the sand, oh yeah Can't you see th

Block B - Tell them (tell your boss) lyrics

oh oh~ [Zico] Boys and Girls It's the B.B Don't fool yourself I got your back You must up up up up up [Zico] ZICO BLOCK is bang Mugeoun nunkeopul tte Move up jeulgyeodo dwae Trouble make eoreumttaeng Yeah [Kyung] Wae jakku geobeulnae Ireohke saldagagin heomuhae Tt

Daniel Powter - Tell them who you are lyrics

can say what you want You can say what you feel You hide in your mask But you know it's not real You can lock all the doors And pretend you're not home You can stand in the crowd But you still feel alone The invisible man Who told stars from afa

Juelz Santana - Wanna be me lyrics

Hook:] They don't wanna see me, They just wanna be me! (F*** em, I'm getting money!) Uh, they don't wanna see me They just wanna be me! (F*** em, I'm getting money!) They don't wanna see me (yeah) They just wanna be me! (They just wanna be me! They don't wanna see me (yeah) Th

N-sync - Tell me, tell lyrics

Oh Hold on Uh, you know what? Can we back it up just a lil bit? I said bye! I said bye! Why? Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me! Oh oh! Yeah! We were born the same day We even think the same way It couldn't be more right We are what they call a perfect match Somethin tha

Budgie - Tell me tell me lyrics

s a kind of life that was meant to be All you ask, if you ask, well you asked of me Can it be that you met someone who smiles When you say that you wanted to delete my files Tell me, tell me, tell me Tell me, tell me, What's wrong with you? Tell me, tell me, tell me Tell m

Cassandra Complex - Tell me lyrics

is blind, but I'm learning sing language Love is blind, but I'm learning to see Learning to be what you want me to be Learning to be all that you need I was brought up to believe in love I was brought up to believe in everything And I do, every time I see

Damian Marley lyricsDamian Marley - 10,000 chariots lyrics

all me don't love is the people weh fight 'gainst me. Me don't love dem, but me enjoy dem because me cyan sit dung and think of dem and write music bout dem... Jr gong Jr gong Jr gong Jr gong I see 10,000 chariots And they are going without horses

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Excuse me lyrics

all them hoes that was frontin' on niggas back in the days, man (This for my broke jiggy niggas) You know what I'm saying? Excuse me, f*** out my face They say wealth is in the mind, not the pocket I learned that from a very wise man Okay excuse me, Mr. Bill Collector, I

Dizzee Rascal - Face ft caramel lyrics

Let's talk about over-excited brehs on the road, Who brake all street honourary codes, Can't get a real name for themselves, Living off reflected glory, Living off face Said he knows slimzee ,maxwell, gods gift, said he knows plake, said he knows ace.

Omarion - Face off lyrics

Wow (Talkin): Im sayin, I finally found the right girl for me Im sayin my nigga dog So you aint gotta worry bout Lil' Mama comin between we dude We still homies at the end of the day Believe dat Omarion (Chorus): No No No I don't wanna kno

Brother Ali - They're finished lyrics

quot;We have a small disturbance at Lake Street in Chicago, some young men fighting Could we get some cars to go and check that out please?" A young man stands up against the wall Dressed in all blue, tilted hatbrim and all He's got his peeps around him, so he'

Benedictum - Them lyrics

don't even know what time it is Always trying to get in my business Who are they what are they anyway Always twisting 'round the words I say They were born to follow We were to lead They will try to tear me down But they shall not succeed All the time they sit jus

Karina - They aint gotta love you lyrics

Aint-Got-To-Lo-ove-You (No) They-Aint-Got-To-Lo-ove-You (No) [Verse 1] They aint gotta be friends wit you They aint gotta hang out wit you They aint even gotta deal wit you I Love You even when you got an attitude They aint ever gotta hear you speak Or think about you

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Tell me why lyrics

crying in the street Children dying at their feet, tell me why, ooh tell me why People starving everywhere There's too much food but there's none to spare, Tell me why, oh tell me why Can you see that shaft of sunlight can you see it in my eyes I can fee

