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John Dowland - Shall i strive with words to move (schola can.. lyrics

I strive with wordes to move, when ... deedes receive not due regard? Shall I ... nor be freely heard? Griefe alas though all in vaine, ... her restlesse anguish must reveale: Shee alone

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Shall i strive? lyrics

I strive with words to move When deeds ... receive not due regard? Shall I speak and neither please ... Nor be freely heard? Grief, alas, though all in vain,

John Dowland - Shall i sue, shall i seek for grace lyrics

I sue, shall I seek for grace? Shall I pray ... shall I prove? Shall I strive to a heav'nly joy, With an ... earthly love? Shall I think that a bleeding heart Or a

Gloria Gaynor - Strive lyrics

up for a reason Now's the time to decide Don't you wait ... another season Get your sights up right before your ... changes pass you by Time goes on, the world keeps

Daylight Dies - Strive to see lyrics

deadlocked Our failure Draped in vows A dead ... letter An altar stripped To the ground To all ... things We could not overcome ... all we lost For all the faith that We will cast aside

Degradead - Strive to struggle lyrics

a darkened beast awakens Inside you can feel it caving in ... all the Thoughts of, consuming energy I'm weak Release an ... of hate Don't need the burning inside I never thought I

Goto Maki - Shall we love? lyrics

BABY BABY SHALL WE LOVE? BABY BABY BABY SHALL WE LOVE? BABY BABY BABY SHALL WE LOVE? BABY BABY BABY SHALL WE LOVE? chotto toshishita ... no watashi ni mo sonna kurai wakaru wa yo kudaranai

Malcolm Mclaren - Shall we dance lyrics

the man in the moon, We've just been introduced I don't know you ... very well But I hope to soon A point of ... extravagance unequalled in time where serious things are

Charlie Straight - Shall we have a baby lyrics

m a boy I'm a girl I'm quite shy And you are so cool ... I like your smile And you like my hairstyle Step, baby, ... Don't be a fool Love at first sight Maybe we should get

George Gershwin - Shall we dance? lyrics

face Come on, have your fling Why keep nursing the blues ... If you want this old world on a string Put ... on your dancing shoes Stop wasting time ... Put on your dancing shoes Watch your spirits

Hey! Say! Jump - Shall we? lyrics

to O’lantern dare to demo Shall we dance? Te o totte Sha la ... la odoritai Uka reta monster no mure ... ga koe o age warai dashitara te o futte kyandoru o

Carpark North - Shall we be gratefull lyrics

North - Shall We Be Grateful Lyrics: ... (Everybody run till the break of dawn) Shall ... we be grateful Shall we be true These where the ... questions That I gave to you I feel

Addiction Crew - Shall rise lyrics

you reach my hand, I reckon you may need I know ... you felt as I'm feeling now Falling to rise Just ... get me in And I don't know how what Someday ... the feeling goes that bad I'm full enough I saw you

Brian Mcknight - Shall we begin lyrics

remeber the day when we first met We both got caught in ... the rain And we were soaking wet I looked in your eyes ... You gave me a smile You told me your name You

Snuper - Shall we dance lyrics

hanbeon haebollae? jiruhan ilsang sok naega guhaejulge ... yeah ppeonan geon dangchido ana neukkim jal aljana ... gamdong shigilge seollesseumyeon joketji ... romaentikago dalkomhage

La Dispute - Shall never lose its power lyrics

lion isn't sacred when not sleeping ... near the lamb, it is evil when it eats unless it's ... feeding from the damned, all the ... children painted diagrams of god upon their hands

Lee Hyori - Shall we dance? lyrics

kkeullindamyuhn nae namjaege nal billyuhdalla marhae Jashin iddaneun deut nareul ... gonnejooneun geureul igyuhbwabwa Ijen soneul ... choomeul chwobwa Ee eumagi negen yooirhan gihweya

Darkwell - Pictures of strive lyrics

road behind is crumbling Time is paved by agony So many ... signs before me The way ahead I ... cannot see So many things that I long for The way ... ahead it ceased to be Tears of strive are falling A reasons shine arises Obsessive thoughts

Hezekiah Walker - It shall come to pass lyrics

1 Every promise, every truth, every word ... God has spoken to you; it shall, it shall come to pass. ... We learn much through the things that we suffer, every word

