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See Di Black Dimaond Pon Mi Neck A Lon Dong lyrics

Browse for See Di Black Dimaond Pon Mi Neck A Lon Dong song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed See Di Black Dimaond Pon Mi Neck A Lon Dong lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to See Di Black Dimaond Pon Mi Neck A Lon Dong.

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Anthony B - Reggae gone pon top lyrics

your culture help I big up jamaica big up jamaica fyah ... bunnn reggae music gone pon top pon it head no stop us ... no aint no stop it us now junior ... going welcome to jamrock pon it head no stop us no aint no

Vybz Kartel - Money pon mi mind lyrics

Intro:] Di money Hustle, hustle di ... money Hustle di money Mi hustle huslte di money ... Hustle di money Mi hustle hustle di money ... Hustle di money Mi hustle hustle di money A di

Alborosie - Black woman lyrics

intro) hey eh empress what you have done deh so a di par fi di life you seet I ... emperor I'm alone have the key fi enter so be faithful and stand up proud in

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Pon de replay (remix) lyrics

Intro & Verse 1: Elephant Man] Woo! Di club is ... gettin warma, guess who is back up in yuh corna Love to see di girls dem whinnin up wid ... dem Dolce and dem Gabbana This is Elephant Man and Rihanna Can I hear yuh seh tun it

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Pon de replay (remix) feat. elephant man lyrics

Di club is gettin warma, guess who is back up in yuh ... corna Love to see di girls dem whinnin up wid dem ... Dolce and dem Gabbana This is Elephant Man and Rihanna Can I hear yuh seh tun it

Vybz Kartel - Mi nah lyrics

Kartel] Sheba, memba a man mi name [Sheba] So wha [Kartel] Mankind run u area ... [Sheba] But woman name modda nature [Kartel] Mi ah ... wonder if yuh bad like indu Eh Sheba yuh bad

Konshens - Mi madda lyrics

the mothers of the world Yeah, yeah, eah eah eah We thank ... ohhhh) This one goes out to all the mothers (and you know) ... Mama I love you (always) Yeah I got to tell you

Jovanotti lyricsJovanotti - Mi fido di te lyrics

di pane, riunioni di rane vecchie che ballano nelle ... cadillac muscoli d'oro, corone d'alloro canzoni d'amore per ... bimbi col frack musica seria, luce che varia pioggia che

Cutugno Toto - Mi va lyrics

partito qualche anno fa ho lasciato il mare e la città la mia casa sul porto gli amici di ... scuola e il mio bar, la ragazza del cuore che mi aveva ... insegnato l'amore Pochi soldi ed un biglietto in mano. A

Fausto Leali - Mi manchi lyrics

Manchi Mi manchi... quando il sole da' la mano all ... orizzonte, quando il buio spegne il chiasso ... della gente la stanchezza addosso che non va più via

Riccardo Fogli - Mi hai preso il cuore lyrics

guardi il sole c'è una luce così intensa che puoi ... bruciarti gli occhi fino a quasi farti male, se guardi il ... cielo a volte è denso e quasi troppo blu infinito, steso

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Mi spliff lyrics

Chorus:] You can't de'pon mi spliff because mi spliff dep already You can't de'pon mi ... spliff mi have the hash-ish leb and sensi Yes ... people smoke the herb yeah all over the world some bway name Peter and girl name Pearl

Andrea Bocelli - Mi manchi (feat. kenny g) lyrics

manchi Quando il sole da la mano all’orizzonte Quando il ... buio spegne il chiasso della gente La stanchezza addosso ... che non va più via Come l’ombra di qualcosa ancora mia. Mi manchi Nei

Riccardo Fogli - Mi manca lyrics

Manca Questa sera non dormo a casa mia ... cercherò chi mi tenga compagnia, ma la voglia mi manca. ... Quasi, quasi la faccio una follia e mi cerco una donna

Grave Digger - Black cat lyrics

love my cat, she's a wonderful one But she drives ... me mad I poked out her eye and then her eye And now she's ... dead And in the night the house ... down I feeled so guilty, it makes me frown I see a shadow hanging in the moon And I start

Corey Hart - Black cloud rain lyrics

say that believing was yours and mine to break Colors bled each glittered night, the sky was crying Is there a danger that we feel too much? We believe

Flem - Black and yellow bruins remix lyrics

Boston Boston Remix!!!!! ayo Pittsburgh ain't the only ... city wit black and yellow... black and gold, whatever BRUINS!!! ... ! (Hook) I walk in the B's game, all I see

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Black rain lyrics

we stay or runaway That’s the price we have to pay And then before we fade to grey ... the message is love Tell me where the ... sky is blue There’s a place for me and you Believe in

Necrophobic - Black moon rising lyrics

I walk into unknown forests ... Coldness spreads in my soul I gaze upon the ... twilight skies And behold the scornful moon ... the winds I whisper the names To summon the silent

