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Pixies lyricsPixies - All i think about now lyrics

try to think about tomorrow But I always think about the past About the things that didn’t last If I could go to ... the beginning Then for sure I would be another way Make it

3 Doors Down - All i think about is you (landing in london) lyrics

woke up today in London As the plane was ... touching down And all I could think about was monday ... And maybe ill be back around If this ... keeps me away much longer I dont know what i will do

Harry Nilsson - All i think about is you lyrics

can I run away from darkness At ... the close of day When all I think about is you? Not knowing ... where I'm going What am I to do When all I think about

America - All i think about is you lyrics

rise to see you in the morning I feel your warmth so true ... The light inside of me Is there for all to see But all I think about is you I see ... your face in every doorway That I have wandered through The

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Think about that lyrics

yeah, yeah I carried you slow for way too long I couldn't let you go, under a ... don't, don't, don't Ego reaction Guess I was holding up ... face By saving your ass You spent my

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Think about you lyrics

my eyes and see you standing there alone in the dark. ... Your hair is flowing gently in the wind. I know that you ... keep missing me as much as I miss you. Though we are apart,

Groove Coverage - Think about the way lyrics

is the vibe So open up your eyes Time ... is running out So find the feeling So find the ... feeling So find the feeling Think about the way How ... we live today Think about the way How some people play

Kaiser Chiefs - Think about you (and i like it) lyrics

me down I'm so excited Feeling good but slightly frightened too I feel it in my ... blood and I like it I think about you, oh when I'm leaving ... Hold me back I'm so exhausted Never

LÉon - Think about you lyrics

1] Hey you, are you asleep? I wonder if you're out, if you ... are drinking It's late, I know But baby I ain't wasted ... Can't you call me [Pre-Chorus] Can't get

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - Think about it lyrics

.. Kwame did it... We can never let this ... get out Cause' if my girl would ever find out She ... would pack my things and pull me right up out ... door And your not worth losing my house Or leaving me to

Dennis Lloyd lyricsDennis Lloyd - Think about it lyrics

Look around yourself and think about it- think about it ... Pack your bags- get a flight to the 'nowhere land' Don ... t think about it- think about it All the motherf***ing

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Think about us lyrics

you're dancin' in the club And the night are ... getting hard Do you think about us? Do you think about us? ... When the music gets so loud And the girls ... are all around Do you think about us? Do you think about us?

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - Think about you lyrics

say baby you been lookin' real good You know that I ... remember when we met It's funny how it never felt so ... good It's a feelin' that I know I know I'll never

Chrisette Michele - All i ever think about lyrics

you and me we have a bit of jealousy I might ask why ... she called you might ask who is he but I could never think ... of letting go aint no other man that can have

Los Fastidios - Think about them lyrics

wanna dream a world without meat... I don't know if ... you think about it, think about it, think about it. Meat is murder meat is crime, milk ... and eggs the same shame and I keep wondering why? All

Stevie Nicks - Think about it lyrics

into the velvet of the morning Let yourself lay back within your dreams Take on the situation but not the torment ... Now you know its not as bad as it seems

Anthrax - Think about an end lyrics

up on fire everyday And I never say good-bye.. Pre ... determined destiny I've never been afraid to die.. ... Mmh! Ever since I was a kid I've seen things my own way

2 Chainz - Think about it lyrics

swang Gamble up my loose chains 2 chains, 'nough said, ... money at her forehead This about it, wait a minute, think about it Her p**** so wet, it look

Eminence - Think about it lyrics

About it Think About it Think About it Think About it Think About ... it Think About it Think About it Think About

Eternal 2 - Think about me lyrics

Michelle Lewis Think about, think about me (oh) Think about, think about me (Think about me, ... babe) Think about, think about me (oh) Think about, think about me Think about, think about

