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Iris (kapela) - Nu te mai preface lyrics

Am aflat ca dragostea Nu e chiar asa de mare Oare,ai plecat cu altul Si nu vrei sa stii deloc cum doare Se pare, disperat Nu mai vreau sa fiu Si tot sper,...

New Effect - Ploaie de mai lyrics

olalala, ola, olalala... ola, olalala, ola, olalala... Cred in sansa mea, stiu, ma voi ridica, mai mult sa pot zbura, mai mult sa pot visa vreau sa incerc zi de zi stiu, voi reusi, nu voi renunta daca as putea sa vad in umbra mea tot ce am gresit as putea schimba ma

Discharge - Does this system work lyrics

and women young and old Out on the streets homeless Does the system, does the system, does this system work In plastic bags they carry their homes Clothes in rags they walk the streets Does the system, does the system, does this system work Men and women young and

Further Seems Forever - A system of symmetry lyrics

in the pilgrim sky A crack in a perfect line A cure for the common good You did what you knew you should I watched as you pulled away To be what you had to say Torn from the ceiling down Before you can turn around The once and the future queen A series of settlings The hope a

Kid Ink - My system lyrics

Hook:] Got a problem and I try to tell myself it's something different But ain't nothing new, I gotta have that In my system, in my system I've been fienin for a feeling If you with it come and give in If you ain't, no I ain't trippin But I need it in my system My syste

Jamie Lidell - Out of my system lyrics

doctor told me I was not a machine She told me that I better let off some steam But I didn't hear a word she said There's too much pressure building in my head When I got to go, I got to go So I thought I'd let you know Gotta get this out of my system

One Way System - Systematic abuse lyrics

sit and wait, I watch the clock It's my life they're wasting, it's still my fault You paint something scary in your views Meeting and forms, force-fed to confuse He makes the decisions, I live the result The system's incecurities I have to confront The system abuse

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Hour alone lyrics

are my fantasy so not real you see It's like a movie not reality you play along and love to tease I bite my tongue at times find myself imagining what's it's like beneath your clothes Where it stops no one will know I'm sure you're only trash a dirty whore under your

Dubioza Kolektiv lyricsDubioza Kolektiv - Bring the system lyrics

the System Down: Fightin' with the wisdom For Bosnian kingdom Pointin' the gun man, Got a gun man, But I got mind I don't wanna' shoot noone Why can I deny the fight Can I deny the fight Brothers we'll be raw (give me hold) With the mic' Put the govern

Creation's End - Forsaken lyrics

system founded in the interest of its people Designed for the preservation of ideals Dedicated to upholding truth and justice But somewhere along the line it's been corrupted The system feeds The system breeds The system bleeds Justice forsaken Their innocence taken Fo

Bananarama - System lyrics

in my system In my blood in my veins In my system You're my joy you're my pain There's no use in Trying to hide from me Ain't no stopping me now I'm gonna fly so free The shadows on the wall They disappear I'm thinking of you now I want you here

Sick Of It All - Injustice system! lyrics

- A right I thought we had One that no one could take away But there are those who will try To rule the lives that you and I choose to lead We must fight - Injustice system Have no rights - Injustice system We must fight - Injustice system Have no rights

Keri Hilson - Alienated lyrics

make me feel so alienated alienated Yeah Ooooh ohh yeah yeah Whatever you do Since I've become a shooting star I've been wondering where you are Seems like your forever in a getaway Momma told me that it would happen to me one day Feels like we've been apart for some l

Nasum - Re-create the system lyrics

can union ideas be in question when the world slowly withers? Re-create the system! Inquiry leads to false prevarications Re-create the system! I feel your rope tightening around my neck Re-create the system! As the suction for profic drags us

Discharge - You take part in creating this system lyrics

take part in creating this system That we all must suffer in We can't stop going round and round We got to fix this rat race This is the system you helped to create They use you for corruption schemes You're the unrealized and unintended You're the one

Muse lyricsMuse - Isolated system lyrics

an isolated system, entropy can only increase [Random radio and TV transmissions broadcast on March 29th, 2012 between 18:48 and 19:10] In an isolated system, entropy can only increase In an isolated system In an isolated system (entropy)

Crass - System lyrics

can swear by who the f*** you like But you're still on the roof I'm not gonna change the system They're not gonna change the system We're not gonna change the system Where does that leave you? Where does that leave me? Jumping up and down to a bunch

