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The Who lyricsThe Who - New song lyrics

need a new song I'll set the words up so they tear right at your soul Don't take me too long But there's a danger that I'll plagiarize something old My fingers kill me as I play my guitar 'Cause I've been chewing down at my nails My hairline ain't exactly superstar B

Howard Jones - New song lyrics

ve been waiting for so long To come here now and sing this song Don't be fooled by what you see Don't be fooled by what you hear This is a song to all of my friends They take the challenge to their hearts Challenging preconceived ideas Saying goodbye to long standing fears D

Nuclear Assault - New song lyrics

books is what some people's minds are like Shut tight, new ideas, they just always get passed by Prejudice, living in their thoughts and deeds Ignoring all the other people's needs You say a double standard's OK I'm telling you that this is insan

Lee Ben - New song lyrics

heart it is eternal And my soul it often flies You can see it in the evenings soaring through the skies And it takes me close to madness Though it never really tries I've crossed a million rivers And I've walked a million miles I've kissed a hol

Shaun Baker - New song 2012shaun baker ft maloy - there's n.. lyrics

Baker Ft Maloy - There's Nothing I Won't DoShaun Baker Ft Maloy - There's Nothing I Won't DoShaun Baker Ft Maloy - There's Nothing I Won't DoShaun Baker Ft Maloy - There's Nothing I Won't DoShaun Baker Ft Maloy - There's Nothing I Won't DoShaun Baker Ft Maloy - There's Nothing I Won'

Reel Big Fish - Brand new song lyrics

ve got a brand new girlfriend she is so lovely lovely i've got a new ex-girlfriend she is so fat and ugly oh not you again it gets worse everytime and one plus two again won't work i can't divide it well i let it go, i don't care i love you when you're not there brand n

Amy Grant - He gave me a new song lyrics

gave me a new song-- He really came down here Himself and sang it for me In every key just for me. He gave me a new light-- Now even when clouds hide the sunlight, life is still bright, 'Cause everything is all right. He gave me a new song--

Everclear - New blue champion lyrics

don't want to hear you say you're sorry I don't want to hear you say we can start all over again I think you must think that I am stupid Well I might be stupid for the rest of my life But I'll never be stupid to you again I just want it all to go away

Galneryus - Last new song lyrics

scream in the heat of night Hear the voice of your deep inside I call on you Can't you hear my voice? I'm standing alone Fight for your life, it's destiny Face the world of your deep inside Flash of steel makes you feel so new I'm standing alone Now, the newest centur

Badly Drawn Boy - This is that new song lyrics

if I knew the answers I would tell you now Just what would be the chances That I could show you how If I knew where all the tears were coming from Add up all the years that you've been gone This is that new song I told you about twenty years ago Do

Cockney Rejects - The new song lyrics

is a new song Out with the old This is a new way New truth to be told Don't wanna sing about a factory I ain't something that appeals to me Don't wanna be part of the disco craze And all them bands who wanna change their ways Don't wanna sing about The g

Extreme Music - New dawn lyrics

the clock keeps time But you're standing still No you don't know why no You never have your fill But you just keep fighting You gotta let them go, now go Leave it all behind Make it on your own We can start at the new dawn We can start at the new day You got it

E-dubble - New trouble lyrics

So]Keep them hands up high Cut the bass low If you got a problem there's the front door We get it in when we can, we sippin' on somethin' Cut ties with the stress, we'll find some new trouble I'm sippin' something inappropriate So it's odorous, sitt

Metallica lyricsMetallica - The other new song lyrics

yeah Woah oh Woah oh Woah oh The vultures come The vultures come for me Fly around sun But now too late for me Just sit and stare Wait 'til I hit the ground Little vultures tear Little vultures tear at flesh Vulture is down to stay Pick the bone until y

