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Machine Head - Descend the shades of night lyrics

in the empty black The last slivers of dusk have passed Accept the dawn to ease the fear One day I will not be here Death she comes and with her thread Upon me ties a mask for dead Its tears of blood begin to seep And bleed the sky Descend the shades of ni

Entrails - Descend to the beyond lyrics

in the air, death in the ground Lifeless eyes staring in the dark This eerie night, this freezing night Where evil has left it's mark Beyond the damned I'll soon be one of them Beyond the damned Cemetery malice, alive tonight Haunted graves, invisible guests Beneath the ground

Levottomuus - Descend lyrics

out of the window for another day to start Think about the future that you won't let fall apart Dive into the mist and watch the rainclouds cross the sky Open up your heart and hide the treason in your eyes So catch the train tonight Descend onto the bright M

Feeder - Descend lyrics

back I only wish Today will turn out fine And wash away the stain The poison in my eyes What do you recommend I feel my life descending I´m falling out of reach Catch me as I bleed again I´m not insane Can´t reach the pain If I could be all by myself I could be me

Cryptal Darkness - Descend into thy grave lyrics

time has come to enter beyond The realm of the lifeless Dawn of grey take my soul away Like autumn leaves that fall from trees And voices of a winter breeze These voices calling unto me To enter the eternal drift For I must depart this tragidy my li

Deviser - Descend among the damned lyrics

see ghosts dancing on burning ice speechless and motionless the realm of longing tear all crosses from their stalks nothing to be seen I rise and smile at the ascending moon greenish cold blackened lake like an eye staring up into the sky the lake just begins to freeze the wo

Kylesa - Descend within lyrics

Within Current swill is sour The intangible of never Bitterness biting Consciousness seething Hiding the wave A clouded grave Stand alone to see the sky Clouds form tearing open Under weight pressure builds Push up to fall down I fight t

Dying Fetus - Descend into depravity lyrics

promise made in the campaigns Voting down the line repeating all the talking points No desire to advance anything but stature Keeping up the facade reaping all the benefits Decadence, accepting bribes, to east to bank on the fraudulent Painless inequity,

Evoken - Descend the lifeless womb lyrics

saw the world descend beneath a black pall breathing, seething The unanimated now alive in murky, abstract horror Upon the casket, lying in ruin upon its side The writhing abyss obscene in the burning lamp's ghostly light Stretching into infinity; the open lid revea

Aborted - Descend to extirpation lyrics

the dead to take part in my collection A gallery of gore Reflecting recollections Dried corpse-mach´ I thrive on decay I'm a malpractitioner Invoked by your apathy Recreative art Corpses pulled apart This is my delicatesse Sullied by my name A debauchery Recreative art...

Adramelech - Descend to eternal torment lyrics

Gods of Destruction War and rebellion Unleash your merciless wrath Stacked piles of severed hearts A Gods of slaughter Butchery and murder Feast upon the flesh of the dead Make them bleed make them dead Please make them dead A Gods of torture Bloodshed a

Engel - Descend lyrics

In To My Burning World Try To Stand And Feel The Pain Can Never Deny Just Who I Am Can Never Design Another Man The Sulphur Is Raining On Me I'm Bursting In Perfect Flames I'm Falling, I'm Falling Down To Far Down Below Where Mammon Is God I'm Fal

Incantation - Descend seraphic irreverence lyrics

of iniquity Denouncing he In hatred we conquer Unholy heaven As we arise, to conquer Triumph is evident Perpetual anguish Malevolent Plague Desecrate his body Persecute his soul In Desolation My tormented soul free from

Avantasia - Let the storm descend upon you lyrics

m smothered by a lucid nothing I can't hear and touch and see But I feel it Though I can't believe it Been master of the observation Coming up with an explanation There was no need Making use of the spirit Oh, we can give you answers you were dying to receive Keep on dream

A Pale Horse Named Death - When crows descend upon you lyrics

descend upon your tired souls they are as black as you they know that your coming to the end and the crows descend upon you Black birds fall from the sky Black birds come from your lies Crows descend upon your broken bones They crush them one by one

