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Chuck Berry - Too pooped to pop lyrics

man who wants to be a teen He goes to all the dances and they call him cha-cha king He ... cha-cha? when the band is playin?rock and roll ... He tries to keep in time but the

Naomi King - He makes me feel lyrics

voice calling me through the door And I hear the thumping ... out, calling me names, and they are all rude And you won't ... to break in, 'cause you know the truth But how am I

Lil Dicky lyricsLil Dicky - Too high lyrics

we all getting lit I mean the weed hella loud, like a ... m choking on that bong And the dope I'm on is bomb I'm ... Put some chicken nuggets in the oven at 400 Where'd I put

Breathe Carolina - Savages lyrics

in Try to keep your eyes open This is where you breathe in ... Wolves in our own skin We're savages We act so primitive We're savages Do the rain dance Like you

Marina And The Diamonds - Savages lyrics

does war It’s survival of the fittest Rich against the ... poor At the end of the day It’s a human trait Sewn ... One man can build a bomb Another run a race To save

Marina & The Diamonds - Savages lyrics

does war It's survival of the fittest Rich against the ... poor At the end of the day it's a human trait ... One man can build a bomb Another run a race To save somebody

Hundredth - Savages lyrics

s time we question the things we've ignored Ravage ... the blood-bought wealth they've stored Through genocide ... Spirits of the wicked You stack bills, they

Nick Lachey - Open your eyes lyrics

baby He told you he could be the man that I could ... never be He has a way at making promises ... that he can't keep He gets so angry when I try to ... at night I know you miss the way I used to hold your body

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Savages lyrics

can don't surrender to the man We're alright now we're ... alright now yeah baby They can't take us they'll never ... break us oh aw She my baby she stands tall she my baby above

Fountains Of Wayne - Too cool for school lyrics

walks alone under the big city lights He always ... knows just when the time is right He never ... shows what he's thinking he keeps it inside Because he ... s too cool for school He comes alive oh, when the sun

Lil' B - Open thunder eternal slumber lyrics

right now Riding on the freeway Passing Emeryville, ... to live, cause you living in the moment The past is the ... present, the gift is my performance I'm ... working for the future, cause I live in a

Cerebral Bore - Open casket priapism lyrics

hard As we start The strangest sight to behold ... Running around, from the cock of your dreams ... veiny, scary From the coffin into parishioners

Migos lyricsMigos - Open it up lyrics

Woo, woo, woo, coupe with the wings (brrr) F*** that bitch ... yeah) Hundred chains for the team, whole gang (yeah) Seen ... [Chorus: Quavo] Uh, ooh, open it up Uh, ooh, open it up

Migos lyricsMigos - Too playa lyrics

Yeah DJ Durel, DJ Durel The way we put this shit together ... mean? Huncho and Durel made the beat, you know what I mean? ... I got this man on the saxophone You know what I

Hall And Oates - Open all night lyrics

know how you spent your time Too many people know you weren’t ... hours followed you home Oh I heard, he said She was open all ... night While I was away She was open all night Don’t ask

Hall & Oates - Open all night lyrics

how you spent your time Too many people know you weren't ... hours followed you home Oh I heard, he said She was open all ... night While I was away She was open all night Don't ask

Katherine Mcphee - Open toes lyrics

I need a quick fix to make these clothes hotter No matter ... what it is a girl's gotta The pedicure, right tip French ... on, it goes with my outfit, hey Hey, lets go, if they're

Big Sean - Too fake ft. chiddy bang lyrics

say I’m too fake, f-ck it I’m paid I ... shrimp, and calimari right here chilling on my plate They ... say I’m too fake, f-ck it I’m paid I ... shrimp, and calimari right here chilling on my plate They

Bombay Bicycle Club - Open house lyrics

think you've had a walk in the park. You don't think you've ... been working too hard. It looks like he's ... been opening up. He don't want to but he can't

