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Be'lakor - By moon and star lyrics

the leaves had shorn, Trod by boy and beast Kith and kin ... east The rite was whet and worn with time, As sons ... dared risk unseen Mere passage had convinced

Custard - By fire and sword lyrics

the night Axes, swords and spears within The ravens are ... Spreading fear in his name And kill with sacred steel ... moon Screams of fear and pain They'll die soon In

Sacred Steel - By vengeance and hatred we ride lyrics

again we fight No regret By sunrise we attack With no ... remorse Slay for the gods Ride ... For the crown For revenge By vengeance and hatred we ride

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Me and jane doe lyrics

I had my way I'd cross the desert to the sea Learn to speak ... tongues something That makes sense to you and me I'd like ... to unplug the phone Sending messages with a mirror

Amputated Genitals - Se**** experiences with animals and my mother.. lyrics

Continually my parents dressed me up like a girl My first se**** experiences were With ... animals I raped like sheep and dogs Soon ended up in ... reformatories And finally in jail Where I

Army Of Lovers - Se**** revolution lyrics

our constitution Hail the se**** revolution Love is ... my contribution Hail the se**** revolution There's ... a way from the start To ease the pain in your heart I've

Ivanhoe - By a feeling lyrics

come through the floor self-control, one foreign word ... the laughing, I heard you close the door and walk away ... Side by side and year by year I watched your shadow

Rush - By tor & the snow dog lyrics

of Hades, lit by flickering torchlight The ... gathered in the glare Prince By-Tor takes the cavern to the ... Eth is rising in the air By-Tor, knight of darkness

Sacred Steel - By steel we rule lyrics

Steel Die a Death of fools By Steel We Rule By Steel We ... Blood Gods of Steel we rule By Power and Might Gods of

Ava Inferi - By candlelight & mirrors lyrics

My spirit is old My fate was sealed in silence A long time ... they came for me My lover and I me by the bells they ... so lovely the wept goodbye JUSTICE WILL BE DONE!!!

Band Of Skulls - Death by diamonds and pearls lyrics

it didn't do her no good Cause she's just a sum of her ... influence Hell and i can't tell you the ... difference By the cracked windscreen on her ... re just like the rest of those girls They're all death by

Ian Brown - By all means necessary lyrics

still I wish you well But by all means necessary you can ... line, now all out of time And try as you might but you don ... t play the games you play cause I don't have the time Twenty

Gary Jules - Dreaming by needle and gun lyrics

baby it’s all gonna pass Not ... before you wake Dream by the needle Or dream by the ... gun Dream by dreaming Over water ... through the winter you bawl and you wail Wail and you weep

Aus-rotten - ...and now back to our programming lyrics

Morris and R.J. Reynolds kill every ... sues London Greenpeace for presenting the public with the ... facts Disney expands its international market ... help from the CIA Coors uses consumer support to help

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - And then there was silence lyrics

your head and see the fields of flames He ... decay (don´t move along cause things they will go wrong ... the end is getting closer day by day) In shades of

Fleshgod Apocalypse - And the vulture beholds lyrics

out, ignored Disdained and scorned Humiliated by those ... I’ll rise above Like a vulture I want ... lion to die Natural right set by purity of blood Ever

Ancient Wisdom - And the physical shape of light bled lyrics

thy presence is no longer Feeble ... energy buried by time, by evolution, by man and mind... ... the souls of fools, marked by light Rejoice in eternal ... power and eternal sin Manifest thyself, scorch the land Scorn the

Duskmourn - Forged by fire and stone lyrics

of seven forged by fire and stone Born to the iron ... Bound to the will of hate, by an ancient smith of yore ... timeless hall Maker of moon and stars, stands fierce and tall

Kris Kristofferson - Gettin' by, high and strange lyrics

it together, gettin' good and gone And by (gettin' by) ... high (good and high) And strange (gonna get some ... up for one more try Gettin' by (gettin' by) high (good and

Mayhem - Buried by time and dust lyrics

near Will I ever reach the land beyond This is where we go ... ago I tasted blood Buried by time and dust Many years ... have passed since the funeral Missing

