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Medina - Selfish lyrics

m gonna take you with me to vanilla sky's Embrace me I'm gonna take you oh so high I wanna use you up i want to explore So when I'm done with you I know your gonna beg for more Whatever I want whatever I need I'm gunna take ya take ya take ya Whatever I want whatever I ne

John Grant - Queen of denmark lyrics

wanted to change the world, But I could not even change my underwear. And when the shit got really, really out of hand, I had it all the way up to my hairline, Which keeps receding like my self-confidence-- As if I ever had any of that stuff anyway. I ho

Sinead O'connor - Queen of denmark lyrics

wanted to change the world But I could not even change my underwear And when the shit got really really out of hand I had it all the way up to my hairline Which keeps receding like my self-confidence As if I ever had any of that stuff anyway I hope I didn't destroy your celebr

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Queen of denmark lyrics

wanted to change the world But I could not even change my underwear And when the shit got really really out of hand I had it all the way up to my hairline Which keeps receding like my self-confidence As if I ever had any of that stuff anyway I

Dope - Selfish lyrics

what? Life ain't fair Nothing's right No one cares So what? Christ I swear So what? I don't care I don't care [x3] I'm selfish (I'm selfish) And I smoke and drink too much I'm selfish (I'm selfish) It's just me I'm not you I'm f***ed up! I'm se

Dead Or Alive - Selfish side lyrics

ll never need to fuel my mind I cannot deny it Let them drag my soul away My body won't remind them 'Cause I've been motivated by Living on the selfish side I'm meant to be the survivor I'm pushing me before you I've taken too much from my hand that feeds me

Diana Ross - Selfish one lyrics

one, why keep your love to yourself It's like a souvenir that just sits on a shelf It seems like you built a fence around your heart Afraid that sharing might tear it apart You pass up every chance at the start of romance Selfish one, why keep your love

Asia Cruise - Selfish lyrics

s start by correcting ya tone Lower ya finger, don't be comin' at me With condescending demeanor We both know that ya dead wrong And what makes it worse you don't even have the nerve To ever say that you're sorry You're never wrong and i'm never right and You win al

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Selfish lyrics

the shoe is going on the other foot tonight, La, la, la I'm 'bout to turn you into my very own flight tonight La, la, la Okay, you think you got me where you want me I'mma show you tonight La, la, la That I'm a girl and you're a boy And tonight you gonn' be my- be

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Selfish lyrics

it's too late for givin' in I've been waitin' for too long There's no way that I could lose Givin' me the love you've been holding back Today I'm not gonna wait Not anymore, the time is now I'd give up everything Just to have you for myself Cuz when

Jessie Ware lyricsJessie Ware - Selfish love lyrics

let's be honest about this There's only room for one in your heart So tell me darlin', why are we like this? I must admit that I kind of like it Oh, you're acting sweet I know what that means All these games we play Always end the same Selfish love, why do I do these

Nikki Flores - Selfish lyrics

ohhh mmmmmm Ohhhhhh ohhhh ohhh yeah I Only thought of you and me and never anything else The time we spent together kept me sane You helped me to be myself What I didn't realize Is that the distance was breaking your heart You put on your be

Jake Miller - Selfish girls lyrics

was gonna write you a love song just the other day So I sat down and thought real hard but nothing ever came I took a walk downtown and it hit me like a train So I grabbed a napkin and started scribbling away And I was like woah-oh, woah-oh Sex

Future lyricsFuture - Selfish (ft. rihanna) lyrics

yeah It was right, even though it felt wrong Nothin' ever stopped you from showin' your progression Suddenly Broken lies Drivin' backwards Makin' all the wrong turns Sayin' all the wrong words Dodgin' angels Oh, let's not be alone Let

Flogging Molly - Selfish man lyrics

don't eat I just devour, everyone in every hour All is me, is all I need and that's all that I care Propelled through all this madness, by your beauty and my sadness I'll never change or rearrange, till I've finished what I've started. And life leads me

