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Darren Hayes - Falling at your feet lyrics

when you walk into the room I feel the world ... dissolve I fall at your feet And when you look at me I ... swear the beating of my heart is About to cease

Dead By April - Leaves falling lyrics

my trust in you, my love defended you, Despite ... our past, I still breathe for you My side is chosen ... destiny, and this is all I see" "Leaves falling

Clairvoyants - The lone lyrics

the dead of the darkest night A single spark ... comes alive In the lost woods of the north A ... a raging storm He looks upon the bloodshed stones And runs

My Dying Bride - The barghest o' whitby lyrics

am I with sunken back I am the enemy of you, traitor. And the world cold. I'm still on ... heart so cruel - mine is greater. It is the sky that ... bleeds my name And in it's breath my

Pillar - Light at my feet lyrics

found Until looking down and seeing the light at the ground by ... my feet I heard angels resound and there I avowed this is the road I ... would take Just to make it there for my sake now I say that

I The Mighty - The frame i: betrayal in the watchtower lyrics

d meet with no light in the blanket of night. We'd talk ... of the Keepers, our hatred was high. I will always ... remember the way he was acting that night.

Mayday Parade - You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the g.. lyrics

quot;You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, ... I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds ... been begging for answers That you and only you can give to

Sleeping With Sirens - My life lyrics

Verse 1] I tore a hole in the sky, the stars fall at my feet I took a shot at the sun, so ... I could black out the streets I'm like a wolf in the night in a world full of

My Morning Jacket - Can you see the hard helmet on my head? lyrics

you see the hard helmet on my head? Totally unscarred ... Serves protection for my head But I don't believe ... everything I read One that makes them warm Don't ever

My Dying Bride - The music of flesh lyrics

the light and feel my warm desire Run through your ... veins like the evening sun My father was a handsome man ... But I am his exception And at each station of hatred I

My Dying Bride - The crown of sympathy lyrics

the light and feel my warm desire, run through my ... veins like the evening sun. It will live ... but no eyes will see it. I'll bless your name ... shine, yet shine you did, for the world to see. All a man hath will he give for life? For

116 Clique - See the lord lyrics

down my crown to worship you in ... spirit and truth As I see You on the throne, I see Your ... train fills the roof I'm on bended knees, ... Holy, Holy, Holy is Lord the Most High Woe is me, I'm a

Sigh - At my funeral lyrics

I've chosen death... Hearing the mourners cry, seeing my body ... lie, The symbolized iniquity, journey ... into eternity, The funeral is for me, it is ... meant to be, Calling of the moon... My flesh will turn

Leaves' Eyes - Ragnarok lyrics

are leaving I see the leaves falling Winter and coldness ... Freezing the rain Fimbulvetr Savage ... winter Wolves chasing the sun and the moon Heimdall

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - At my door lyrics

wind wakes me from my Sleep I've waited for this ... Darkness takes me to my Dreams I've waited for this ... I can't hide I'll never see it til it's at my door Til

Casting Crowns - At your feet lyrics

at Your feet, I lay my past down My wanderings, all ... down And I am free Here at Your feet, I lay this day ... down Not in my strength but in Yours I've

Lara Fabian - World at your feet lyrics

yeah We can leave the dream this time We've had a ... our mark in history Right at your feet Gotta reach from ... your heart And believe from the start Can't you see there's

Deinonychus - The fragant thorns of roses lyrics

mother nature sweep me up in her ... infinite arms Let her carry my burden, this sorrowful dirge ... night lullaby will sooth my sadness And I'll dream the ... passions once again, for all my dreams are but of her And

Deinonychus - The fragrant thorns of roses lyrics

mother nature sweep me up in her ... infinite arms Let her carry my burden, this sorrowful dirge ... night lullaby will sooth my sadness And I'll dream the ... passions once again, for all my dreams are but of her And

Honor Society - When i get home lyrics

I can't fall asleep Huggin' the pillow Pretending you're ... voice Need to hear you breathin' Tell me is it hard to be ... cute when I wake you with my call Gotta get through the