Pretty Girls Make Graves - By the throat lyrics

are moving, all white noise Glasses clinking, people ... s slow with no conclusion On and on the tape is clicking Step ... by step, and I am choking On and on the tape is clicking All

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Dimming of the day (originally by richard and.. lyrics

old house is falling down round mice I ... us far apart A broken promise for a broken heart Now all ... can be my comfort doll I see you on the street in company

Suede lyricsSuede - By the sea lyrics

she feels that life has passed her by, And when I start my ... walk out anytime, across the sand, into the sea, into the brine ... And when I start my new life I

Apostisy - And thus it was and forever will be lyrics

storm in ruins, A city left by tragedy, and pain Was taken by means of force The damage is ... measured by immortal sin The time has risen, only a few have lived In

Niil' - By now lyrics

that I have burned On these places I've returned Here I ... Everynight I climb those hills I can't take my eyes ... regret about Don't you go And I lost my way I lost my way and I won't pretend a lie Then I

Avenged Sevenfold - And all things will end lyrics

t turn out right When I see you, I can read it in your ... Break from the ropes your hands are tied. Uneasy with ... Can't turn out right I see my world crumble and fall,

Black Light Burns - Search & destroy (originally by iggy and the .. lyrics

forgotten boy The one who searches and destroys Honey ... gotta help me please Somebody gotta save my soul ... Baby detonate for me Look out ... honey, cause I'm using technology Ain't

Black Light Burns - So alive (originally by love and rockets) lyrics

what colour your eyes are, baby But your hair is long and ... brown Your legs are strong, and you're so, so long And you ... My head is full of magic, baby And I can share this with

Setherial - Enthroned by dusk and shadows lyrics

my hail Enthroned in dusk and shadows; I hail thee lord of ... evoking demon's spawn Unholy and unbounded, to stand forever ... Dark; reborn now hell I will serve May you roar with might

Babyface - And our feelings lyrics

fell in love And who could blame us The word ... was we were just beside ourselves And everybody said it ... t last We fell in love It seemed so righteous Couldn't

The Divine Comedy - Bernice bobs her hair lyrics

found friends are there to see it done Bernice bobs her ... s been driven to despair 'Cause her cousin doesn't care about ... hair flowed down her back And now it lies upon the floor Bernice runs out the door Marjorie

Ladies' Code - Jane doe lyrics

on kkeuchi eomneun sureul se nan sumeulge niga chatji ... sae hayan naega bogien sesangeun wiheomhae She’s a Jane Doe amudo moreuge kkok ... dwipyeon eodiro She’s a Jane Doe ireumdo eomneun nareul

Barenaked Ladies - Jane lyrics

girl works at the store sweet Jane St. Clair Was dazzled by ... dyed her hair Chorus: Jane, divided, but I can't decide ... what side I'm on Jane decided only cowards stay,

Peter, Paul And Mary - Jane, jane lyrics

hey (jane, jane), my lord and lord (jane, jane) Im a gonna ... buy (jane, jane), three mockin birds (jane, jane) One for to whistle (jane, jane), one for to sing (jane, jane

Cake Like - Jane lyrics

lots of things don't matter Jane brings me lots of things But ... At all, at all, at all Jane brings me lots of things But ... lots of things don't matter Jane brings me lots of things But

Golden Earring - Jane jane lyrics

that it's just uncommon Jane Jane There's a dark side to you ... a spanish dancer on a T.V. set You hide a rattlesnake ... say that it's just uncommon Jane Jane Jane - don't make the

Fiction - Sweet jane lyrics

on the corner, Suitcase in my hand Jack is in his ... corset, and Jane is her vest, And me I'm in a ... rock'n'roll band Hah! Ridin' in a Stutz Bear ... Cat, Jim You know, those were different times! Oh,

Nek - Jane lyrics

non scorder? mai i tuoi grandi occhi blu l'amore che mi ... dato tu con te ho toccato il settimo cielo Oh Jane la vita ... pu? fare niente e niente comanda il cuore gli amori sono due

Milan Hlavsa - Sweet jane lyrics

on a corner, suitcase in my hand. Jack's in his ... car, says to Jane, who's in her vest, Me, babe ... I'm in a rock n' roll band. Ridin' in a Stutz Bearcat,

