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Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Love me back to life lyrics

world don't give you nothing it can't take away Everybody ... holding on to something Nobody wants to fade away ... No forgiveness on the streets of this town I left my patience at a

Reckless Love - Back to paradise lyrics

this is the opening night For you and me and the ... rest of our lives alive Dance, dance with me I'll ... never uprise for lie Tonight I will make you divine With

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - When our love was young lyrics

feel I'm losing control of my heart and my ... soul It's rolling over me now, from my head to my toes ... The temptation I fight is taking over my mind I've never

Chris Norman - Break away lyrics

you recall when we were back in school Me and the guys we ... were really cool It was a good time Never cared much ... for history ‘Cos we were rebels We

Secondhand Serenade - Back to the old days lyrics

world, seen a lot, seen a little But everything is better ... when it's just plain simple Always sleeping in, ... sneaking out every Monday night Counting on my tips, saving up for whatever Make a little move on my best friend

Aqua - Back to the 80's lyrics

in the Ronald Reagan days When we put satellites in space When boys wore skinny leather ties ... oo-oh-oh Like Don Johnson from Miami Vice ... When M&M was just a snack And Michael

Agnostic Front - Take me back lyrics

it back New York Hardcore Agnostic ... Front Let's go! Take me there, take me back To ... before my tomorrows died To when it was so real and true To when it was my only care- Take me back! Take me there to when it

Hutchinson Eric - Back to where i was lyrics

life decides to come through the front door and ... makes us wish we'd shown respect before ... though i don't have much of a choice i resolve to regain my voice

Anita Baker - When you love someone lyrics

we ever?, did we use it up too fast? Are great moments ... never meant to last? And the last thing that ... I want Is to ever make your smile go away Keep the momeries

Griffin House - New day lyrics

new, a new day will come When the children will run and ... laugh with the Son And you, you will ... be mine, in awhile A new, a new day will come When the children will run and laugh with

Bette Midler - When your life was low lyrics

remember my friend, the world will change again. And you may have to come back through everywhere you've ... been. When your life was low, you had nowhere to go.

Reba Mcentire - When you love someone like (ft. leann rimes) lyrics

it ain't right, it just ain't right, don't tell yourself ... that it was you. You followed your heart ... you gave it your best, there's nothing ... more you can do. Guys like him, are like the wind and you

Aviators - Bring me back to life lyrics

once told you all a little life lesson; I told you all to ... never back down So call me Tia; Sometimes I’m messing but ... I’m always true to the golden crown Not old

Leann Rimes - When you love someone like that lyrics

duet with REBA) I think it was me it must have been me I ... guess I did something wrong I tried too hard Wanted too ... much I guess that's why it's gone I lost my pride, I

Moonsorrow - Back to north lyrics

the powers Powers of destruction Hatred within us The ... darkest obsession Gods of the sea Gave us ... the mind Gods of warm now let us win A new day is born wake up

Drew Seeley - Back to the days lyrics

was looking through pictures yesterday From back when we were two young crazy fools ... in love Cause I been thinking bout what you said That this thing is dead I think you

Faith Evans - Back to love lyrics

remind me of Of a love I once knew before I was so ... open for love So in love with no experience But I like ... this feeling You're really bringing back the memories Of someone I once knew I feel you bring it all back to me Bring me back to love Cause real love

Bobby Caldwell - Take me back to then lyrics

I was young, I used to play On the sand by the bay ... What I've got now I'd give it all away Just to have some ... fun Life was all, I had a ship And sailed it to

Magazine - Back to nature lyrics

to nature I can't go on like this I want to walk where ... the power is back to nature I don't know where to start back to nature I ... don't have that kind of heart Back to nature

Roger Shah - Back to you (feat. adrina thorpe) lyrics

I wanted… Wind swept faces on sunset ... avenue All I wanted was to get to you Screaming, heart ... felt, my apologies Don’t make a difference ... ‘Cause you just can’t believe Miles and miles keeping

