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Azrael's Bane - Silence lyrics

was looking for the right words to say, but somehow they just slipped away from me, it's like sand slipping thru my fingers, then gone away again, I know your disappointment, one more time, maybe once but never again, this cold silence your giving me, it's the means to the end,

Greedy Invalid - Sand castle lyrics

lived in a castle That was made of sand Once the castle met disaster No future and no pain There was a silence unbroken For a twenty thousand years Lots of people crying Such a bad disease Disasterpiece in my tears And you’re so far away In this life now you are still Soli

Aaron Lines - Sand lyrics

s no place I'd rather be Than on this blanket here with you Watching that big red sunset Into a Caribbean blue We're sure it's hot down here Or maybe it's just you Baby let's get sand In places sand just don't belong Let's let the ocean waves Gently serenade

Nancy Sinatra - Sand lyrics

Young woman share your fire with me My heart is cold, my soul is free I am a stranger in your land A wandering man, call me sand Nancy: Oh sir my fire is very small It will not warm thy heart at all But thee may take me by the hand Hold me and I'll call thee

Sandra lyricsSandra - Sand heart lyrics

like you fell Out of the sky Felt like you fell Into my life I have never felt so strong So strong Felt like you have Shot with a dart Felt like you have Conquered my heart This is where you do belong You and me belong together Come back to me You left m

Gary Allan - Sand in my soul lyrics

away like a bottle in the water Sun down here just feels a little hotter Burnin' away today 'cause I ain't got her no more, no more Somethin' kinda dark about stone white beaches Nobody here practice what they preaches The truth is the truth ain't

Horse The Band - Sand lyrics

with me my monster - but close those crusty eyes The sounds I make may be abrasive - but you'll be all right Turn off all your senses and pretend you're home Walk with me and you walk alone YEAH!!! AT THE SIGHT OF HIS SCALES YOU START TO SHAKE

Falco lyricsFalco - Sand am himalaya lyrics

Licht ging aus und du dachtest schon dich streift ein Bus oder war's ihr Kuß - Twilight Zone Abgehoben ist die Welt von heute ob allein zu zweit oder am Canapé bei Siegmund Freud Zu, zu immerzu wondring why I'm feeling blue - 'cause of you Der Wahnsinn

Lara Fabian - Silence lyrics

ve learned so much After these years of despair And nothing intouched With the deepest side of my pain Although I cant say There's nothing there Not even a dream to share Are you familiar? Or should I show you around? It's a cold room With nothing

Heart - Sand lyrics

asked a distant star I wonder where you are The shadow at my door A friend who is no more I watched him go to the wind I close my eyes Goodbye, goodbye my friend Friends and family The branches of the tree Sheltered in the rain Telling me again No matter how raindro

Highlord - Sand in the wind lyrics

of your door There i a stair made of gems Each one of them Is a dream to believe in Future is written Written for every on of us Maybe I'll change it Now that you're not the same I knew The days have passed now Many years are passing by my side They

Koven - Silence lyrics

love, I say to you it's all just in your head As my life is nothing more but pieces in your head Don't let me down, don't let the hope I hold to slowly slip away Coz I need comfort in your actions now your words have gone astray I watch your lips with every cut Couldn't hear a si

Melechesh - Sand grain universe lyrics

cosmic traps In the Cycle of Omega (is) the Tribe of Agad Morsel of their phantoms retain the self Clan of the star, masters of transition Discovering worlds from Sumerian tradition Interwoven microcosmic traps Proscribed spells deemed vice and perverse Raiders of the ps

Public Image Ltd - Sand castles in the snow lyrics

fry This is bad for their health In the midday sky Everything has its appointed hour Get down on their knees Why should the devil have all the good tunes BUt the sand won't freeze Those that do you wrong will never forgive you CHORUS Deciding on de

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Silence when you speak to me lyrics

ain't no answers For me in here Tell me all of your childhood fears I live on emotions I eat your dreams Nothing's ever what it seems Remember, remember me Remember, and disagree Silence, silence Truth all a children's game Reality a bitter pill We d

