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Shankar Tucker Caught In The Rain lyrics

Browse for Shankar Tucker Caught In The Rain song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Shankar Tucker Caught In The Rain lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Shankar Tucker Caught In The Rain.

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Revis - Caught in the rain lyrics

it real? We're always the same We're almost undone now ... I was caught in the rain Wasting my time on the ... ground Waiting to call Well, what would ... you come over? Well, I was caught in the rain Wasting my time

Hurt - Caught in the rain lyrics

don't know where I'm going I don't know where I ... should stay You'd see the lines if you look in my eyes ... don't know what else I'm knowing Just won't care anyway

Quarterflash - Caught in the rain lyrics

the eye of the storm you found me I was caught in the rain like you And it ... pulled us down together And it tangled us in blue ... I wanted that night Together and still it remains I

October Fall - Caught in the rain lyrics

your luck It's a bad day, another bad day. It's a last chance ... when they've given up It's a bad ride ... falling out of love Can you take it ... can't take it... It's starting up and never stopping again

Katherine Mcphee - Caught in the storm lyrics

and break it We know the way it goes by now Running ... long can I keep on I'm caught in the storm I'm caught in the rain I'm caught in the rush

Smash - Caught in the storm lyrics

and break it We know the way it goes by now Running off just to see if I chase ... long can I hang on I'm caught in the storm I'm caught in the rain I'm caught in the rush

Beth Hart - Caught out in the rain lyrics

I’m under your spell Ain’t nobody’s business I’m ... already there And it ain’t nobody’s business Every ... time he walks out the door I wonder if he’s ever

Ella Fitzgerald - Isn't this a lovely day (to be caught in the .. lyrics

weather is fright'ning The thunder and lightning Seem ... to be having their way But as far as i'm ... concerned, it's a lovely day The turn in the weather Will

Charli Xcx - Caught in the middle lyrics

Intro x2] Our hearts got caught in the middle Caught in the ... a plane at five, flew across the world, I’m the other girl The one who’s in your head

April Wine - Caught in the crossfire lyrics

assignment to the New World They said there'd be more chance ... for war Missed the shuttle to the main star They promised they'd be back for ... more, oh, yeah Then the warships came without a sound

New Found Glory - Caught in the act (feat. bethany cosentino) lyrics

it all end to not answer Using your pain as your way to bring you closer Oh to bring you ... closer Your inviting words never her to cause a ... name to your breath not a feeling I'm patient boy waiting on

Redlight King - Caught in the middle lyrics

is the death of a man named god. ... Screw the hard knocks in your own backyard. The selling you love but the feed you ... hate. To build up something that might just break.

Armin Van Buuren - Caught in the slipstream (feat. bullysongs) lyrics

5 am, no sleep again, so tired, Mind wide open I ... m on the same journey east, life on ... all just need a little something to hold on to Another day ... at the puppet show Now I'm heading

Rusted Brain - Caught in the fire lyrics

in the Fire The meeting after years I feel the stink of fear Don’t give me your ... your chance Despite my f***in’ stance And killing ... be quick or be dead Your final destiny Cannot escape from

Course Of Nature - Caught in the sun lyrics

re my distance, destination of choice I'd give ... anything just to hear your voice I ... could've passed you on the street Without saying a word ... Most times I miss the voice That goes unheard

Default - Caught in the moment lyrics

I was waiting for you just don't think I ... ever knew I was out there all alone now every ... breath I breathe for you If you fall you know ... and take my hand Give to me the weight of your world I'll

Edgewater - Caught in the moment lyrics

for me to see. I got a feeling that I might be cheating. ... I'm not supposed to be giving into this, but I'm Caught in the moment. The legs su, su ... sweat the sex. She's got a hold onto

Goo Goo Dolls - Caught in the storm lyrics

you told me I keep down inside And in that heated ... all those pretty pictures They just start to fade away And ... everything that I believed Is getting

Miles Kane - Caught in the act lyrics

my final fuse That's the electric on you That keeps ... on burning, Keeps on tripping out The longer it goes, The harder I know A change is ... coming, A change is coming fast The whole time I've

Kodaline lyricsKodaline - Caught in the middle lyrics

you see me below the clouds? Cause I really feel ... I could use you now Watching over from up above I can ... feel you in my heart and in my blood Where did you go?