Negative - Black light lyrics

everyone around us Be social, clear your mind Protect ... yourself from danger Just don't let all lit ... yourself Only you can decide for your life You can make it, if you try No one

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Black moon lyrics

with the moon He cries and my blood runs cold. Oh no ... never was the darkness so black, No light and nowhere to ... My spirit is crying for a love So tired of being alone. I remember He came here

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Black illusion lyrics

load the dice and paint the smile upon your face With ... switch the perfume with the mace What kind of dreams to ... enjoy inside your bed I'll face the lies and shake the evil

Renaissance - Black flame lyrics

am words, I am speaking I never heard my ... conclusion Lost the way in my confusion, in illusion ... Lost inside the picture frame I'm not to blame, I didn

Current 93 - Black ships ate the sky lyrics

had already seen Black Ships ate the sky I was sweet ... sixteen The fences folded And the trees surrounded Black ... sky Devouring the clouds And the thought came to me

James - Black hole lyrics

ve been digging this grave, but now that it's made I see that black is one hell of a ... colour Want to break out so I start to shout But ... the mortician's returned to his parlour

Black Abyss - Black mirror lyrics

I arrived at the lost hall of stone My torch lights ... weakly up the hall I am alone pulled by something strange ... I see a black mirror it´s calling my name Dreams of

The Cruxshadows - Black heart and a hammer lyrics

see my black heart Black heart and a hammer Come and sing ... to me Black heart and a hammer Come and dance for me ... Standing where she lay Dancing on her grave There's no

Running Wild - Black hand inn lyrics

scarred and rakish seadog, mysterious opacity Walks ... the grove, the phantom's home Cuts down firs ... men would flee Wooden beams and mortar, the timber shack is

Silverchair - Black tangled heart lyrics

your luck has changed Settle down Maybe I'm ... just deranged And on the rebound Maybe love ... was the thing Holding me back from all Maybe I'm just ... the thing To break my own fall Take the rope to my heart and fall You may just be

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Black skinhead lyrics

my theme song My leather black jeans on My by-any-means ... on Pardon, I'm getting my scream on ... Enter the kingdom But watch who you bring home They see a black man with a white woman At the top floor they gone

Dragonheart - Black shadow lyrics

pariah born in these dry lands A creature as old as the ... time that we live Ancient gods trembling in front ... of it Torment and fire are their catacombs You can't

Candlemass - I still see the black lyrics

m standing up, I'm sitting down A ... precious jewel - creation's crown? Someone is holding my breath Someone is finding my fears While the self ... got lost as the world appeared Gimme more, gimme less

Disreign - Black sun apocalypse lyrics

taiyou wa sekai wo mitsumeteiru Kizutsuketa te de ... genjitsu kakusu Hitobito wa yoku ni me ga kuramu I see ... the black sun ascending A new world shall arise

Vybz Kartel - Like christmas lyrics

Intro:] When we a f*** it comin like christmas It comin ... like christmas [Verse 1:] [Sheba] my ... honey bunch my honey bunch mi love when yuh cum inna mi

Anthony B - Fire pon rome lyrics

people don't get weary, Dem tek off the shackles an face we, But still we under ... mental slavery, Unno sing with the Startrail posse (My Lord) Fire

Vybz Kartel - Gaza commandments lyrics

we create hate it, yo yo Ah empire universe. Ah di teacha. Pon di gaza we say ... life over death Gaza say ganja no coke we nah take Gaza ... girl p**** fluffy like a carpet. So no bwoy cuah put no

Vybz Kartel - Never see a gyal weh mi love so much lyrics

gyal me f*** But mi nah tell you no lie A you mi ... seh Mi never see a catty weh mi love so (a a woi) Mi love ... you my baby dis a weh mi love yuh fa Inna di street,

Busy Signal - Wine pon di edge lyrics

INTRO:] Ain't gonna leave you girl so just wine for ... [x4] My girl just wine pon di edge, pon di edge, pon di ... edge WINE Pon di edge, pon di edge, pon di edge GAL wine pon di edge, pon di edge, pon di

Queen Ifrica - Mi nah rub lyrics

complextion is betta than eeever Mi nah go bleach it ... out so It betta yes it betta than eeever Brown skin, a nuh ... fi everybody so bleaching you Fi top it from you

Vybz Kartel - Robbery lyrics

ain't serious, This will make you delirious. If we didn ... t buss, Every artist woulda fraid of us. This ain't ... serious This will make you delirious If we didn't

Mavado - Inna di car back lyrics

Intro:] She seh... push David push She seh she nuh ... stoosh She nuh care we fi fuqq inna di bush ... She seh... push David push She seh ... [Chorus 1:] She wah fi gimmi inna di car back She nuh care She want di spear Suh she

Vybz Kartel - Mi talk with gun shot lyrics

mek me gun talk before me Mi mek me gun talk before me Mi ... mek me gun talk before me Dem P**y deh see ... me but dem nuh kno me A cudda dozen a dem wen my magnum pop