My Morning Jacket - Outta my system lyrics

told me not to smoke drugs, but I wouldn’t listen Never thought I’d get caught and wind up in prison Chalk it up to youth but young age I ain’t dissing I guess I just had to get it outta my system Outta my system… outta my system Oh Lord I’d never do it now I know wha

Saliva - Back into your system lyrics

ve been gone away, but I'm back again Back with all my friends I've been floatin' away, on a silver cloud Lined with all of my wildest dreams I'm back in your system now and I've waited much too long I'm back in your system now and I'm finally com

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - F*** the system lyrics

doesn't really matter What you've got to say They never f***ing listen To you any way [Chorus] So f*** the system You can bring it down So f*** the system We can bring it down Future is chaos and anarchy The misery continues It's the governement

Savatage - Complaint in the system lyrics

to the system Here's the situation It's a bit confusing Welcome to the maze Everybody sees what Everybody wants to Everyone avoids Every other gaze I will be your mentor I'll be your advisor I'll do what I do And you will look away Forgetting what you see Has always be

Powerman 5000 - System 1111 lyrics

s a system to the system - i don't fit in the system. go yeah go but don't expect me to miss you - trying to find a hole in the bottom of the soul-less, thinking about the world from the edge, you can't control this. now what the f*** are you some kind of half-assed as

Showtek - F*** the system lyrics

the system [3x] Ah-yo One, two [2x] F*** the system [2x] F*** 'em Ah-yo One, two [2x] F*** the system [3x] Ah-yo One, two [2x] F*** the system [3x] Let's go! Yeah, hey I ain't got no job Don't know when to stop I party 'till I drop Yelling: "f***

Five Star - System addict lyrics

a look at me, wired to a machine Never would believe it, this can't be happening Boxes that go beep, little lights that leap Tapping on a keyboard, what's happening to me And when the electricity starts to flow The fuse that's on my sanity got to blow System addict I ne

Skid Row - Another dick in the system lyrics

not the devil But I can show my horns All the things I did to you Could have been in a porn Then I heard the rumors Now I know they’re true Some strange motherf***er Is gonna do ‘em to you I said I loved you but you didn’t listen I know there’s another

Blaze Bayley - A crack in the system lyrics

don't belong We have no home And see no boundaries In this delighted world When we have no certainty They question our existence Our right to live and breathe The questions without answers The answers without questions A catch22 system We are trapped down in A crack

O-zone - Printre nori lyrics

Refren:] Am sa te chem sa mergem printre nori, Sa te simt in tunetul placerii, Am sa te tin pe palme pana-n zori, Lumea va fi a ta, Am sa te chem s-o impartim in doua. Vreau sa te chem. Pe nori, undeva Unde-i rece, langa luna s asimli caldura mea Vom zbura dupa iub

Discharge - Fight back lyrics

s riots was a result of people's anger Towards the system Fight the system fight back People die in police custody Where's the justice in that, don't see none Fight the system fight back We've been shit on far too long There are no equalities, no freedom Fight

Ataris - Let it burn lyrics

is key. You can never know too much. Open your books aim to the stars Well I won’t let them Keep me from learning all I can. Public schools just stand up. The system feeds our minds. Did the system tell you about democracy? The same system that su

The Ataris - Let it burn lyrics

is key. You can never know too much. Open your books aim to the stars Well I won't let them Keep me from learning all I can. Public schools just stand up. The system feeds our minds. Did the system tell you about democracy? The same system that supported slavery? And doesn't it

Count Raven - A devastating age lyrics

t believe there is a future For the children of today Corrupted politicians are standing in their way Don't let the system fool you All that they want is to rule you They're blinding their eyes for glory A brief moment of success Is all their fame and f

Handsome Boy Modeling School - Class system lyrics

: La la la la la la la Julie Cruise : Yes, I got it all Prestige, class, fortune Good help is so hard to find Except my tennis pro (I'd ask but that's a no) Pharrel : They're all trapped in the system Unbeknownst to them they're trapped with no glass Hello ther

Seal lyricsSeal - System lyrics

evermore Someday, evermore Someday, evermore Someday, evermore Son, you better go for it Harmony Dissatisfaction In a pocket Full of lies Cause I guess that's what they want Son, your father's known for it Misery Can you read my lips Cause thi

