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Nina Gordon - Hold on to me lyrics

re the same and you don't even know it we're afraid ... and we try not to show it and you're tired and ... i am too so there's only one thing you can do you've got

Hall And Oates - Hold on to me lyrics

you dream, oh baby Am I one with your fantasy I wanna ... that how love’s supposed to be Give me love hold on to me Give me love hold on to

Bo Bice - Hold on to me lyrics

am I to say you’re wrong For feeling what you feel ... There’s something in the way you talk ... Like you’ve forgotten what is real You don’t ... have to prove you’re strong To face it on your own Cause

Cowboy Junkies - Hold on to me lyrics

you offered me a shade of blue would I ... return it saying that it was too dark or light? Or would I ... see it for the precious thing that it ... might one day be? Hold on to me If you offered me a point

Courtney Love - Hold on to me lyrics

need are never there But sometimes he comes to me In the ... of winter, dead of night He's all that I can see Hold on ... to me Aaahhh Hold on to me Hold on to me Aaahhh Hold on to me We all get our glory Our

John Michael Montgomery - Hold on to me lyrics

up each morning With you for the rest of my life I wanna ... in your eyes You can tell me your secrets You can let me ... feel your pain You can show me your weakness And never be

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Hold on to me lyrics

the cat out of the bag Who told the world that I was older ... man who Carries the world upon his shoulders Kindly lend a ... helping hand Come over And hold on to me, hold on to me, hold on to me, Hold

Armin Van Buuren - Hold on to me lyrics

Burn up the night, and fade to grey Walking on water, ... dancing on wire, Hang on the edge and don't look down ... Hold on to this To dream is a gift To love is

Elevation Worship - Hold on to me lyrics

on to me I am weak without you I can ... I can make it through If you hold on to me When my life is ... are open Your love can make me new You are my everything

Planetshakers - Hold on to me lyrics

on to me Sweet Jesus Never let me go ... Never let me go Never let me go Hold on to me Sweet ... Jesus Never let me go Never let me go Never

Hurts lyricsHurts - Hold on to me lyrics

written on your face like something's wrong here Staring ... out the window, holding back tears Looking for ... But this is not the way, it's not the way it's meant to be

For King & Country - Busted heart (hold on to me) lyrics

has come back again Feels like the ... season won't end My faith is tired tonight, And I won't try to ... it all figured out, That I don't have any doubts, I've got

Gerald Levert - Baby hold on to me lyrics

have a fancy car and diamond rings But Girl you know all ... good things come in time Girl you know I'll do just ... about anything To see a smile upon your face

Lethian Dreams - Don't hold on to me lyrics

me for I am ready Show me the horizon That can't be ... The earth blurry and aflame The disharmony That now ... lead my way For these woods no longer rhyme

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Hold on to yourself lyrics

and down my room Does Jesus only love a man who loses? I ... turn on the radio There's some cat on the saxophone Laying ... a litany of excuses There's madhouse longing in my baby's

Almora - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

you smell the scent of life up your ... of the sun have a dream is to reach the sky let's make ... something just for you don't listen what others said hold on to your dreams, hold on to

Azrael (jap.) - Hold on to the young love lyrics

live your life, trying hard to make your dreams come true ... Your eyes are burning for desire like a fire She's ... you as an angel always and forever She's gazing at you in

Black 'n Blue - Hold on to 18 lyrics

got one small thing that's on my mind Am I half dead or am ... I doin' fine? Well, I know one thing, I won't be forgotten ... I don't got nothin' and I want a

Budgie - Hold on to love lyrics

out Your positive reactions fight Your run of empty ... they've snuffed love out Hold on to, hold on to love Why don't you hold on to love? Hold on to, hold on to love Everyone

Hall And Oates - Hold on to yourself lyrics

know you’ve got to throw your body around You ... say there ain’t no way to scare you Knock you down ... Highwire routine is working for you Ain’t nothing there for you to hold on to Highwire

Jon Anderson - Hold on to love lyrics

this love regretting There's something wrong again But ... out You're leaving You're on your own forever It's not ... the space or time or whether You can leave

Pretty Boy Floyd - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

sure you’ve heard someone say No way That you, you ... don’t have a chance And it got ... you mad And made it toughen you You took a stance ... It’s time to rise up and fight Yeah

Slade - Hold on to your hats lyrics

d better hold on to your hats now Gonna stay gonna stay all night alright You ... d better hold on to your hats now Gonna play gonna play all night alright

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Hold on to your dream lyrics

you were born pushed into corner and left all alone. Told what to do, obey all the ... rules. Be just like everyone else those fools. Day at ... the school, teacher's a bully you're mobbed as a

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Hold on to the ones you love lyrics

You Left Now I sit and hope for the best And I know that is ... might be too late But Please don't walk ... I may have lost but I don't regret Yes I try and try,

April Wine - Hold on lyrics

do I speak if no one hears Who can I turn to if ... not there And why do I carry on the way that I do Why do I ... question myself like this over you ... 'Cos trouble and sorrow - it's all I can feel There's so

Bif Naked - Hold on lyrics

We're living in a dark time. And nobody cares. Baby, I ... Life isn't fair. You are the only one, who will always be ... there. Hold on, to me. Say you'll always love me.

Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - Hold on lyrics

always say, we were the lucky ones? I guess that we were once ... Babe we were once But luck will leave you ... got you down you've got someone here that you can wrap your

Daylight Dies - Hold on to nothing lyrics

of the world Staring into the abyss Gasping As the ... That I have nothing more to give When the ground Has ... from view What remains To hold on to Hour of dread

David Gray - Hold on lyrics

on hold on to me hold on hold on to me Sometimes there's no ... easy way Got to cause somebody pain Watching you you ... hit so hard on yourself Cos you need someone to blame Oh now what will

David Gray - Hold on to nothing lyrics

on to nothing Hold on to coldest steel It chills you ... up and tear it down Move it on along the rushing road ... Feel the winter grow There's nowhere to write it There's

Madrugada - Hold on to you lyrics

the forward path Have a big slice ... you The way you want them to respect you I think it's ... very well understood But I'm I'm gonna hold on to you I'm gonna hold on

Morrissey - Hold on to your friends lyrics

bond of trust Has been abused ... Something of value May be lost ... your cash, be rash Just hold on to your friends There are ... more than enough To fight and oppose Why waste

Richard Marx - Hold on to the nights lyrics

I couldn't ever want for more This ever changing ... world, pushes me through another door I saw ... beauty of your face Just for a while Won't you let me

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

I heard you calling out my name I heard you screaming, yeah ... All day to play your game Your reputation So bad to ... ruin your life No resignation, words or anything But it's

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Hold on to my heart lyrics

you need me, I would be there Lookin' ... away And I could never seem to find the words, the words to ... you stay, so baby Chorus: Hold on to my, hold on to my heart

Cashless - Hold on lyrics

me how did we get this far? To this cold, cold lonely place? ... Tell me what went wrong? I missed the point, the ... break-up began This time I thought it would last forever Once again I was wrong

Haymaker - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

grew up together so I know what you re ... about If you went for something you never had a doubt ... in the shadow of what you use to be Have you forgotten the

4him - Hold on to christmas lyrics

fire and trim the tree It wont be long til Christmas Eve So ... That dreams really do come true Manger scenes and mistletoe Christmas cards from friends ... we know Theyll disappear like melted snow At least for another

Netsky - Hold on to love lyrics


Plain White T's - Hold on lyrics

part we may ever know I don't wanna leave, but we both ... know I have to go So don't you cry when we say goodbye ... don't make this hard on me Just close your eyes and

Shawn Mcdonald - Hold on lyrics

day gone by And again I ask myself ... why I question my sanity Why I believe what ... I believe Some might think that I am crazy For believing in something I

Take That lyricsTake That - Hold on lyrics

been here, many times before. Leaving rooms and ... up the bedroom walls. Sometimes we it so frustrating. I touch your mouth. I touch your ... lips. The answers are on fingertips. Not giving up

Natewantstobattle - Hold on to you lyrics

ve done my best to look inside But I've found ... nothing - no shame, no pride I need something to hang on to I miss when you ... by my side They dress you up to fit the part Believe that

Nocturnal Rites - Hold on to the flame lyrics

s been told about the mighty land, The ... the sky Gold is washed up on the shore, to a shifting sand ... the open sea, no signs to lead the way Wind will shift

Alkemyst - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

whispers The shadows belong to my mind They shattered my ... dreams Now boy, the time has come, Worry about your ... out I’m here Answers aren’t to be found In this world of

Caroline Cork - Hold on to my love lyrics

on to my love I´m seeking myself ... really dead You have shown me the way And you’re smiling ... Turning up in circles Trying to understand Please hide my

The Darling Buds - Hold on to what you belive lyrics

hand on the small of her back Cause ... love in her eyes She makes me feel like I’m special I hope ... special Or does she do this to all of the boys? Her smile

Garfield - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

got to hold on to your dreams, baby baby Hold on to your dreams, never let ... them go You got to hold on to your dreams, sweet emotion Hold on to your dreams each and

Mumford & Sons - Hold on to what you believe lyrics

cant promise you that I wont let you down And I I cant ... you that I will be the only one around When your hope falls ... windy fields of this war-torn world And love This city

Peterson Griffin - Hold on to you lyrics

these, doesn’t seem fair For you and I to be so far away ... The stars all shimmer like a melody Like they’re ... playing for you and me But only I can hear their sound

Power Quest - Hold on to love lyrics

ago When you and I first met We were strangers from ... different towns The scene for us was set Pretty soon we ... were hanging out Spending time as friends Didn`t know what

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Hold on to your hat lyrics

on to your head Hold on to your hat You're screaming ... my bod Get out of the sack Don't give me no lip Don't give me no crap No way Get out the ... Get out the madhouse Burn it to the ground Got to, got to

Panic Lift - Hold on lyrics

fall away from me and i'm here left with all ... your pain i swear that it wont end like this i stand ... you can reach your hand out to hold on to me waking up

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - Hold on, help is on the way lyrics

you're down and in despair Don't be uneasy because He'll be ... there Say don't you worry, no, don't you ... never failed you yet So hold on, help is on the way Hold on, God is on his way Hey, hold

U2 lyricsU2 - Luminous times (hold on to love) lyrics

Hey...oh my love You turn me around tonight Hey...sister ... Save my soul, save my soul Hold on to love, hold on to love ... Love won't let you go Love won't let you go Hold on to love

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Hold on ft. ben kweller lyrics

Hey, ok stop You’re being a jerk now ... ready I’m so embarrassed, I don’t know Go Make it to the ... It will better you very soon, oh yeah Rely on your

Allie Moss - Something to hold on to lyrics

give me something to hold on to i hear your voice and it ... my mind every beautiful melody every perfect piercing ... line you give me something to hold on to you are a

Olly Murs - Hold on lyrics

of the night when it comes creeping I lay awake when I ... mystery during intermission I hold on, I hold on ... Working everyday living for the weekend I never learned to swim how did I end up in the

Sean Paul - Hold on lyrics

on to the dream, hold on Hold on now, now Hold on and ... believe Oh, we already won, we still hold on Hold on, hold on now, now We still hold on ... Hold on, hold on now, now Hold on to the dream It is done

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