Project Pitchfork - We will descend lyrics

play hangman in a burning cage Radio-Logically we will be killed Before that age of freedom and peace Cause nobody cares about the waste Which is not our friend but it will be with us forever And it's too late cause it's already sent Into our future for it's our end Heartbea

Bal-sagoth - Behold the armies of war descend screaming fr.. lyrics

THE DISCIPLES OF ZAKUMAKURA:] Since before mankind hurled himself squamously from the sea we have awaited the awakening of great Zakumakura! Now... the Dragon-King shall at last rise to claim his earthly throne! Cast your gaze to the firmament and know fear, for His forces fill th

Benighted - Shadows descend lyrics

the ridiculous marionette Lost in the meanders of his pathetic existence Trapped in medical chains against the decrepit wall of his mental health Mummified by the leather of the belts embracing him He tries to breathe the air of a time he cannot understand anymore Nibbles h

Ignitor - Angels descend lyrics

THE PREY WAS NOT AS THE HUNTER EXPECTED] (Queen Illia) She said, "Congratulations on your victory You did so very well Impressive for your first engagement In battle skills you quite excel" She was thinking while he was winning He had something more at stak

Jedi Mind Tricks - When crows descend upon you lyrics

I'm just evil biologically, listen to y'all that make a mockery Anton LaVey is like a god to me I am not possibly associated with your democracy Gary? is like a shah to m...

Bella Morte - As we descend lyrics

the shore lies a lost and broken dream Silver shines with its echoed memories In the night one can almost hear the past If they listen with their hearts atop the sand Why does no one realize A hidden truth is nothing but a lie And my weak heart fades each time I hear good-bye

Enslavement Of Beauty - I descend to perdition lyrics

came down from a heavenly high avoiding the fall with a delinquent late night blight kissing the darkness while closing our eyes closing the curtains to extend the rhythm of night I see the demons gleam vile opponents beyond redeeming we all hail the same new dawn and we'll

Hypocrisy - Legions descend lyrics

Legions of world domination These bastards came with a method of hate Suicide, the end; prayer for death Yeah, yeah, yeah Armageddon, our earth th...

Nile - Permitting the noble dead to descend to the u.. lyrics

to ye who art in the sacred desert of the west I know you and I know your names Save me from these snakes which are in Rosetjau Which live on the flesh of men and gulp down their blood For I know you and I know your names The first one Osiris lo

Eths - Adonaï lyrics

Lieutas Bucella Agla Tetragrammaton Adonai Seigneur grand Dieu admirable secourez-nous Votre serviteur Tout indigne que je sois di©livrez-moi de tout danger De la mort de l'i¢me et du celle du corps des embi»ches de mes ennemis tant visible qu'invisib

Nana Mouskouri - Mon enfant lyrics

moi pourquoi tu pleures enfant De pleurer tu as bien le temps Tu sembles avoir très peur de l'orage J'en avais aussi peur à ton âge Mon enfant Mais si tu me prends par la main Tout sera bien quand le soir descend Et si tu me prends par la main Tout se

Scum Of The Earth - Born again masochist lyrics

in the me you'll never see this empty gaze is all you'll reach I close my eyes and disappear hiding in the me you'll never see As I descend I'm born again As I descend I'm born again As I descend Born Again Masochist Hands are creeping shadows nails

John Dowland - Faction that ever dwells in court lyrics

that ever dwells, In court where wits excells, hath set defiance, Fortune and love hath sworne, That they were never borne, of one aliance. Fortune sweares, weakest harts The booke of Cupids arts Turne with hir wheele, Sences themselves shall pro

Falsettos Musical - Round tables, square tables lyrics

Jason) They always yell, Isn't that unfortunate'- When Marvin's here. Everyone's yelling about the bar mitzvah. It's not a wrestling match, Why are they sweating' It's not a funeral, What's so upsetting' It's a celebration Where I get presents. But everybod

D12 - My ballz lyrics

Intro ] [ Eminem ] Ballz, Ballz, Ballz x2 You´ll never touch my... [ Chorus ] [ Eminem ] Catch me if you can but you ain´t man enough, You´re standin´ tough But you know that no matter what You´ll never get the chance to touch My ballz, ballz, ba