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Tell 'em i said that lyrics

Intro] Ay Ay Ay Ay for as long as I remember, I've been telling you all man to pull these nigga resumes. you better check up on these nigga. these niggas be lying man. these niggas ain't really kicking this shit they be telling you all man. they wanna see you all get f***ed u

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Paint them a picture jane lyrics

them a picture Jane And you can hang it on the wall Tell them it's me they see Don't tell them why I'm small If they ask you why I'm crying Just tell them someone is dying And that he was just a friend Don't let em see that you pretend Paint them a pictu

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Tell your friends prod.kanye west lyrics

Verse 1] We are not the same I am too reckless I'm not tryna go in that direction These niggas they been doing too much flexing But they about to follow my intention And I ain't got no patience, no more testing I do shit how I want, don't need no blessing XO niggas a

Packy (the Specktators Collective) - Tell me lyrics

said I'm guilty I Killed the game, did my time still the same They don't know who I am but I bet they know that name its P-A-C-K-I ain't even know they try to get me shut up, I'm like what up To the money that im here to get a cut of right? Hear a lot of hating

Prince - Face down lyrics

Dead like Elvis) Check, check, 1 2, check U know what he's sayin'' Face down! Somebody once told him that he wouldn't take Prince through the ringer Let him go down as a washed up singer Ain't that a bitch' Thinkin' all along that he wanted 2 be ric

3t - They say lyrics

First time I saw you I knew inside By the way you looked at me I can make you mine And it feels so good to be with a girl so you need No matter what they say we've got all we need Bridge I promise I will love you for life And make your dreams come true every night Girl you

504 Boyz - Them boyz lyrics

feat. Mac, X-Con) [Mac] Who dat nigga? What? Nigga you know me? (yeah nigga uptown) Mac Watch them boyz, watch them boyz, y'all know them boyz? you better watch them boyz Watch them boyz, watch them boyz, y'all know them boyz? you better watch them boyz [X-Con] See

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - They just don’t know you lyrics

Jade) Daddy doesn't think that you'll be good enough for me Mama says be careful 'cause he'll break your heart in three They don't walk in my shoes They ain't be kissed by you (Leigh-Anne) My sister says she doesn't like the way you wear your hair But I know that she'

Maejor Ali - Tell daddy ft. waka & ying yang twins lyrics

Verse 1: D-Roc of Ying Yang Twinz] Lil' Mama tell daddy what you want, I got you I'ma get a big bottle of Grey Goose You can get loose, shake that ass for me Get you some Fireball, and you fell in love Me and you can have the club on fire Me and you'll

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Wit me (ft. lil wayne) lyrics

Verse 1: Lil Wayne] Bitch! Put my dick on yo face, put my gun in yo purse Put my work in yo p****, bitch don’t cum on the work Pass the weed to your slime, these niggas greener than lime So many knots in my pockets, the bitch need a massage I was born in the drought, I

Cassie - Me and you lyrics

ve been waiting so long I'm here to answer your call I know that I shouldn't have had you waiting at all I've been so busy, but I've been thinking about what I wanna do with you I know them other guys, they been talking bout the way I do what I do They heard I wa

Cassie - Me & u lyrics

ve been waiting so long I'm here to answer your call I know that I shouldn't have had you waiting at all I've been so busy, but I've been thinking about what I wanna do with you I know them other guys, they been talking bout the way I do what I do Th

Common - They say... lyrics

Chorus: John Legend] They say "What's happenin'?" We say the facts and if, they lie... We comin' back for them They might say... but they don't know! (They say, They say...) They don't knowwwww [Verse 1: Common] They say a nigg

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Tell me what you dream lyrics

turned the key, opened the door Was he there she wasn't sure She didn't want to fight no more She had good intentions In that moment face to face She saw the look upon his face She held him in a tight embrace There was warm affection Took a while be

K'la - They will anyway lyrics

forces we living under Hot as hell winter's hell frozen over summer We can tell you what the temp be but can't control the number Cause our educated guesses are the same thing as a ponder point and laugh at the niggas driving honda's Speed past them in the b

