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Send The Rain By Samuel Jones lyrics

Browse for Send The Rain By Samuel Jones song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Send The Rain By Samuel Jones lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Send The Rain By Samuel Jones.

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Lisa Lavie - Set fire to the rain (by adele) lyrics

let it fall, my heart And as it fell, you rose to claim it It was dark and I was over Until you kissed my lips and you saved me My hands, they were strong, but my knees were far too weak To stand in your arms without falling to your feet But there's a side to you that I

Double You - Send away the rain lyrics

W. Naraine/ F. Amato/ I. Godani/ F. Alberti) You're in my soul, you're in my minda No matter what you do, no matter what you say I won't runway like yesterday I'll only dream of you, forever night and day Loving you is kiling me No matter what you do I'll never forget you But you

Blowsight - The sun behind the rain lyrics

don’t believe you, I don’t need you, never wanted to know I made a path to move away from everything all alone The disillusional denying, they’ve been proving you wrong You treated me and my surrounding like we didn’t belong Who are you to tell me the pa

Burch Bacharach - Rain drops keep fallin on my head lyrics

keep fallin on my head And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed Nothin seems to fit Those raindrops are fallin on my head, they keep fallin So I just did me some talkin to the sun And I said I didnt like the way he got things don

Chris De Burgh - The road to freedom lyrics

feel the wind blowing through my doorway, It's telling me that the summer's gone, And the winter waits in shadow, waiting with the storm; I am old and my bones are weary, And my son he is all I have, But he has gone to fight for freedom, leaving with my heart; All my life I

Brymir - The rain lyrics

the martyrs tremble With fears of the torment awaiting Their stakes are looming Turning pride to remorse, But the choice Is made Their righteous piety fading For their souls shall burn at dawn Will their God be waiting? Like the sun of death: Demise! About to

Chevelle - Send the pain below lyrics

liked, having hurt So send the pain below where I need it, You used to beg me to take care of things, And smile at the thought of me failing. But long before, having hurt, I´d send the pain below, I´d send the pain below. Much like suffocating, Much like suffo

Levellers - The ballad of robbie jones lyrics

was Robbie Jones He used to walk so tall You know he'd hurt no one at all Chased the girls around the world Danced them round the dance halls We'd have a drink and then he'd sink Into nostalgic talk We carried him home in the fallen snow When he was too drunk to walk Then came t

Grace Jones - The apple stretching lyrics

sun comes swaggering across the harbour, And kisses the lady waiting in the narrows, She already plenty shaky stands there, Blushing, clutching the torch of liberty, Uptown Luigi who dont speak english so good, Is having an accident, Backing his dumptruck int

B.o.b. - The rain lyrics

Chorus] And there you are standing all alone, in the rain like oh no And you don't know where to go, cause you're in the rain And there you are standing all alone, in the rain like oh no And you don't know where to go, but you're in the rain And it keeps pouring

Horrorshow - The rain lyrics

Solo:] Have you ever had a day that you wanted to erase? Tear the page out the history books and try again But you knew that you couldn't so you put on a brave face And waited till you could make your escape And when you finally got away From the people and the gossip

God Forbid - The rain lyrics

dirt of this world washes away as the sun disappears Behind the cloud A new start The rebirth Another chance Rain on down I don't mind the rain It cleanses me Hides the tears which cloud my vision The vision to see [Solo: Doc] Past mistakes remove You can t

Alexia - The rain lyrics

rain, the moon in all my life The wind tonight blows all my dreams I remember the time when we used To be happy together Every moment I spent by your side Was a moment of love Now I wait for your touch in the dark And you're driving me craz

Crystal Eyes - Dying in the rain lyrics

moonlight we carry the flame but the nightfall won't take away the pain No shadows awaits on the road still the echo of yesterday remains On a cold and misty journey in the silence of the woods we are chasing great illusions forever in her realm She's the lady of

B. J. Thomas - The rain came lyrics

rain keeps falling Tears keep coming down I can't find my baby I wonder she left town Rain rain rain rain I'd like to see my girl again She broke my heart in two And caused me so much pain Rain rain rain rain My pillow's soaking wet I can't find her in the morning She's n