Exid - Think about lyrics

hai hil bodan undonghwaga nan joha ... bodan pyeonhan gabangi joha neodo na cheoreom ... saenggag hago isseulkka? geureoh dam ... mangseoriji malgo ijen nawa hamkke namdeulgwa

Goo Goo Dolls - Think about me lyrics

take a lot of chances with your feelings No one really knows what you feel Fixing is the only way you're dealin' ... You turn your pretty head and think it's real [chorus] Oh,

Patty Loveless - I try to think about elvis lyrics

try to think about Elvis Memphis Oprah in the ... afternoon I try to think about palm trees Fig leaves The ... from the black lagoon I try to think about high heels

Melanie C lyricsMelanie C - Think about it lyrics

I, I know I shouldn't be doing this Why can't I stop ? ... s, bloodrush, everything'd telling me to run but I ... what we want to now ? Don't give me time to back out 'Coz

Naughty Boy lyricsNaughty Boy - Think about it (feat. wiz khalifa & ella eyre.. lyrics

You know it's Naughty Boy and young Wiz Khalifa mane Hotel Cabana, ... Taylor Gang Got me up all night Used to start a fight ... You don't wanna think about it You drink about it You

The P****cat Dolls - Whatcha think about that (feat. missy elliott.. lyrics

Ladies) So if your dude aint actin right, you tell that ... dude he got to go, If that dude be clamin that he broke, ... you tell that dude he got to go If he

Kygo lyricsKygo - Think about you (ft. valerie broussard) lyrics

ve been quiet Said we'd try it for a while But that was ... years ago If you see me, if I see you, mmm A part of me ... hopes that we do, no Say everything we

American Authors - Think about it lyrics

the jungle that we roam To search and find ... Oh-we-o-we-don't-know Pushing back remove the leaves To ... find something because of me Oh-we-o-we-o ... t turn back So far so good It's been hard Trying to find

Ice Mc - Think about the way lyrics

is the vibe So open up your eyes Time is running out So find ... the feeling Boom diggy diggy diggy boom diggy bang ... Boom diggy diggy diggy boom diggy bang In mek italian de

Otis Redding - Think about it lyrics

Before you walk out that door Hang your clothes in ... the closet You're forgetting one thing I'm the one who ... you From a long lonely life I'm the one who gave you You

Smokie - Think about the night lyrics

you close your eyes tonight Think of what we had Don't feel ... true romance Oh, we had it all A love so bright Like a diamond in the sky Before you

Gerry & The Pacemakers - Think about love lyrics

about the love I can give to you I think about the ... dreams That we two can do And dreams That can come true Think about ... the place Where we will be alone Think about the

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Think about it lyrics

will the clouds all blow it away When will the good ... people have their say Now I hope you're still around to ... see the day Take a while, Think About It Take a while, Think

Eden's Edge - Think about us lyrics

you are, quit movin Whatever you're doin now ... Baby stop and think about us Countin stars from the bed ... No matter how far your goin, No matter how hard it gets,

Fat Joe - Think about it lyrics

back of your knees up Packin' the Mack in the back of the ... Beemer Taxin' your cash and you asking to ... ease up I want to rock now Comply or ... get shot down I know You goin hire some cops now Coca

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - Think about you (ft. quiñ) lyrics

Intro: Quiñ] Cause I do, cause I do, cause I do ... Keep writing you [Verse 1: Quiñ] ... Heart is racing hard Got you on my mind ... Don't ever think I don't I know what you like And I'm

Shanadoo - Think about lyrics

you see the secret signs? Stains of blood on a burning line ... Time is moving back (you're out of shape ... you can't escape) On a hidden track (there is no way to

Toby Keith - Think about you all of the time lyrics

you’ll be glad to know I got a brand new girlfriend ... took my broken heart Patched it up again She’s good lookin’ ... And she drives a convertible She likes to laugh a lot

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - Think about it lyrics

wanted to run away from you I felt real bad, but that was ... what I did I never wanted to, I didn't ... you weren't there for me so that is what happened. And I'm