Katharine Mcphee - Open toes lyrics

I need a quick fix To make these clothes hotter No matter ... what it is A girls gotta The pedicure White tip french ... on It goes with my outfit Hey Hey let's go If they're

Nicoleta Dara - Open your eyes lyrics

up in the morning You are planning all ... Life, love, peace, money Open your eyes and you'll see that ... cries, someones leavin' Open your eyes and tell your

Karen Harding - Open my eyes lyrics

I sit and wonder how they do it Say want they want to ... who they like But I'm just too shy, too shy, too shy I'm too shy, too shy, too shy Head ... in the clouds, I wish I knew how to

Dead By April - Too late lyrics

running all night long And the pulse is pounding in my chest ... Now I am here There are feelings that I just ... must express Open for me I am standing outside

For All Those Sleeping - He's dead because mommy killed him lyrics

one can hear you scream Don't ever fall ... asleep He'll pull you underneath You ... re dying in your dream He's closing in and you can't ... in Just please don't go Up the walls, up the walls No one

School Of Seven Bells - Open your eyes lyrics

Intro] Open your eyes now All alone Open your eyes now Breathing ... is moving on so Get it together cause now anger is your ... and That pleasure is a tether that fits you for too long

Deafening Silence - Too young to die lyrics

night is falling slowly The rain is crying its tears The ... striking And now is coming the fear And I see the ... creatures Returning from the darkest side They are coming

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Open off my love lyrics

this trip with me You'll be open off my love If only for one ... place you like You'll be open off my love Take a moment ... to stop and think about The last time you felt like this

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - He wasn't lyrics

Saturday? Monday's coming the day I hate! Hate. Sit on the bed alone Staring at the ... phone He wasn't what I wanted What I ... thought, no He wouldn't even open up the door He never made me

M People - Open your heart lyrics

how you feel I would give my heart to you. And if you let me ... Give me a signal... from the heart. Some kind of sign boy ... my time 'cos... we've come too far. You must decide now...

Oliver Boyd & The Remembralls - Open at the close lyrics

ve figured out all the pieces and It now makes ... must be done. I cannot let them die in vain. They fought by ... my side And fell with their pride. One a brother,

Phillip Phillips - Open your eyes lyrics

sun rises over the trees again As for the moon ... it pushes through the stars and You tell me go, I ... it's alright my friend For the moments we have in this life

Dispatch - Open up lyrics

were looking for me when I came to they were looking ... for me when I came back said hey you, you're looking very ... re going about it all wrong the man you're looking for does

Earth Wind And Fire - Open our eyes lyrics

open our eyes, that we may see, ... to follow thee. Oh lord grant us, thy ... and Master - Lord please- Open our eyes, open our eyes- He has given us, hills and

Earth, Wind & Fire - Open our eyes lyrics

open our eyes, that we may see, ... to follow thee. Oh lord grant us, thy ... and Master - Lord please- Open our eyes, open our eyes- He has given us, hills and

Heathen - Open the grave lyrics

the heat from the sweat of the cold Bodies withered decyed ... and old They lay beneath the cold, black earth The final ... die in a six foot hole As he feels his time has run out He hears someone above, he

Amanda Jenssen - Open the lid lyrics

the world and places Where we used to go Forget the ... I remember it Knocking on my head Pick up every lock Open the lid Temper temper see ... Pure and honest He is not for me Paper comet

Lincoln Brewster - He's all i need lyrics

and call me a loser Cuz He's all I need To live, to be ... He's my decree He's all I ever need We all ... like to brave our faith when misplace it And we all like

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Open the door, homer lyrics

there's a certain thing That I ... learned from Jim That he'd always make sure I'd ... understand And that is that there's a certain way That a man ... must swim If he expects to live off Of the

Josef Salvat - Open season lyrics

like We were looking out on the greatest view We were raised ... We were raised to keep an open mind We believed we'd just ... without any power Alone in the dark We're alone in the dark