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - The rain (supa dupa fly) lyrics

rock the joint) Me I'm supa fly (uh-huh) Supa dupa fly (uh-huh) Supa dupa fly I can't stand the rain! (uh) Me I'm supa fly (uh-huh) 'gainst my window Supa dupa fly (uh-huh) Supa dupa fly I can't stand the rain! (uh) Me I'm supa fly (uh-huh) 'ga

Color Me Badd - The earth, the sun, the rain lyrics

I was lost I could not see All the beauty and wonder There'd been around me I was alone Dreaming of you Oh I could not imagine This dream coming true So much joy now And all that you touched You make me feel Everything's so much Chorus: I will love you for the earth at my feet I will

Eldritch - The rain lyrics

I’ll take you by the hand When I’m with you I feel a man But after all I’m still a wounded lamb Got to leave the past behind Got to give a sense to this life Doesn’t matter how the story ends Now tell me how to rid my mistakes... AND WHEN THE RAIN COMES POURIN

Signum Regis - The rain lyrics

all hope seems gone, fading and time has hurt your mind The pain is here, non-ending and no escape you find Then from high above suddenly, somehow rain will fall you'll see rain is on the way and then you will feel gradually relief indeed You will feel the

Construcdead - The rain lyrics

grey day in the sewer; staring blank eyes, closed up, blank minds. Fools on parade. The end is near. None shall be saved, no conscious is clear. Rejoice now! Old humankind has used up all it's precious time. The Complaining masses shall be silenced for a

Dmx - The rain lyrics

The Rain Now I know, only I, can stop the rain Uh.. uh.. uh, uh, uh Now I know, only I, can stop the rain It's not that we gotta do what we do It's what we know, so to me it ain't nuttin but bein true but Now I know, only I, can stop the rain It doesn't have to be the way it is,

Hootie & The Blowfish - The rain song lyrics

don't think about us much anymore. Frankly, the topic has become a bore. And you don't come up much in my conversations. And I don't think about you on vacation. Oh, but when it rains. When it rains. When it rains. That's when I remember. (I remember) That's when I remember.

Ladies' Code - The rain lyrics

geuchinji myeot bari jinasseumedo naneun ajikdo ireohge jeojeoisseoyo chueogiraneun yateun sigan soge yeojeonhi naerineun ibyeorui bineun nareul da jibeo samkyeo du nun wiro gadeuk maejhyeo kkeuteobsi sodajyeo naeryeo teojineun bitbangure nolla geudaeneun bireul p

Kate Ryan - The rain lyrics

don't know how far I can see 'cause it's all blue water streaming towards me The sun needs to shine normally but it's all grey rain The rain, the rain on me, rain on me Chorus So I will find a place, where I can hide from the sky And I will wait in this place, 'cause I know y

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - The rain lyrics

Chorus: Jill Scott] The little rain drops fallin' down on me But I can't seem to feel it, feel it Feel it coming over me [Will Smith:] The rain gon' come through the window, pain will come Black, white, rich, poor, it's the same old drum Rainy days like the war, use wisdom

Carlene Carter - The rain lyrics

long Has it been dear Since we felt the rain Endless were our summers Until the weather changed Our love was lifted like a harvest No winter in your eyes Now cold winds cut Right through us And so the harvest dies Stranded and los

Rea Garvey - The rain came falling from her eyes lyrics

pray to god my souls to keep I found my faith before my feet We both knew it was time for us to go We left behind the happiness broad daylights and safety nets To prove that we could make it in our own For faith will deliver to the hungry and the

Gene Clark - The rain song lyrics

the rain came down again And washed away the light So night could then descend I saw your face again The rains came down today The things we had to say were also washed away Again that was yesterday And though I feel the same I can't go back again Ooh The rain Oh I had that

Montell Jordan - The rain lyrics

Intro] Listen Shh.. You hear that? Can you hear that? Listen Ohh, ohh, ohh Lying in my bedroom next to me Nervous like a child playing hide and seek I never knew how fast that your heart could beat It's like it's your first time But now that your intentions have been rev

Kelly Price - The rain lyrics

s funny but I can't laugh it's so sad but I can't cry but it doesn't mean there's nothing left inside I got some nasty scars to prove what I been through I guess it's safe to say that I'm nothing like you When your smile is your best kept secret when you smile they s

