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Helena Paparizou - Seven days lyrics

hope you 'll find A little peace in your heart ... Cause you will need it Since ... we went apart I can't sleep at all It 's never ending As long as you Are better than my broken heart I will

Christian Kane - Seven days lyrics

m a little heavy Waste boundin' down... Got a ... zero in the bank On my account. It's been a week ... since she's been home- That's seven days of on my own

Karma - Seven days lyrics

days in love Don't try to hurry ... Seven days with you But nowhere we go ... I'll give you seven more Then I'll be sure Don ... tell me "no" What can you do Crazy situation

Renegade Five - Seven days lyrics

hope you’ll find a little peace in your heart (Cause you ... will need it) Since we went apart I can’t sleep at all (Can’t find an ending) As long as you are better than my

Just Friends - Eight days a week lyrics


Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Seven whole days lyrics

whole days And not a word from you Seven whole ... nights I'm just about thru I can't take it, ... won't take it Can't take it no more I had about ... enough of you I'd rather be on my own Yes on my

Kenny Chesney - Seven days lyrics

Saturday downpour carved out rivers in the sand ... She said it was her first time to see the sea Helping her climb across ... those jetty rocks Was the first time I touched her

Andreas Johnson - Seven days lyrics

days away Think I thought I heard ... you say Where I want to be is with you my sweet ... mystery Seven days ahead for a week I stay in bed ... Now where I want to be is with you my sweet

Jim Reeves - Seven days lyrics

Sang] Seven days can be a long, Long time my friend ... When you dream about the cold black chair ... With straps for both your hands. If you wonder what it

Balance Of Power (uk) - Seven days into nevermore lyrics

We don't know with what weapons world war three will be ... fought, but world war four will be fought with ... sticks and stones. This is not the end ... of predicted danger. It's your disgrace

Cracker - Seven days lyrics

we were standing, like the last rock band on the planet ... Of vapor trails and alpine skies It's all green ... fields, yellow flowers, and brown liquor Oh brown

Mark Medlock - Seven days lyrics

Oh why we can’t touch the sky? There’s ... no reason why You hurt my heart. Oh why you will make me ... blue? It’s just me and you And no one else.

Royal Hunt - Seven days lyrics

days Seven days to build this “perfect” ... world So beautifully unfolded, fat baby on ... your lap Seven signs before you’d lose your ... pompous fool? I’d say you’re full of crap So

Level 42 - Seven days lyrics

was so young and so afraid Of a world she could not ... understand For seven days I held her close Like a ... child in the palm of my hand There were Seven tears

Chumbawamba - Seven days lyrics

One day, one day of paradise One day, one day of paradise All truth is opinion, ... believe me Discussion has become a privilege Creativity is a salesman’s pr

Freak Kitchen - Seven days in june lyrics

ve walked around in circles far too long, but I know That ... if I never told you I was wrong, you would go And take my baby girl away from me ... for good Still, this inflamed situation only gets worse

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Seven days lyrics

days, seven more days she'll be comin' I'll be waiting at the station for her ... to arrive Seven more days, all I gotta do is survive. ... been gone ever since I been a child Ever since I seen her

The Fratellis - Seven nights seven days lyrics

my darlin' I'll go down and commute Until one hundred ... souls there's a fire on the moon I'll be ... the spell I'll be the comeback king on his way home from

Lord Of The Lost - Seven days of anavrin lyrics

was one of these days The right and the left ... grew apart It was fear in my face I felt a hole ... where I had a heart I saw all of it fading away Breeding

Feeder - Seven days in the sun lyrics

got a friend, her name is Laura We took a holiday, seven ... sweet days in Mallorca We took a plane through to ... southern Spain To see the ocean waves ... blue, we sat and watched The moon as crickets

Mighty Oaks - Seven days lyrics

days I'm going to call the wild in me Carrying me ... 'cross the world Seven days I'm yours, I live all I ... need To carry me to the north You know ... if I couldn't find the way to spend my days with you