Nemesea - Caught in the middle lyrics

panic I’m alone, caught in the middle Raving envy It is ... Anxious moments I’m feeling lost, caught in the middle ... Yearning, longing ‘Cos it is all I want

Kate Miller-heidke - Caught in the crowd lyrics

a guy at my school when I was in high school We'd ride side ... by side in the morning on our bicycles Never even ... spoken or faced each other But on the last hill we'd

Sacred Oath - Caught in the arc lyrics

the dark there is a flame Give it life ... For those that hate Flip the switch Turn it on. Light the fire inside your head I’ll ... give you wisdom Light the fire inside your brain Open

Dio - Caught in the middle lyrics

it's just what you need Letting the river in you flow You ... can sail away to the sun And let it burn you ... walk a long bloody road Like the hero who never ran You'll

Flame - Caught in the lights (feat. v.rose) lyrics

in the lights oh my You're just so caught in between all your lies and ... your dreams You're so blind oh my You know I'm right ... but you hide on your stage to the right Ohh You know that I'm

In Dying Arms - Caught in the balance lyrics

m caught in the balance Dangling by these chains of my mind ... far away I'm sick of blaming you You were right by my ... side Tired of pretending My life is a f***ing lie

Kristian Leontiou - Caught in the moment lyrics

awake Caught in the moment Adrenaline, suddenly ... is rushing over me Found you all alone ... I pulled you from the midnight As we run away, ... slide away Caught in the moment I can take away

Project Pitchfork - Caught in the abattoir lyrics

And do it for me Lacerate the others Shoot don't think ... Roses are red And mutton is pink It can't be wrong to fight ... for principles So hurry up your brothers are already here Kill

Berzerker - Caught in the crossfire lyrics

one of them, one of us Another hit in the chest Stare them ... down Torn between, burying my friends War can be a ... everywhere Guns spray the hate towards you Time and

Hittman - Caught in the crossfire lyrics

by the feeling that trouble is your destination Feeling the tension ... that builds all around the frustration The warning of ... danger is calling, the fire of friction is burning The walls are closing in, you're

Our Last Night - Caught in the explosion lyrics

these words on time Is there anything or anyone that ... know that you are Failing on my time You can't ... believe that these notions are what's holding

Caught In The Act - Caught in the act of love lyrics

Lady i want to hold you For the rest of all time Because i ... realised Bridge: Just sitting here with you Holding your ... hand i'm in paradise Lost in your wonderland Refrain: On

9goats Black Out - In the rain lyrics

tsuyokunai bokura wo arainagasu ame wo matsu

Phantom Blue - Caught in the fire lyrics

like we’re going nowhere The damage is done So long but ... still it’s not over The nightmare is left to go on ... done That night keeps running around in my head Now it’s

Red Rider - Caught in the middle lyrics

I am with my hand back on the lever I never thought that I ... never know until you're Standing there yourself Just how it ... and be true Call me again when you're through I know

Melvins - In the rain lyrics

t like you Not a little thing about you There's a flower ... all around you In the rain Images of peace And now ... your pretty face Things that give me grins In the

Q5 - In the rain lyrics

shadows, watch them shimmer Soft reflections in ... see me? Will you touch me? In the rain. Restless feelings as I ... watch you Try to hold them deep inside Will you love

Bellarive - Caught in the middle lyrics

1 I need to stop and breathe You in For my lungs need ... more than oxygen To take in the Kingdom Verse 2 You’re ... recreating life From Heaven to Earth

Estelle - In the rain lyrics

this remind me of summer I'm talking ... summer You know where it rains (All night long) Yeah, ... but this remind me of you We don't need to ... It was last love, not the first time For you to notice

Fancy - In the rain again lyrics

your life Can you see the wrong from right Can you ... And many frowns But I find you When the rain Comes ... falling down What can I do When ... I have you When you're crying in the rain In the rain

