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Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - The more you give (the more you´ll have) lyrics

that time of year I treasure The time for giving, the best ... part of living To celebrate with friends we ... dear Well, I can feel it in the air All bundled head-to-toe

Neil Diamond - The man you need lyrics

That I would end up losing you this way As far as I could ... see The life we had was always gonna ... stay And I tried to be The man you need I'll never

Krabathor - The eagles you can have lyrics

you are flying You have left one feather You are ... losing small pieces of your own identity Your wings are ... waving You have left pieces of your skin You

Dashboard Confessional - The places you have come to fear the most lyrics

deep as you can dig inside yourself, and covered with a ... eyes perfect posture but you're barely scraping by But you?re barely scraping by This ... time, this is one time that you can't fake it hard enough to

Sixx:a.m. - You have come to the right place lyrics

how long have you been crawling with the sick ... Its like a cancer Hey, you gotta rise up outta darkness ... gotta leave behind the heartless You'll find the

Dagoba - The man you're not lyrics

cool and too sexy, Like the purest dime you shine The ... way you dance around me Nasty, just ... a snake... I cannot hear the words you're telling me I

Shakespeare's Sister - You made me come to this lyrics

gonna bury my head Just for you I'll be your silicone doll ... If you want me to I won't tell you what I'm ... thinking You'd never guess That what I am ... is of your making It's you who made me come to this You made me come to this It's you who made me come to this I

Orange Goblin - The man who invented time lyrics

quot;I astral project. I go other places. I travel in time. I ... When I close my eyes I see tomorrow When I open my arms I touch the sun I have come a

Tracy Lawrence - The book you never read lyrics

lost and needed help I hoped you would have turned to me And ... when you couldn't save yourself I watched you drowned ... that misery I've seen the damage you have done Every

Kari Jobe - Come to me lyrics

to me you weary one And I will give you ... rest, I will give you rest Come to me you weary one And I ... will give you rest, I will give you rest ... burden is light Take me upon you, I will give you rest Come to me you broken one And I will

Jamie Cullum - Lover,you should have come over lyrics

out the door I see the rain fall upon the funeral ... in a wake of sad relations as their shoes fill up with water ... Maybe I'm too young to keep good love from going

November Blessing - The man youve never wanted lyrics

am I I'm the man you've never wanted In your eyes ... I see you'll never forget this I have ... lied to you a million times But I feel ... so please just listen I have a vision and I feel so

Secrets - The best, you can't be lyrics

my father, why'd you run away from your boy? It's ... a shame you'd rather play When you had the ... perfect chance to stay It's safe to say, you ... cared anyway But one day, you’ll come running back (to me)

Ella Fitzgerald - The man that go away lyrics

night is bitter, The stars have lost their glitter, The ... grow colder, And suddenly you’re older And all because of ... The man that got away. No more his

Barry Manilow - You can have the tv lyrics

can have the t.v. I'll take the radio really, I don't want the t.v. just please the radio ... I'd like that chair if you don't want it thank you you keep the couch you'll need

Reba Mcentire - Old man river (i've come to talk again) lyrics

breeze on the river Ripples to the shore Wash away my ... troubles To the sea forever more Wind and ... willows whisper Sadness is the sound Tell the tale of my

Jeff Buckley - The man that got away lyrics

night is bitter The stars have lost their glitter The winds ... grow colder And suddenly you're older And all because of the man that got away. No more

Freternia - The war of the crown lyrics

and proud A new time will come a king has been born As the ... years have passed and the boy grown strong It's ... finally time to enter his throne And so the legend told That in this

Ffs - The man without a tan lyrics

a tan came strolling into town He had the whitest collar ... were all a-drooling, [?] hum the lullaby The men were all ... suspicious but they didn't know just why The man without a tan, he's a threat to you and me He has the kind

Lyle Lovett - If i were the man you wanted lyrics

all sat around in a circle They were all laughing and all ... telling lies Then the tall one he bumped in a ... He said boys I've got nothing to hide Now if the King and the

