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Heather Nova - If i saw you in a movie lyrics

en email from you today With a poem that you wrote I was ... touched because you felt it And 'cause I nearly let you go ... Sweet, won't let you go Sweet, won't let you go

The Jam - In the crowd lyrics

I’m in the crowd, I don’t see anything My mind goes a blank, ... in the humid sunshine When I’m in the crowd I ... don’t see anything I fall into a trance, at the supermarket The noise flows me along

The P****warmers - In the crowd lyrics

saw you standing there you where drinking your beer ... then I saw you again, in the corner, on a chair what where you doing there I ... felt a had to care I asked myself if I had to care

Manga Anders - In the open, in the crowd lyrics

another place to watch your final days in peace The rules have all been changed but now you feel that you are free ... Just up above me If push comes to

Katatonia - Saw you drown lyrics

through your shattered eyes It all came ... together And your heart cries Weeping through the ... weather Another way to change your mind I'm weaker than they say To leave this all

Eagleheart - In despair lyrics

emptiness of space In a stream of crying stars I saw you in my dream Under your freezing face Hiding in thousands of ... masks There was nothing to see Only what I heard

Gabry Ponte - In the town (feat. sergio sylvestre) lyrics

told you 'bout a town where the freaks come alive in the night hours Come ... face to face with the animals, come and taste a provocative life The filthy signs

Foxygen - You & i lyrics

it’s better in the know, how come we do it again? If you don’t love me anymore, how come you never say ... it to my face? I saw you coming so I looked okay but now I’m

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - In the blue lyrics

days I barely miss you, some days I'm almost alright And ... some nights I turn to kiss you but you're not beside my side ... Got this same damn conversation playing over and over in

Good Charlotte - You're gone (bonus track) lyrics

were young, you were bright, you were beautiful, you were ... everything anyone could want from a child. You were not ... supposed to leave this world that way, you

Lukas Graham - You're not there lyrics

only got you in my stories And you know I tell them right ... And remember you and I, when I'm awake at night ... So give it up for fallen glory I never got to say

Raised Fist - In circles lyrics

move around in circles but I never saw you ... in the circle pit. Stand back admit that you will never ... commit to the scene that you and your friends ripped into

Bratmobile - In love with all my lovers lyrics

though I was here in August I will never you well again Time is priceless and being wasted and taken for granted ... me to be strong, but look at me, how can I be Of any use

Jason Reeves - You in a song lyrics

to figure out Which way I want this to go Do I want it to ... be happy Or sad or fast or slow Trying to work ... it out What it is I feel Do I want to ... rock you Shock you Soothe you or move you I just wanna

David Hodges - Crowd of me lyrics

was a total fabrication Just to start a conversation with a girl I tried to ... show her something better And all she saw was something ... from my world Pretend that I am greater when all I am are shadows on the wall I think that

Kate Miller-heidke - Caught in the crowd lyrics

was a guy at my school when I was in high ... We'd ride side by side in the morning on our bicycles ... Never even spoken or faced each other But on the last hill

Little River Band - Face in the crowd lyrics

quot;Is this the night I finally will see you? Is this the ... time I've waited for so long? Night after ... night I play this show without you Can't ... help but think about you in every song Back in the wings

Chaotica - Alone in the crowd lyrics

is broken, Nothing here is real. All the ... world Is fractured, And there's no chance To heal ... Drowning in the sorrow of Self ... destructive dreams; Hopefully tomorrow, Things aren't As they seem. Am I the only one Alive out

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Opportunity nox lyrics

I liked you I couldn't think of anything but you For a ... week I was in love with your hairdo I couldn't chew those ... muffins I used to I knew I was way over the moon When I

Kosheen - Face in a crowd lyrics

move in numbers like shifting sand but we're too eager ... to understand cause we're not ready we're too ... proud now we're finding a different way we've been chasin' each others tails now we

Simple Minds - King is white and in the crowd lyrics

by the pool of light, language from America. She puts on ... the film of him, King is white and in the crowd ... They are not a melting pot, say no, say no tapestry She