Emmylou Harris - We shall rise lyrics

that resurrection morning When the trumpet of God shall sound We shall rise, ... (hallelujah) we shall rise. Then the saints will come ... rejoicing and No tears will e’er be found We shall rise, (hallelujah) we shall rise

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - We shall be free lyrics

ain't comin' from no prophet Just an ... ordinary man When I close my eyes I see The way ... this world shall be When we all walk hand in ... hand When the last child cries for a crust of bread When

Illnath - Feathers shall fall lyrics

last days soon comes, the signs are shown In the blood ... of a manmade Babylon Feeding on everything our fathers ... left behind Abasing her grace since the beginning of time The rotten flesh

Marit Larsen - We shall be free lyrics

ain't comin' from no prophet Just an ... ordinary man When I close my eyes I see The way ... this world shall be When we all walk hand in ... hand When the last child cries for a crust of bread When

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - We shall go lyrics

Shall Go We shall Go... no God can Stop the ... steps no Hands can Mute Silence he Lives in Dirty ... the Clearest ones We shall go - so let Bells Ring We shall go - through Endless Plains

David Phelps - We shall behold him lyrics

sky shall unfold Preparing His entrance. The stars shall ... applaud Him With thunders of praise. The ... sweet light in His eyes, shall enhance those awaiting And

Of The Wand & The Moon - I shall feast lyrics

the heart of the night The shadows in the heart ... When friendship grows thin Are you without dreams within? Tonight I drew my ... and the moon Darkness will consume everyone of you

Pete Seeger lyricsPete Seeger - We shall overcome lyrics

shall overcome, we shall overcome We shall overcome ... someday Darling here in my heart, yeah I do believe ... We shall overcome someday Well we'll ... walk hand in hand, we'll walk hand in

Demis Roussos - We shall dance lyrics

shall dance, we shall dance The day we get a ... chance To pay off all the violins of the ball We shall ... dance, we shall dance The day we get a ... chance To get a dime to buy back our souls We shall dance, we shall sing My dear

Pete Seeger lyricsPete Seeger - We shall not be moved lyrics

Be Moved (Pete Seeger) We shall not, we shall not be moved, ... (2x) Just like a tree that's planted by ... the water We shall not be moved We're young

Audrey Assad - I shall not want lyrics

comfort From the fear of having nothing From a life of ... worldly passions Deliver me O God From the need ... accepted From the fear of being lonely Deliver me O God

India Arie - This too shall pass lyrics

achieved so much in life But I’m an amateur in love My bank ... account is doing just fine But my emotions are ... bankrupt My body is nice and strong But my heart is

Karen O - I shall rise (rise of tomb raider) lyrics

Through the flames of burning lands My feet are torn ... they're torn to strands I will not thirst As I cross ... the raging sea waves are crashing ... me down they drag me down I will not drown They'll

Nahko And Medicine For The People - We shall overcome lyrics

a superstar after all Maybe I'm here to pray for all those ... lost hope along the way I'm on the verge of everything ... Been lookin' to be surrendering so honestly Tiptoe to the

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - We shall overcome lyrics

shall overcome We shall overcome We shall overcome ... day CHORUS: Oh, deep in my heart I do believe We shall overcome some day 2. ... We'll walk hand in hand We'll walk hand in

Boney M - I shall sing lyrics

shall sing, sing my song Be it right, be it wrong In the night, in the day Anyhow it's ... outasight I shall sing La La La La La La La La With my heart, with my soul For

Finding Favour - Hallelujah we shall rise lyrics

can almost hear Your voice I can almost hear Your song Singing out from the heavens ... That it's time to come home And ... Hallelujah! We shall rise And Hallelujah! We shall sing When we hear Your voice

Exodus - As it was, as it soon shall be lyrics

didn’t pay attention to lessons learned in the ... past Soon the sands in the desert will melt from ... the atomic blast Mesopotamia’s ground zero for the coming of world war Thousands die in the sand And I still

Naglfar - And the world shall be your grave lyrics

is the future of this feeble travesty Your ... wretched kind shall bother us no more A dead ... race to be, oh stinking bags of meat Nothing but ... a filthy virus soon to be cured

Cauldron Born - ...and rome shall fall lyrics

heather Defeat for the legions of Rome Two Kings of the ... night they stood togeather The ... clans would defend their home The third King died ... by the hands of his own man Noone to lead the