Morgana Lefay - Caught in the tread wheel lyrics

m the man who is caught in the tread wheel Born to live, ... work to die You depend on the time between nine to five Then you cheat on yourself witha ... lie I just exist in a life without meaning

Toto lyricsToto - Caught in the balance lyrics

to me It seems so long ago The cuts run deep But the scars ... still show I live in the shadows Where it's been so ... to grow I'm still a servant in a nobleman's robes You

Old Man Canyon - In the rain lyrics

to be I'd like a soft reminder Something to calm the ... fire That's burning in my heart I know there's ... something in the rain Calling us its's calling us by name

Edenbridge - In the rain lyrics

m walking along the river Raindrops fall from the sky The ... never wonders 'bout all the feelings gone by The ... flower buds open their hearts They're begging for

Elderoth - In the rain lyrics

with the darkfall in the sky and the clouds of night ... are coming and then, I'll go into the dark and try to lengthen this feeling only way to ... feel a relief is to continue my blind belief and live

F.t.island - In the rain (비가 와요) lyrics

changmun teume deullineun jeo bismul sori ... gamchwodo gamchwodo nunmurina keopi hanjaneuro i ... dallaegon hae geokjeong ma singyeong sseuji anha ... uljima usja usja Oh I thinking everyday jeo biga uriui

Madness - In the rain lyrics

is such confusion in my mind, To play your illusion is ... so unkind, I didn't know who you were ... I'll see you soon. Standing here in the rain, Maybe the

Capercaillie - The crooked mountain lyrics

my palm today was a friend of the pessimistic in a square at the edge of town was my fortune ... "Climb that rocky mountain where the sun will rise to

Runrig - The wedding lyrics

air was swaying round the first guitar I remember we ... crossed the river by the Ostrum wall 'neath the stars ... to where the wedding filled the hall my father sang a song

Rupert Holmes - The pina colada song lyrics

of my lady, we'd been together too long. Like a worn-out ... recording, of a favorite song. So ... while she lay there sleeping, I read the paper in bed. ... And in the personals column, there was this letter I read:

Quincy Jones - Soldier in the rain lyrics

Bergman, Alan; Mancini, Henry; Bergman, Marilyn; ... Young lonesome soldier, sleeping in the rain Far from home ... child, half a hero Tossed by the times, caught in the winds

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Through the rain lyrics

you get caught in the rain With nowhere to run When ... you're distraught And in pain without anyone When you keep ... cryin out to be saved But nobody ... away That you just can't find your way home You can get there alone, it's ok Once you

Jana Kramer - Dance in the rain lyrics

thought that I'd find myself lost in this place Caught in a storm that my broken ... I close my eyes And soak it in And dance, I cry I'll set these tears free in the wind And

Caught In The Act - Best friend lyrics

wanna be your best friend Giving love is easy to do ... Especially when you're giving love to somebody new You ... it slow A step at a time Being friends together For the

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - The hitter lyrics

to the door Ma, and unlock the chain I was just passin' ... through and got caught in the rain There's nothing I want ... nothin' that you need say Just let

Doro Pesch - Caught in a battle lyrics

in a battle Caught in a battle Of right or wrong Caught in a battle Always in the ... middle Of right or wrong Caught in a battle Caught in a ... battle Of right or wrong Caught in a battle Good and evil

Sammy Hagar - In the room lyrics

windows, no doors How'd I get in ... There's no way out once you've ... come in It's so clear, so cold ... You're body stings You start to get up as a ... bell rings Everything makes sense Like some crazy

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Tears in the rain lyrics

s a rainy night and it's over Tears ... are gonna fall any minute now And I know that it's ... know how I pretend that I'm in control now I won't fall ... Wo, wo You can't see tears in the rain No matter how hard

Chris Oliver & Anita - I Sing In The Rain - Chris oliver & anita - i sing in the rain lyrics

And I live without fear Anything that I have I can lose ... won’t like what I’ll see I sing in the rain I sing in the rain And I sing Ta tara rara,

Eurovision Song Contest - Ruth lorenzo - dancing in the rain (spain) lyrics

yo quiero ver luz Poder pintar de color un nuevo amanecer ... nos puede parar We're dancing in the rain Dancing in the rain Life, gets you every time

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