Roxette lyricsRoxette - The rain lyrics

was raised the northern way and my father had a northern name, I did my crying out in the pouring rain. And a season turned into another one, I found a heart bright like the morning sun. He touched my lips, so softly, with his fingertips. But I kep

Smokie - The rain came down lyrics

called you on the phone tonight Said you were doing fine I held my breath, said I'm alright but we red between the lines I asked you are you all alone you paused before you answered I swallowed hard, apologised You said it doesn't matter and then the rain came down t

Dark Lunacy - The rain after the snow lyrics

fell Rain kissed me Snow died back to my earth Springtime, what takes me? I’m here, but my drapes They will fall forevermore before the world in fear Life, cry your tears leave behind memories of a past hard to leave Spring, comest thou! I forgot the

Dark The Suns - The rain lyrics

this death scenes within my thoughts Black dawn is breaking so deadly cold I roam alone these empty streets In silent rain, frozen inside This mourning rain can't wash away these tears Beneath the dead cold sun This silent rain can't hide away these tears Be

Donnie Klang - The rain lyrics

t lie to me Don't lie to me Don't lie to me You were saying one thing but you meant another I should've known, I should've known Just went through the same thing trying to avoid another I should've known that this would come You were sayin' one thing till you m

Dub Fx - The rain is gone (feat. flower fairy) lyrics

I woke up this morning I couldn't believe my eyes I opened up a window in my mind And I saw that the rain was gone The rain is gone Ye the rain is gone I could see all the colours of the trees They were smiling at me Well a rainbow symbolised the sun had co

Madness - The sun and the rain lyrics

s raining again, I'm hearing its pitter patter down. It's wet in the street Reflecting the lights and splashing feet, Nowhere to go, And nothing I have to do, have to do. It's raining again, I follow the Christmas lights down town. I'm leaving the flow Of people walking all arou

Marillion - The sky above the rain lyrics

loves him But she doesn't want him She used to burn for him But now that's changed She knows he knows And she says it isn't so What else can she say? But when he reaches out She turns away When he talks about it She says he's cruel So h

Nashville Cast - The morning of the rain ft. jonathan jackson lyrics

tore apart my heart I loved you from the start But you couldn't take it You couldn't take it I gave you all my dreams You tore them at the seams You couldn't fake it You couldn't fake it No This is the morning of the rain This is the healing from

Sentenced - The rain comes falling down lyrics

every single cloud becomes a raging storm As I go seeking for the one I used to live for... Since your love was taken away My heart's been beating empty beats Well, it will end tonight... The blade shall set me free A steady hand with this sharpened cold

Akon - The rain lyrics

Oh diddy oh diddy oh Ahhhh Ahhhh Konvict Ahhhh Ahhhh Konvict music Yeah The pressure's buildin' up I feel like givin' up How in the f*** am I gonna back my first album up Well everything has changed It'll never be the same Nobody know me Then everybody knows my n

Arachnes - The rain song lyrics

oh water I need your sweet caress... When... I am a sick child, a sad man; I am an eagle without wings. I taste my pain day after day, and I feel an old blade... then, then I am sure... I want your strength. STORM IN MY MIND, STORM IN MY EYES AND IN MY SOUL. THE SON

Judicator - The rain in the meadow lyrics

of sunshine through the haze in these melancholy days A mind who's blinded by the pathos til the nerve is burned and numb Have I gone too far? A fallen star, but did I ever really shine? Blur the lines and pray, but not to god, I yearn the flawed embrace of man I feel the lines ha

Artension - The wind and the rain lyrics

walls around me it’s getting hard to breath Feels like they’re closing in on me So many miles I’ve travelled all around this earth Or am I just walking in my sleep I’ve got to get away I've got to somehow, someway Oh this city's haunting me I hear the wind and the rain,

Biffy Clyro - The rain lyrics

we're in the back room we can't hear a sound Creaking and groaning with windows smashed out The hush isn't separate from the glory found At the edge of your basement where the light gets out Only the heavens can say when the rain gets out I still love it whe

