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Poison - Let me go to the show lyrics

please let me go to the show I dig those bad boys playing ... that rock and roll No way, son, you ... So I got real upset, put up the biggest fight Mama, let me

Kleerup - Let me in lyrics

the upcoming mini-album 'As If We Never Won' ... (release October 13th) Let Me In od interpreta

Evolove - Let me in lyrics

say you? There's trouble in your eyes You can see it for ... miles Something's wrong You haven't been ... Why would you say nothing's wrong When its written on

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Let me be the one lyrics

in the way you move Lets me get too close to you I ... at your face And I want all the world to see Tonight the ... world belongs to me Touch me with your animal grace Put

Beatsteaks - Let me in lyrics

t get us anywhere Everytime we talk We lose, we're getting nowhere Think about all that ... you feel Think about all that you give Think about all that we get

Laura Branigan - Let me in lyrics

through the city As I look through the ... window Wonderin what it's like to be sleepin ... on the outside Watch me take a picture of the place ... that I grew up in Sorry mister, thought you

Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Let me in lyrics

clean my dismay Take me away Straight to heaven To ... site I just went astray Show me the way Light the beacon ... We'll unite I want to be there That place's free from

Eddie Money - Let me in lyrics

my love say no, that you can let me in Oh-we-oh, my love say ... no, that you can let me in Oh-we-oh Driving through the city as I look out through the window Wondering what it's

Monoral - Let me in lyrics

me in Let me in Wake me up Oh keep me up You tear me ... apart You tear me apart Wake me up Oh keep me ... Fine, I'm fine I'm crying out loud Fine, I'm fine I

The Pant - Let me go lyrics

the show - i´m kinda living out of real world it took me deep in a hole - somehow i´m ... living kinda too fast i´ve had enough of you - this shit is really

Floetry - Let me in lyrics

Hook:] Let me in[x2] It's kinda funny that you listen but ... you never show, The kinda opening I'm hoping intertwines our ... soul. It's kinda silly that you really wanna

Nesian Mystik - Let me in lyrics

[Te Awanui:] So if you gave me a chance Would you let me ... conscience Get to know everything about Lady my hearts ... compelled to say I want These games of mental stress Only

Gabrielle Aplin - Let me in lyrics

and bleak. He has a porcelain face that cracks when he ... but I, get no reply Instead you stare like a statue ... is like an eagle, but your mind's like a crow. And boy, I

Jefferson Airplane - Let me in lyrics

let me in I wanna be there You shut your door Now it ... ain't there Without a word to me ... Without a look at me You turned me down without a ... care Oh let me in Hear what I'm, talking about

Maria Mena - Lover let me in lyrics

my position, change my point of view. I have a past that I ... be disloyal to. But as the hurricane of change evolved ... Created a mess ‘round every problem solved

Secondhand Serenade - Let me in lyrics

staring at my window I’m feeling uninspired I’m looking hard ... get better… I know we’ll find a place where we can be together Oh-uh-oh-uh-oh Let me into you… Uh-oh-uh-oh Let me into you… Cuz I know, I know

Snowmine - Let me in lyrics

And not to need it, Makes me let it go. But then you let me in, And I don't want it. ... But you made me believe it. So do I really? ... If you could you keep it together For a moment in time? Then

Bill Withers - Let me in your life lyrics

love you, please don’t push me away, Let me in your life. ... I wasn’t there when he hurt you, so why ... should I Have to pay, let me in your life. I want to share

Silent Force - In from the dark lyrics

place there was light A place that was ... free from the dark A place that would show ... all that was hidden in time An idea so real an idea of ... what to say Idea thats placing us all in the path from

Hot Hot Heat - Let me in lyrics

up in smoke & flames Eye to eye with a stranger ... 5000 photographs - saw them burnt up in anger Am I ... asleep still? Tell me I could have been Don´t let

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - Let me in lyrics

pans with our hands to catch them. we eat them up, drink them ... up, up, up, up heyyyyyy, let me in. heyyyyyy, let me in. ... a less peculiar ground. he gathered up his loved ones and he