Joan Armatrading - Back to the night lyrics

by the sun And there's no wind blowing See the motor ... cars with a smiling face at the wheel I'm ... watching the little girls With their young men at their

Eliza Doolittle - Back to front lyrics

I woke up in the mornin' And the world was back to ... front There was sunshine in the evenin' And the moon ... came out for lunch I wouldn't mind walkin' backwards with you At least we'd

Marian Hill - Back to me (feat. lauren jauregui) lyrics

Samantha Gongol:] I've been looking at you with a ... little something That you've been ignoring ... You've been looking at me with it I don't know what ... exactly but it's boring Play it cool, but I see through it

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Back to you lyrics

you like a shot Thought that I could chase you with a cold ... evening Let a couple years water ... down how I'm feeling about you (Feeling about ... you) And every time we talked Every single word

Oar - Back to one lyrics

there, but you don't look right You got a ten mile stare, ... in your eyes tonight Time ain't fair, like it used to be ... re all dressed up, nowhere to go We lost our way, about

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Take me back to the sweet sunny south lyrics

me back to the place where I first saw the light To my sweet ... sunny south, take me home Where the wild birds sing me ... to sleep every night Oh, why was I tempted to roam The path

Old Crow Medicine Show - Carry me back to virginia lyrics

Verse 1) Well I come from the valley, I'm a rebel ... banks of the Shenandoah. In '61, I went to the war, To ... win one for Virginia! Ya my brother went first

Amy Pearson - Love is out of reach lyrics

hold me, please don't speak No need to say a word Let me look into ... Lose myself just one more time Our journey is ending and ... here I am Trying to turn the hands of time Back to when your heart was mine Still trying Love is out of

Meredith Brooks - Back to eden lyrics

me up with a promise Touch my eyes so I can see The ... tears have dried the clouds have broken Come to me Fill my body with innocence Come lay your head

Chicago - Take me back to chicago lyrics

me back to Chicago Lay my soul to rest ... Where my life was free and easy Remember me at ... my best. Take me back to Chicago Where music was all I ... had I tried to be good as I could And sometimes that

Hillsong Young & Free - Back to life lyrics

have found Your place Replacing fear with Your freedom You ... lift me up You lift me up When all seems lost in my ... brokenness I call Your Name and You answer Held by Your love Held by Your love In the

The Hollies - To you my love lyrics

you took my heart I can give you everything So I'll give my everything To you my love As we're far apart I will ... send my all to you And I'll send my whole life too To

Rascal Flatts - To make her love me lyrics

waved your hand and it was done Said let it be and ... there it was A mountain, so high, it broke through, the sky ... A canyon, so deep, it'll bring a man to his knees I've

Charlie Daniels - Get me back to dixie lyrics

can put me in the ocean Stranded in a boat ... Put me on an island No bottle or a note Put me on a Greyhound bus With a dog ... behind the wheel Tie me up, you'll still get stuck With a hearing how I feel Drop me in Alaska In thirty feet of

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Loving me back to life lyrics

ve been looking for love in all the wrong places Different names, familiar faces ... I've watched the moon go ... through its phases But now I love myself enough to say It's

Lissie - Back to forever lyrics

We would stay golden Frozen in frame. Never get older Days ... pass and time just slips away The summers that came. Lasted for ages Drinking ... coke in the shame. Sunburnt faces I grew up

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Back to the future lyrics

through the do' back from a smoke Sit back relax ... and max with the hoes Chat with my folks laugh at them ... jokes I'm hard to the core and she bad to the

International Superheroes Of Hardcore - Back to the future lyrics

Where we're going we don't need no roads ... Marty McFly Come pick me up I need a ride I wanna ... see what shows were like in '83 Back to when it all

Alex & Sierra - Back to you lyrics

you lonely? Do you miss me anymore? Is your heart as ... empty as these arms that used to hold you? Are you tired? Are ... weaker than before? Are you sinking? Cause I've been thinking that there's something missing Mmm, it's you Oh, it's

Christina Novelli - Back to you lyrics

XB & Liuck feat. Christina Novelli Pull me up ... Pull me down Tide comes in and the tide goes out again ... But when I'm lost and I lose control This current