Clammbon - The new song lyrics

kokoro no yukue Itsu no ma ni futari Te wo nobashi motomeru hodo ni Itsu kara ka futari *Semaru supiido Kanji nagara aa bokura Mi wo makasete Uwaaaaaaa Tomo ni yukou Itoshii kao ga futo yogiru Mata sukoshi tooku naru Isogashikute aenai toki

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - The tides will turn [new song] 2012 lyrics

m Stripped Down To Bone Again and the scene is cold drifted into… a place that i don't belong these eyes in the mirror are unrecoginable and if you could bring me back do it before i'm forever lost cause i don't know whether to hold my breath to

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Giants (new song) lyrics

hate to sleep But I love to dream It drives me to places That I've never seen My mind is in flames I pray they will stay If you felt this fire You know what I'm sayin' Well here's my plan For a journey supreme Board the ship of your follies As s

Okkervil River - Song of our so-called friend lyrics

when our so-called friend would not call out to you While tumbling loosely out a hole punched through your home? It's pretty clear, though you could hear, you truly finally knew In time, he'd tell his tale the way he'd like it told Now he isn't on the phone, and his story

Michael W. Smith - A new hallelujah (with the african children's.. lyrics

you hear, there's a new song Breaking out from the children of freedom Every race and every nation Sing it out, sing a new Hallelujah Let us sing love to the nations Bringing hope of the grace that has freed us Make Him known and make Him famous

W. Michael Smith - A new hallelujah lyrics

you hear there´s a new song Breaking out from the children of freedom Every race and every nation Sing it out sing a new hallelujah Let us sing love to the nations Bringing hope of the grace that has freed us Make Him known and make Him famous S

Gil Scott-heron - Song for bobby smith lyrics

Spoken] I know a young warrior named Bobby Smith He's gonna be 4 years old on his next birthday He happened to be with Brian and I when we wrote this song It's about new life and new spirit, new feelings We asked Bobby, "Bobby, what should we call this son

Anvil - Song of pain lyrics

bit, twice shy Just the average kind of guy Loved and lost felt the pain The need to start all over again Heart broken, on the mend The loss of that special friend The look and feel of despair War and love where it's all fair You just want a place to hide, (place to hide) Don't sh

Gruntruck - New god lyrics

got me another god Got me another god Got me another god Got me another god Yeah Got me, well, another god Got me, well, another god Got me, well, another god That I cannot depend on Got me, well, another law Got me another law Got me, yeah, another law That

Alyssa Milano - New sensation lyrics

give your sweet love I can understand I got the wholeworld in the palm of my mind All day and night it feels so right I can tell something real is going on I'll testify you rule my mind No defense against the words you're saying Now I know what nights are for Whe

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - New york lyrics

drinks in on Friday night We only came to dry your eyes And get you out of your room Now this bar has closed it's doors I found my hand is holding yours Do you wanna go home so soon? Or maybe we should take a ride Through the night And sing alo

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - New york lyrics

drinks in on Friday night We only came to dry your eyes And get you out of your room Now this bar has closed it's doors I found my hand is holding yours Do you wanna go home so soon? Or maybe we should take a ride Through the night And sing along to every song That's on the ra

Lee Ben - Love song lyrics

t get away from a fun song A pop song, I'm gonna write my swan song Can't get it happening to write a love song Always bring in rock 'n' roll Always bring in dumb stuff It's not about your jokes It's not about your name It's not about the way you hu

Chris De Burgh - New moon lyrics

new moon is laughing up there in the sky, but my love is crying and i ll tell you why... crisis and confusion when she came along, followed by delusion when i found out that i was wrong, she said baby, we're crusing along on the crest of a wave, and i

4everfreebrony - The jelly bean song (acoustic) lyrics

I was ever king I'd lose myself in my power I might have everything But I'd lose myself by hour so much power by the hour might have everything If I were king Life is like a bag of jelly beans Sometimes it's sweet Life is like a new