Archive - System lyrics

done Too much now I can't touch you I'd drain my brain if only I could have you The system is too much It breaks me down and makes you suck F***, now I mistrust you The system makes me hurt you One times, one times, one times, one Discret

Kill Baby Kill! - Law & order lyrics

your lives as system's servants, as whores from father state. Power taken from your badges, smash us up and getting paid. Hooligans in uniforms for power and control, to this corrupt society you have sold your soul. Law & Order - Against the system's machine

Inepsy - The fury of destruction lyrics

city in siege, the enemy is there! Teh tower of fire! Destruction is everywhere! Fire! Destroyer! A child is screaming His mother's death No guilty for the innocent War fury has no regret The system inflicts war To get control of the poor The poor work for t

Cinema Bizarre - It´s over lyrics

t go wastin' time on somethin' else If you lose me now, I'll lose myself Hey, it's just you and me now Hey, it's just you and me now You are circulating in my system Takin' over my transmission Circulating in my system Destroing me and all my visions I still have these pictures

Defiance - No future no hope lyrics

every day that goes by it all seems the same people work and people slave and piss their lives away people taking and never getting it's all the same old sh...

Adela Popescu - Poveste lyrics

Te-as chema Respir dar nu pot striga De mana te-as lua Privesc dar nu pot vedea Oare de ce-ai plecat? Ma intreb de-i vina mea Din nou tu m-ai lasat Sa caut urma ta Refren X2: Te vreau in viata mea Nu pot uita atingerea ta Un semn de-o clipa as vrea Mi-ar fi de ajuns sa pot

Black Tide - Start over lyrics

is the day we open your eyes This world tries to keep us in chains Telling us what’s right and what’s wrong Well ain’t nobody gonna teach you, yeah I’m on a mission to respond I’m gonna tear this system apart Design a new path for a soul Where we

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Jimmy boyle lyrics

don't know if they to die shut 'em up, they may not try send the medicine in and out fairly it just motored Jimmy Boyle beat the system how much credits on demand target kids, are gone again laughing in a short time deny them of their human rights Jimmy Boyle

Mnemic - Sons of the system lyrics

drift and fall in space I twist like a vermin in deformed shifters Eyes turn to black Fear is your god I'm just a shadow lost in space Oh. I'm fading in motion Into the system We are the sons of the system We rise and fall We'll make the corrupted bleed for our ex

Crass - Systematic death lyrics

system, system. Death in life. System, system, system. The surgeons knife. System, system, system. Hacking at the cord. System, system, system. A child is born. Poor little f***er, poor little kid, Never asked for life, no she never did. Poor litt

Billy Idol - Shock to the system lyrics

yeah It was a night, L.A., burning bright Oh what a night Say yeah,come on It makes my world stand still Ahh riot, rape, race and revolution, ah yeah Here come the fire, and my world burns still Yoww say yeah Well, you can rock this land baby

Pertness - The legacy lyrics

your eyes and don't look away See all the scars that we have caused Innocence, ignorance and lies This will be our final legacy Listen to the cries of Mother Nature Creeping to death - there's no return Innocence, ignorance and lies This will be our final legacy

Jedward - Get up and dance lyrics

up and dance You got my system overloading right now I think this audition is over right now As I look around the club I'm stuck at what's across from me When i see her potential cause I'm taking what she's offering Take one, rotate What you wanna do? S

Avenged Sevenfold - Breaking their hold lyrics

you see them coming in form. And they say they do what's best for you. Fighting for one total control. They are planned and organized for you. Breaking their hold. Breaking their hold of control they strive. To keep you down, behind your back, the time has c

Simple Plan - Outta my system lyrics

try to brush it off Keep calm and collected But it just won't work They tell me: "Read a book, Learn to cook, Anything to keep your mind off her!" And now I'm so-oh Tired of feeling so low-oh Seven weeks in a row-oh oh I don't wanna hear about Don't wa

Kmfdm - The problem lyrics

was a hearing The rules were broken by one Followed by another The evidence was presented An overwhelming list of infractions An overwhelming representation Of one's maladjustment to the system The hearing was about him About his attitude About his behavio

Radikal Chef - Ďaleko preč feat. delik lyrics

hlavy mám Stalingrad, z pocitov lazaret, zapíjam vodku, popritom Paralen. Robím to tak stále, poznám to naspamäť, bez teba je všade už iba ľad a sneh. Neviem byť Kanye West, čo plače na papier, lebo ak zaplačem, rozmažem atrament. Išla si za šťastí

Andrzej Piaseczny - Pół mnie, ciebie pół lyrics

Jest rysowany w twojej twarzy wiersz, co porywa mnie Tu dziś się staje między nami Wspólnym jutrzejszym dniem Słońce gładzi na twej twarzy horyzontu kres Teraz chcę, nim...