Kurt Nilsen - Silence lyrics

up a sigarete to kill time Pasing, exploring other different times if there was some way to express it otherwise, I would Fed up with fighting over crimson dust don't have to be this way, a hallowed trust If we could find someway to make it right, we would we would

Sick Of It All - Silence lyrics

I take that you thought Some things are better left unsaid You chose your inhibitions Over what I should comprehend What could have been done To keep me from going astray Begging for direction But not pointed out the way Silence, silence doesn't teach Sil

Aimee Allen - Silence is violence lyrics

song to signify whats wrong Another sunny day? that tells me I must move on Another cigarette, another cigarette will do Enough to fill spaces between thoughts of you I jump up and down for your attention Rhyme after rhyme with you is my intention

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Silence is the enemy lyrics

know you wanted me to keep my mouth shut Because you hate it when I speak my mind I suffer through it but it feels so messed up Like my opinion is a waste of time We never wanted it to be this way They never listen to a word we say So scream your heart out. You are the chosen

Lucia - Silence lyrics

me Say you wanna stop me Say you wanna stop me now But I’m leaving Yes I'm gonna leave you Yes I'm gonna leave your life If it's just 'sorry' I don’t want your sorry I don’t want your sorry now Is too late, you know Is too late you know W

Krayzie Bone - Silence lyrics

Intro Repeated: Sin of Graveyard Shift] Silence is necessary, don't tell them who you are [Verse 1: Sin of Graveyard Shift] Formulate a different tactic, let's sing anthems No sterotypical categorizing, rising above all make shift realities Fantasies misconstrue

Imperia - Silence is my friend lyrics

my friend Closed mouth, open eyes Can you read them? Silence my friend The only one who was there (who was there) When my tears Were falling down like rain The silence were my only friend (Silence) I don't believe in god Cause he never told me

Metalium - Silence of the night lyrics

1: Oh I've prayed for so long, now To keep these tears Inside of me Isn't there really another way out ? Bridge: If we could turn back time It wouldn't be the same for sure No chance to touch the ground, once again We once knew how Chorus: Let her

Orphan Gypsy - Silence lyrics

a smile on my face I turn the world away Nothing more to see I fall into eternity As I walk on the line of the blade I feel so alive Strange how things can be To die and to become something more Than you said that I could be To be the one you'll see I'm like the

Pharao - Silence is golden lyrics

it had been love indeed Tell me how much Silence is golden, is golden right now Hold me now, just believe in me Such a simple thing to do If you thrill be babe, just don't come in me Whatever you will do to me That's why silence is golden, is golde

Communic - Silence surrounds lyrics

suffer when all hope is denied Waged down by sorrow, marked by grief To suffer when all hope is denied Waged down by sorrow, marked by grief A home in flames, fathomless night Seek shelter from pain, I wish to forget... At the edge of the world, last stand ha

Hamka - Sand glass lyrics

your eyes Turn your mind Make a journey with me Beyond your dreams Out of time In a wonderful place Where men lives peacefully Escaped from our modern world In the high mountains They've lived here for centuries Climb with me to the world Climb wi

Misconduct - Silence? lyrics

holds us back (Woo-ooohh) Gotta break those shackles now Get them off our necks Voices of the world (Woo-ooohh) Gotta get our message out Gotta spread the word And in our hearts we always got something to say They can't take it away Silence?