Dusty Springfield - Let me in your way lyrics

Please) (Let me get in your way) Call me sad and ... All I need is your good lovin' Just to see me through ... Call me lonely, too You should never ... ever make me Need you like I do Can't

Olly Murs - Let me in lyrics

that light on in your window Undo the locks will let me in I've come seeking my ... salvation Of one who's lost in search of it Of one who's ... lost in search of it Let me in and I will save you from the madness Let me in and I

Pellek - Let me hear (from parasyte) lyrics

that we are gifted just by being humans We are absolute ... even have any enemies Maybe there are other animals watching ... us and thinking that someday "we will beat them

Save Ferris - Let me in lyrics

ve been watching you and all you do For ... quite some time Knowing all the ins and outs of you I should ... ve known what was on your mind But all the world is spinning round and round Inside my

Make Them Suffer - Let me in lyrics

dear Annie, won't you please let me in. I know that I've made ... some mistakes. I'm so sorry, I ... was never really there. I'm just so sorry that I ... My endless lies. Take me to a better place, where I

59 Times The Pain - Let me in lyrics

see you need to get out out of balance needs help to get ... you jsut deny it, everything is fine teling friends who ... on like this any longer something is wrong, let me in !

Tarrus Riley - Let me in lyrics

When I’mma Knock Knock Knocking At Your Heart, Baby Let Me In R-Rap Tap Tap At Your Window ... Love Is Not a Sin When I’mma Knock Knock Knocking At Your Heart, Baby Let Me In R-Rap Tap Tap At Your Window

Rory Gallagher - Let me in lyrics

up and let me in, Can't you see about the ... shape I'm in. I need your loving, it ... be right, You're gonna keep me waiting all the night. I'm ... breaking up now. Can't you tell? I

Queen - Let me in your heart again lyrics

people talk of love I'll lead the ... I'll say I feel just fine Happy with my situation ... away, huh People know my mind straying To where I once ... belonged Dreaming about your heart again

Jimmy Buffett - In from the storm lyrics

I, I just came back today, I just came back from the storm Said, I just came ... back, baby, I just came back from the storm Well I did not ... know it then, but I was suffering, suffering For my love to

Forgot Tomorrow - Let me in lyrics

can't do another day in this life In this rut stuck in this nine to five I never ... thought in a million years This is how ... my day to day I can't so another mile in these shoes Living

Aaron Sprinkle - Let me in lyrics

volition I pound my head against the wall And I don't hear ... it when you call Tumbling down the stairway I still ... try to make the phone I call you back but

Griffin House - Let me in lyrics

s out of my league And that's the kind of girl I need I am the ... underdog She's out of my league And that's the kind of girl I need I am the ... But I'm about to take the lead You can't worry about the others They can't turn my

Jimi Hendrix - In from the storm lyrics

I, I just came back today . . . I just came ... back from the storm. Yeah! I said: “I ... just came back, baby . . . I just came ... back from the storm. Yeah, from the storm. Well, I didn’t

Marika Hackman - Let me in lyrics

let me in, the air out here is think and I ... ve grown thin Been choking on the wind, retching ... through my skin Coughing up love that tastes like spring, green and starved of oxygen

Orla Gartland - Let me in lyrics

ll be anything you want me to be I'll make your ... make your bed but please just let me in your head A penny for ... and here's a pound Won't you let me in To that window to your

Eyes Set To Kill - Let me in lyrics

will I find the light in day I’m tired of learning ... I’m tossing and turning When will I find the ... words to say I’m tired of burning papers I didn’t mean

Danger Zone - Let me rock lyrics

you goin' out tonight? Are you goin' ... eyed, wild eyed Are you looking for a fight 'cause it's just ... saturday night Won't you come outside? I need a lover, I

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Rock me in lyrics

rock,rock,rock Rock,rock,rock,rock Rockin' head space I ... m trippin' out This is my place What ... s your about? If you come over, we can fly away Together let's go Take me down and

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - The golden age of rock n roll lyrics

and Gentlemen, The golden age of rock and roll.. ... shocked and crazy. Screaming for the face at the window. ... Jeans for the genies, dresses for the ... dreamies, Fighting for a place in the front row