Keith Caputo - Selfish lyrics

to be everything A wilderness of despair I see a true heart in clumsiness So are you fit to be scared? I need to touch, I'm the whore out of luck, and I don't know what to say to you, and I'm selfish with myself Hope passes, hope looks, can y

Rev Theory - Selfish and cold lyrics

voice is killing me. Your words are hard as they come. Thoughts that sit in here, fall like bullets to the floor. Your heart is pulling me, the cut runs deeper as it flows. Scars that cannot heal, the hurt is covered to the bone. Cause every time it gets s

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Queen in the black lyrics

me please your majesty I chance this moment nervously To share with you a fantasy That I have lived inside of me And it is so pretty And it is so fine Its the kind you'd love to last you Until the end of time We've talked of love, we've

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Selfish girl lyrics

boy what you done to me I saw you smile and suddendly I can't get you out my mind I got it bad boy I can't lie I want your time and your full attention I wanna talk to you and not to mention Good love that you give to me I think about it constantly And oh,

Downplay - Queen of new york city lyrics

me, Save me from her majesty The angry leader of the trendy scene She only comes around for my morning Then Sweetly becomes someone else's queen The world stops turning when ever she comes near me And it's still burning whenever she leaves Stay away from the queen of new york

Daniel Powter - Selfish lyrics

say that love is blind Some say you almost lose your mind You got under my skin The moment you walked in And no matter how hard I try Rejection kept me occupied But now I can't contain The way that I behave When I see your face I won't compromise

Queensberry - Selfish lyrics

the matter with you,you idiot? I was rude to some girl. Big deal.So what? If you´re better be, Or you´ll find yourself on a shorter leash. Every day,every night, You report to my side. Got a problem with that?Well, that´s to bad. That´s th

Pink Cream 69 - Queen bee lyrics

my time I'm guilty of nothing My fighting days are over Faces names they change so fast Come on Lord, I feel much stronger Too many days just wasting my time Thinking that I was wrong Lady, I'm not the kind to get stuck in the mud... Queen bee Are you telling me that you're l

Cardi B lyricsCardi B - Selfish lyrics

gave you more than I give myself So loyal to you that I betray myself Well I guess Ima wither away You a snake and you chose to slither today I gave my all my love and my trust but I guess my all just wasn't enough Yeah there's something about you I can't help it But Ima

Aether - Selfish lyrics

closer Let me suck the life from you These weary bones need Some respite from this cold earth Welcome to the great expanse of nothingness That is my home The home in my heart And here I roam, endlessly searching For something real T

Koda Kumi - Selfish lyrics

koto ni sorosoro tsukareta genjitsu no nami ni nomikomare nigedashitaku naru hi mo atta ne ai dake ja shibarenai kara atarashii kuukan no naka de RISETTO shite mitai I just want to get away dokoka tooku e Set me free hanashite ugokenai kara ima yo

N-sync - Selfish lyrics

just don't understand Why you running from a good man, baby Why you wanna turn your back on love, And Why you've already given up See I know you've been hurt before But I swear I'll give you so much more I swear I'll never let you down, 'Cause I

Jeffree Star - Queen of the club scene lyrics

it's 2 AM And the party pulls up. Now we're moving out To the city we love to go. Whoa Whoa Whoa I feel I feel electrical The lights so bright. You're looking magical In the city tonight. Whoa Whoa Whoa Tell me now That I can see

Anna Tsuchiya - Queen of the rock (hotei vs anna tsuchiya) lyrics

up & ready, Get up & ready Oh, I'm ready for leave this f***in' town Get up & ready, Get up & ready Run to where you'll not need to shield your eyes I'm getting sick of this ordinary day Get up your courage, Get up your courage It's

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Queen of the furrows lyrics

Toronto yelled the Queen of the Furrows This is how we farm hens cluck and roosters crow You are my heart staring down from the pillar To be apart is that why you have to go To conversations city everybody's talking You must have something to say To convers