Impellitteri - Victim of the system lyrics

in the city where the poverty prevails Sleeping on the side walk you can hear the sirens wail Dining with the rats down on 42nd street Begging for some money, hungry for something to eat Wasted and falling through the cracks Dying while lying on

Elise Estrada - Poison lyrics

heart is racing My skin is burning up Hands are shaking But still I can't get enough It's rushing trough me Like fire in my veins (My veins) -Sweet pain- (Sweet pain) My body's' aching Aching for your touch Poin of breaking Mercury is going up Like how you do

Pnau lyricsPnau - Shock to my system lyrics

the water, it is rising Just like a stone, i am falling Shoulder to shoulder, people standing Dressed in black and white, all the same uhohuhoh a shock to my system and it's a shock to my soul yeah it's a shock to my system and it's a shock to my soul its far

Coal Chamber - Loco lyrics

- steamroller rollin' through My head said attached to loco Power up coal through the system Out to the right said you're in my Light - lock down the generator on Man screw down use the system Use the main plan full power up to The point man don't f*** with

Charles Aznavour lyricsCharles Aznavour - Je t'aime a.i.m.e lyrics

t'écris c'est plus romantique Comme un amant du temps jadis Sur un papier couleur de lys A l'encre bleue, et je m'applique Quand ma plume, manque de chance, Fait en sortant de l'encrier Une tache sur le papier Que je déchire et recommence Je t'aime A.I.M.E. T'aim

Anti-flag - Their system doesn't work for you lyrics

day while sitting in my room You came in preaching Your words predicting doom You've never once been Happy with me, Because I'm not What you want me to be..No!!! You tried to teach me To pray and go to school You tried to teach me To be the system's tool But you mi

Oi Polloi - G.l.f. lyrics

conform To the system's norms And if you know what's best Don't stand out from the rest Sheeplike mentality Oppressing you and me Braindead fools Taunted you at school But gingerheads are good in bed And carrot tops know how to rock Con

Barry Gibb - System of love lyrics

you don't know what you have done You made me what I thought I could never be Out of the flames with my hands untied No time to grieve for the loss Hearts that come together for the first time Sparks that fly around the room Lets face it i'm Dealing with something I don't understan

Chumbawamba - We support all forms of resistance against th.. lyrics

respect your choice of opinion If your choice is a racist system ’freedom of speech’--it’s a worthless cause As long as freedom is defined by laws We support all forms of resistance Against this racist system You tell us to sit and wait You say w

Piotr Rubik - W poszukiwaniu straconych słów lyrics

czcionek pomieszaniem Wgnieciony w kubeł śmieci papier - - cóż papier wart, skoro w nim zdania Wszystkie, jak kaszkiet mój, na bakier? Dusi papieros, gdy nad ranem Spod pierzyn budzi się ulica, A ja po nocy nieprzespanej Raz jeszcze błądzę po stronicach.

Kasabian - Cutt off lyrics

was a scientist he was hooked on l.s.d Interested in mind control and how the monkey held the key And all of his experiments are what he's planning for the air It's for the unsuspecting citizens who hallucinate in fear To the back bone A solar system These clever convicts In

Nasty Savage - Betrayal system lyrics

god we trust that's what they say Work that job to earn your pay 40 hours another week the rush to get there every day to punch the clock its ticking away your late my friend one more time and not again 12 months another year you have fallen

Against All Authority - Louder than words lyrics

treat the symptoms not the sickness and condemn a whole race for the benefits your system's offering you attack the class and claim you support their ass and still you defend the system that perpetuates your hate your institutions are corrupt your way of thinking sucks we've had