Raised Fist - Silence is the key lyrics

drank until I couldn't walk anymore But what did I accomplish by falling to the floor? I'm filled with cheerful conversation & a loving dialogue Everything in my dreams, I have the need to scream Silence is the key, the sound of my breath Silence is the key I'm lo

Jarren Benton - Silence feat. sareena dominguez lyrics

DOMINIGUEZ: Time is ticking, yeah, its ticking away I waited all my life to say My misery hates company I'm at a loss for words That's a first for me Silence is golden Go through the motions Silence is golden The same colour that my throne is JARREN BENTON: Yeah Dam

10cc - Sand in my face lyrics

looked in the mirror (What did you see looking at you?) I saw a nine stone weakling (What will you do?) Dynamic Tension waiting for you? Dynamic Tension make a man out of you I opened my magazine (What did you see?) I saw Mr. France (What did he ha

Hayko Cepkin - Sandık lyrics

açılsın dinlensin artık bu yürek, Taş olup yağsamda hergün, Nedir bilmez kalbim taşken kendine, Dilden başlar terbiye, Dil döker her kulun hatrına sade. Yıldızlardır hediyem, Alır basını her gününü gör diye, Çürüttünüz gömmeden ebedi, Derde derman arar dururum bu y

Invocator - Sand between the teeth lyrics

out the lights, but slow In ice-cold cars we're waiting still Waiting for the flow I do my best within the given time Maybe I'll get there within the given time Maybe I'll get there without the given time I see you, king of dirty streets I'll wait for you, king of dir

Liv Kristine - Silence lyrics

need to lay down in the water Close my eyes to hear my heart beat I need to get a little closer To myself to know why I’m breathing I am near now I am here I feel it gather rainbows in the deep Silence in the deep You may hear, but you can’t see My visions of eternity Silence i

Lääz Rockit - Silence is a lie lyrics

saying what you saw Still haunts your mind What we leave behind Never fades away You're the one who keeps hiding the truth You're a lie Looking for deliverance But you can't escape Never placing any guilt On the one to blame I can see the pain

Damien Rice - Sand (be with you) lyrics

keep me in a glass jar sealed with a label You think you know my world Wake up young girl, Take a thrust of love, if you must now You´ve got a lot to learn My love, my life, my work, my time I give them all to you Your hand in mine we walk, we

Sevendust - Silence lyrics

Step down) on the hand that keeps me down again Will I drown again (will it ever end right now) I feel so overwhelmed (somebody took it away) Deafening silence breaks the walls I built around me The guilt that feeds my soul is here surrounding (I

First Blood - Silence lyrics

in the midst of madness, of men hellbent on war SILENTLY we endure the hardship so others can have more SILENCE... Time has come to break this... SILENCE... Time i snow to break my... Silence is... BETRAYAL to the ones you love BETRAYAL to us all BET

Gregg Allman - Silence ain't golden anymore lyrics

to many times we hold things deep inside Feelings stay hidden while a chance for love slips by And when it gets to late you ask the reason why You couldn't say a word you didn't say one damn word The sound of your silence was all she heard She flew away like a speckled bird

Rachel Taylor - Silence looks good on you lyrics

I had no love for myself and I was a victim of your hands, your hands, on me. I see it on repeat. When you put me in a corner tears in my eyes afraid, then you lay me on the ground with my head down and you say "Silence looks so good on you. Dar

Against All Authority - Silence is golden but duct tape is silver lyrics

and Billy like to sleep all day, on the floors where we decay. Mohawks in disarray from cutleridge to motherf***ing Biscayne Bay. The gangs tried to kill us but we wouldn't take flight, brass knuckles and rusty knives keep the wolves at bay and we play in traffic downtown,

Alan Parsons Project - Silence and i lyrics

i cried out loud Over sorrows i've known And the secrets i've heard It would ease my mind Someone sharing the load But i won't breathe a word We're two of a kind Silence and i We need a chance to talk things over Two of a kind Silence and i We'll find a way to work it out W

Elvenking - Silence de mort lyrics

walk in silence Silence de mort Every night the same old dream La fleur du cœur being slaughtered from within And I know how - I know now - I know how Every time I can feel, I can hear The taste of my blood the beat of my heart And I feel pain -

Kamelot (usa) - Silence of the darkness lyrics

don't dare to take it slowly, Cause time may pass me by. Restless like a newborn morning, I am hard to satisfy. Will you take me away? In the silence of the darkness, I can't pretend I'm wide awake, Afraid I could go under. In the silence of the darkness, I scramble f

