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Gwar - Saddam a go-go lyrics

Looking for the man Saddam, Who gave me a gun as Iran ... dog then you are then you are Saddam They shall drown in their ... own blood! Hail Saddam a go-go! Going to Saddam a

Pastor Troy - Saddam lyrics

Out Them Bustas Is Lame Saddam Hussein And Even Though They ... Think That They Can Contain Saddam Hussein And Though They ... Them MuthafucKas Can See Saddam Hussein I Live By The Gun

Blaf - Saddam lyrics

do Iraku Za tym błoznym Saddamym Husajnym A powiymy mu na

Elephant Man - Nah gwan a jamaica lyrics

God say fi me fi bun down Saddam and Gomara so When mi done ... God say fi me fi bun down Saddam and Gomara so Jamaicans ... up like di weather You and Saddam a plot together, then we shot

Massiv - Mbiyad - feat. farid bang lyrics

Männer Ich mach's wie Saddam und fick deine Frau zur ... (komm!) Ich mach's wie Saddam und fick deine Frau zur

Anti-flag - Outbreak lyrics

t.v. and openly state that saddam hussein should be removed ... the real terrorist? is it saddam hussein or your own president

Dan Black - Pass that head noize lyrics

up, attack like my name was Saddam I am the bomb from New York ... up, attack like my name was Saddam I am the bomb from New York

Ja Rule - Clap back lyrics

between Gomorrah and Saddam I´m here to make this rap ... 3 - Ja Rule] Like Bush and Saddam, I´m a find out Where Em

Lauryn Hill - Freedom time lyrics

a bottom A faith, worse than Saddam Once got him Drunk of the ... Vietnam The atom bomb is Saddam and Minister Farakkhan What

Rakim - Casualties of war lyrics

But wait a minute, Saddam Hussein prays the same and ... East, they want revenge for Saddam Did I hear gunshots, or

Rampage - Talk of the town lyrics

is talk, bullshit Saddam We hear that, we gotta take ... 'em to war I'm on fire, yo Saddam past the papaya The stakes

At The Drive-in - Transatlantic foe lyrics

telling just no telling savion is under heel clicking morse

Handsome Boy Modeling School - Waterworld lyrics

as Evian, raps on tap like Savion Glover Undercover, peeps

Talib Kweli - Stand to the side lyrics

Come on, I got my man Savion in the house We about to put

Black Eyed Peas - Complete beloved lyrics

me tappin on that ass like a Savion 'cause she all fine and

Notorious B.i.g. - Living in pain lyrics

ll have your phone tap like Savion Glover And on the West the

Jello Biafra - Islamic bomb lyrics

say Islam Before you can say Saddam Who's got the bomb? Islamic

Da Brat - Keepin' it live lyrics

craniums Droppin Bombs-Saddam Hussein and nigga's straining

Daniel Lioneye - Flatlined lyrics

Why did you all laugh when saddam died? Demon friend you're

Charlie Daniels - America i believe in you lyrics

wall, and I like seein' old Saddam bite the dust, in fact I'm

Eek-a-mouse - Rude boy jamaican lyrics

like a dragon Me badder than Saddam You must a think I'm a

The Game - Purp & yellow lyrics

50 blew up the city, young Saddam Hussein Pusha Ink the label

Group Home - Be like that lyrics

with precon, frustated like Saddam I've been behind the seeds,

Immortal Technique - The 4th branch lyrics

people, tryin' to murder Saddam When you gave him those

Jadakiss - What if lyrics

calm but don't push What if Saddam hung Bush? What if 'One Mic'

Jedi Mind Tricks - Jedi mind tricks "design in malice" feat. you.. lyrics

idea that it was to stop Saddam? Who you think idea that was

Jedi Mind Tricks - Me ne shalto lyrics

your body in the whole like Saddam Hussein So guard your frame

Jedi Mind Tricks - Design in malice lyrics

idea that it was to stop Saddam? Who you think idea that was

Jonathan Coulton - The presidents lyrics

George Bush senior poked at Saddam Hussein Clinton gave an

King Crimson - Coda: i have a dream lyrics

and Kosovo Tim McVeigh, Saddam Hussein, the bombing of the

Talib Kweli - Where ya gonna run lyrics

drop more bombs than on Saddam's house unarmed my mouth's a

Talib Kweli - Work it out lyrics

war and suddenly you linked Saddam Hate the topic but the

Lil Kim - Hold it now lyrics

I'm feared in my country like Saddam Hussein I might give a,

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Back on my grizzy lyrics

big shots, And my gam go Saddam Hussein and missile launch,

Damian Marley - Holiday lyrics

The world need renovation Saddam throat cut off and the oil

Nas lyricsNas - Nastradamus lyrics

niggas bang my shit before Saddam hits The Nastrodamus tell us

Oi Polloi - Victims of a gas attack lyrics

Chocking death pain from Saddam Hussein Victims of a gas

Prince - Act of god lyrics

to keep us all safe from Saddam Bringing bad news to another

Public Enemy - The enemy battle hymn of the public lyrics

a nore bin laden found saddam Yo griff, 'what good is a

Public Enemy - Revelation 33⅓ revolutions lyrics

at the government bombs like Saddam hit Make you flip to the

Reks - One lyrics

in our government \'Bout Saddam or where Osama went We know

Rucka Rucka Ali - I´m osama lyrics

Up in Dearborn chilling with Saddam and his mothafuckers I lead

Sidney Polak - Skit 3 lyrics

of dem take on target - a Saddam Husain ! Some of dem take on

Asap Tyy - Trump lyrics

bomb on it I'm feeling like Saddam on it The gun got an alarm

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Out of this world lyrics

sing Niggas say I’m insane Saddam Hussein Niggas still

Babybird - Bug in a breeze lyrics

a collar without a stain, Saddam without Hussein, I don’t

Bushido lyricsBushido - Finishing move lyrics

auf deine westliche Welt wie Saddam Hussein. Du bist ein Homo

Caparezza - Guida me lyrics

ma sono vive? Bush, Saddam, Arafat, Sharon, mah, la

Cephalic Carnage - Jihad lyrics

Destruction will commence, Saddam has gone insane for declaring

The Chemical Brothers - Left, right lyrics

difference between Bush and Saddam? Sheik Ahmed Yassin, Osama

Paula Cole - Amen lyrics

Amen for Marilyn Manson,Saddam Hussein Amen for America and

Conflict - A declaration of independence lyrics

good can prevail. 1990-Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait. UN

Crime Mob - Knuck if you buck lyrics

t no stoppin' Tag team like Saddam Husein, Hitler and Osama Bin

D12 - American psycho ii lyrics

3 - Bizzare] They found Saddam, but they ain't gonna find me

Deuce - Till i drop lyrics

than dahmer, Bin Laden Or Saddam Persistent im a sadistic

Elephant Man - Krazy lyrics

a krazy plan Waan run in pon Saddam wid a krazy bomb Hold di

Eminem lyricsEminem - Still don't give a fuck lyrics

broken water mains So tell Saddam not to bother with makin

Eminem lyricsEminem - Welcome 2 hell lyrics

Bad and Evil Also known as Saddam and Osama Bin It’s been a

Eminem lyricsEminem - Eminem - whatever you want ft. swifty mcvay,k.. lyrics

the meanin of die-hard fans Saddam Hussein who sews, who radical

Eminem lyricsEminem - Session one lyrics

real as they come, Long Beach Saddam! Slaughterhouse equals swine

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