Gloria Estefan - Think about you know lyrics

it worth the time To bring back a forgotten rhyme Our ... paths have changed but I can see You'll always be a ... part of me How can I pretend That this affair has

Harry Nilsson - Think about your troubles lyrics

beside the breakfast table Think about your troubles Pour ... yourself a cup of tea And think about the bubbles You ... your teardrops And drop them in a teacup Take them down to

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Think about me lyrics

little baby one of these days ... Honey, oh baby you just wait One of these nights you're ... gonna call my name Oh yeah, one of ... these days Girl you better believe, honey

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - All i can think about is you lyrics

two, three Fish fell out of water Bird ... stuck on the ground Chaos giving orders Everything is upside down The whole world on a ... flight path Wonder where they'll

Bars And Melody - That girl lyrics

Charlie:] That girl That girl [Leondre:] I know this ... girl, She got a beautiful smile, I think she already known ... That I loved her for a while, If only she knew how

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Think lyrics

m givin' you a piece of my mind. There no charge of any kind. Try a very simple test. ... just retrace your steps. And think back, back a little bit baby.

Quench - Think about it lyrics

is noble Whatever is true So compelling Perfect ... you heard or learnt or receive It's time to practise what ... you believe Think, just think about it Let it totally fill your mind Look ahead and

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Think about it lyrics

man... "You know it's easy to talk about.. doin ... somethin but when it comes down to the action ... part, the most folks take a little light vacation"

Chamillionaire - Think about it lyrics

Chorus:] If you ain't never spent tonight with ... me then try it Cause she can't be too fast ... with too much speed and mileage The ugly one always ... talking like she the hottest But we ain

Glay - Think about my daughter lyrics

rokujino kamini yobarete bokuwa tenwo aogi hidoku kedakai sono ubugoeni ... atsukusa seta sorekara no hibiwa takara mono daata gomumai ... no youna hohono nukumori wo haru kazeni tatazunda

Lucky Dube - Think about the children lyrics

are the people we're depending on For the growth of the ... children If they treat them right We gonna have a brighter ... future If they treat them wrong We

Inferis - Think about it lyrics

t be fool They would lie to you forever Now they ... know that you don't care So let me ... know to understand After all those years of fight We're ... pretending all is fine They're stoling all the

Bell Book & Candle - Think about it lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

The Beach Boys - Think about the days lyrics

Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental) ... (Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental) ... (Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental) ... (Instrumental

Montgomery Gentry - All i know about mexico lyrics

didn't know you weren't supposed ... to drink the water I never knew it was so hard to ... get through south of that border If I had any idea it ... took that many pesos to make a dollar I

Kenny Rogers - That crazy feeling lyrics

Whenever we should meet That keeps my heart pounding Like ... the ocean of the deep But it's got my heart a reeling Oh ... yes, I've got that crazy feeling. It's not just the way

Chicago - All i care about lyrics

want Billy Where is Billy Give us Billy We want Billy B-I double L-Y We're all his He ... s our kind of a guy And ooh what luck ... Cuz here he is (bandmaster speaking)

Dustin Lynch - That's the thing about hurricane lyrics

Verse 1:] I knew when she flew in she ... now and then God makes one that a way. Red-haired, wild-child, with storms in her eyes. I knew I'd never be the same.

Jessica Mauboy - That girl lyrics

Chorus] You might be thinkin', thinkin' Maybe, maybe I'm ... just like that girl Oooh And just because I'm ... with you doesn't mean that I should be that girl Ohhh

Elliott Smith - All cleaned out lyrics

come your pride and joy The comic little ... drunk You call your boy Making everybody smile Who takes ... plan And then becomes a disappearing man After a little

C21 - All that i want lyrics

just need you to know That everytime you walk into a ... room I get a feeling And I try to make it show But ... every now and then it seems as though you don't believe it Girl just dance I like

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