Pop Evil - Silence & scars lyrics

we look, for the now Sometimes inside, we live with our regrets In time we learn our lessons But this time I know I am helpless I know I've been wrong I don't have all the answers I'm stuck in this hell Somewhere in between What I want and what I

Sandra lyricsSandra - Silence beside me lyrics

been alone for so many years You think I disappeared From an empty space There´s silence beside me Unbearable - because of you You´re so close - but where are you? My heart will be dying My dreams will be dead There´s silence beside me I´m feeling so lonely My

Chris Cornell lyricsChris Cornell - Silence lyrics

the soldiers, In the sunlight. Kill the center of a man, Endless suicide. By the night light, Infrared sky. Is the holstered bridled child spinning around the flames. Each is loved now, And all remembered. For the mask they wore years before the future. An

Karolina S. - Silence lyrics

so pure Compressed She will consume me for sure Guess that'll be the best Not real enough To break her with my thoughts The memory I'll become Was worth the loss So pretty and deep I'd stay here forever Silence makes me bleed For I heard no sound ever Scared to deat

Murray Head - Silence is a strong reply lyrics

t you hear me calling, I'm shouting out loud Maybe you've mistaken me for one of the crowd My back's against the wall, my feeling's on show Silence is the only reply that I know The sleeping dog in me won't lie But when I'm woken you can't, no can't deny When you fall

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Silence is deafening lyrics

long and loud Repeat 'til you're blue in the face Ever get the feeling you're Always on a losing streak? Their silence is deafening From the havens of thieves and kings Empower those who serve To deflect suspicious minds Action and answe

Platitude - Silence speaks lyrics

my dreams, I can see a new world appear Things we never would imagine occure – they are now reality Is this the end of the journey? (out of control) Will we see a new day rise? Where do we go from here? When silence speaks louder than words? Where do we go now? When silence

A Dark Halo - Silence lyrics

welcome shades of grey openly Anachronistic life unending Unnecessary strain compounding The failing cognition resounding I hate what I become when all I have is this And the weight collapses me as the numbness hits I fail again to break the fal

A Canorous Quintet - Silence of the world beyond lyrics


Aeon Spoke - Silence lyrics

me a picture of the sun so I can hang it in my room I can make believe Im getting warm Find courage to persue Well only hurt to afford the sun We star at the laws that tear us apart and we laugh, the mirror speaks out Silence, Silence So tell me beaut

As It Is - Silence (pretending’s so comfortable) lyrics

walls and a door We used to call home The rest of our lives but not enough time till we're both alone I try to steady my hands You hurt to know why I open my mouth and just trip over sounds But my eyes speak goodbye The silence tells us all we need to know I breathe ne

Cryptopsy - Silence the tyrants lyrics

the compromised lifestyle we Have depicted for ourselves. Organized to sanctify the resistance We're consistently served. Strive, strive, to rectify. Throughout the ages we have confined Ourselves within these brainwashed lies We've broken, through this severed wound, w

Dash Berlin - Silence in your heart lyrics

will never again wake up With silence in your heart You will never again wake up With your whole world torn apart And I will be your shelter and There tears will be your last You will never again wake up With silence in your heart And I will be your shelter and These tea

Dry Cell - Silence lyrics

believe that I'm hanging by a string And I'm feeling so small in a world full of big things Undone and I'm ready to explode on the things I don't know And I just want to let go Understand that the way that I am Is a product of the scam that

Entwine - Silence is killing me lyrics

I open my eyes for the new dawn I realize how lost we are Today's the day when we open the new door I think that I'm losing my mind So, release me now Different ways we have in this life Our common life is far away from love Our truth's mad

Gil Ofarim - Silence lyrics

pain is still here, but the silence heals. Wish me luck, that's all I've got, To start a new life after this There was someone, but now she's gone. Everything keeps hurting, And everything is still hurting, still hurting…. Silence heals, all the pain Silence heals,

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