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Gold rush lyrics

Snoop Dogg) Josey Wales was known for robbin trains and things layin everybody down for diamond rings and chains It remains the same in the year you live in, see Cos if I pull out some heat, nigga, you'll go kick in And that's just the rules se

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Loner lyrics

s just a loner. He never says hello. A friend to no one. He's got no place to go. He don't look happy. He look through furtive eyes. He ain't got nothing. No one to sympathize. He hides himself away. His secrets not revealed. As life just passes by he keeps himself

Fear Factory - Descent lyrics

victim from neglect Designed thoughts and intellect Forgotten and displaced The crux of my dismay I feel nothing I am nothing I feel nothing Nothing How deep I descend? Until I reach my end? How deep I descend? Deeper into this abyss Weighted

Iron Savior - Atlantis falling lyrics

flash of destruction like a blaze cut through the night The heavens on fire they were glowing in unholy light Your sudden assault broke all the dreams of unification The hunger for power it's the lash of civilisation despaired and in pain - all seems so in v

Iron Savior - Atlantis falling (live) lyrics

flash of destruction like a blaze cut through the night The heavens on fire they were glowing in unholy light Your sudden assault broke all the dreams of unification The hunger for power it's the lash of civilisation despaired and in pain - all seems so in vai

Deathspell Omega - Ii. lyrics

In abstracto... ... Echange du Vide Ecce lignum Crucis, In quo salus mundi pependit) Therefore, God honors the sword so highly That He calls it His own ordinance, and will not have men say Or imagine that they have invented it or instituted it For the hand th

Destruction - Spiritual genocide lyrics

mind is a weapon of incredible power We are biased till the last day We are not aware good guy! Prejudiced & tampered - under the influence Silent manipulation of our mental well hell! Soul destroying mass media Most deceptive encyclopedia Fooled b

Kataklysm - The unholy signature (segment i) lyrics

Segment 1 - Utterly significant-) I call to me Arcane Devil NKBA TOBME AZTAC CROMOS Incant Master Enchant Death CANTUL NORTOM AZAG MEURT My calls To me I call Tremendous NKBAS TOBME NKBA TRISRITIS Aclaim Oh! Thee… Magnific ACLAMBAS TSO TRIMASQUIEST Ayethos Crown

Agressor - Medieval rites lyrics

Contemplez mon pouvoir -la ferme! Esclave, envole toi et assiste au rituel donne en mon honneur va! Middle-age at dawn in the wood Winged demons fly away To join the sabbath inside the circle of stone Black candles light the place Late at night evil force is invoked V

Anorexia Nervosa - Enter the church of fornication lyrics

is for stepping backwards Into the light Enter the Church of Fornication Resurrection and Life I am the mother of all the pains And I know how it has to end Enter my golden house - Heaven's gate The veil of illusions - Penetrate, Fornicate ! Et clamor meus ad te veniat

Anorexia Nervosa - The drudenhaus anthem lyrics

reach the quintessence of all that is I was, I am and I shall be again Burn and torture me for I am the witch The Antechrist you've feared for years and years Burn me and burn us there's no time to waste Burn, burn before you understand For crime so pure and restless tra

Carla Bruni lyricsCarla Bruni - Ta tienne lyrics

en a qui croquent Y'en a qui craquent Y'en a qui dérapent Y'en a qui s'tâtent Certains accourent D'autres se traînent Certaines se gourent Moi j'suis ta tienne Je suis ta tienne, je suis ta tienne Je suis ta tienne ! Ce n'est pas français, non M

Mylène Farmer lyricsMylène Farmer - Avant que l'ombre lyrics

des sons Tourmente des vents Mémoire ... Qui m'oublie, qui me fuit Jésus ! J'ai peur Jésus ! De l'heure... Qui me ramène A des songes emportés, A des mondes oubliés, oh Jésus ! J'ai peur De la douleur... Des nuits de veille Mémoire inache

Serge Gainsbourg lyricsSerge Gainsbourg - Maxim's lyrics

! baiser la main d'une femme du monde Et m'écorcher les lèvres à ses diamants Et puis dans la Jaguar Brûler son léopard Avec une cigarette anglaise Et s'envoyer des dry au Gordon Et des Pimm's Number one Avant que de filer chez Maxim's Grand seigneur Dix sacs au chasseur

