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Above This - Of suns above lyrics

My life’s growing tired of this [2x] The sun is falling

Ad Hominem - Of wolf and the devil lyrics

som for deris Bilk Blifver ofverjordisk - Han er slik, Een ... --------------- The images of Wolf once served The Pride of Witch and Devil - Witnessed

Afi - Of greetings and goodbyes lyrics

now ending discreetly, just like a hidden sin, as i go under please tuck me in. make me invisible. this hidden explosion calls for a wandering cast with no direction....

After The Burial - Of fearful men lyrics

There is no chance of breathing inside this vessel

Asaf Avidan - Of scorpions & bells lyrics

But if you think these bars of love you have forged Will

Borrowed Time - Of nymph and nihil lyrics

whims and wiles, Of fools will sway Your hapless ... Are but one component Of this lesson, oh... What

Bury Tomorrow - Of glory lyrics

are changing It’s all you offer me To break the chains ... hold me back I feel full of belief I am alive, we will

Ceremonial Castings - Of ruins shameful supremacy lyrics

Souls, Killing Off The Weak Butchered & ... From Restriction; The Order Of All Rules A Pain Inflictor, ... Who Fears Nothing Is No Man Of God Free From Love With

Ceremonial Castings - Of warriors who gather lyrics

Na tuto piesen od skupiny Ceremonial Castings nie je ziaden text... je to cisto instrumentalny song......

Clannad - Of this land lyrics

time for healing the beauty of this land (2x) How ... time for healing the beauty of this

Jon D - Of monsters and men - little talks lyrics

when you were young and Full of life and full of love Some ... All that's left is a ghost of you Now we're torn torn

Current 93 - Of ruine or some blazing starre lyrics

the Ball still Softly round it on all sides.

The Decemberists - Of angels and angles lyrics

at the sill There's a purr of a pigeon to break the still of day As on we go drowning

Dismember - Of fire lyrics

night erupts with the sound of small arms fire tracer ... lead fly living the horrors of war move 'em down left to ... now i want more Screams of pain echoes through the night

F.o.b. - Of a martyr lyrics


John Frusciante - Of before lyrics

I'm lost In the darkness of before I walked and knew ... time Seeing with every part of who I am Anyway, you're a ... right out and kept inside of a bodiless weight Pressure

Holding Onto Hope - Of the sea lyrics

I awake from a deep sleep Everything’s changed I find myself alone My thoughts are louder than words My bones feel weak My eyes are tired Hands are pulsing Somethi...

Imagika - Of weaker men lyrics

were reaching for the hand Of strength When the weaker one ... pulled you in Weaker souls of weaker men Lost their hold of all they all They've had

Immolation - Of martyrs men lyrics

it to control An endless sea of faces, an endless sea of loss ... you are the few A genocide of faith The faithful wait

Jackob's Dream - Of love and sorrow lyrics

rain I feel the touch of a hand that's so familiar ... world that is cruel, full of storm and ocean I lost your ... are these damned memories Of lost love and gained sorrow

Jamie Lostein - Of mine lyrics

scars of mine, they signify, All

Jane's Addiction - Of course lyrics

this land is dangerous! All of the animals Are capably ... While fantasizing the beauty of his movements. A sensation

Lil Kim - Of the wall lyrics

Cease] Now get your back up off the wall Dance come on Now ... get your back up off the wall Dance come on Now ... the real tag-team While most of y'all broads is just drag

Masters Of Reality - Of to tiki ti lyrics

O-ho, o-ho, o-ho Sunset off tea time tiki ti ho Sunset off tea time tiki ti Sunset off ... tea time tiki ti ho Sunset off tea time tiki ti A shiver,

Moonspell - ...of dream and drama (midnight ride) lyrics

shines... The seduction of an altar Is a weakness in ... her movements of Death It is a mere vanity of Woman to delay her midnight

Ne Obliviscaris - Of the leper butterflies lyrics

why? Oh why the butterfly of man? Oh why? Oh why ... O'er the enigma... Pierrot of te garden Where light parts

Shadows Fall - Of one blood lyrics

heart As you've built a wall of lies, silence falls Awakened

Six Degrees Of Separation - Of common guilt lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Foun...