Mott The Hoople - Sweet jane lyrics

on the corner Suitcase in my hand Jack is in his ... corset and Jane is in her vest And me I'm in ... a rock and roll band Riding in a Stutz Bearcat ... Jim Those were different times And the

Serge Gainsbourg lyricsSerge Gainsbourg - Jane b lyrics

Yeux bleus Cheveux châtains Jane B. Anglaise De sexe féminin ... le dessin Domiciliée chez ses parents Yeux bleus ... Cheveux châtains Jane B. Teint pâle, le nez

Jane's Addiction - Jane says lyrics

says I'm done with Sergio He treats me like a ... Gonna kick tomorrow Jane says Have you seen my wig ... She dont like them anyway Jane says She's goin away to

Mickey Avalon - Jane fonda lyrics

had a baby named Jane she could shake that thing ... said her daddy used to hang with Johnny Coltrane ... a mean turkey with gravy Baby Baby Baby... Baby was Jen's

Stevie Nicks - Jane lyrics

name... Up against the wall, Jane So her nights became ... she fought for their souls And the days became worse... For ... . here on earth... Angels... sent from God Come away from

Anna Tsuchiya - Jane lyrics

itsumo, yume wo kataru You seem so far away when you do ... don't have to be proud Cause i think you've got everything ... e iku no? Don't go fast. Jane, don't you rush And listen

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Jane doe lyrics

yo, Alicia What's up, Kandi? Man, these Jane Does be ... drop the beat Alicia Keys Kandi Collabo Let's talk about ... way Just dissin' my man and our relations You say he's

Mr. Big - Jane doe lyrics

A cryptic fascination Seems to get me through A ... Then the lights went out Jane Doe, what was her name ... Where did she go Jane Doe, she slipped away again

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Jane says (jane's addiction cover) lyrics

says I'm done with Sergio He treats me like a ... Gonna kick tomorrow Jane says Have you seen my wig ... She dont like them anyway Jane says She's goin away to

Boney M - Young, free and single lyrics

the radio show: Young, Free And Single! We got a good show ... our first caller: Hey, Jane's my name and love's my game, ... full of fun, Give me a call and I'll show you some. Frank

Jane XØ - Jane xØ x dannic - undone lyrics

But I think you're getting close I know I'm broken But that ... walls will disappear Hanging by a thread Till you break me ... it all Just say you need me and I will come undone I could

The Bridgeheads - Jane in the rye lyrics

would be proud of you day by day you’re more like her ... now make me love (too) close to me I’m alone without me ... (hell) away from the house of love make me love too

The's - Jane in the jungle lyrics

Jane in the Jungle ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... .........

Never Shout Never - Jane doe lyrics

That you are beautiful So baby let me know Your name. ... Damn what's her name? Cause I'm overly attracted And ... she could be my princess And I could be her prince. And I

Matthew Ryan - Jane, i still feel the same lyrics

the ocean Your eyes were serious, the air was blue And ... t make it any less true Jane, I still feel the same You ... the taillights disappear And all the days that I've been

Alejandro Fernandez - Se va lyrics

que llora mi alma a tu ausencia. Y que anora en ... silencio el corazon Esperando tu calor, pero vas volando ... dia te cierra las puertas y se paga muy caro en el amor con

Ricardo Arjona - Se ha ido el amor lyrics

tus lagrimas mujer, mujer se ha ido el amor Porque el ... y amargarnos la vida se ha ido el amor, se ha ido el ... amor se ha ido el amor, se ha ido el amor de descuido

Beatsteaks - Jane become insane lyrics

her that you don't understand she's got me revved up and ... everything under control see her now she starts to ... me that you don't understand I got you revved up and

Converge - Jane doe lyrics

are unforgiving Pushing passed me spilling through the ... banks And I fall Faster than light and ... least in the dark where I'm searching for meaning When I'm

Huecco - Se acabaron las lágrimas lyrics

sientes frio en la mirada cuando alguien a roto tu sonrisa de ... y tu carita de porcelana se acuerda de su mano mano de ... u es hora de empezar a andar u se acabaron las lagrimas

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