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Bury Tomorrow - Sceptres lyrics

Separate the life you once knew. Let me take you back years ago; You never knew what I could do! We're running out of time. I am the f***ing viper! The very venom...

John Dowland - Love stood amazed at sweet beauty's pain lyrics

With guiltless blood your sceptres you stain, On poor true

Sig:ar:tyr - The way - (the path less chosen) lyrics

The nine kings raise their sceptres high, let it light his way!

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Regal zone lyrics

But crusted orbs glitter, sceptres gleam While helmets of

Celtic Frost - Babylon fell (jade serpent) lyrics

And destiny lies beneath Sceptres of bombast - Tracks into myth

Cruciamentum - Unsanctified temples lyrics

revealed Temples — Tower as sceptres of

Falconer - Lord of the blacksmiths lyrics

Swords that never miss Sceptres and crowns and other things

Heimdall - Halvor * lyrics

or jewels, crowns or sceptres, either lands or nations to

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