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George Benson - 20/20 lyrics

I think of all I put you through Always taking you for granted I never saw it from your point of view Blinded by the double standard You were tryin' to tell me all along Something in the love was missing You said, "It's not too late to get it back" But I just w

Rory Gallagher - 20/20 vision lyrics

talk about her like she was a diamond on the shelf. People talk about her like she was a diamond on the shelf. Well, I got 20/20 vision, I can see that for myself. I got a high steppin' baby, you know she's really about as good as gold. I got a high steppin' baby,

Trip Lee - 20/20 intro lyrics

open them ears up bro we bout to put you on To something special, to bless you I hope it's hitting home I know you skeptical bet you just tryna flip the song You used to different spitting bout women and living wrong But what you know about the Lord? We tryna

Entombed - 20/20 vision lyrics

can I say? There's just no way, is there? so I act as if it's ok mister I am who I am I say goddamn goddamn I give whatever I can now that is what a nice guy I am I have no need to be a part of thee spare me your terrible uncertainty I am who I am I say goddamn goddman I take ca

Graveyard - 20/20 (tunnel vision) lyrics

aching, faking, trying to be on this Admit it to myself, I’ve got nobody left to call a friend. I wanna drink again. Whining, dining, crying, lying, denying, burning all the chloroform. Holding back my tears, I never felt like that long day. I wanna drink again. Ain’t a light

Manic Street Preachers - Teenage 20/20 lyrics

wanna wake to a shot parade of wealth and take a spray can to my useless vote I don't like your city Dresden dance I'm drowning in a manufactured ego-f*** we're dead end dolls and nothing's moving we're dead end dolls and nothing's moving we'r

Anti-flag - 20 years of hell lyrics

I've stood by, and I've cried While friends have died You ever have a friend kill themselves or, Shot down, or knifed? Just when I think I've seen it For the final time, It comes knocking back again To devastate my life 20 years of hell (20 years) 20 years

The Misfits - 20 eyes lyrics

Eyes in my head 20 Eyes in my head 20 Eyes in my head They're all the same, they're all the same 20 Eyes in my head 20 Eyes in my head They're all the same, they're all the same When you're seeing 20 things at a time You just can't slow things down, baby When

Sza lyricsSza - 20 something lyrics

you ain't say you was movin' forward? Honesty hurts when you're gettin' older I gotta say I'll miss the way you need me, yeah Why you ain't say you was gettin' bored? Why you ain't say I was fallin' short? How you lead me out so far away? How coul

Elvis Costello - 20% amnesia lyrics

is your destiny? the policewoman said (20% amnesia) The word that she wanted was destination I'm afraid (20% amnesia) This is your future boy, this is your fate (20% amnesia) And you're obsolete and they can't afford to educate you (20% amnesia) In his bed

Ken Ashcorp - 20% cooler lyrics

I own this beat You can call me the king or the ruler Felon on bass, getting hoarse at the mic We're getting 20 percent cooler We had a great day out Calling my name like Ferris Bueller It's time to wrap this up We're getting 20 percent cooler 7 colors

Acid Black Cherry - 20+∞ century boys lyrics

ookii na sekai ni... Yume no nai konna jidai ni...sotto sotto iki wo shite Muryoku de chiisa na jibun ni... Shi ni iku inochi no imi ni...zutto zutto toikaketeita Boku ni wa nani wo dekiru darou? Yume no tame ni yume miru koto...konna boku wo warau kai? Coming Century

Maroon 5 lyricsMaroon 5 - Visions lyrics

keep seeing visions of you Visions of, visions of you I keep getting stuck in this day Stuck in this déjà-vu It's like I'm never riding solo I feel you walking in my shadow Never hit me quite like that though Cause now I'm under your spell Late nights and I

Chizh & Co - 20 i 6 (20 и 6) lyrics

spina govorit mne o tom, chto utrom vypadet sneg, I, chto moi 20 i 6 - jeto, vovse, ne dom. Ja ne ostavil sebja na potom, i stranno ob jetom zhalet'. No, kogda utrom vypadet sneg, smogu li ja ob jetom spet'? I jeta strannaja zhizn' muzykanta, kotorym, po s

Powerman 5000 - 20 miles to texas 25 to hell lyrics

20 miles to Texas, 25 to Hell Where the weather's hotter I could never tell Spend most of my days doing nothing but no good Seems like I was born to be ...