Ladyhawke - Magic lyrics

came to my show, and I saw you in the crowd I didn't know your name, I didn't know your name I asked all my friends who ... you were and your story They told me the same, they told me the same I

Montgomery Gentry - One in every crowd lyrics

Dean, Ira; Montgomery, Eddie; Tribble, ... Kim; Grow the tee, shuffle board Pin ball, he's got the ... score That everyone around here is trying to beat ... He?s a six pack up when he walks in Tells the band, &quot

Alannah Myles - Faces in the crowd lyrics

walks the hall, carrying a candle Listens at the wall, for ... a sign of life Closing her eyes as the room fades away Counting the chimes in ... the church of our saviour ringing out To faces in the crowd

Gregorian - A face in the crowd lyrics

all of this ever went down In another place, another town You were just a face in the crowd ... You were just a face in the crowd Out in the street, walking around A face in the crowd

Bonnie Bianco - Face in the crowd lyrics

a miracle, I need a miracle someone to step out of a ... dream been alone too long, I`ve been alone ... need someone, to show me what love means oh no, I know I

The Kinks - (a) face in the crowd lyrics

Star doesn't know who he is any more. Is he the starmaker, ... the image maker, looking for material or is he just ... plain boring little Norman after all? Perhaps he should accept that he is a plain ordinary bloke and not try to be

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Stranger in the crowd lyrics

ve been standing on a corner Since a quarter after ... seven I was down to my last cigarette And the clock in ... the window At a quarter to eleven I was watching all the people Passing by

Lionel Richie - Face in the crowd lyrics

m just a face in the crowd You probably don't know me as I ... don't stand out And I'm sure your heart doesn't beat for me, ... no And when you're cold and lonely They are not my arms you long to feel around you To keep you safe and warm

Savatage - You're alive / sammy and tex lyrics

returned to the ground He had burned in the past And the ... press they all laughed And they said it never lasts ... Well the crowd they came in Just to see a man back from

Joseph Arthur - Face in the crowd lyrics

you get what you want, That's the way it is. Until you ... put up a front, Which goes something ... like this: You want everyone to look at you ... until no one looks away, Everyone to look at you

Maplerun - The fake lyrics

hear the rain is coming down I see the raindrops ... come, they come and hit the ground All that ... I’ve lost I haven’t found How can you speak ... these words and still you make no sound How can you mean those things you say? How can you make me feel this way Among the real on

Martin Gore - Smile in the crowd lyrics

turned me away away from your actions forced by the ... violence that always surrounds you I want your special smile a smile in ... this crowd I want your special smile a smile in this crowd You burnt yourself out in that silence I have to tell

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - A face in the crowd lyrics

all of this ever went down In another place, another town, ... You were just a face in the crowd Out in the street, walking around A face in the crowd

Sacrety - Storm inside my head lyrics

lights are out, the people gone, ... Silence fills the place that I called home I'm standing ... here outside alone, The raindrops fall down on my skin.

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Back in the crowd lyrics

you don’t want these arms to hold you If you don’t ... want these lips to kiss you If you’ve found somebody new ... Put me back in the crowd Put the sun behind the

Nat & Alex Wolff - Losing you to the crowd lyrics

just wanna sleep in the sun I just wanna sleep in the sun. Girl I think I'm ... losing you to the crowd. Girl I think I'm losing you ... to the crowd, yea. You don't seem to mind, do ya?

Shinedown - Lost in the crowd lyrics

I offer up my hand And save a wish for once For all of us ... And should I offer up my hand And lay the guilt on ... myself So it's easier to not stay ,t o not stay

Current 93 - This carnival is dead and gone lyrics

sir dear lady This carnival is dead and gone And never anyway alas this party never ... yet began The chairs and tables dust of dust Yes ... of veryrust of verymust and farewelltrust I thought i saw you in the crowd dear heart You

Carola - Lost in the crowd lyrics

flicker of anticipation In a vision that will mystify And ... you don't even Whisper my name I'm a victim of infatuation Major lovin' in the ... first degree It's hard to control The feelings in