Emerald - We shall rise lyrics

shall rise... to the heavens, in the epoch of steel Hide... ... from the evil, tempting with might Fight… against the ... forces, holding us back Feel… the powers

Marvin Gaye - Seek and you shall find lyrics

used to ask my mother Would I ever find true love? She ... would tell me, true love is hard to find So I ... traveled on Everyone I came upon I would stop and

Mistweaver - And a child shall lead them lyrics

.And a child shall lead them Through the fields ... death Through the dead of night And the shadows of their ... past And who walks behind the row Was crucified for

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Seek and you shall destroy lyrics

gods are strong And cities fraught Then how am I still here? In fits and starts ... Speak underground Let's kid with hidden mirrors Yes, I'm strange No, I'm breaking

Aesop Rock - None shall pass lyrics

that buttery gold, jittery zeitgeist Wither by the watering ... suddenly Not enough young in his lung for the water wings ... poacher, out of mulch Like I'm a pull the pulse out a soldier and bolt Fine, sign of the

Bentley Jones - Devil's cry (shall never surrender) (demo) lyrics

We come together to unite as one Against those who ... for we have none They will see we'll fight until eternity Come with me, we'll stand ... and fight together Through our

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - And no more shall we part lyrics

no more shall we part It will no longer be necessary And ... no more will I say, dear heart I am alone ... has left me And no more shall we part The contracts are

Destruction - No one shall survive lyrics

One Shall Survive We all have something to hide We all have 'another side' ... None shall defy his deeds None shall deny his ... evil needs Have a look in the mirror, what do you see

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - As long as the grass shall grow lyrics

long as the moon shall rise as long as the rivers flow ... As long as the sun will shine as long as the grass shall ... grow The Senecas are an Indian tribe of the Iroquios nation Down on the New York

Marduk - Darkness it shall be lyrics

the dreams about Satan's beautiful promises Of the dark ... and the blackened powers I possess I have dreamt about ... worlds burning in millions of fires And the

Robert Plant - Even this shall pass away lyrics

in Persia reigned a king* Who upon his signet ring ... Graved a maxim true and wise, Which, if held before his ... eyes, Gave him counsel at a glance Fit for

Infernal Majesty - None shall defy lyrics

the ebony abyss of hell Black is the night through the ... candles burn bright as this young virgins blood we shall ... spill Gaze into the crystal see the swirling mist we are servants of the

Chastain - We shall overcome lyrics

Eden has faded away A paradise turned hell The moon is bright Yes, it's a holy sight ... sense the darkness spell We shall overcome In the east well

Naglfar - None shall be spared lyrics

.. It has begun... For far too ... long we have accepted their ways The time has come for ... us to retaliate Prey upon the ... erase them from the eart Their unborn shall be ripped out

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - What shall we do now? (the wall movie) lyrics

shall we use to fill the empty spaces Where ... waves of hunger roar? Shall we set out across the sea of ... faces In search of more and more ... applause? Shall we buy a new guitar? Shall

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - I shall believe lyrics

lay your hands over me Even if it's a lie Say it will be ... alright And I shall believe I'm broken in two And I know you're on to me That I ... only come home When I'm so all alone But I do believe That not everything is

Dark Funeral - As one we shall conquer lyrics

fo fire speak of death Enchantress ... of Hell, reborn! I will have you on your knees And ... the beast I hold within Shall be fed with your hungering ... screams For we shall own the night And destroy

Darkseed - It shall end lyrics

on winter fields In the smokey sky Wandering ... storm Storming war Demons' lust in starving lands The years are filled ... with lies and tears No twinkling stars in distant skies Our

Ben Harper - I shall not walk alone lyrics

and torn still i can see the light tattered ... and worn but i must kneel to fight friend ... of mine what can't you spare i ... know some times it gets cold in there when my legs no

Immortal - All shall fall lyrics

once strong Faster than the wind we rode To where our ... hordes dawned Armed in the fires of combat The end ... will come fast on this day Stronger than the gods

Behemoth - Slaves shall serve (live) lyrics

Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2005] "Slaves Shall Serve As Crowns Are Falling, ... As The Apocalypse Is Nearing, Slaves Shall Serve As Inferior Life Force, Slaves Shall Serve As Undead Rivals"

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