Axe Murder Boyz (amb) - Selfish lyrics

You want it, can't have it. Baby, you're so ecstatic You're laughin', you're askin' How much it cost with tax and You know you feel hellish Your wasted life is selfish Your evil transgressions will cost more than them possessions Bonez

Cruel Force - Queen of heresy lyrics

delight - Slaying the life Pleasures of flesh - Conquered by death Desecrate souls - Demon's control Bathe in the gore - Bloodthirsty whore She's the queen of the blackest abyss Her castle's walls are the mark of your death See the pentagram - Sig

Imperia - Queen of light lyrics

life into another world All innnocent in child's eyes As pure as water from the riversides Is the love for an unborn angel And she's the Queen of Light, with her might The Queen of Light Dancing with flames in the dark A red sky, heaven is bl

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Queen of royal badness lyrics

me remind you on how to unwind your body So dance and shake and just keep in step Understand, draw a clear picture What I'm gonna hit you with is truly def These are the words of a Queen of a Queendom All competitors, I simply cream them One by one, I dust a rush them all If you h

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Queen lyrics

playing with your body, lady Stop feeling like you're not enough Stop feeding into the haters Stop and give yourself some love (woah) Stop staring at the mirror getting faded Saying you won't fall in love Stop trusting in those fake idiots Trust me

Freedom Call - Queen of my world lyrics

never leaves me when I’m lonely She’s always there to dry my tears Another night of strange illusions She’s at my side to rescue me Ride on - balance of power - shine on God given,obsession I’m driven, by passion Temptation, forever She is the queen of

Avatar (swedish Band) - Queen of blades lyrics

them marching But not under roof of law We fall in line and We march as one I answer God The God of war And by the night I was ready Now we're breathing, we breathe as one We don't speak but, We share a thought We share a hunger We share a hate And in t

Devendra Banhart - Queen bee lyrics

I do like a certain girl She moves like a dancing dream I saw everything I've seen And I meant everything I mean Oh, Queen Bee I'm always happy and free Oh, Queen Bee Land by me, by me She's kissed everyone I've kissed She's missed everyone I've misse

E-rotic - Queen of light lyrics

Can you see me falling? Aaahaaaaahaaaah Can you hear me calling you? Shadows of pale pass by You've ready to sail and I will love you, forever You've tearing me down but why My daydreams are bound to die? I'll miss you, forever Hear me! Queen of light help me throught the ni

Infinity Overture - Queen of hearts lyrics

immaculate being a maiden king and fair A princess so elegant siren she would be queen Oh she would be queen born to be queen of all queens Her beauty world soften a strong fierce mans heart To the eye of the beholder her beauty apart A soft spoken ge

Sammy Kershaw - Queen of my double-wide trailer lyrics

I met her out at Murphy's restaurant She said she was fresh from the farm And I remember thinkin' for a country girl That she went pretty well armed We sat there talkin' by the lobster tank I ordered her a sloe gin fizz And when them chicken fried steaks arrived She s

Cradle Of Filth - Queen of winter, throned lyrics

a man who is pure in the heart And speaks in prayer by night May become a wolf when the wolf's bane blooms And the winter moon is bright" Listen to them The children of the night What sweet music they make Iniquitous I share Carmilla's mask A g

Edgewater - Selfish lyrics

think you should pack your bags and leave today But she stays She paced around the room all dressed in lace I'm so selfish And sunlight breaks And I want to see The sun over me I will not wait, I will not! Comfort in my days The one who speaks of all the ch

Miyavi - Selfish love lyrics

zenin ore ga aishiteyaru ze. Torokeru youna amai kono MERODI- to Shibireru kurai kitsuku BI-TO de dakishimete, Ki ga fureru hodo nando mo ikaseteyaru ze. Nante na. Omaera zenin ore ga tsuretetteyaru ze. Mada daremo mita koto nee sekai e to. (1) Yume to tomo ni me w