Secret Service - Visions of you lyrics

Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of You Visions Of

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Visions of you (feat. jah wobble's invaders o.. lyrics

m not numbed that anymore Not longer feel the hate and pain No longer dranched in shame I'm not numbed that anymore Now I am the key to the door The kingdom of heaven lies inside Makes a cirlce with the turning tide Now the circle is complete And the heart and mind they need The k

Betontod - 20 jahre lyrics

jedem dreckigen Loch auf der Erde gepennt, Ich weiß was riecht, wenn man Kohle verbrennt, Doch ich kann es noch spüren, dieses starke Gefühl. Kann das schwarze vor Augen schon lang nicht mehr sehen Und ich weiß dass es vielen von Euch auch so geht Doch wir bleiben uns treu wissen

Cryptic Wintermoon - Visions of eternal darkness lyrics

you feel that the night comes the sun is going down the nightmare is beginning your fear now has grown In the eyes of the night you will see your own fall see the darkness of night and the darkness in your soul You´ll see blood on your hands you´ll see death in

Medalyon - Visions lyrics

on a lonesome road I met a lonely man He said he had a vision Of master plan It doesn't take your eyes To look inside the soul And you will reap the harvest Of the seeds you sow And if you take my hand You'll understand Visions of time yet to b

One Ok Rock - 20 years old lyrics

brother, I got something to say yeah Sono teage Everybody, right now ! Hey sister, are you looking my way yeah Doesn't matter whatever they say Kieru mono to kienai mono hitotsu zutsu o Mochi awaseta nanto mo nikui boku Hibi no naka de wasuretari otoshitari shite ita MONO wa Jitsu

Pendulum - Visions lyrics

your Visions, give us a sound; Keep your ears to the ground. Lost your mind, and out of control... (I'm gonna be a f***ing superstar.) Change your Visions, give us a sound; Keep your ears to the ground. Lost your mind, and out of control... Chang

Roxette lyricsRoxette - 20 bpm lyrics

want the streets at midnight You want to shine in dim light Those walks are made for poets Don't look like you don't know it You want a soul survivor You want a beauty palour A space to last forever No blues can lose the colour Oh baby don't you know

Eminence - Visions of hate lyrics

of Hate Visions of Hate Visions of Hate Visions of Hate Visions of Hate Visions of Hate Visions of

Josh Kelley - 20 miles to georgia lyrics

ride on a cold dark night And the sign says 20 miles to Georgia 2am coming come again Been too long and I wanna see my momma Did she ever think she'd hear me say After all the years I've been away I know I'm getting older Did she ever think she'd

Lethal Saint - Visions in the night lyrics

was a cloudy night when the moon was full and bright she sat alone inside her room she waited 'till the clock stoke 12 and what she saw, she wouldn't tell Faces appear before her eyes false visions in the night voices scream, awake her fear will they fade? Or disappear? She

Rage - Visions lyrics

away and took off in the sky, the air was as bright as my mind. And everything on the ground floated by, a land of toys, undefined. Glittering clouds that were puzzled in the air, hiding a secret, not easy to share. I've got visions and I can't get then ou

The Blood Divine - Visions in blue lyrics

has a human heart Jealousy a human face Terror the human form divine Secrcecy the human dress I won't rest, I just can't Unless you caress Those visions in blue I see blue... Blue is how I feel It's all that's real I see blue... Blue visions reveal All that's re

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Visions lyrics

- Can't you see my friend Visions - Here is my wonderland Visions - Come and take my hand Visions - I know you understand Come into my world, come and take your destiny - Here is your discovery Imagine places, where your dreams can come alive -

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Visions of johanna lyrics

t it just like the night to play tricks when you're tryin' to be so quiet ? We sit here stranded, though we're all doin our best to deny it And Louise holds a handfull of rain, tempting you to defy it Lights flicker from the opposite loft In this room the heat pipes just c

Judas Priest - Visions lyrics

ignite Once again I watch them dance around the flames Sparks start to fly I can't speak From seeing answers that I seek Shapes start to form As I stare The shadows taunt as if to dare Your sweet embrace Takes my heart Now I surrender and it start

Beltaine - Visions lyrics

this passage Wake me from darkness Enter the being Sharp light blinds me Walking through the inner self to find the answers Vision stay... Blind eyes can’t corrupt my way! Falling to vision I fly Crossing the passage In time Seeking the jewel Which i

Narsilion - Visions from the ancient times lyrics

can see beyond the lost times And return to the days of the light When the stars fall in the sky Of my eyes... The night... Embrace my soul In the memories Of the past times Visions... In the nightfall... The lost land... Now... In my eyes... Visions from ancient times.

Metalium - Visions of paradise lyrics

Vers 1: Come and take your fears away Don´t be locked forevermore You will see how it could be Aaaahhhh There´s a world that we don´t know A better one fo...

Nocturnus - Visions from beyond the grave lyrics

- From - Beyond - The Grave Communicate with the dead, after life communicate with the dead, after death Asking questions, through my crystal ball Now we'll see, what lies, from beyond The dead will arise When I invoke Communicate with the dead, after life

9th Plague - Visions of an unknown god lyrics

visions of a time unknown recurs to haunt me Visions of lost and forbidding lands untread by man Among the rocks an uncanny and black city looms Abandoned by the hand of god, void of grace Recollections of an ancient and forgotten world In which an

Crystallion - Visions lyrics

a dream I saw the burning sky Like thunder they rode on the wings of despair On the fields of honour they will die The kingdom of heaven lies broken and bare They're calling out my name, with voices full of pai The magic's gone, it dies in the flame T