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Seven days in sunny june lyrics

pebbles you've arranged In the sand, they're strange They speak to me like ... constellations As we lie here There's a magic ... I can hold Your smile of honey

Bullet For My Valentine - Seven days lyrics

it comes again! YEAH ! What if You always wait 'til You ... crave it seven days 'til it comes to get You ... nothing better You can't say no to this one thing. You

Rory Gallagher - Seven days lyrics

days of thunder, Eight days of rain. The feeling that ... I'm under, Is like a ball and chain. Like a ball and chain. Like a ball and chain. ... Like a ball and chain. Just round the corner,

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Seven days lyrics

t care if the rain don't shine Don't care if ... the sun don't fall You are the one in a million child ... And you knew that I would call Thoughts of you alone

Marie Fisker - Seven days lyrics

my light and open eyes, walking by the side of the shade ... your words of truth I finally fell onto the ground And ... now I lay here waitin’ without a sound Just

Corrosion Of Conformity - Seven days lyrics

time mistakes were few but I believe ... they, re mine Faded mind youth was old and the ... years were so unkind I'm the one ... I face the change I know that stands before me Believe in

Count Raven - Seven days lyrics

time has come to say goodbye The years of pain. ... It's over now No more fears, no more lies Rest your head and close your eyes Embrace the end, never ending sleep

Mary J Blige - Seven days lyrics

Pendleton, Malik; I've been searching for ... you were to my surprise It was so obvious looking into your ... face After playing a game of truth or dare I wanted

Joey Ramone - Seven days of gloom lyrics

lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics lyrics...

Christina Milian - 7 days lyrics

1:] I'm in love with my man but it seems like everyone always asks me How is it that ... we can work out We got the type of ... ghetto love We fuss and fight then we make up I

Heaven 17 - The last seven days lyrics

don’t wake up You (? ) wake up There’s someone hiding ... in the dark Who is pulling his country ... apart I’ve had seven days And we want forget The last seven days And then it’s over One

Clay Walker - Seven sundays lyrics

tie's fitting just a little too tight Might have ... had one too many last night I wonder if it's ... written all over my face It's been a little while ... since I've seen this place Still I'm sitting here

The Script - Good ol' days lyrics

in the bar all smoking cigars While we were drinking ... Irish whiskey straight from the jar Talkin' ... 'bout them better days are not that far Whoever's ... coming back to mine you better bring

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - Twenty four seven lyrics

folks say there's a price on love Watch your ... freedom go, watch your freedom go Just can ... t breathe with your head in the glove Watch your ... freedom go, baby I don't know But how can

Queen - In only seven days lyrics

the start of my holiday Freedom for just one week ... Feels good to get away ooh Tuesday I saw her ... down on the beach I stood and watched a while And she

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Cry for the bad man lyrics

he walks so tall to be so small Never met a man who's stranger He lives his life for a ... dollar sign And to deal with him is dangerous He ... Now I'm so much wiser I'd rather quit and go back home Than to deal with the money miser

Mindless Self Indulgence - Seven eleven lyrics

from seven-eleven stay up all night 24 hours a day i said girls from seven-eleven stay up all night seven whole days a week i said girls from seven-eleven stay up all night and

Kurt Nilsen - Working man lyrics

I need to get out of this place As you see I can't get no ... more space There is nothing that I'd ... rather do Than spend all my time with you Well I ... ve been working seven days a week Coming home late then going

Twenty 4 Seven lyricsTwenty 4 Seven - Friday night lyrics

so good! And it feels so good! It's ... friday night - F.R.I.D.A Y And it feels so good to be dancing to the light It's friday night - F.R.I.D.A Y And it

The Runaways - Eight days a week lyrics

I need your love babe I guess you know it's ... true Hope you need my love babe Just like I need you ... love me, hold me, love me I ain't got nothin' but love babe

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Eight days a week lyrics

I need your love babe Guess you know it's true ... Hope you need my love babe Just like I need you Hold ... love me, hold me, love me Ain't got nothing but love babe