Morbid Saint - Destruction system lyrics

is high betrayal among men brainwashed minds sworn to defend A world that we wished would just go away another disaster more death on it's way Now I see what it's all about and I'll tell you the only way out To sleep in the deepest slumber of peace Tranqu

Released Anger - Parasite lyrics

don't live by the rules A system's "parasite" Nowhere to run And no place to hide Everybody hunts me I'm on my own "Help" is a word I haven't thought for long That is the price Which I have to pay For choosing to live my life

Sienna Skies - Revolution lyrics

is the learning curve, so pay attention. Mistakes will be made and promises broken. Watch who you trust and be outspoken. This is the call of the dead heads, the ones kept in the dark. The mislead dead heads who were taken advantage of. Rise up against our oppressors.

Sienna Skies - Revolution (orchestral) lyrics

is the learning curve, so pay attention. Mistakes will be made and promises broken. Watch who you trust and be outspoken. This is the call of the dead heads, the ones kept in the dark. The mislead dead heads who were taken advantage of.

Neaera - Tyranny of want lyrics

have unleashed A cold disease With a fragile core And an iron shell The masters have become the slaves Control deprived we crave and crave Enmeched in the machinery knowing only one direction: F O R W A R D Crowning greed with a halo of need No one foresees when everyon

Fear Factory - The industrialist lyrics

quot;They say the world was coming to an end... Well... It was by our own hand Turned out the world kept turning Only we ended All the evidence was there... The punishment of faith Creating animosity between our brethren... The dissolution of the humanity in all cultures... T

Fear Factory - Shock lyrics

to my world Headfirst to the earth With my sights on the goddamned kill switch I've become a fuse Charged with attitude Fixed and dialated by my anger I have become a direct I have become a current I have become a direct I have become insurgent I will be th

Beholder - Failure 617 lyrics

did the red alarm start? Which one can tell the reason why? There’s a system failure It should be a bug No, we’ve lost control! Nothing we can do! Failure 617! We have no solution! No chance to find a way to stop the clones! Try to reset it all! Try until system is over… or this

Killing Joke - Nervous system lyrics

s looking for a life, looking for a way, no escape Beat the other man, get your money, get your car, it's a bit of a joke You're walking down the streets, you see the face, you see the instinct, start picking it up Everybody's looking for a life to

Protest The Hero - Red stars over the battle of the cowshed lyrics

declare a war a fight for freedom against any system that's built to consume our power and maintained to divide our energy. A system where an honest person can sweat for hours and then play slave to the man in the television tower. A system where

Donovan - How silly lyrics

SILLY The politician look Wearing his public smile Trying to hide his incapacity When it's sticking out a mile With his papier mache wife And his papier trashy life If he sees himself as the man for the job His mirror's telling lies. HOW SILLY

Eye Empire - Victim lyrics

the switch stop the machine (Shut it down now, shut it, shut it down now) Take away the lies that feed (Shut it down now, shut it, shut it) You better take the reigns police yourself (Sick of all the lies they've told us) This is the end of what you know

Gemma Hayes - Shock to my system lyrics

s like getting close to the sun I wanna tell you things I just can't get air in my lungs Long enough to explain See, I was born awake Little by little I simply fell asleep Then you came, it all changed You were right I was half alive You were a shock to my s

Daggers - System lyrics

wish my friends could see me now But I'm captured in your game And I do nothing but react To the appreciation If I didn't make it up, it wouldn't happen But my imagination's not that wild A system of love Resistance is leaving me now So right should I feel the beautiful scars I

D.r.i. - I don't need society lyrics

numbers up you have to go The system say's "I told you so" Stocked in a train like a truckload of cattle Sent off to slaughter in a useless battle Thousands of us sent off to die Never really knowing why F*** the system they can have me

Jungle Rot - I don't need society lyrics

numbers up you have to go The system says "I told you so" Stocked in a train like a truckload of cattle Sent off to slaughter in a useless battle Thousands of us sent off to die Never really knowing why F*** the system they can have me I don't need so

Mechina - The iron law lyrics

empires will only find The steel spines that hold up the sky Empty streets echo The time when authority guided the blind Future corruption will hide behind The shadows of men with god given rights Hope and fear an infectious flaw Designing us all to bow before the iron law To