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - F*** wit me now lyrics

Lil Wayne] Let's go - let's go Let's go - let's go They can't f*** with me now Huh? F*** with me now No, they can't f*** with me now Can't f*** with me now Let's go [VERSE 1 - Lil Wayne] I go by "Wheezy: the Don" Magnificent nigga, lot of ice around m

504 Boyz - Them people lyrics

Intro] Oh Shit There go them people Yo why these motherf***ing people keep f***ing with me man Me and my niggas..uhh.. [Hook x2: Krazy {Halleluyah}] I'ma run, on the block, with a gun Cause I think I hear them people coming {I here them coming nigga} And if it

Ektomorf - Face your fear lyrics

up from your knees and stand up for your life They want to bring you down get up and fight Face Your fear You feel your weakness and it makes you paralyzed You are lost and hope less I can see it in your eyes Face Your fear There is no one but

Empire Cast - Tell the truth ft. jussie smollett lyrics

the truth Tell the truth Tell the truth Everyone, has a closet In the night, they wear disguises In the dark, they hide from the truth In the end, they lie to you One day the skeletons are gonna come out One day the elephant in the room will make a sound Watch out for lions an

The Jam - Don´t tell them youre sane lyrics

boy I know is sick in his head - At least that’s what the doctors say he is Shut in his room for hours on end Looks like he’s forgotten, but is he His mind it ticks, more than you know One day something in his head will click Warders fill him full of l

Chris Rea - Tell me there's a heaven lyrics

little girl she said to me ''What are these things that I can see Each night when I come home from school When mama calls me in for tea?'' Oh every night a baby dies And every night a mama cries What makes those me do what they do To make that person b

Simply Red - They dont know lyrics

don’t know They don’t know Driv­ing by two lov­ers Kiss­ing and walk­ing, livin’ out a dream Mm hop­ing they will make it Beauty out of sync in a crowded city scene They don’t know Driv­ing by two lov­ers Hop­ing to make love’s fantasy forever Hmm I feel so good about

All Faces Down - Face the truth lyrics

guys what's going on? what's going wrong with the place that we call home? what do the states hide? why do they try to chamber the truth from the worlds eyes? we shouldn't always look away and believe what they tell us it's time to face the truth and say: Reveal all o

Ice-t - They want me back in lyrics

Ice-T] Yeah, Shit is going down again! This motherf***ers want me back in! F***! [Method Man: Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready for war!] [4x] Get out the H-K! F***! Niggaz talking crazy cause they say That I kill one-a-day motherf***er Sucker ass busters,

Shop Boyz - They like me lyrics

D David Banner Yeah! Shawty! Its Ya Boy David Banner New Shop Boyz! Let's Go! [Hook:] They Lookin At My Jewls And They See A Player Icy They Kick It Like They Cool But I Can Tell They Wanna Fight Me I Keep The Girls Choosin Turn Em Out & H

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - Tell me a story lyrics

Me A Story YO YO This Romeo And You Know What We Gonna Make Them Dance This Christmas (Hilary) Tell Me A Story,I Believe Oh I Believe All Things Are Possible On Christmas Eve (LiL Romeo) It was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was starr

The Fratellis - Tell me a lie lyrics

once I was persuaded to open up my head I told them how it was and went and got it wrong instead I said would you believe me if you only knew I'd been stealing everything, this conversations through And the boy cried hang him at three I saw him on the front page laughing at

Koke K - Tell you how my life is lyrics

Hook] Let me tell you how my life is (tell you how my life is, tell you how my life is, tell you how my life is) Let me tell you how my life is (tell you how my life is, tell you how my life is, tell you how my life is) Let me tell you how my life is H

Nick Cannon - Me sexy lyrics

sexy, me sexy, oh yeah, yeah Me sexy, me sexy, oh yeah Me sexy, me sexy, oh yeah, yeah (F*** what them haters say!) Me sexy, oh yeah, oh yeah Me sexy, oh yeah, oh yeah Me sexy, oh yeah, oh yeah Me sexy, oh yeah, oh yeah (F*** what them haters say!) Hola nena! Como