Willie Nelson - If i were the man you wanted lyrics

laughing and all telling lies Then the tall one he bumped in a ... se said boys I've got nothing to hide The King and the Queen stood together then the ace he

Mindy Smith - Come to jesus lyrics

my baby, when you're older Maybe then you'll ... understand You have angels to dance around your shoulders ... 'Cause at times in life you need a helping hand Oh, my

Björk - Come to me lyrics

to me I'll take care of you Protect you Calm, calm down ... You're exhausted Come lie down You don't have to ... explain I understand You know That I adore you You

Elis - Come to me lyrics

of the darkness you came You looked so tired and sad I ... asked where you've been You answered your voice was quiet ... Out in the cold searching for love I

Evermore - Come to nothing lyrics

the tv on to fill the empty air Loneliness sinks ... in, like ink into my skin Should have seen it ... all The climb before the fall I held to what we ... By now, I guess you don't need me anymore By

Sade - You're not the man lyrics

re not the man who gave me everything I've ... ever wanted You're not the man Who stepped inside my life ... haunted every, every day You're not the man Who said he'd

Auf Der Maur, Melissa - The one lyrics

what have we here? Some kind of superman Our mortal plans Are ... He aims much, much, higher You must get tired, sir Running ... from yourself And while I'm here

Bonnie Raitt - Come to me lyrics

I ever wanted Was a love to be true More than just ... enough to get me by I want a love to ... me through I don't need another well spent night Another ... I wanna look my baby in the eye And know there's nothin'

Anni-frid Lyngstad - Come to me (i am woman) lyrics

to me I am woman I can ease all the pain ... Baby, take my love I am woman Let me show you the way I ... Everybody needs a friend to understand Nothing could be

Gyllene Tider - When love's on the phone (you just have to an.. lyrics

a tenderness that's hard to understand the falling in ... for a start can easily turn to fall of a man you can't run ... and hide even if you want to things must be done that

Shatner William - You'll have time lyrics

life, live life like you're gonna die Because you're ... gonna I hate to be the bearer of bad news But you ... re gonna die Maybe not today or even next year But

Attica Blues - The man lyrics

me Enslave me in chains But you will never hold me Blind me ... me Enslave me in chains You can crush me Control me ... me Enslave me in chains But you will never hold me Remind me

Deep Purple - You cant do it right with the one you love lyrics

you ever thought of the feeling I get when I'm ... alone with you It's causing me worry and ... t know what I'm gonna do You can't do it right With the

Oleander - Come to stay lyrics

you're sad and mad But glad to be away and free From all the pain you've known Inside you ... feel you've grown If you take your time With every ... leap of faith you'll find It's easier to grow

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - The woman in me (needs the man in you) lyrics

I choose And I can't stand to lose But I can't always be The rock that you see When the ... nights get too long And I just can't go on ... The woman in me Needs you to be The man in my arms To

Andi Deris - The best you don't need pay for lyrics

days To be or not to be Who are we It's a ... mystery Always We have bleeded for The Grail of ... Though it's just next door The best you don't need to pay

Emerald Rose - Come to the dance lyrics

to the dance We step in a circle ... Dance to the earth and your soul attune Come with us ... Sing for the love of the Mother Sing with the voice of the

Megan Mccauley - Come to me lyrics

remember when you said life was hard on you, ... I remember when I watched you come undone again. And I ... still feel now, all the damage kept inside. All the walls that you built up, And

Ian Van Dahl - Come 2 me lyrics

first time that I saw you You blew my mind You made me ... much about life But I know you're the one Come to me [x2 ... So come to me I like to be the one you need So come to me Then you will see what you

Lower Than Atlantis - Working for the man by day, sticking it to th.. lyrics

day job all week long, With the nine to fivers where I don't ... belong. It's a means to an end and it's not permanent ... When the night comes I start my shift in