Decadence - Foyer of hell lyrics

am on the way into the city of woe I am on the way to the forsaken people I am going down into a pit so low I am on the way into eternal sorrow The cry ceased and the echo passed hearing I saw three mighty presences appearing With neither joy or sorrow in their bearing N

Front 242 - Specialforces lyrics

wires are sucking our bones See how tha insect hooks Towers open fire Burning the records Please enter the garden The green garden of delights No more trouble No more answers No more songs of joy The surgeon plies the steel If we do well, we shall Drink the juice and eat the pi

Iron Fire - Until the end lyrics

through the ashes Of many broken swords Lord of thunder Take them higher The resurrection of the evil majesty Flying on winds of fire Through the holy land With danger in the eyes To the gates of hell To the devil in disguise Ride into the sky Where the eagles fly

James - Heavens lyrics

ve been sitting on top of these rocks Watching the waters rise Everyone that I have loved has gone floating by I've been praying for the king of the world to come rescue me From a land that's lost in dreams From a land that's lost in dreams Are you waiting for

Bal-sagoth - A black moon broods over leumria lyrics

baleful shades astride the mystic heath, Old land's enchantments, wolf-eyes agleam, The moon slips 'neath the darkening sea, The trees sing enthralling chants as the old gods dream... As a black moon broods over Lemuria, Ebon witchfire enshrouds the gleaming citadels, Sinistrous

Disgorge - Descending upon convulsive devourment lyrics

upon convulsive... devourment Visions of the war descend... they will be... Extracted for the thirst... from the catacombs... With spawns of hate; devourment Forgotten filth, revile and devour... beyond divinity The infected and fallen descend upon a dawning Of vengea

Legion Of The Damned - Avenging archangel lyrics

Legion! The day of wrath is near As the seventh trumpet calls The day of wrath is near And a million heads will roll Transylvanian Mountains Campfires lit the night Secret(I've) gatherings Recall (forgotten) martial might Executioners they

Arise - Expendable heroes lyrics

citizens we are on the verge of war, I will never let my empire fall. Gather your swords and shields, As long as I live my empire stands! Protect the elite, protect the money. Protect the elite, a hammerblow on the economy. Children watching the sun descend, Dreamin

Creature Feature - Fodder for the elder gods lyrics

endless terrors do the heavens hide Blacker than pitch and older than time Forever slumbering primordial slime The very heart of evil thundering inside There was a stirring in the clouds at night A faint rumbling in the star-less skies And the horizon came aliv

Degradead - A false hope lyrics

a perfect life The nature, of insanity The nature of insanity Producing and throwing up lies Make sense, destructive ways Hold on, it comes to an end, it comes to end Believe you´ll descend Living a lie, prepare, time is slipping away, away

First Blood - Fascism lyrics

shut an open society to no uncertain fate An end result of the merging of the corporation And the state... Bleeding us... Bleeding us to death With no one to turn to and nowhere to run Hold on tight because the worst is yet to come Create the threat... a terrifying act of v

Iron Fire - Cover the sun lyrics

are shaking it's my awakening my head is spinning around they will hit the ground the hammer will pound my brothers are fighting the keep we're defending the battle is bloody red my mind is set the steel they will get Pain is my friend from heaven I descend I feel the power

Lena Katina - Keep on breathing lyrics

tried to understand to comprehend How certain things can happen I thought that if you strive for good like everybody should The angels will watch over you Watch over you When the future has changed and your world is a mess And you find yourself down in

Luke Conard - The arena lyrics

1 (LUKE) This game's been played before Seventy-three times won The faster you die the faster you lose Life's the prize for one PRE (JOEY) Children wielding weapons, cutting short a life Cameras see it all But were they enemies, or were they friends? Gotta

Machinae Supremacy - Fury lyrics

now I lay awake My eyes unclosed The firesnake superimposed On our barren world tonight Sumple but supreme The dragon road Evil and mean I hear it soar not far above our world tonight Now the immortal beast descends on me Prepares to feast my enemy

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