Kenny Loggins - Too early for the sun lyrics

a kiss. And I have never held a girl like you, So close ... I love, I love you) You're too early for the sun, Too early ... for the moon, Too early for the rain, Coming down on me,

Mindy Mccready - Maybe he'll notice her now lyrics

painting Collectin' dust on the wall And every day you walk ... by me And don't know I'm there at all And I can't think ... I should be hangin around She signed it, "I hope that

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Open all night lyrics

you been bruised Poor little heart all black 'n' blue Last ... thing you need's another pickup line You must have heard them all a thousand times ... Believe me I been broken too It aches, it breaks, it

Ginuwine - Open arms lyrics

yeah Hey hey MMMmmmm Listen baby, it ... baby Why can't we sit by the fireplace and play telepathy ... I've sat down and expressed the way that I feel But I'm

Metal Law - Open the gates of hell lyrics

quot;Open the gates of hell Open the gates, open the gates Open the gates, open the gates Open the gates... of hell!" ... no one shall touch safe I'm the one From me come cancer, pox

Daughtry - Open up your eyes lyrics

As a single tear falls from her eye Another cold day in ... December A year from the day she said goodbye Seems ... s only been a moment Since the angels took him from her arms

Elevation Worship - Open up our eyes lyrics

is the one who's in us Greater is the one who calls our name He ... will never fail Stronger is the one within us Stronger is the one who fights for us He

Beth Ditto - Open heart surgery lyrics

ll open up if you make an incision I ... better But you so carlessly Took me apart and put me back ... together Open heart surgery I was fine at ... first Now I assume the worst When I could overhear

Elane - Open arms (for the unseen) lyrics

heaven cant you hear? I am screaming to the ... atmosphere No more corners there to ... you let me come inside? Open gates open arms keep me ... and safe from harm Youre the one make it true I am coming

Kj-52 - He is all lyrics

you try just to only get by When you know that you're hurting ... You can't run from him, now where would you hide? He's been ... But it's up to you just to open your eyes and that's why He

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Too far lyrics

Trapped my very own self in the snare of my mind No more ... space than a slither What I'd give for deep ... breath inside Where the chaos has me captive Where

Roo Panes - Open road lyrics

You left my side, because mother let you run and hide. But ... even from afar I hear you crying. Let me out ... I'm done. Let me shout to the skies that I'm too young to

Sailor - Open up the door lyrics

keep me in your bed too long I'm out of breath, I ... can't go on The boys are waiting down in the ... We've got to make it back to the fleet So open up the door,

Flame - Open my heart lyrics

nothin' easy about this life here I must seek my Source, one ... this world will ever be peaches and cream That's just in ... to renew my mind Hard to put the past behind when ya' feelin'

Grieves - He won't answer lyrics

rain cloud Kickin through the puddles on his way up to the ... is a letter from his mother, folded up sayin... (Where ... have you beeen?) Yeah, but he won't write back Left his

The Saturdays - Open up lyrics

t call but I was just about too I know your mad and thinking ... where I've been I know it's 5am ... I was worried about you here alone I tried to babe, I ... baby CHROUS: Oh baby open the door, open up open up

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Open the door lyrics

t got that closeness Like the way we had it before Baby open the door Baby you ain't ... got the time Tell me what is on ... your mind Even when you're here I'm feeling so alone You

Hudson Taylor - Open up lyrics

you open your heart up to me, One more day, ... one more moment, Two of us, too afraid. We have lost ... communication, Somewhere along the way. I´m doing

Lmnt - Open your eyes to love lyrics

ve been searching the world to find true love ... Looking in all the wrong places When all of the ... a nose on your faces It's here, it's now Open your eyes

Rival Sons - Open my eyes lyrics

In and out of my life In the night, in the day, I've got ... me, How do you do it Tell them that I'm justified Of the ... somebody, somebody come and open my eyes Somebody, somebody,

Shakra - Too good to be true lyrics

I was gone way too long I've got to hang on ... from home Unreal? And when i step off the train Will ... I'll have my arms wide open For no one but you It's

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