Stephen Lynch - Let me inside lyrics

you show me your heart? Will you open it ... wide? Expose the raw nerves Will you let me inside? Can you tear down the ... wall? For the mortar has dried Will you show me your heart? Will you let me inside? There’s not to infer And nothing implied I

Dominici - School of pain lyrics

this what they call freedom Justice and ... liberty To take me unconvicted And wrongly ... punish me To strip me of my clothing And throw me in ... this hole A school of pain, imprisoned With nothing but

Astral Doors - In the name of rock lyrics

saw the writings on the wall right before my eyes Came out as soon I heard the call; ... reached for the sky Walked down the lane of ... make believe in the pouring rain I'm too clever, forever I

The Game - Let me put you on the game lyrics

kid... First things first, AfterMath. The ... Endo produced by tempo. Game over, Nah NW aint chain ... choken burnin' rubber inside the Range Rover. Chain

Rick Ross - Hit you from the back lyrics

See Sugar I Been Yernin To Hold You Now I'ma Be ... Up And Down Witcha Cuz Dats The Only Way I Know How To Be Now ... Baby Ima Ask U One Thing Can I Hold Ya Cock Cock

Broken Bells - The remains of rock & roll lyrics

for everyone to decide I'm off to the promise land if ... s a small car but we'll fit inside if we leave our bags behind We'll entertain ourselves ... just watching the world go by Is something

Exploding Beauty - Away from the show lyrics

come in, with great expectation hope ... with in, of being new sensation give out all, ... the best that you holding for that quest, you hope ... that you´re folding change your life, says

Famous Last Words - The show must go on lyrics

must accept these consequences for my actions ... When all I did was what the world told me I should do ... And do anything for my dreams, if only I ... knew The cost of my dreams AKA you... would be

Rick Ross - "hit u from the back" lyrics

See Sugar I Been Yernin To Hold You Now I'ma Be ... Up And Down Witcha Cuz Dats The Only Way I Know How To Be ... Now Baby Ima Ask U One Thing Can I Hold Ya Cock Cock

Chicago - Come in from the night lyrics

many times have I seen you running; ... Just one step ahead of the past? So many nights have I ... seen it coming; I try to talk to you when ... know who you were before I met you; You keep your secret

Black Tide - Let me lyrics

you the one that I’ve been looking ... longer I don't have much time Please tell me now Let me ... have you Let me touch you Let me get inside Let me have

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - Wot's... uh the deal lyrics

sent the promised land Looks alright from where I stand Cause I'm the ... man on the outside looking in Waiting on the first step ... Show where the key is kept Point me down the right line because it's time

La Roux - Let me down gently lyrics

down gently That's what I think I need But when you let me ... feels it hard, hard Turn me into someone good That’s what I ... really need Tel me that I’m someone good So

Assemblage 23 - Let me be your armor lyrics

me take the fall, Let me take the blame, Let me carry ... you from hell, To home again. Let me walk for you, ... When your legs are weak. Let me find the words for you,

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Let me down easy lyrics

you must go why not deceive me it won't hurt me so Truth is ... so painful tell me a lie let me down easy and I'll get by Let me down easy for old time's

Israel & New Breed - Come in from the outside lyrics

in from the outside Don't be ashamed Come ... in from the outside And bless His name It ... s all on the inside Where His glory reigns ... Enter in Come in from the outside Just as you are Come in from the outside You're not

Krystal Harris - Let me be your friend lyrics

all that you are you lifted me up once thing’s been certain ... you helped me in every way now i wanna give ... back to you [Chorus] let me be your friend when

Otis Redding - Let me come on home lyrics

baby—I want to come home to you Baby—I got to get home to you Days and nights feeling so blue Lord, I just don't ... gonna do Oh, baby—I wanna come home Oh, baby—you're one

The Animals - Don't let me be misunderstood lyrics

do you understand me now Sometimes I feel a little mad But ... always be an angel When things go wrong I seem to be bad ... But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good Oh Lord,

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