The Lovecrave - The angel and the rain lyrics

baby hold me tight I know nothing is right I have to go Believe I'm only a ghost Believe I'm in the past Go Ah touching me Ah do you feel Ah eternity Ah Tomorrow you'll hear the call They're never gonna get your love Tomorrow you will be the one My angel you will be the sun

The Lovecrave - The angel and the rain cz lyrics

baby hold me tight I know nothing is right I have to go Believe I'm only a ghost Believe I'm in the past Go Ah touching me Ah do you feel Ah eternity Ah Tomorrow you'll hear the call They're never gonna get your love Tomorrow you will be t

Maplerun - The rain lyrics

can I say you run away and you ain’t ever coming back You’re in the night you’re in the day you’re in the center of my heart Won’t you come with the spring – and make me feel just like before End’s waiting to begin – just come and show your face once more W

Meat Puppets - The wind and the rain lyrics

t it blow so cold and lonely Oh, and it's blowin your way Thunder roars, the clouds are reeling A thousand shades of gray And it falls you see it all All that you see Comes from nowhere Can't be explained No one can buy The wind and the rain Whi

Oh Wonder - The rain lyrics

since the rain I've been waking on my own Left an empty space in a home we built to grow Watching waves at night I fell into the blue I guess I lost the light, now I've given all my love to you I've given all my love to you I've given all my love to you I've given

Rahowa - The rain will come again lyrics

feel a cold wind blowing through my racial soul It´s a long forgotten wind that every man should know The darkened sky looks forboding in its wake Beyond the eyes of hurricanes, a storm about to break A long forgotten wind, a long forgotten wind Has started to blo

Samira - The rain lyrics

and turning another sleepless night A rain crashes against my window pane Don't ... For the moment I knew I will never be the same I saw you (and her) walking in the rain (I saw you walking, I saw you walking) You were holding hands and I will never be th

Deliverance ( Usa ) - The rain lyrics

of myself the slave Realize the one who brought the pain Looking back, I feel the need to blame It was then I cried Help me I know you see And I'm all tied up Help me Set me free I've seen the rain And I've felt the pain it brings Rememberin

Ablaze My Sorrow - The rain that falls lyrics

I wonder in this misty forest In this my (own) world of darkness There are no lights that show me the way The screams from my past surround me The rain that falls tastes like blood The blood that falls enchantes my soul The chickets around me

Bella Morte - The rain within her hands lyrics

shadows move of their own will Through the twilight I call a nameless place my home And castles fall into the past for you Tonight find the starlit rain within her hands As sand suffocates beneath the seas again Nights such as this may find us here b

Calvin Harris - The rain lyrics

s the type of girl that makes you feel better. Don't matter how you used to feel. She's the kinda girl that follows with the weather. And the sun brings out her sex appeal. If you want to talk to her it don't matter. You'll be breathless when she calls your name. Oh I'll bet that y

Jackie Chan - The rain of jealousy falls lyrics

sukooru anataga furimuku waipaa koshini miokuruyo ishiyoni ikezuni gomenne tonaite yubiwo bokuni miseta otokono kiri huda yumeyori honkide aini kakekete itayo Runaway runaway anataga kieru teardrop Faraway faraway kokoromo mochi sareyo Runaway runaway

Knocked Loose - The rain lyrics

always found, You always found your escape, I was fighting for love, A love you abandoned, Turned your back on heavens gates, Became blind to the end that awaits, And I can't pretend, That we're born with a destination, The end will find me, Full e

L'arc~en~ciel - The rain leaves a scar lyrics

wa hakanaku moetsukita hanataba tsumetai honoo ni shioreta yoru itoshii hito yo boku wa doko ni iru no yodomi ni ooware nukedasenai keredo ano yurameku kagayaki ni anata o kanjite iru mesameta asa ni yamukoto o wasureta atatakana ame ga furi sosogu sore wa yasashiku zawame

Lee Joongi - The rain (이별아…니가 이겼어) lyrics

garyeoseo niga bol su eopgetji.. ssodajineun nae nunmureul ni gieogi bie jeojeun nae misoman gieok hal su itge niga nal doraseol ttaekkaji nan useojwoya hae bireul majeumyeon jiwonael su isseulkka.. hamkke haetdeon geu siganeul neo tteonagan geu jarie jujeoa

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