Tim Mcmorris - New year’s song lyrics

a new day, and a new year Shout it out loud, sing with the crowd Celebrate cause, good things are coming New opportunities are at the door Hold your head up, drop the sorrow No regrets now, for tomorrow It’s a new chance, for a new life Everything you’ve been

Ala Boratyn - Strange new feeling lyrics

a day like everyday i woke up too late again with a new song in my head everything was easy but my friend was feeling down said she had a broken heart and she didn’t like my song cause it wasn’t a-bout love why are we so crazy about it what’s so special about love why can

Bi Rain - Hip song lyrics

this is hip song right here Ha ha, brand new song, here we go Nae moributo balkkeutggaji nune ddeege jaranghalkke Ijen nado bakkwil ddaega dwaeni anhna shipgido hae Nan namane insaengeul jeulgineun supermaniya Hanbeondo iron jeok obsotjiman Na

The Dubliners - Song for ireland (new version sung by séan ca.. lyrics

all the day Near tall towers where falcons build their nests Silver-winged they fly They know the call of freedom in their breasts Saw Black Head against the sky Where twisted rocks they run to the sea Living on your western shore Saw summer sunsets, asked for more

Changin' My Life - Full Moon - New future - album version lyrics

hitotsu kawaranai mono zutto egaiteta yume ima no jibun wa dou utsuru no? ano koro no chiisana hitomi ni nee ano hi kuyashikute nakikuzureta kara sou kitto ima no watashi konna fuu ni tatte irareru n' da toomawari shita kedo ne Let's sing

Mat Kearney lyricsMat Kearney - New york to california lyrics

the TV lights, you fell asleep again Dont know, I'm writing this song about you There's a picture of a Hollywood sign, reflecting off your skin I Don't want to live another day without you You woke up and said baby I, had one of those dreams again The rain came down and I lost you,

Hockey - Song away lyrics

me a deal and make it good for me I won't get full of myself, 'cause i can't afford to be This is small town music, this is big town music He's ahead of his time you know but, he can't use it If only he could prove it Tomorrow's just a song away, a song

Kottonmouth Kings - New destination lyrics

you gonna go when you can’t get high now who you gonna call when you feel so low where you gonna turn for some inspiration new destinations is where we should go Confused in life in the middle of the night I’m sittin’ up with my pipe like my cand

Gordon Lightfoot - New day lyrics

me to that place where the world is young With a song of love that is still unsung To where there'll be, a new day for me Oh, take me to that land beyond the sun Lead me to that place where the mountains ring With a song of hope that the new d

Runrig - Song of the earth lyrics

was winter on the Mersey snow was falling on New York the boats were coming in from Ireland a nation drinking round the docks what do you do when the rain is falling what do you do when the rain is falling down young men were heading back to

Declan Galbraith - New year song lyrics

once again here we are, family and friends from afar, Sharing our hopes and our dreams, Laughing at old memories, So when that old song starts, Everyone sing from the heart. Let's sing... Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind,

Everclear - Song from an american movie, pt. 2 lyrics

I get to a point where I don't give a damn about anything...anymore Sometimes I get to a point where I feel numb and I just don't care Sometimes I feel like I just don't care I sit in my car and listen to the radio I think about the past and it seems so

Kari Jobe - Revelation song lyrics

Riddle, Jennie Lee; Worthy is the Lamb who was slain Holy, holy is He Sing a new song to Him who sits on Heaven's mercy seat Worthy is the Lamb who was slain Holy, holy is He Sing a new song to Him who sits on Heaven's mercy seat Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Go

Jennette Mccurdy - Song- generation love lyrics

found a picture of my mother in her bell-bottom jeans Flowers in her hair and two fingers up for peace In that Polaroid she smiles, a grown up baby boomer Maybe momma walked down the wild side, walking on the moon And what will they say about us? I've heard storie