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Let me tell you something lyrics

Intro (T.I.)] Want to be your man, please...tell you why (I know what y'all thinking) Doop doop doop doop doop doop (First he can't be my man, now he want to be my man) (I wish this nigga make his mind up) Can't live my life...tell you why (All my niggaz man we g

Bobby Darin - Me and mr. hohner lyrics

and Mr. Hohner Standin’ on the corner Not doin’ nothin’ to no one When a squad car stops And out jump cops "You one o' them, if I ever saw one!" "One o' what?" I said As my face turned red "Up against the wa

Kottonmouth Kings - Tell me why lyrics

why you gotta cramp my style You keep f***in with my high and im about to get wild Now why you gotta harrass the pot leaders Harrass the people at expired parkin meters Why you gotta pull me over as if I was that dude in the stolen Nova Now why you gotta badge o

Raz Simone - They'll speak lyrics

the lights in the studio It's Raz, my mom calls me Solomon Simone It's 3 a.m. and these are what feelings sound like How do we fly? Why do we lie? Where do us bad people go when we die? Heaven or hell? Is it a lie? Or should I just pray just incase they were right? I mean

After Forever - Face your demons lyrics

in-the-box and here I am Your favourite mirror and your only honest reflection and your guide I am your deepest fear, the one you'll always hear I am the devil in disguise, I am your dream I am the sneaky connection to your most devilish reflection

Cat Power - They tell me lyrics

tell me what they do I don't know what they're talking about They tell me what they do I don't understand what they're talking about They're talking about it I did not start this conversation I don't intend to keep talking about it They tell me a

Neil Diamond - Face me lyrics

you look away from me I feel the anger go straight to my head Cause I'm feeling deceived And it's not what you say But the way that you say it I worry inside Do you lie to me, lie to me? What do you hide from me? Face me Face me Need you to fa

Kris Kristofferson - They ain't got 'em all lyrics

are still places where people like me can hang out With nothing at all in this whole world to worry about They ain't tore 'em all down yet and said every man for himself Or polished them up until nothing worth keeping is left. They ain't got '

Lecrae - Tell the world (feat. mali music) lyrics

Hook (Mali Music):] Now, I’mma tell the world, tell ‘em I’mma tell it everywhere I go Tell the world, tell ‘em Yeah, I’m a billboard Tell the world, tell ‘em And I’m broadcastin’ like a radio Tell the world You ought to know, I’m brand new [Verse 1 (Lecrae):] I

Sondre Lerche - Face the blood lyrics

me that the casual panics will give in. When I hear a scream all my friends just hear the wind. So, if anybody could prove what god must know, I'd tell myself the chances of suffering are slim. Mum said, "All men must fall," You can't quit just to stay on y

Lyle Lovett - They don't like me lyrics

don't like me I can feel it And I don't like them It's the same old song They don't like me I just know it But I'd be happy Just to get along They try to love me I know they do 'Cause when I tell them I love you They say we love you too But I kno

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Them not me lyrics

you see the accident, the road is red with blood Funny how it makes you feel really, really good It was them, it wasn't me It was them, it wasn't me 'Zactly like I knew it would I can't help it everytime anybody dies I can't help it if it brings a spa

Nightcore - Face down lyrics

girl, you know you drive me crazy one look puts the rhythm in my hand. Still I'll never understand why you hang around I see what's going down. Cover up with make up in the mirror tell yourself, it's never gonna happen again you cry alone and then he sw

Nightcore - They don't know about us lyrics

say we shouldn't be together Too young to know about forever But I say they don't know what they talk talk talkin' about Cause this love is only getting stronger So I don't wanna wait any longer I just wanna tell the world that you're mine girl They don't kno

Lionel Richie - Face in the crowd lyrics

m just a face in the crowd You probably don't know me as I don't stand out And I'm sure your heart doesn't beat for me, no And when you're cold and lonely They are not my arms you long to feel around you To keep you safe and warm No, I'm just a face in the crowd

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