Kill It Kid - Let my feet fall heavy lyrics

ice like it was confetti The city closing Let my feet ... bruised words, your glass on my lips Your breath on my mouth ... Let my feet fall heavy Lord Oh, let my

Color Me Badd - The earth, the sun, the rain lyrics

I was lost I could not see All the beauty and wonder There'd been around me I was ... So much joy now And all that you touched You make me feel ... Chorus: I will love you for the earth at my feet I will love

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Falling into fantasy lyrics

m sitting by the calm lake And watch the ... setting sun My feet are in the water The journey's just ... begun In the mist there is a boat and it's heading

Natalie Grant - At your feet lyrics

brought You oil, the purest gift she had You ... have passed I still weep at how much that woman's just ... I want to be [Chorus] At Your feet Where I feel Your

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Ripe for the breaking lyrics weren't born with the world falling at your feet- ... The path is long and agonizing being ... on your knees. ...and the silver spoon in your mouth

Enter Shikari - The one true colour lyrics

child is taught red on his mother's knee (the one true colour) ... is taught blue on his mother's knee (the one true colour) ... delivered Ignore the spectrum Dear whom it may

Dark Tranquillity - The wonders at your feet lyrics

descending Smear our names, the stains unending Turn ... forgiveness With the lens distorted Crush the ... Famine in our heart Bring up the silence louder Eradicate the

Dying Passion - See the bottom? lyrics

you were dreaming of They have disappeared All have ... drowned in the pools of your private misery ... Do slowly break (out of) the hard shelled soul, break out

Elvenking - The play of the leaves lyrics

Play Of The Leaves It's time to make a choice ... No matter where it leads Decisions ... need to be taken Doesn't matter when No matter where The final curtain falls All the

Madness - The sun and the rain lyrics

I'm hearing its pitter patter down. It's wet in the ... street Reflecting the lights and splashing feet, ... It's raining again, I follow the Christmas lights down town.

Aviators - The adventure lyrics

inside The thought of a journey I can't ... hide From the danger around me But I know ... That it will be alright I'm not ... alone My friends are by my side When I look around I

Kristian Leontiou - The crying lyrics

Knowing we're close to the edge Evenings over, ... to talk, I pretend I make my way all through The crowded ... faces of the night Now its all over, ... its all over with the crying Now its all over, I'm

All Good Things - I have the power lyrics

fever Crawling inside my veins Sparks coming Off of my fingers And voices in my ... Feel like I've opened my eyes now And nothing will be ... the same I hear you I see right through you I'm master

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The knife lyrics

twist the knife And I'll take the ... bullet You start the fire And the world then ... s all an act of love and it leaves you blind And I'm not here ... poverty of time Sometimes there's no other way You said the things you need to say At the greatest price Over a

Rise Against - The good left undone lyrics

but weeds, I found a flower at my feet, Bending there in my ... its stem, I pulled until the roots gave in, Finding now ... what I’ve been missing, But I

Chic - My feet keep dancing lyrics

dancing My feet keep dancing, dancing, ... dancing My feet keep dancing, dancing My feet keep dancing, dancing, ... need some help, I get beside myself And I got so many

Inkubus Sukkubus - My demons lyrics

known a thousand demons. Seen through terror eyes I have ... felt and I have seen them monsters with no disguise ... I was lost and then was found And then was lost

Atmosphere - The river lyrics

and everyone was whistlen the same damn tune except bryan, ... bryan starred out across the field and watched the ... horizon blossum the copper feel over the edge of

Skyclad - The well-travelled man lyrics

now since he set off down the road For the bright lights ... of the city and his story to unfold ... leave this dormitory town At first, he lay just dreaming

Blaze Bayley - The trace of things that have no words lyrics

hide this scar Nothing is what I have, nothing is all that's ... left Nothing is what I am, if I am without you ... Looking down at my feet, why do they move at all?