Mary J Blige - Come to me (peace) lyrics

was love That was then That was us, miracles I ... changed you You changed me This is how these ... things go I was broke And you were scared But you stayed by ... my side, yea I was yours You were mine It seemed we'd last

Melissa Etheridge - Come to my window lyrics

window Crawl inside, wait by the light of the moon Come to ... be home soon I would dial the numbers Just to listen to your breath I would stand inside

Pete And The Pirates - Come to the bar lyrics

ll be sticking around till the season's turning And I'm ... gonna hang around until the summer's dead But you keep ... following me with the words you left me Banging around in the rooms inside my head Hi there Mr. Blackbird, your friends

Paulina Rubio - The one you love lyrics

you're on top of the world Or it's got you down ... When you're flying through the air Or you're crashing to the ground When you're searching ... for the light And it's nowhere to be

Nanowar Of Steel - To kill the dragon you need a sword lyrics

kill a Dragon, you need a sword To make a sword ... you need the iron To make the iron you need a cave To make ... a cave, you need a mountain To make a mountain, you need a

Saviour Machine - The promise lyrics

have traced the movements of the tribes Led in chains from the burning ruins Of their ... beloved city into captivity ... After two ... of exile and dispersion, They have returned home gathered

Gary Clark Jr. - You saved me lyrics

s taken me a little while to bounce back I've been ... some thing good People say I took a little too long Oh I did ... yeahOh baby oh Till you came a long and you saved me,

Skunk Anansie - You saved me lyrics

With somebody else's eyes You broke me down You fixed my ... At somebody else's world You let me fall Right through your open door You came and saved me you saved me from myself You came and saved me you saved

Blitzkrieg - Saviour lyrics

man in the Shroud, spoke to the crowd, And His name was ... But now He is gone, no one to right our wrongs, And He ... coming back…… Deceiver! Open your eyes, look up to the skies,

Patty Loveless - You saved me lyrics

I've been on my own Trying to find my heart a new home I'd ... almost given up Attempt to spend the years Withering in ... And drowning in my tears Then you saved me And my wounded

Lauren Christy - The night i saved peter ustinov lyrics

Paul's bridge When I saw a man talking to God He was round ... devoid of love." And the voice, the voice was so ... familiar It was the voice of Peter Ustinov &quot

Altaria - The lake lyrics

la, la, la, la, la, la. The trees are whispering, I hear ... I can take. We hold each other's hand, We know we won't ... go home, We never should have come to the lake. Can you

Mighty Oaks - You saved my soul lyrics

Verse) The only way, that I was being ... as fire(?) Loving me, only touched me so deep Can't stop ... me, on the road is where I go to run From the doubts of, oh,

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The man who would be king lyrics

he travels on the beast of burden Moving up ... along the mountainside As he gazes ... looking down the valley No regrets but his ... over him His reflection of the beauty round him Feeling

Iwrestledabearonce - Man of virtue lyrics

to live, trying to fit narrow Dying to live the ... conned, I won't be ensnared. To tell you the truth, you make ... me sick. To tell you the truth you still have nothing.

Rivers & Robots - You saved my soul lyrics

new song arise From every tongue and tribe Every ... burn bright All through the darkest night Let the ... flames take flight To the one who gave it all to have

Anthony Skinner - The sound that saved us all lyrics

hail the power of Jesus' name Let ... prostrate fall Bring forth the royal diadem And crown Him ... Lord of all I just want to sing amazing grace How sweet

Automatic Loveletter - The day that saved us lyrics

down the street that we grew up in ... but today is not the same it's like a different town, a different place, a ... I kick my heels against the curb throw a stone to where

Kill Hannah - The songs that saved my life lyrics

up the radio I need it more than ... (more than ever now) It's the first snow of the year and ... something in the atmosphere is coming here ... in our memories again soon you'll forget but I just can't

Rival Sons - The man who wasn't there lyrics

away, wish you'd stay Think of me ... a child Searching forward, have we lost him? The man who ... wasn't there Come with me, let's make believe ... away Searching forward, have we lost him? The man who

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