Akanishi Jin - New life lyrics

wrong with the picture You can’t blame it on the camera Snap shots with a broken smile You let him take all your joy away The sparkle in your eye it faded out Yeah So tell me what it is all about And I’d hate to be the one to stir things up But ther

Asian Dub Foundation - New way new life lyrics

sunday morning in front of the TV Recording with a microphone naya zindagi Pioneer gurdas maan Nusrat fateh ali khan Kept our parents alive Gave them the will to survive Working inna de factories Sometimes sweeping de floor Unsung heroines an heroe

Lyrycyst - New hit lyrics

never could see why So many don't see why We jump onto a track Lose our attention And breeze by Fidelity seems right Melody seems strong But people want the brand new thing Maybe I read wrong Hip hop is going under deep into slumber Refused to be another one hit wonde

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - New york city boy lyrics

York City boy You'll never have a bored day 'Cause you're a New York City Boy Where Seventh Avenue meets Broadway When you're a boy Some days are tough Lying on your bad Playing punk rock and stuff Home is a boot camp You gotta escape Wanna go and wa

3 Colours Red - Song on the radio lyrics

change the ninety-nine Into a hundred A crack in your grand design Coming up under And take you high over Your brightest nova Until we come again... Nothing can stop us I see you run again... away and High over...your brightest nova A transmission to be heard

Libera - Song of life lyrics

s a whisper in the dark As a new life comes to be Then a song begins to form As it finds the harmony With a chorus of sound Of the world all around Now it blends in the tune Joining the endless song of life We shall never be alone As we link our hearts

Nightwish - Song of myself lyrics

nightingale is still locked in the cage The deep breath I took still poisons my lungs An old oak sheltering me from the blue Sun bathing on its dead frozen leaves A catnap in the ghost town of my heart She dreams of storytime and the river ghosts Of mermaids,

The Damned - lyrics

get up and save the world And though it may be a game I know it may sound absurd But I dig the challenge Gotta hit the sites Because I'm always surfin', always surfin' Surfin' for my life Chatting with a new made chum Doesn't know I look a bum She thinks that I'm

The Decemberists - Song for myla goldberg lyrics

Goldberg sets a steady hand upon her brow Myla Goldberg hangs a crooked foot all upside down It comes around it comes around It comes around it comes around Pretty hands do pretty things when pretty times arise Seraphim and seaweed swim where stick-limbed Myla lies It c

The Dickies - Song of the dawn lyrics

from your sleep all you weary ones Who are leary of the night Look to the east all you dreary ones Who are waiting for the light Dawn is breaking and a new day is born The world is singing the song of the dawn Birds are singing Hear them welcome the morn Th

Empyr - New day lyrics

stars Will shine again tonight Can't you see the Peaceful riot now So leave your shelter And wave the flag of change And whisper your song A scream in their heads But who's to blame Give me your pain Choose a new name Close your eyes and Start a

Flyleaf - New horizons lyrics

you're tired but you're alive So open up your eyes And you can get your sleep when you are dead Kill the clock inside your head Bring your normalcy to the edge And watch it drown in new horizons New horizons You said I'd only have to wait until I die And that's

Jason Gray - Gloria! (the song of the shepherd) lyrics

the angel’s song Everyone held their breath As the darkness rushed back in upon those shepherd boys Staring into the night Climbing up off their knees With their hearts on fire, they were trembling with fear and joy Gloria, Gloria! It was a choir of angels singin

Hoodie Allen - Song for an actress lyrics

don't gotta work it out Cause no one gonna tell you where to find me When you, you come looking for me Cause I'll be walking out the door before you know it And you better believe Kick it with that new girl, eatin my Chipotle Yeah we getting married,

Mötley Crüe - New tattoo lyrics

ve been out drinkin with the boys again Sorry I'm calling after 2 a.m. There's something that I need to say to you I know it's late But this can't wait I just got a new tattoo One love and a, one woman You're my new tattoo Tonight is the very first night of my life

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