Toto lyricsToto - Selfish lyrics

to ashes That's how it ends You go from heartache to heartache As you make amends Just bigger and bigger You take two steps back You want something from nothing And you're so exact You think you're a rich man Now you misbehave You're not a free man running Just a comforta

Abyssos - Queen covered in black lyrics

of seduction, ruler of another sphere. Drowned in my secret ocean, no-one knows where. A journey into depths of the long lost empire, the landscapes of Fhinstha, the world of the vampires. To a time where history has never been written, to a place only accessed by those of

The Cramps - Queen of pain lyrics

of pain, queen of pain. you got me hanging from a chain queen of pain, queen of pain. i'm bad and i know i'm to blame queen of pain,queen of pain these marks will be hard to explain queen of pain, queen of pain you look sweet in that garter belt queen of pain, q

Jethro Tull - Queen and country lyrics

wind is on the river and the tide has turned too late, so we're sailing for another shore where some other ladies wait. To throw us silken whispers: catch us by the anchor chains --- But we all laugh so politely and we sail on just the same. For

Cadaveria - Queen of forgotten lyrics

whispered legends, I outlined myths of long gone... epochs. I wove fairytales In people's hearts, I am the queen of all You have forgotten. I continually come From every corner of the world, My journey crosses Through countries, population, seasons. I whispered legend

David Hasselhoff - Queen of rain lyrics

the summer fades to autumn Comes the queen of rain When a love will fade forever Comes the queen of rain The queen of rain The queen of rain The queen of rain The love we shared had been so pure When you were near me I felt so secure But the

Saxon - Queen of hearts lyrics

queen of hearts she stands alone Purveying all she sees Trapped inside the players web Of cunning and deceit The bishop in his corner kneels Praying for her soul The knights are gathered at her side To watch the game unfold Careful where you tread You

Donnie Munro - Queen of the hill lyrics

watched her turn against the wind another year begins its end she's held her time against the change a people lost without a trace a noble history a place a long road travelled on the line another winter to survive she walks with dignity and pride

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Queen of rain lyrics

that big big house there are fifty doors and one of them leads to your heart. In the time of spring I passed your gate and tried to make a start. All I knew was the scent of sea and dew I've been in love before, how about you? There's a time fo

Shakin' Stevens - Queen of the hop lyrics

you can talk about your Julie and your Peggy Sue. You can keep your Miss Molly and your Mary Lou. When it comes to the chicken or doin' the bop? I got a girl they call the queen of the hop. Oh well I love my queen. Do you know who I mean? Sweet l

Shoe Cut - Selfish giant lyrics


Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Queen of hearts lyrics

was late after midnight I was sitting in a tavern I saw him playing cards And I went over to the old man He said: "I read inside the cards All about your life Do you want to know it? So listen to me" The Queen of Hearts The Quee

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Queen of hearts remix lyrics

was late after midnight I was sitting in a tavern I saw him playing cards And I went over to the old man He said: "I read inside the cards All about your life Do you want to know it? So listen to me" The Queen of Hearts The Queen of H

Cauldron - Queen of fire lyrics

hold the chains on life, you'll never leave Concoction, under lock and key, no need I trust in lust to keep you stranded by my side And when you're gone, I'm only left with lies Run tonight, burn the candle, fantasize Look inside Queen of fire in your eyes The midnight chime

Dangerous Toys - Queen of the nile lyrics

makes me shudder She makes me shake At night i think and i want to take her away Rainbows are on her face Visions of tattooed chains Egyptian rain in my world A princess on her throne Chorus : Queen of the nile Love me like an earthquake Queen of the nile

Enslaved - Queen of the ice desolates (is'ders dronning) lyrics

the balcony she beholds and longs Queen of the ice desolates Alone and weeping she bears the sorrow Queen of the ice desolates In the land where day is night and night is day Bulks a castle with walls of ice, covered with white frost Outside these walls exists no li

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