Seelennacht - Back to life lyrics

moment where you're waiting Is a kind of no return You're ... returning to life You are feeling alive And ... turn from her away The life that you're awaiting It

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Loved me back to life lyrics

was walking dead stuck inside my head I couldn't get out ... Turned the lights down. The voices inside ... Needed a jump start, catatonia. I couldn't feel I wish

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Loved me back to life (live in quebec 2013) lyrics

was walking dead stuck inside my head I couldn't get out ... Turned the lights down. The voices inside ... Needed a jump start, catatonia. I couldn't feel I wish

Extreme Music - Bring me back to life lyrics

Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh I'm breathing in, and breaking ... down. I feel my time is running out. The fire in my heart ... will burn me to the ground. I did my part, I tried my best.

Sia lyricsSia - Loved me back to life lyrics

was walking dead stuck inside my head I couldn't get out ... Turn the lights down The voices inside were so loud ... Need a jump-start, catatonia I couldn't feel, I wish

Eddy Arnold - Carry me back to the lone prairie lyrics

carry me back to the lone prairie Where the coyotes howl ... and the wind blows free And when I die you can bury me Neath ... the western skies on the lone prairie I'm

Ends With A Bullet - Back to life lyrics

am losing grip Death is closing in on me Life is getting ... cold I stand all alone Save me tonight Make it alright Are we ... alive Show me the light I cant stand living a lie Bring me back to life Life I knew is fading away Make me whole

Infernal - Back to youth lyrics

years have come and passed Oh so fast My time is flying by Relentless I'm ... senseless Why does it speed up? Inside I heat up ... Aging and raging because of what won't

Jennifer Rene - Back to life (& somna) lyrics

there hope in the way I feel right now Can I feel over ... everything I need There’s a light in the ... dark I see you now And it starts such a spark inside

Liam Espinosa - Back to life lyrics

am losing grip Death is closing in on me Life is getting ... cold I stand all alone Save me tonight Make it alright Are ... we alive Show me the light I cant stand living a

Midnight Panic - Bring me back to life lyrics

got lost along the way I needed time and my own space ... I wish I could erase All these victims on the street We lost the ... passion in inner peace Lets break up this

From First To Last - Back to hannalei lyrics

a word that meant so much to me This world is one that's ... taken everything (Too late) The road split open to swallow me Hoping you'd ... follow and I'd take the lead Am I the

Howie D - Back to me lyrics

matter how many times I try to say it looks like she made ... up her mind that she can save this so ... now she keeps coming back to me (back to me... back..) and I can't help that I don't feel

George Jones - Take me back to tulsa lyrics

s that gal with the red dress on, Some ... folks call her Dinah Stole my heart away from me Way ... down in Louisiana. Take me back to Tulsa, I'm too young

Lawson - Back to life lyrics

don’t want to be that guy Who put the hurt ... into your eyes I don’t know who I used to be I don’t know him Don’t know me ... Staring into danger Losing all control Travelling

Marmozets - Back to you lyrics

m crawling to a place where I'm not kept to Suffer White like surrender all my hope will ... muster I don't belong in hell It's hard enough in my ... The glass won't cut my feet I float freely. And I. I'm

Mikeschair - Back to life lyrics

feel stuck in the life I'm living There's so much I know that ... I am missing Can you help me, can you help me? Come on I ... need to breathe again Come down and move me from where I

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - Take me back to your house lyrics

Everybody's had enough It's getting ugly out So tired ... so tired, so tired So take me home. It's getting late for me I'll come if you wait for me ... Let's get out of this place Never changes it just

Amerie - Like it used to be lyrics

yeah yeah, yeah hey Our love what we once treasured, your ... ways what i remember most of all, cant quite ... get away from the days we loved so heavenly. Your kiss

Brick & Lace - Take me back lyrics

me back to the place where we were free ... Didn't have a care in the world you see All that ... raely matter was you and me Times were still the world ... was frozen A pretty pictured love was Best friends and Lovers

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