Shaggy - Wear di crown lyrics

di gal dem Big yard Fi di gal dem Hair style fi ready Nail manicure and peddy ... Let dem know you kna give no heady Cash flow ... river run steady Ah, mi get di crown Some gal a

Elephant Man - Pon de river pon de bank lyrics

good to go [Chorus] I've Seen Nuff Dance Before (John) ... But I've Never Seen A Dance Like This (Bogle) I've Seen Nuff Dance Before (Keeva And ... Stacy) But A Dah One Yah Come Top Di Lis [Verse 1

Vybz Kartel - Send fi di magazine lyrics

hype tell jeffery hype rise Di gun with di two banana magazine! Smaddy a guh dead ... tonight mi a guh empty di russian Lama magazine! AK ... shot a drop informa cah that Gi mi couple a Osama magazine Mr. Palmer nuh do speech

Vybz Kartel - Di way we roll lyrics

wi push di club door Bombs away, party like a holiday ... Jersey out but mi no play dis is not di NBA Mi mix weed ... wid Craven "A" Orange juice and Tanqueray A no

Elephant Man - Tall up tall up lyrics

Intro:] A di badman anthem, a fi di badman dem....humm.... ... [Chorus:] War start again, badman name dem a call up ... (Call up) Pass mi di tall up tall up (Tall up) Anyting a anyting we dun prepare fi war Enemy a walk up dat

Golden Earring - Dong-dong-di-ki-di-gi-dong lyrics

dong diki digi dong And your heart goes dong diki digi dong You gotta sing it, oh ... In New York City, Memphis, Delaware We'll sing it loud, And ... me until eternity So you hear this melody Well sing it along and you'll feel free You

Elephant Man - No hail mi lyrics

I dedicate this one to all my dogs n all thugs across ... da globe (all over). My big bulla my jackass corn I cant believe my black brother dead ah gone yuh miss a friend turn yuh lighter

Vasco Rossi lyricsVasco Rossi - Mi piaci perchè lyrics

piaci perche' sei sporca perche' sei sporca mi piaci ... perche' sei falsa perche' sei falsa mi piaci ... perche' sei porca perche' sei porca mi piaci ... perche' sei bugiarda perche' sei bugiarda mi piaci di piu' mi piaci di piu' mi piaci di piu' mi piaci di piu

Sizzla - Black woman and child lyrics

Intro:] Who what, The Black nation I love It Ohh woh woh ... oh woh woh From di day mi born mi did dun know sey My ... color a di first, I nuh last So how yuh expect I fi

Cutugno Toto - Mi piacerebbe (andare al mare... al lunedì) lyrics

andare al mare di lunedì Ma sì, ma sì, di lunedì, di ... lunedì Un'altra birra io mi sparo giù fa un caldo boia e ... non resisto più se resto all'ombra picchia il sole è

Valerio Scanu - Mi manchi tu lyrics

manca il tempo che volevo avere, mi manca la luca che ... dovevo seguire, mi mancano le penne con le quali ... scrivere, le paure che volevo distruggere, le parole che

Fabri Fibra lyricsFabri Fibra - Alla fine di tutto questo lyrics

traccia del nuovo album Ma dimmi che farai quando cala il ... successo (successo) alla fine di tutto questo e quando mi darai quello che mi hai ... promesso (promesso) alla fine di tutto questo la

Zaz lyricsZaz - Mi va lyrics

suite al grande hotel, non la vorrei I gioielli di Chanel, ... non metterei Fosse mia la Tour Eiffel, che ne farei ... Limousine con lo chaffeur, io non ce l'ho Di uno

Fabri Fibra lyricsFabri Fibra - Mal di stomaco lyrics

quanti seguitemi, seguitemi, seguitemi, seguitemi... Non ... mi passa il mal di stomaco, certi fatti mi danno il vo ... vo-vomito Io non la chiamerei follia ho una voglia di

Exo - Black pearl (chinese ver.) lyrics

my black pearl~ She’s my black pearl~ bu yong di tu zuo ... xiang dao, xin hui ba fang xiang zhao dao bu zai hu lu tu ... qian fang, duo shao qi qu, yan lu duo shao zu dang wo de

Mattia Cerrito - Piu' mi innamoro di te lyrics

mi fai stare male, più mi innamoro di te..di te.. Più ascolto la tua voce, più mi innamoro di te..di te.. Guardami negli occhi sotto questa ... pioggia che, ci accompagnerà anche sta notte..

Fabri Fibra lyricsFabri Fibra - Di chi ti ricordi per sorridere lyrics

Fibra Noti come quanta gente di te prima o poi si stanca, ... noti che non cambia chi non ricambia ammesso che ... qualcosa rimanga, noti come il tempo ci incanta noti come un'evento ci sbianca quanta poca voglia di capire

Damian Marley lyricsDamian Marley - Mi blenda lyrics

Guinness and peanut Me put inna me blender ... Me a di champion Fi all contender And if she wanna be a Fan club member I'm ... gonna give her Something to

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