Antidote - Victim lyrics

say the world is going nowhere You shout the system's got to fall Behave like you're a black sheep in the masses But aren't you a lemming after all? If you really want to make a difference Act up and start thinking for yourself In the end you do just wh

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - Prison song lyrics

re trying to build a prison They're trying to build a prison Following the rights movement You clamped on with your iron fists Drugs became conveniently Available for all the kids Following the rights movement You clamped on with your iron f

Stefanie Heinzmann - Can't get you out of my system lyrics

I talked to your mother the other day She said: "I wish he was here" "I wish he would stay" How can I tell her what you've really done Cause every mother loves her son (It reminded me) Of the way it used to be (It

Fear Factory - Difference engine lyrics

in the machine A world of lies backfires on you Choke cause and effect Built to collapse the final breakdown To the system Fire weapons of fear Human affliction ever grinding us down Blood fuels the engines of dissension We are scabs and the scars now We

Nasum - Sick system lyrics

Music/lyrics: Mieszko] Sick - system built on suffering Sick - system built on pain. It's a bullet in the head of every happy boy and

Degradead - Part of the system lyrics

just a slave for, fate and a daily hatred No way out of my misery, there´s nothing, nothing at all That gets me, on the right path, I am lost Give up on us, you have no choice Take me away, it is over, it is over No one knows, no one cares Ab

Nasum - The system has failed again lyrics

you believe it? The system has failed! Can you believe it? It failed once again! People are starving, the crime rates increasing The all fell through the "security net" You better believe it! The whole system failed

Narita - One of these days lyrics

of these days, I’m gonna give it all up One of these days, I’m gonna reach fro the top One of these days, I’m gonna let it all out One of these days, I’m gonna scream and shout Baby, let me out I’m wondering whay I haven’t broken out before Breaking out, I’m breakin

Die Antwoord lyricsDie Antwoord - Never le nkemise 2 lyrics

Africa - 2012 We in the future now Just because the whole World's gone dwanky Doesn't mean We f***in' gonna go out like that too F*** the system We have our own system We make our own rules We don't answer to no one That's right We keep it gangsta We keep

Chicago - State of the union lyrics

was talking ’bout the state of the union How there’s no one now in power thinking of me I was saying how we ought to try to fix it Find a leader who is not afraid to be Then a voice came out of the darkness Saying tear the system down Tear it d

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - It's enough lyrics

caliber in the face Shot him in the head because of his race Now that he is dead, will we plead his case? While the executioner's out on grace I just thought somehow that things would get better It's enough, it's enough, it's enough And the system, you cannot trust It's

Flaw - Inner strenght lyrics

we sit All alone in an outnumbered fight Led to decipher between wrong and right And some may fail At this joke that some of us call life Yes at this game that some call life But the system can't bail me out of hell I've made this discovery and it has helped A

Dezerter - Budujesz faszyzm przez nietolerancję lyrics

Ludzie z nienawiścią szykują się na siebie Najgłupsi wymyślą za co dzisiaj trzeba bić Biją już pięści, kopią już buty Gitowcy, zomowcy, tylko bez mundurów ...

Godflesh - Voidhead lyrics

no function, loveless, no meaning Fearless, system, suffering on, existence Meaning, distorting , shapeless, feeling Fearless, system, suffering on, existence Why am I, such a

Eddy Arnold - Easy way lyrics

ve always been a lover the easy going kind I've known a million pretty girls but I left them all behind Don't want no ties to hold me that's why I never stay I just love 'em and leave 'em that's the easy way The easy way is the system I use Spr

Cock Sparrer - Don't blame us lyrics

blocks we lived in all come tumbling down Moved out to another slum in another part of town Playing football in the street and pissing in the lift Who really ever thought it would come to this East ham high street market on a Saturday Stuffing things in coa

Blitz - Criminal damage lyrics

damage on a national scale Something to fight for, you'll never fail Smash the system that smashes you Thash the system that smashes you Do you wanna win this war, Is your cause worth fighting for

Aviators - We are not machines lyrics

wires are live The lights are on I'm in the system But something's wrong I'm losing control of my head Subconscious is dead I'm logging out I'm shutting down Let this machine rise From the ground Unleashed I'm awake once again At the start of the end

Institute - Save the robots lyrics

Save the robots Save yourselves Keep your head to the future boy For everything it's worth I didn't mean to collide with you We fell so far from earth No guru No sys...

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