Six Degrees Of Separation - Of unrealistic ambitions lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found No...

A Girl A Gun A Ghost - ...of the alaskan king lyrics

set free. Bright shone the roofs, the domes, the spires, And ... self-driven amid the vault of Heaven. Like a cherub borne

Aborted - Of dead skin & decay lyrics

Purulent cadaver, the calling of the splatter Dead skin & ... my lore - I am the Rembrandt of gore Bloodbath, exuberant ... rejoice in my brand new piece of leather Dead Skin &

Agathodaimon - Of an imaginary guilt lyrics

gave you light I seared off the oceans To show you my ... the holy praised Whore... of my radiant sin I wanna see

Alan Parsons Project - Of life (there must be more) lyrics

heard No one came No angel of mercy Appears to know her ... in Waters rise Any chance of reason Only clouds her eyes ... Arms of grace She won't feel All

All That Remains - Of the deep (bonus track) lyrics

the spring Infect the rest of them Beware the eastern sun ... Contort! In the fields of the deep (of the deep) Bite

Gary Allan - Of all the hearts lyrics

On a crowded street Of all the hearts That you could ... unlucky Charm that I possess Of all the hearts In this big ol

Anaal Nathrakh - Of fire, and f***ing pigs lyrics

not available not available not available not available not available not available...

Anterior - Of gods and men lyrics

Crusade To march with a heart filled with rage A lust for revenge Traded for blood Stare as the life drips from the blade It seals your demise How easy the hand fits t...

Bloodthorn - ...of aeons to come lyrics

instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental......

Crytcrew - Of ashes lyrics

Lake of an ashes Do you know Brick a home I go down down down I remember How you scared All be lost all be bad I stoped breath there Down down down In a...

Despite - ...of the end lyrics

Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not f...

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Of kali ma calibre lyrics

thick disguise Those nights of doubt and loneliness Inside ... ll have your mind in the grip of my hand You despise what's ... I have your mind in the grip of my hand All he's done is try

Elenium - Of the man who died lyrics

shout: "In the midst of life we are in death!" ... be a world here now a cloud of dust and a grave standing ... on one of the

Eluveitie - ...of fire, wind & wisdom lyrics

knot draws me into the fire of hearts, the place beyond

Enthroned - Of shrines and sovereigns lyrics

named me I am the portion of thy inheritance I maintain ... and by the wretched carcass of Joshua I shall never be

Falkenbach - Of forests unknown lyrics

me To follow the path of no return. Step by step I ... and cold, in the very depths of my hearth. Tired, frightened ... me To follow the path of no return. Step by step I

Heaven Shall Burn - Of forsaken poets lyrics

welcome tyranny The slaves of terror, murder, pain ... I'm yearning for the day of my return Yet nothing's

I Am Ghost - Of masques and martyrs lyrics

Outside these doors Of masques and martyrs ad the ... Blank empire closed,the eyes of heaven shine a smoke screen, ... regards to the fashion corpse of grey It thins the shallow

Kidcrusher - Of f*** my christmas tree lyrics

KidCrusher is an Australian Horrorcore artist from Adelaide, South Australia. Originating in 1996, KidCrusher has collaborated with several producers from around the worl...

Kiuas - Of love lust and human nature lyrics

and pure, it seems On both of us the shadow feeds ... warm So pure, the love they offer Still free of all the ... pure Just like the love they offered Now stay devoted to the

Lacrimas Profundere - Of words and rain lyrics

abused by hate Losing sight of life Living in your lies

Lovehatehero - Of sound and fury lyrics

d kill today to get out of this darkness of your shadow.

Mortal Love - Of keeping the fire down lyrics

Now in hand, a choice ahead. Buried in sand. Once blessed, now dead. Wake from my dream so it may seem still I regret And I make sure is? All is gone (To...

My Dying Bride - Of lilies bent with tears lyrics

Mater unigenti. The curves of the earth I carve them for ... in the night I drew A knife of sickness & grief ... The shade upon your face Of lilies bent with

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