Delirious? - See the star lyrics

the Star that's breaking through To shine ... upon this head of mine and the people who Are running for the goal ahead And we won't ... stop 'til we reach the end This day it's time to

Despite My Deepest Fear - The feeding grounds lyrics

aren’t painted gold Nor is the ground that you walk on So ... your face I’m looking at you but there’s no memory I ... I had lost it all But in the end you’re all the same So

Dokken - Sky beneath my feet lyrics

so incomplete We look into the world -- find no peace Once ... -- it seemed serene We'd be forever ... young and so it seemed What does it mean -- I find no

Marauder - Falling star lyrics

down alone in the streets You see the shadows falling Tears of love I cry in the ... night Through the golden sea Hear, your name I ... this endless fight? Feel the hunger in my heart Don't you

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - The devil beneath my feet lyrics

allowed When you look up, what do you see? Don't need a motherf***er looking down on me motherf***er looking down on me ... I know wherever I go I got the devil beneath my feet Least

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - The whole world's falling down lyrics

leave my son the legacy of dangers The ... tragedy of synthesizing rhymes The genocide ... that comes from total strangers ... dreams to kill mankind I see the mystery unwind My

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Looking down at my reflection lyrics

down at my reflection In the puddle at my feet Things don ... t seem so real down there Or maybe I don't see I see no starvation I don't see ... any pain I see myself not helping Just a loner

Eloy - The midnight fight / the victory of mental fo.. lyrics

from dangerous course The darkness recedes from my feet ... Turning cold air into heat My skin becomes more hot than ... dry My weapons behind my eye The ceiling mounts high

Hilastherion - See the pain in his face lyrics

all But we know one man that has suffered more His name ... He suffered for you and me SEE THE PAIN IN JESUS' FACE WHEN ... THEY PIERCE HIS HAND SEE THE PAIN IN JESUS' FACE WHEN THEY PIERCE HIS FEET SEE THE

Kari Jobe - My beloved lyrics

re My Beloved You're My Bride To sing over you is My ... delight Come away with Me My love You're Beautiful to Me ... So beautiful to Me Under My mercy Come and wait Till we

Penumbra - Falling into my soul lyrics

But I would like to leave my body one day Just to see the ... decay of the human race And tears in your ... Souls of black possess me My heart is full of darkness

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - Now my feet wont touch the ground lyrics

me go boys, let me go Push my boat from the highest cliff ... To the sea below Rocks are waiting ... rocks await Swoop down from the sky and catch me like a bird

Skyclad - The sky beneath my feet lyrics

young of Hamlyn--you who know my tune so well, Where it ... (be it Hell). Forget your mothers grieving as I pipe you down ... street, With a shilling in my pocket--and the sky beneath my feet. Chameleons bask in the

Electric Light Orchestra - The way life's meant to be lyrics

avenue And here I stand in the strangest land Not knowing ... what to say or do As I gaze ... around at these strangers in town I guess the only stranger is me And I

Illusion Suite - The adventures of arcan lyrics

life can't always be that easy. The things that I must ... do jeopardise my life with you Once the ... screens have fed the masses, spread the secret that limits their lives&..

Lowkey - The butterfly effect lyrics

x2] If you could go back, what would you change What would ... you do again and what would remain the same What ... would you give, and what would you keep What would

Crash Test Dummies - At my funeral lyrics

m still young, but I know my days are numbered 1234567 ... on But a time will come when these numbers have all ended And ... all I've ever seen will be forgotten Won't

Grandaddy - The go in the go-for-it lyrics

talk, it got so loud The songs cut out Well that's ... when I'd had enough Of all their talk and stuff I had to ... To more level ground Where my only company Is wind blowing

John Smith - She is my escape lyrics

crowd at the gate is hanging on late Like ... Suits loose and frayed, their hats blown away Sails catching nothing bu rain I stand ... with a rope tied firm to the hope That we'll leave a good

The Kinks - Second-hand car spiv lyrics

infantile, Brute-force educated, delinquent juvenile. I ... full of tenement blocks, rat infested filth and squalor. ... left school, went straight on the dole And unemployment's no

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