Cyferdyne - Visions lyrics

long was it Before you fell With the waves still crashing over me I wasted all this time Believing you were mine Pushing me under Pushing me down The visions creeping through my mind Of you still screaming lost inside The visions of your image Fade away

Dragonsfire - Visions of fire lyrics

to us, we give you the power, A new life and belief But we're no religion, we're not gonna teach you, That you'll burn in hell Mortal we are, but our spirit is not, Forever lives on in this song And so do you all belong to our world? And live on as

Granian - Visions lyrics

on the ocean, sure of my arrival, The waves are fallin', but i don't mind, Visions gone right to my head i try and break it down, What it means all this i've seen i've ot to understand Bang my head i keep thinking Although an empty cup i keep drinking Visions in my d

Insane,twisted - Visions lyrics

Intro] You know many times I've had Visions of my own death, I mean I been actually seeing Visions of what it could be like It makes you wonder, have you done everything you really want to do in life? [Verse 1] Many visions of my death, I have visio

Loudblast - Visions of your fate lyrics

that it begins In world of mystery In worlds of terrors and perditions And that is comes among pale visions Of the precipice where are larvae And crimes Where the creation scaring abysses Prolongs itself in a shadow In a ghost The evil, through the flesh Ensl

Primal Fear - Visions of fate lyrics

lies in you What you fight for It all is up to you The vision's clear You are the master of your fate You break down every barrier That is standing in your way You are a fighter young and strong Visions of fate Take your luck right in yo

Eagles lyricsEagles - Visions lyrics

that you stir in my soul Visions, that will never grow old Sweet baby, I had some visions of you If I can't have it all, just a taste will do Go ahead and live all your fantasies (Don't you ever think about the other side?) Helps you get from where you are

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Visions in the night lyrics


Bastard Priest - Visions of doom lyrics

of madness Nightmares of rotten death Dogs of war Rabid creatures feed on a corpse Scorched land A mania for conquest Shell shocked A morbid truth Desecration of life Multi death Next in line to die For their lies of power Hell is here Putrid stench o

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - Visions lyrics

is a call to arms, so grab your guns and get your horses. Only the dead have seen the end of this fight. This is a call to arms, so all you fallen soldiers sing with me: death or glory. So march with me if you believe there's any hope for us. I've been hiding in these trenches

Desultory - Visions lyrics

sweep across my mind The final call I hear Darkness falls eternally Inside embraced with fear A growing fear comes over me Scared of what I'll find Darkest recollections Death intrudes my mind With open eyes I shall behold I’m not afraid to see What w

Easy Rider - Visions lyrics


Hooverphonic - Visions lyrics

new ideas is hard Holding on to the past It's too easy can't you see We've got to move on Our world is constantly speeding The stars are still intriguing The tears in our eyes Feed happiness for the next miles These visions make us desperate Give us hope The end is a

Monoral - Visions in my head lyrics

visions in my head How can this be Everytime you blow my mind I can sense that special something Illusions in my head How can this be Everytime you turn me down I can sense that special something You take me away To the place I love Then you waste my time With all the h

Obituary lyricsObituary - Visions in my head lyrics

visions in my head How can this be Every time you blow my mind I can sense that special something Illusions in my head How can this be Every time you turn me down I can sense that special something You take me away To the place I love Then you waste my time Wit

Obituary lyricsObituary - Visions in my head (live) lyrics

visions in my head How can this be Every time you blow my mind I can sense that special something Illusions in my head How can this be Every time you turn me down I can sense that special something You take me away To the place I love Then you waste my time With all

Angra - Visions prelude lyrics

wind, sad moonrise Dark clouds in the sky Storm ends the mourning time Howling in the night Visions of the land After the horrid end We build again from the start Holy lenient heart A treasure of the land Torments have brought the end W

Bombshell Rocks - 20 days lyrics

another day I try to kill the time, but this time it stays alive You could say I'm a long distance caller 40 minutes action and ten hour drive Some dreams come true That's one thing I know And girl, I've got 20 more days to go I see another day Same old situation but in a diffe

Chronomancy - Visions lyrics

tides of time are coming now prepare your ground An era of upheaval chaos and despair The roots of our society’s crisis are so deep And hijacked by our instincts we will burn the earth They spoke of Armageddon But mankind will not stop to exist It’s just that the allegiance of

Marco Mengoni - 20 sigarette lyrics

è poi per sempre Voglio vivere ogni istante Eri tu. Lei non è speciale Almeno so fingere bene Ero io. E soffia il vento di levante E gli alberi si svestono Piegandosi un po'. E fumo 20 sigarette Guardandoti su foto che io Io non scord

Corporate Avenger - $20 bill lyrics

mind full of lies is a liars mind We moved ahead and left the truth behind. They say the truth will set you free, but they don't know their history. There's blood from sea to shining sea You see fruit that's on the tree, with roots in white supremacy A stolen land

Discharge - Visions of war lyrics

head is filled with fear of war Fear and threat of war Horrific disturbing visions of war Fill my head Among the maimed and slaughtered My body lies Horrific disturbing visions of war Fill my

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