Lou Gramm - Eight days a week lyrics

I need your love, babe Guess you know it's true ... Hope you need my love, babe Just like I need you ... love me Hold me, love me Ain't got nothing but love, babe Eight days a week Love

Debauchery - 8 days a week (the beatles cover) lyrics

I need your love babe Guess you know it's true ... Hope you need my love babe Just like I need you Hold ... love me, hold me, love me I ain't got nothing but love babe

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Seven lyrics

forgot what my father said I forgot what he said I ... forgot what my mother said as we layed upon your bed A ... city full of flowers a city full of rain I got seven days to live my life or seven ways to die I forgot what

Twenty 4 Seven lyricsTwenty 4 Seven - If you want my love lyrics

here we go Yes, we're back, I hope you know Who was ... wrong, who was right Please, can we stop the fight? ... Now, what can you do What's a lie and what is true? One,

Twenty 4 Seven lyricsTwenty 4 Seven - We are the world lyrics

We are the world, so sing ... everybody Oooh! Take my hand and show that you've got it ... Na na na na neh Na na na na neh Na na na na neh na We are the world Check one

Twenty 4 Seven lyricsTwenty 4 Seven - Angel lyrics

saw a star. It was an angel A shining star, a pretty angel ... Dance while the record stands I met an angel, she was ... so bright and clear A shining star, I wish that she

Atomic Rooster - Seven streets lyrics

Lonely Streets,Walking All Alone. Never Needing No One,Always On My Own. Since I Left ... The World,To Live My Own Way, People I Don't See,No One ... s In My Day. In My Sleep I hear,But

Cowboy Junkies - Seven years lyrics

t seen the sun for seven days November's got her nails ... dug in deep Haven't seen my son for seven years and the chances are we'll ... never again meet If truth be told I

Nipsey Hussle - 7 days a week lyrics

Talkin: Nipsey] Yea... Me and my nigga Renpaul Was on the ... way to tha studio... And cause had that wiz and curren$y ... mixtape in the tape deck Cd changer... and I heard this beat

Dave Days - Adele "skyfall" rap (dave days & allstar week.. lyrics

Dave Days When I was just a kid I wanted to be James Bond ... Now I am, understand, golden gun in my hand Alright it’s black, I take that ... back Either way, guns are wack And wrong, knock knock, is

Never Shout Never - Seven years (cover) lyrics

on seven years the holy ghost had left alone Test my arms, kick like ... crazy And ive been trying way to long Only push his way ... The story ends I would find a way without (tell him his

Nickel Creek - Seven wonders lyrics

shadows fall, he'll close his eyes to ... hear the clocks unwind powerless ... to leash the hands of time Kindoms fall, ... the earth revolves the rain will come this spring and

Arion - Seven lyrics

still my bleeding heart For we have come so far And life's about to change ... While home it was so near The road became our trail ... of tears Where hope will die and fade away Is there's anything that's permanent Why

Blue Cheer - Saturday freedom lyrics

those weekend images tuggin' in the fog ... your eyes off just to buy me a jug Weekend soon behind me ... me to explore Come on Saturday freedom open up your door.

Sister Sin - 247 lyrics

gonna blow your mind And push you higher I have my ... way to find and nail the liar You want it cleaner – I make it meaner Anyway you want ... You’re gonna squeeze it – you’re gonna please it Always on the hunt

Patsy Cline - Seven lonely days lyrics

lonely days make one lonely week Seven lonely nights make one ... you told me we were thru Seven lonely days I cried and I ... cried for you Oh, my darlin’ you’re cryin’, boo-hoo

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - A week ago (feat. too $hort) lyrics

huh That's right Uh-huh-uh, it was all good just a week ago Uh, ... uh-huh-uh, had this all good just a week ago I had ... the money.. had the cars, the bitches Uh-huh, yeah,

Guster - Jesus and mary lyrics

on dear friends Come gather round the mountain Drink ... from the fountain Tell your lovers it's time ... to go Tell them the tale when Sodom met Gomorrah ... The end days are coming the Mullah send the

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