Dave Gahan lyricsDave Gahan - Saw something (skreamix) lyrics

the storm Had passed I wondered how long The ... break in the clouds would last I saw something in your ... eyes I’m sure (Oh baby) I saw it Something in your eyes

Deez Nuts - Not a face in the crowd lyrics

goes out to the ones, who paved the way for us to live the ... life that we love. There's a place in my heart, for ... everyone of you that shows love and support Not a day I don't count my blessings, for that chance I've been

Emery - You wanted it lyrics

you coward, you run These words crippled my ... confidence The hymn I can’t escape from This is over and done with This race has made me more than weary, I am dead I created everything here

Gun Dog - Lost generation (down in the crowd) lyrics

ll smash all the things. And see taht truth (Every time ... i tried to break my style) But, it's hard to ... know. It's up to you. (The pain the wreak that you need) A

Hell In The Club - Rock down this place lyrics

won't take it there is no evidence ... so stop telling me you are so f***in' innocent rock ... down the place and we'll be fine I saw you in the middle ... of the crowd you were partying hard and singing loud and all I know, all I know, all I

Flipper - (i saw you) shine lyrics

away, turn away from the wall Turn away, turn away from ... the wall Face me now, Face me now Show me, show me all your tears Your pain, your ... pain makes me burn It's my shame

Lil' Corey - I saw you lyrics

Chrous] I saw you Oh how I wish it were me (I ... wish that it were me) How did he win your heart? When you really need ... a rider like me on your team Girl can't you see

Mindless Behavior - Ready for love lyrics

ready? Cause I'm ready. For love [Verse 1] ... Remember the first time I saw you in the crowd Looking me ... up and down Checking me out Slipped you my

Phish - Crowd control lyrics

now I'm talking I've been here for weeks Waiting in this growing crowd ... Staring at my feet The world around me ... s turning I'm just standing still The time has come for

Seabear - Arms lyrics

left your black gloves on my table You left your dying horse ... in the stable Thinking of a way to get you to stay And up I ... was to fight the wind and waves for you Im an owl with

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Temporarily painless (ft. perfume genius) lyrics

don't have to explain it The beat is way too loud ... Even though the lights faded I still saw you in the crowd When I put you in my arm ... Feel it all through me When you promise me nothing You give

Bt The Roots - You aint fly lyrics

ain't fly You ain't fly You ain't fly so go 'head, witcha ... self (repeat 4X) [BlackThought] I'm just playin ... the wall, I'm just playin the wall Coolin with my niggaz on the right, hold tight Late Friday night strobelight shine bright blind Coolin at this

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - In the name of god lyrics

the public eye Choose to appear when it suits you Claim you ... re just, killing women and children Fight when you ... choose to fight Hide in a cave when you're hunted like a

Ll Cool J - You can't dance lyrics

man, I've seen ya, think ya rockin' it on the floor... You look like a moron! Who let you in the door? To put the ... question bluntly: maybe your feet's deformed. They

Shakin' Stevens - Love you out loud lyrics

wanna love you in the street. I don't wanna be ... descreate. I wanna kiss you in a crowd. But I don' t think ... that's allowed. Nobody knows just how ... Nobody knows our love is real. I wanna show the world I'm

Mary J Blige - You remind me lyrics

you remind me, yeah You remind me of such sweet memories I ... saw you before baby It's a deja~vu honey Don't you know that you remind me I saw you before baby It's a deja~vu honey Don't you know that you remind me

Golden Earring - Whisper in a crowd lyrics

can't play with feelings The way you sometimes do And hide your true intentions ... Behind those eyes so blue Always pretending You're ... Now until forever The world was made for you You cheat, you lie You hurt, my pride You

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - When i saw you lyrics

heavenly eyes gazed into me. Transcending space and ... time. And I was rendered still. There were ... no words for me to find at all. As I stood there beside

Eternal Oath - A face in the crowd lyrics

i fall asleep my eyes still see just a ... face in the crowd one that walks you by I am all alone ... still theres no space just a silent whisper that passes you by Where the dreams comes

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